Yes, Pickups Are Part of Country Music

Luke Bryan that's my kind of night II

We normally don't pay much attention to those who like to criticize country music, especially if they come from the a big city like Los Angeles (full disclosure: I live very close to Los Angeles), but we thought this article was a good read and had a few (somewhat obvious) insights about how to write a country-music hit today.

Interestingly enough, the author is David Horsey, a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times. The name Horsey seems like it would be a great tie-in with all things rural and country-oriented. But alas, he wants to simplify the state of today's country music with few well-worn cliches and gripes from some male and female country artists that make it sound like the music industry is heavily favoring the genre's young men. Although Horsey cites some evidence that more young men are being lured to country radio with all the pop-sounding songs sung about Southern girls, cold brews and tailgates, we're guessing it's more likely those same young men are interested in the large number of single females that like the style of Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Eric Church of the Nashville music scene.

Regardless of what is at the core of country music's staying power (we think it is clearly about the pickup trucks), we thought Horsey's editorial cartoon accompanying his article was pretty funny. Unfortunately, we don't have permission to reprint it, so you'll have click here to see it and read the article.

In the meantime, we've included what has become one of the best examples (or worst, depending on your perspective) of this "bro-country" phenomenon. 





Knew this and its still pretty much all Chevy trucks!

Not really news. But, ok.

Country music has moved to the side of "pop" music and much of it is very mainstream. If it wasn't for the "southern" accents one might not even tell the difference.

One can make similar comments to pickup trucks. Trucks have evolved from simple, rudimentary work implements to being mainstream alternatives to most automobiles and SUV's.

Purists can deride the watering down of the genre (truck or music) but that is where the money is. Trucks for work are a limited market just like country music for country folk.

Both have made a Faustian deal for expanded market share and expanded profits.

After all is said and done............. isn't that the "American Dream"?

Success at any cost.

Like the song says, " You can set my truck on fire, and roll it down the hill, but I still wont trade it for a Coupe Deville"!! I think we are all in agreement here when I say we all love pickup trucks! fast cars are nice, but powerful trucks are something else!!!

There are also a number of pickups that are specifically NOT designed for country people and these trucks would never be referenced in any country song. Examples of such trucks are the Sierra Denali, Ford Limited and Platinum, and the Ram Laramie Limited. In recent times the market has increased for trucks oriented for an urban lifestyle. I don't think that the association of pickups and country music is as cut and dry as back in the day. I enjoy country music and I still associate pickups with it. I'm just saying that it's not that way for everyone out there anymore and I wouldn't expect every truck guy out there to have a fondness for country music.

Don't like or listen to Country Music. I own a pickup cause I need one. I have a wood-coal furnace that is my only heat, I need 4x4 cause where I live the roads are never plowed in the winter, or the same roads flood in the spring where I have the ground clearance to drive over the flooded roads. I am always building something hauling lumber. I know some pickup owners that are afraid to haul anything in their bed cause it may make it dirty or mark up the paint.

First, about me, I'm a country fan, a farm boy, and I drive a Ram 2500 with FFA stickers in the back window. I'm getting kind of tired of all the carbon copy country songs. The whole scene of a bunch of trucks parked in a field with music, beer, and pretty girls dancing just doesn't happen, at least not around here. I prefer the line from one of Luke Bryan's older songs (before he went mainstream), What Country Is, " ain't a jacked up truck that's never seen a pasture..." My grandfather farmed his whole life and never owned a pickup truck.

We normally don't pay much attention to those who like to criticize country music and pickup trucks, especially if they come from the a big city like Los Angeles.....

Or if they come from Staten Island or New Jersey (like BAF0 - the fake Aussie)

My favourite band is the Eagles.

Country Rock.

As for country and western, most of it is crap.

It always seems to be about some guy whining and crying as if some dog has jawed his balls, even some 'gals' because of some ridiculous self inflicted domestic problem.

But, when is all said and done some artists' like Linda Rhondstat, Willie Nelson, CCR, etc is great.

I'll provide a map of the US so you can find your way around.

After you have studied the US map for a week or so, I'll give you a link to a map of North America.

Did you know that Canada is north of the US? and Mexico is to the south?

Hick Hop

Jason Aldean, Dirt road anthem

Alan Jackson, Country boy

Tim Mcgraw, Truck yeah!

Just another example of why it's time to shut this site down. The days may be numbered, the current owners (newspaper publishers) are trying to sell

A) Most of the music on country radio today is NOT country music. Brantley Gilbert or whatever his name is, Florida-Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, you could go on all's NOT country music. It's pop music. You should listen to "Murder on Music Row" by George Strait's the truth if it was ever told.

B) Country music is responsible for 78% of the sales of GM trucks because nobody who's sober would test drive all three and pick the Chevy.


As a recovering alcoholic your remark makes me laugh. I bought my Silverado back when I was still a heavy drinker.

My own music preferences run more Austin than Nashville but I was clear-eyed and sober the morning that I bought my Chevy. It's been a terrific truck, with or w/o the booze.

WXman, completely agree with the state of "country music" on the radio. It's painful. There are still a few actual country songs out there, but they're few and far between.

WXman: I own one of each of "all three" you mention, and the only one I have had no problems with is the Chevy! ( oh wait I take that back, one recall over the trans. dip stick). I have had more headaches over my F-150 than any vehicle I have ever owned! Not saying it does not run good now, but to get here was very troubling, and I still do not trust it to go out with my travel trailer! good thing the Chevy is running fine! Sure while it runs it has more power and can haul more weight, (with the package to do so) but if you had the problems I have had you would think twice about one also!

There aint no country music no more........just pop music with a twang!

Rodeo and Ram,

Hank Williams jr kid rock, Red neck paradise. Power Wagon

Alan jackson, Country boy.

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