You Don't See This Every Day: Drifting Big Rigs

Mike Ryan action 2 II

As part of the video series "Size Matters," about drifting big rigs, racer Mike Ryan and his team of specialty drivers and production experts have put together the second of two big-rig drifting videos.

What a difference three years can make. Part 1 is much less sophisticated and filled with special stunts, while the second, produced recently, is a more high-end production. Regardless, both videos are worth a look to see how a special driver can make a special Pike's Peak race truck dance around warehouses and cargo boxes.

Ryan (a multiple-race Pike's Peak champion) is still trying to put together a low-budget race truck organization to get more custom race rigs to local tracks. For more information, visit ChampTruck World Series.







At last, a diesel that Big Al and Papa Jim can agree on!

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I've seen big rigs drip but not on purpose and the results were less than entertaining ;)

oops meant drift came out as dip. spell checker or Freudian slip?

All the diesel tooner clowns on this forum will watch that and then go brag about how they could do the same thing in their F250 for less than 5k and some time with EFI live tuner... dont encourage them PUTC

actually scratch what I previously said, they're all sitting there thinking they could do it just with EFI Live

Must be some really hungry China people cause thats one big useless rice burner.

TRX TOM will take the wing off the back slap it on his beat down beat up Ram and Claim he pulled 40Gs in a corner now going at half the speed of smell. ;)

never really go Semi Racing. If I wanted to race I would race in something built for it a lot closer to the ground.

EFI Live is used for Cummins and Duramax, not Powerstrokes...

@papa jim,
This primarily a European thing where they race them drift them and do hillclimbing. They had some heavy Truck racing at the now defunct Oran Park in Sydney. Big Al would not have seen any in Darwin.

This from Zolder in the Netherlands.

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