2014 Ram 2500/3500 HDs Go Stealth

2014 Ram Heavy Duty Black II

Based on the popularity of the stealthy-looking 2013 Ram Black Express, Ram has decided to offer the menacing trim package on both 2500 and 3500 single-rear-wheel heavy-duty models.

The Ram Black Appearance Group offers a special black exterior color, black aluminum rims, a blacked-out grille, and smoked headlights and fog lights. All exterior badging is removed as part of the package, unless ordered with the Cummins engine.

The Ram HD black package is available with either a crew or Mega cab, in 4x2 or 4x4 configuration, and can be packaged with the Big Horn/Lone Star and Laramie trims. Pricing starts at $43,335, including destination, and ordering is available now at dealerships.

To read the full press release, click here.



10 big Car recalls issued.


@Big Al - "A-Team"?? As Denver Mike has pointed out a million times, Americans don't like vans (anymore). LOL

or small trucks ;)

GM seeks more help from outside crisis managers


The GM Scandal Is Worse Than You Think


Before plowing billions of tax dollars into saving the United Automobile Workers, did the car czar or any other Obama officials take extra care to review DOT records to ensure that taxpayers would not be funding the preventable deaths of American citizens? Would DOT and Holder exhibit the same zealousness for safety with GM as they did when it came to Toyota? In the midst of the bailout debate and subsequent “turnaround,” news of a cover-up and major recall would have been a political disaster.

So it's difficult to understand why this isn't a huge scandal. If every obtuse utterance by an obscure Republican congressman gets the media juices flowing, surely the possibility of this kind of negligence is worth a look. Can anyone with access to the administration ask some of these questions? Because if you take credit for “saving” a company (actually, an “industry,” as no one would have ever driven again if Obama hadn't saved the day), you also get credit for “saving” the real-life unscrupulous version of the company. “I placed my bet on the American worker,” Obama told union workers in 2012. “And I'll make that bet any day of the week. And now, three years later, that bet is paying off.” Betting $80 billion of someone else's money to prop up sympathetic labor unions isn't exactly fraught with political risk. Unless it turns out that your administration is less concerned about the safety defects of the company you own than it is about the company you dislike. That would be corruption.

@LouBC, vans!!! One of the best American inventions was the conversion van. A lounge room on wheels with a massive engine! I'd love to see Nissan do one with an ISV 5.0 Cummins! Or Ford do one with the Transit.

@ TRX 4 Tom I agree with you. Ms. Big Al From Oz tires her hardest to push weak import trucks on us. Then crys like a 5 year old girl when we don't agree with her.

Then you got Robert from AUSSIE land that s says hey check this out its cool, and guess what no one messes with that guy cause he doesn't try pushing or forcing people to his views.

Living near Ms. Big Al From Oz must be like living in China, it's her way or the highway!

@ Hemi V8 lol http://www.leftlanenews.com/search/ram+recall+/

to funny ....

thank's for your news ^___^

@Johnnydope and TRIXY
You guys are all cut up because I think this Dodge is something for kids?

That's my view. There is nothing special about this truck. Tell me what it can do for me better than what I currently have.

Nothing. It's actually worse for me.

It ain't cool, maybe if you are still in high school and a dreaming.

TRIXY, you can be Mr T. You can drive this "Cool" truck.

Johnnydope, there isn't a part for you in the new remake of The A Team.

I do think if a movie is made about Queen you'd be the perfect candidate to fulfill the role of Freddy Mercury.

Actually changing names to try and be insulting is childish. It also means someone has gotten under your skin. We'd all be better off just posting about the subjects and not trying to belittle each other. I know, I know, no way will it ever happen unless we start ignoring and stop responding to childish banter.

Actually maybe BAFO truck looks like a Cow on meth! or the one in the video anyway! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!!

Cute little truck, real mean drive international EXT's.

This Truck looks Great and Bad A$$ but its just not a practical color for me, though when i see one drive by, i will take a long look for sure !!

I don't care if you guys use the term 'Zoom, Zoom, Zoom'.

I don't need cool, bad a$$, menancing or whatever, all I need is a vehicle to be functional and most importantly reliable.

I'm not biased towards any brand, type, country of manufacture or style of vehicle. You guys should have realised that by now. But I do have a bias for diesel power. This makes it harder for you guys to tackle me. I don't necessarily disagree with most of what is stated on this site.

If I don't like a particular vehicle, that's my opinion.

My Mazda come Ford seems to be doing okay. I haven't had to walk, yet.

lol, Miss Big Al, I said it wasn't for me as my last truck was black and it's a bitch to keep clean. My last truck was actually black and grey, but no chrome. There is a markit for un chromed and lessly badged trucks.

This truck will carry as much or more payload then your little over rated truck, and do it much better (handling, braking...) It will out tow yours by a longshot. If you think not, you are surely high on Jet A or whatever fuel you use out there.

Oh, five burley dudes would be stuffy in your truck, not this one.

Doh, boy you are quite intelligent today. What a powerhouse of deductive ability you have.

A Ram 3500 can carry more than a midsizer!

I think you should be a nominee for a Nobel Prize.

I can see you are enhancing to quality of conversation on this site.

@Alex - I was being sarcastic. There is a definite market for vans.

The Fiat clan seem to be overly sensitive to any comment they deem negative or even neutral regarding the Fiat pickups.

It appears they have similar minds and go into some kind of sensory overload and anxiety overtakes logical thought processes.

I wonder if this is a common flaw or some kind of genetic defect with these guys?

The Smallpar clan would make interesting study specimens for some medical research institute.

@Big Al from Oz - perhaps.
The fact that Ram actually caught GM must be causing them all sorts of wet dreams.
The fact that GM is getting the sh!t kicked out of them for recalls and reliability is also a huge wet dream for them too.

Finally, a shot at 2nd place.

I've noticed a few mentions of Chrysler passing Ford in overall corporate sales in Canada. More wet dreams for the Rambo Motard Sheep Clan.

So many wet dreams that their shorts must be glued to their rather small nuts.

bafoz you call into question someone else's mental ability, and you drive a counterfeit Ford that looks like a truck for clowns? all I can say is do not drive by any large picture windows or storefronts! hemiv8 thanks once again for the laugh! what an ugly truck!

It's a DODGE painted black big freaking deal. A dime a dozen around here every car and truck has this look. Whoopy!!

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