2015 Chevrolet Silverado HDs Get High Country Treatment

2015 High Country HD front ds[3] II

From the day the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 heavy duties were introduced at the 2013 State Fair of Texas, many asked why Chevy did not have a new premium trim package, offering some kind of parallel to the half-ton Silverado. At the time, the official answer was that GMC's Denali trim package was doing very well in that segment. Privately, we were told to stay tuned. Now we know why.

As part of a late availability option package, Chevy will now offer the Silverado 2500 and 3500 in the High Country trim. Unique exterior features will include a chrome grille made up of a major and several minor horizontal bars, front and rear body-color bumpers, chrome tubular sidesteps, and interior and exterior High Country badging.

The High Country will be offered only in four-door crew cabs, but will be available with all three engine choices — the 6.0-liter V-8 gas engine, the bi-fuel gas and compressed natural gas option (also with the 6.0-liter), and the carryover Duramax 6.6-liter V-8 turbo-diesel (now with a more sophisticated exhaust brake). The 2500 models will have 20-inch chromed wheels; 3500 single-rear-wheel models will have 18-inch chrome wheels; and 3500 dualies will have 17-inch polished forged aluminum rims.

Inside, the trucks will have exclusive saddle brown leather, heated and cooled front bucket seats, logos in the headrests, a Bose premium audio system and Chevy's MyLink with the 8-inch touch-screen. Options available for the new trim package include rear-seat Blu-ray/DVD entertainment, a sunroof, a driver alert safety system and adjustable pedals.

Of special note, the new trim package will be the first to offer Chevy's new towing mirror (standard on all High Country models), which will be chromed and offer front and rear integrated lighting and split-level rear viewing.

Although pricing won't be available until closer to the late-summer sales date (it should be just less than the Sierra Denali), you can expect this new package to compete with Ford's King Ranch and Platinum models, as well as Ram HDs' Laramie Limited and Longhorn editions. More to come.

Manufacturer images

2015 High Country HD grille[5] II

2015 High Country Headrest[4] II

2015 Trailer Mirror rear[2] II

2015 High Country HD rear[3] II



Intresting last I heard they weren't going to do the High Country trim on the HDs, mirrors look nice though.

That is a DAMN FINE LOOKING TRUCK. Much better than anything presently offered by the competition. It won't be long until the FORD GIRLY GIRLS AND RAM GIRLY BOYS will be along to bash it. The FORD GIRLY GIRLS don't need to start flapping their jaws because their camp has a 15 year old SUPER DOOTY WHO'S DESIGN IS OLDER THAN THE MAYFLOWER. WHAT A FOSSIL. LMAO

That looks hideous in my unbiased opinion. The words "Bose" and "premium" should never be used in the same sentence (except for this sentence).

The funny part is that that fossil outsell you're already outdated chevy that there no way In he'll these hd competes with king ranch chevy old and old dated 6.0 that old at least the super duty has 6.2 and smokes the old chevy like nothing sorry bow tie boy ford is the best period more payload more towing more hp and torque and 5 th wheel face were number one for reason built ford tough enough said

@Michigan Bob
It's about time you dropped a line. We were beginning to miss you around here.

@Everyone else
The new towing mirrors are definitely a step in the right direction. I'm not by any means opposed to the "look" of the new GM trucks, I think it just came 10-15 years too late. Actually I think the HD trucks look better than the 1500's.

A major grip about the trucks I have is that the rear seat headrests are too small. What were they thinking when they made those? To any GM engineers listening, please learn how to design headrests that are suitable for adults and not just kids.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but there is now a driver's side pillar handle as is seen in the photo, which for some reason is missing in the 1500's, which only has the passenger side handle.

No, michigan boob, it's really not that nice of a looking truck, and I wouldn't pay more than $500 for that HC package, but I bet it will cost much more than that as there really is not all that much too it. and what is the point of the rear bumper step on a truck that sits that high as most people would have to be about 6'8 to get their leg up there and pull themselves up to the bed...another generic motors great idea in engineering

Its amazing how much better looking GM trucks look then Dodge or Ford. They just look classy. And for people saying GM did not go far enough in design, well we all can have our say about those things. And what is a pickup? Cab and a box with a engine in front. Now what would be amazing is if they put the bed in the front, that way you will always have an eye on your cargo.

I would expect a certain demographic to not understand the difference between "then" and "than." It wouldn't surprise me if they were the same people who think that looks "classy."

Have to agree with you that leather chair looks terrible, the whole beige interior looks very ordinary.

That is an ugly truck.......GM needs to fire their designs team. The front end is hideous and why did GM make the wheel wells so square? Why didn't they at least make them look like they did on the '02 Silverado?? The blind spot mirrors on them are pretty much useless, other than that it looks like a '11 Silverado with shiny new recycled beer can sheet metal just like they had on their '10 & '11 Silverados. Looks like they want to stay number 3 in the HD trucks sales!

One of the problems with the GM HD trucks is that ugly frame that drags along the ground. The DEF tanks on them look like they were an afterthought!

Besides how ugly the truck is in the first place it looks like they finished the truck and someone said hey we forgot to put side view mirrors on it so they ran to a parts bin and found what ever was available and stuck them on it.

Sorry but General Motors has produced a huge failure.



You are a long time commenter on this site. Do you really come here looking for grammatical wizardry?

the windshield on the GM trucks is too small, you feel like your sitting inside a tank looking out a gunslit window with the high hood and low windshield. You can see the roof slopes down and then the windshield starts, it should go up to the flat part of the roof.

The DEF tank is certainly silly. And I finally have consolidated my opinion that the HD buyer simply prefers a solid axle up front. I can think of no other reasonable explanation for GM floundering in this market space.

Funny they use the word high on a low slung fuggly truck. You would have to be high to buy it?

Same old two engine choices, with torsion bars mounted an inch or two away from the lower control arm pivot point. With low hanging def tank.

Old looking.

The harder GM tries the more hideous the current design looks.

By far the ugliest part on this truck, has been for years, is that huge cornered bumper. Why not drop the grill and shorten the bumper height to look at least decent?

I agree with the design, to me it looks like a FAT COW....and what's up with the roof marker lamps? They are not true truck roof lamps in my opinion!

Damn, the only thing its missing is a solid axle.

@ Michigan Bob are you joking? Are you
sure your looking at it....it's..so ugly looking..Gm for the love of chevy quit messing up chevy trucks!

Michigan Bob would pay $90k for this truck, cause he's an idiot like that.

The new designs are growing on me. I have had a chance to see plenty of new Chevy's and Sierra's on the road now and I still like the new Chevy better. The one thing is I like the models with the projector headlights better than the others. They look more up-to-date that way.

The wheels look nice on this HD High Country package and it is nice to see new mirrors too. Still a little busy on the sheetmetal for my taste and the interior is high quality just not high design. I still prefer the current model of Ram but the new 2015 Ford looks very nice inside and out. Glad to see that competition is breeding a better truck overall for all the automakers.

With the Corvette now getting the 8-speed any guesses on how long it takes to show up in the trucks? That would go a long way toward competing with Ram who currently have the best 1/2 ton tranny in the ZF 8-speed.

Not made for going off paved roads. The front axle is only there for if you get in 6-8" inches of snow.

Same for the 1500s. About all they have is that locking rear end that the bean counters will elininate to lower cost probably, since Ram is going to pass them.

Low slung frame, squares everywhere design, brown cow interior, no thanks.

@Papa Jim, not usually but that one really bugs the hell out of me for some reason.

who cares ?? Completely agree with Rick's post

Ive said that a while back that GM needs to put the 8L90 in the new GMT's because the GM-Ford transmission is about 3-4 years away.

Horrible just like there 1500s, with new fords coming and the rams getting better and better gm is in trouble.

GM really needs to pull their heads out of the sand. Ram is making a heck of cut into their sales.

That's one beautiful looking truck. I think we have a winner here. I would like a black cloth interior better though.

This front end looks like a train. Makes sense because G.M. builds trains or used too.


Michigan Bob would pay $90k for this truck, cause he's an idiot like that.
Posted by: Frank | Apr 9, 2014 10:53:37 AM

Hey Frank, I will give you NINE DOLLARS FOR YOUR POS SUPER DOOTY. That's about what it's worth. LMAO.

@Michigan Blob

You are a complete idiot saying that the Super Duty old, while being a fan of the ancient Chevy Silverado HEAVY DOOTY.

The Super Duty grille and front fascia are completely different than the Super Duty 10 years ago. The Silverado grille has looked the same since 1999.

The Ford has used 4 different diesel powertrains in 15 years while
the Silverado HEAVY DOOTY has used the same dinosaur 6.6 liter.

The old geezer Silverado is made by a company that killed 303 people (by far the most deaths attributed to an automotive defect) despite knowing full well of the fault, and the fix costing a mere 57 cents.

Eh, utterly forgettable. For one the truck is typical Chevy ugly anymore. For two it still has a low slung frame even if they cover it with running boards. For three there's no sfa. And four the only color the HC interior is available in is tan which only matches a few exterior colors.

Face it folks... Chevrolet is at a do or die breaking point with trucks and even their passenger cars. They either need to go all out or just close and let GM take over with GMC and Buick. It seems that's what GM's ultimate goal is anyways so why not just rip the band aid off.. Let Chevrolet and their dealers R.I.P.. Most of us in our 40's most likely won't be passing on Chevrolet to the next generation anyway. Chevy isn't what it used to be unless you're at a race course. The rest of their stuff is 2nd rate crap. Even winning at a race course it's still tainted with GM sins. Let em die with some sort of dignity GM. Or sell Chevy to someone who cares. You've already screwed them over royally for years trying to push B.O.P. crap and then Saturn. Now it's B.GM and still not any better. Same old GM shmee'em. Blah. Give me Chevrolet Motors anyday... Preferably a GM' less one.

Oh look Michigan Boob is back.

I'm amazed that you recalled this site............. sorry............ recall is the wrong word to use around a Chevy guy lately.

How's that ignition switch workin'????

Oh, I forgot, the only air bag in your truck is you.

"The old geezer Silverado is made by a company that killed 303 people (by far the most deaths attributed to an automotive defect) despite knowing full well of the fault, and the fix costing a mere 57 cents."

- Made by corporate GM. Not Chevrolet or even Pontiac because Neither of those genuine companies have existed since the late 1970's. GMCorporate raped those companies of their best assets, took their emblems and ran with em. Go to GMI if you want to talk about generic GMCorporate trucks
or their Chinese-Opel badgejob Buicks.. The rest of the world deals in Chevrolet, Oldsmobile etc Motor Companies. You know, the Real ones GMC killed. GM Smallblock my ass. It belonged to Chevrolet.

Good to see you there LOUIE. Here are some FIRE PRONE FORD SWITCHES FOR YOU!!! Killing people, burning down houses. You seem to have a short memory there LOUIE!!!




Let it be written....LET IT BE DONE!

@Michigan Bob

My recall is fine................ oops........... that word again.

You could accuse me of being morally bankrupt..........


another bad word to use around a GM guy

... bankrupt.

I'm just a law abiding citizen......unlike GM.

You make it way to easy you really do.......... thanks for your 57 cents worth.

At least you are willing to put out that much......... unlike GM.

I better quit while I'm ahead................ just like GM (falling to 3rd place)

I am a F-150 guy but I have to admit the Chevy and GMC get the best gas mileage and best reliability (at least they don't have wavy metal on the doors like the Ram does)

only good in exterior styling..

I see Lou is back to his old ways, but does that really surprise me?

Here is an interesting fact for you.
Since 1980:

GM has recalled 99.3 million vehicles per 153.2 million sold.

Ford has recalled 97 million vehicles per 104.7 million sold.

Chrysler has recalled 63.2 million vehicles per 63.2 million sold.

I'm sure you can calculate ratios.

You're behind already. Give it up buddy.

Here is a link. List includes more automakers that might interest others.


As for the truck above. I think it's a fine looking truck. I would maybe make the bumper smaller but other than that it's a good looking truck. It actually looks like a TRUCK. I always liked squarish body vehicles.
I think High Country trim will find a good take ratio. People love the look and feel of it in Chevy. LTZs and High Country trims in half tons sell like crazy.
I've read somewhere that there is one more high end trim coming in the near future. Probably something more in line for city folks.

Lookup FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUGLY and this would be the poster child

Lets face it, everybody has their own opinion. My WIFE thinks the fords are cute and are built for women drivers. Dodge trucks ... again, look ok, but we all know the rust will change that quick enough. Chevy has made huge improvements in their looks and design as of late... largest quietest cab... overall a step in the right direction. Call Chevy's motors dinosaurs... I call it knowing you have a good thing why change it. Ford and Dodge have had many different engine configurations .... maybe because they were never very good in the first place?

I drive a King Ranch for a well known company and I have to say it is the worse ridding pickup I have ever driven along with the most uncomfortable and hard seats. This High Country will make Ford return to the drawing board. I hope Ford does something with their cruise control also, very unpredictable! Good job GM on improving the best and longest lasting HD pickup available today.

@Gregory J - I'm just playing with Michigan Bob. Sorry if I've offended an intelligent GM blogger like yourself.

The Chevrolet interior still feels cheap and subpar compared to the GMC, Dodge and Ford. From the base level to the highest trim. Then again, Chevy has always been number a number 2 company. Perfect number for crap... Now a number 3 company since they got run over by Dodge.. Most likely to be overtaken by GMC and turned into a number 4 joke...

They can't hack it when it comes to class, sophistication and quality.

The Chevy and GMC are the highest priced trucks that drive customers away to the less expensive Ram and Ford

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