'American Pickers' Trades Its Mercedes for a Ford Transit

Transit_AmericanPickers II

The History Channel's ultimate hidden treasure show, "American Pickers," has traded in its full-size Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van for a new 2015 Ford Transit.

"Pickers" features collectors Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel around the country hunting for buried treasure in backyards, backrooms, sheds and old garages. Moving from rustic location to rustic location, the pair search for collectible pieces of art and Americana that they can repurpose or resell.

The dynamic duo has teamed up with Ford in the form of a high-roof Transit with a 3.2-liter inline-five-cylinder Power Stroke engine; the van has almost 500 cubic feet of cargo capacity. To celebrate the start of the show's new season, they've hidden 10 scale models of the Ford Transit in 10 antique shops around the country (which includes Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, and San Francisco). If you find one of them, you'll get to use a real, full-scale Transit for two weeks doing anything you want.

The promotion ends July 1. Click here for all the details. To read the full press release, click here.

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My comment still stands, have you ever used google to support some of these claims you make.

You don't seem to have much experience at trucking like you claim or you wouldn't have made such ridiculous comments regarding FE for a diesel engine that is working hard.

Diesel engines are the preferred engine for working hard as that where they shine in efficiency.

You really are quite limited. Try and learn.

Maybe you should stop with you total and utter nonsensical blogging and listen to us more mature people concerning vehicles, vehicle operation, vehicle industry, etc.

For a guy who claims to have owned several trucking companies over the past year I can see why.

You don't have a clue about trucks or vehicles or any nature.

@Big Al

Question: why do locomotives use diesel for fuel instead of other alternatives (wind, solar, nuclear, unleaded gas, coal, cord wood)?

Caution--there is only one correct answer. Failing to answer this question correctly is huge, dude. Everyone will consider you a big gasbag if you don't get it right.

Again, there is only ONE correct answer.

No one will make fun of you if you simply ignore this, but I will remind you of it often. Very often.

@Lou_BC - "Aggressive Driving" is tailgating, cutting off motorist, late braking, dodging traffic, etc, etc.

Over aggressive, all or nothing, constant WOT acceleration is just that. Tough on the drivetrain. Not necessarily aggressive toward others on the road.

@papa jim
Because the population density where diesel locomotives are used is generally low and it isn't economically viable to run electric locomotives.

Where it is not viable for electric traction diesel is used in preference to other fossil fuels used because it provides better efficiency under load.

The same for most every commercial application where an internal combustion is used.

@Big Al


Population density is irrelevant.


Diesel is the least-cost option. That is the only correct answer. Doesn't matter if you are in Tahiti, Timbuktu or the Yukon. Cost is the reason.

Cost. It's cheaper Al!!!


@BAF0 - True, diesel power is preferred in heavy duty truck. And gasoline power is preferred in light duty trucks. The lighter you go, the less you need diesel power. That shouldn't be too hard to understand.

Gasoline engines are also gaining traction in MDTs. V-10s in F-450/550s and F-650/750s. Hemi 6.4s in Ram 4500/5500s.

But diesels in the 3 liter range can get overworked and overcooked in full-size applications. Diesels in the 6 liter range would be ideal for reliability and longevity.

But when talking small diesels and aggressive WOT on a constant basis, on heavy and always loaded, full-size works trucks (ambulances, plumbers, and carpet cleaning vans come to mind) is a bad idea. Will kill the potential fuel economy advantage (vs normal gas V8s) not to mention kill that undersized diesel engine.

@papa jim
Judging by your responses tonight I'll going to bed as it's quite late and this week I've been running late shift and our 3D cinema on the side for the last 2 as well.

So, good night.

BTW. Re-read what I wrote ;)

We are quite silly tonight aren't we, papa jim.

Diesel fuel prices in my area as of yesterday: $3.85@.Reg gas,$3.83@.Premium gas now costs more then diesel @ $3.96@.

On the last episode of American Pickers the chick,(Dani D) said their van was always breaking down.It had well over 300K miles on it.I remember 2 episodes where Mike's younger brother twice had to come out with his car trailer to bring them in.

Had a Sprinter as an ambulance at the service I worked at.................was bigger POS than the 2006 Dodge Ram I had. The sliding door NEVER worked right, and flew open several times while patient loaded. Had to bungee it closed several times on a call. Electric system was junk and it rode like a stone sled.....try doing an IV in the back......POS!!!!! The Fords are better trucks............for ambulances, FAR better. Don't know about the Turkish version they are selling but time will tell.........but heck, they probably got it for free!

And in reply to the Code 3 response posts..............while it FEELS cool to drive like a maniac......there is NO upside to doing so. Steady and smooth both on the way TO the call and then patient loaded ALWAYS have a better result. Have done a few calls to emergency vehicle accidents, Fire, EMS and Police, all from people who were absolutely out of control, for no good reason at all. And SOME of those calls involved innocent bystanders who were put in harm's way by idiots.

Mercedes has been Europe,s number one choice for decades. That is not for nothing. The build quality is exceptional, the engines, especially the diesel ones, can achieve 500.000 km with ease with very good fuel economy. And be honest: look at the new MB Sprinter (www.mercedes-benz.de) in comparison with the Ford. It simply looks better. I would go for Mercedes any time.

Who picks these vehicles to bring into north america and why do they have to be so UGLY! I have driven vans for 25 years now and my current one is a sprinter. I've had 88 / 92 Ford / 95 and a 2000 GMC. All of them have been great and probably failed because of driver error but my sprinter was the best looking for 2006 and the new 2015 Mercedes is even nicer! The mid size ford transit in Europe looks awesome, same as the European full size transit but what happen when they came here? Also the price difference, I'm leaning to purchase another sprinter over ford. I guess with leasing this time over buying them, I can change over to the mid size transit when it comes. Forget Nissan , just way to ugly too!

I work for a company which has embraced Sprinter (standard roof), Transit Connect, F-150 and Chevy Express. We rented a Transit (full size, low roof) once and it's build quality was just very bare bones and, even if not unreliable, felt embarrassingly cheap. Even the door chime sounds cheezy. The Transit Connect was basically a rehash of a '90s compact-- not a bad ride, but somehow stuck in the past. Same with the Express. I felt an 80 year old in 1998 might have been impressed with the Express. The engine of the Express felt very basic, too. I felt like I was guzzling gas in an empty van. F-150 is refined, but Silverado moreso. My favorite all-around has been the Sprinter. It's refined and stately, the ride is smooth, it's got space and the electronics are decently thought out. The only issue I have is that, being diesel, the EPA has a 10-start lockout once the DEF system goes up. This is a several thousand dollar repair nevessary to keep the truck legally on the road!

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