Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: March 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

Although some parts of the country continue to experience unrelenting winter weather, even though we are technically into spring, sales numbers for March are clearly reflecting a type of thaw. The big winners out of the gate seem to be the new Toyota Tundra and Ram pickup trucks, with the latter outselling the Chevrolet Silverado for the first time that we can remember: For March 2014 Ram sold 42,532 pickups compared to the Silverado's 42,247.

We should note that GM has been rolling out its heavy-duty truck lineup the last few months, and select models of the half-ton Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra are not selling as well as GM had hoped. Still, when compared to last month, Chevy Silverado sales have made a huge turnaround, improving by 23 percent. However, the issues surrounding GM's ignition recall debacle probably aren't helping the company's sales overall.

That said, Ford continues to make steady progress, moving beyond the 70,000-unit mark for the first time this year. As dealerships thaw out and people start spending more time on dealer lots, we can expect more good news as full-size pickup sales continue their steady climb. And don't forget, we'll have two new midsize pickups debuting later this fall. Where the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon will take sales from will be interesting to watch.




Ram still coming up. Pretty big gain too

Wow. Ram sold more than Chevy.

I wanna see the Eco-Diesel numbers. Congrats to Ram for kicking butt last month. Hope it continues.

Holy smokes, RAM DID IT!

Ram outsold Chevy this month...hmmm interesting....

On a side note, I have been seeing waay more Sierra's than Silverado's in my area. I predict GMC continuing to climb and Chevy continuing to fall. If GM adjust production levels to demand, GMC and Chevy will probably end up about 50% of the mix.

Wow - I wonder what Johnnie Doe will say now?

I recall (cough, hack, sputter) the GMC fanboys saying, " We are within reach of Ford with a 7 year old truck... just wait until the new trucks arrive."

The new trucks are here AND?????????????????

To apply that logic........... shouldn't Ford be slipping into #2?

We may see Ram move into #2.

At least the Ram fanboys have something to brag about.

@Toycrusher - agreed.
In Canada the Sierra has been more popular than the Silverado for several years now. I think the whole work grade versus professional grade is the reason.

The 2014 GMC siblings have been out for what? 6 months now and I don't see lots of them on the street but lots on the lots ;)

Before all of the Ram fanboys wet themselves, try to remember that GM's 2014 model is still being produced in the richest trims. I've only seen one WT in my area, but I see the higher trim levels all the time.

Ram and Ford are discounting, and selling special lease models.

The Ram dealers are still doing the 199 per month Express hemi six speed double cab, which without a doubt is the sweetest offer I'm seeing advertised.

But they can't be making any money doing that for long. Puffy numbers???

RAM is doing good things.
Our company salesman has always had F250 SD trucks & nothing else.
Well, he looked & drove a 2500 Mega Cab Diesel.
Looks like it is going to be his next truck.
He said the only problem with it is he is going to have to hire a driver to drive it, he loves the back seat in the Mega Cab.
RAM is getting brand X drivers attention.

Wow Ram did it! by just a few hundred more, but none the less congrats! and in the month I went to buy new truck, and came home with a Charger? but I will say that after driving both the new Ram and Silverado, the Ram does give you more truck for the money, not more work truck, (in a half ton) but more work truck, but I can not say for the money as the new Ram express is a lot of truck for the money especially when compared to a Silverado W/T! when priced out with a V-8!, granted the Chevy can haul more weight, but not really that much more, but for the money you cant beat the new Ram!

The numbers themselves are not a big deal... it's just one month, and the last tie Ram outsold Chevy in a month was August of 1999.

This is far more psychological for the automakers,. though. Chrysler now knows Ram *can* take Silverado. GM can not afford to lose any more market share or their balance sheets will be affected. And if the Silverado/Sierra HDs don't measure up, they have a real problem on their hands and you will see another fast refresh (a la Malibu).

Here is the unfortunate truth for GM:
- 2015 Silverado/Sierra HD Duramax: 765 lb-ft
- 2015 F-Series Super Duty Powerstroke: 860 lb-ft
- 2014 Ram HD Cummins: 800/850 lb-ft (and you know they'll find 10 more this summer)
GM and Isuzu have to get a new Duramax to market ASAP or the gap Ford and Ram have in HD trucks will only widen... and Ram will get that much closer to being #2 for more than just a month.

Congrats to RAM!! WOW...they actually out sold Chebby last month. Whew...

RAM comes out swinging...and Chebby has taken it on the chin. Will Chebby fall...or will Chebby swing back??

Of course...FORD leads with huge numbers!!

Chevy also had the highest incentives this month.

Save it GM TROLLS, GM is dropping the ball, I will bet that Ram will cover that 10851 unit sales gap soon. Wow, we will soon see Ram #2.

Yeah. About that chart. Ram outsold Chevy yet stayed in #3?

Way to go Ram, it's about time they out sold Chevy!

I think people are finally noticing that Ram is working hard to make the best truck by offering lots of new options to the market giving the public more choices that the competition. Choices like coil/leaf spring suspension or air suspension, an 8 speed tranny (which I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the HD's mated to both Hemis for '15), cargo box if you need more storage, a half ton diesel, 5th wheel prep package with an optional cut out tailgate & trailer plug in the bed, high mounted back up camera. Every magazine article I've read says that at the moment Ram has the nicest interior on the market. I like Ram because they are shaking things up and being innovative with their trucks! On they showed a patent drawing for a new style Rambox that has removable boxes, that'll be interesting to see how they work!! I heard on a vid that since '09 Chrysler has spent 1 billion on Ram trucks!

Ford's new F150 has the all aluminum body, LED head lights, new hold down system in the bed, an improved tailgate ladder and has some other options new to the industries. Even though I'm not a Ford fan, I was happy to see they made some improvements to the Power Stroke and I am looking forward to seeing what they will do on the SD for '16.

Where as Chevy has done nothing with their new trucks to attract new buyers, they pretty much put new sheet metal on their trucks and called it good and apparently that's not getting the job done. The interior is not well laid out, the lights & 4x4 know are right next to each other and look the same with the trailer brake mounted high up on the dash, poor design. If I were a Chevy fan I would be feeling betrayed and let down with the '14 trucks.

Looks like Ford & Ram are the only two serious about making a better trucks and attracting new buyers, Chevy is relying on customer loyalty and it appears that may not be working as well as they thought! Competition is an good thing, look how much better the trucks are getting, now if I could just afford one!! LOL

Do the Ram numbers include those 8000 or so diesels they sold in one swipe?

"The 2014 GMC siblings have been out for what? 6 months now and I don't see lots of them on the street but lots on the lots"

Just so you know, GMC is a brand, like Chevrolet. GM is the manufacturer. Not trying to be a smartass, I just notice that you continually refer to GMC as the manufacturer. Not the case.

My brother-in-law is a GM at a local dealer.
They were allotted 16 3.0 VM 1500 trucks.
All of them are sold.
RAM has the publics attention.

GM is trying to give trucksw away here...0% financing can't even sell them.

Ford 850, RAM did not sell 8,000 diesels in one swipe. The day they went on sale, dealers placed orders for 8,000. Same as anything else a sale is a sale when it leaves the lot. Congrates RAM.

If you look on autonews you would see that at least in the United States that Ram had the largest incentives for the month of March & have had the most cash on the hood since at least January.

That said, they have taken risks whether it be air bag suspensions or diesel half tons & deserve to be rewarded for doing so. If GM continues to try to maintain the highest transaction prices, their market share will continue to diminish. Particularly as the winds are blowing with them in the news lately.

My curiosity is going to be what will Ford do price wise in Q4 when their 2015's roll out?

@TRD - I said GMC siblings. I tend to use GMC in relation to the Corporation not division. I will use Sierra or Silverado to differentiate trucks.

I am well aware that GMC is the "mother" company and a division.

Apparently not. Again, GMC is the brand, not the 'mother company'. GM is the company.

The Tundra a winner? Vying for last place isn't being a winner.

It's a curious thing to me. I don't see where airbag suspension, Ram box, or coil springs are really doing much. For example, The only real innovative thing Ford has done in the last 5 years is the eco boost and yet the F series is still rolling strong.

I'd bet Ram a winds up giving away those options more often the not. Not to mention GM and now Ford don't appear to be offering like options in their new trucks.

Judging by Fords sales numbers it also doesn't appear that weight or fuel economy really figure into buy decisions either. It would appear that it's all price, price, price.

Lou_BC I think the massive recalls are having a major impact

This is not the first time Dodge (Ram) outsold Chevy in the full size truck market, nor will it be the last.

One thing to remember, the Silverado in many configurations had a stop sale order the last days of the month.

As for Ford. Did anyone else see the Ford release note.

"Ford Motor Company March U.S. sales increase 3 percent compared to last year with 244,167 vehicles sold; retail sales of 166,030 vehicles up 3 percent for the best March retail result in eight years"

32% of all Ford sales are fleet. (I would imagine that the fleet sells in the F-series is even higher.)

Here is how you know this cite has bias by the comments like 0% financing and saying GM is trying to give them a way. Which is something that happens with all brands and all vehicles. It's funny the Ford guys seem to want to bury their biggest rival GM and after being the smallest member of the Big 3 for so long the Ram guys want to be GM so they team up against the GM guys. Now the regular posting Toyota guys look at their company latest offering and the other companies latest offering and say I fold but I love my Tundra which is either a 1st or 2nd Gen Tundra.

@TRD and Lou_BC
You 2 are confusing me now maybe I have it backwards. I thought the General Motors Company was shortened to just General Motors (GM) then General Motors Company GMC just became a brand like Chevy, Buick and Cadillac. GMAC then became Ally Financial which is GM's banking holding company.

@AD, you are correct.
GMC is a subsidiary brand of General Motors (GM)

Congrats to ram! They're already beating gm in HD sales. It'll be interesting to see what happens with their 1/2 diesel sales.

I don't expect to see Chevy all that close for April sales. There are alot more Ecodiesels to be pickup up, only a few have been pickup up.

PAPA JIM will say Chevys don't give as good a deal/as much off, but let's see, they raised incentives in February, March. Will they take more off of MSRP in April? They were taking 7k off a All Star in December, wow, 7k off a 41k truck, and saying their rebates were less?

Oh Jim, the local Chevy place has about 6 of 30 1500s that are WT models.

Chrysler Canada outsells Ford in March with boost from strong Jeep Cherokee, Ram truck sales.

They crashed you. Market is speaking. 8 speed, HEMI, PENTASTAR, 3L DIESEL, REAR COIL SPRINGS , AIR RIDE , HEATED STEERING WHEEL is right recipe in here. We don't care about F150 payload.

It's exciting to see that Ram outsold Chevy this month, but at the same time, we have to realize it's just 1 months sales. Perhaps all the GM recalls have something to do with it. Certainly the recalls could cause people to recall(pun intended), less fond memories of past GM vehicles. Not everyone has had a good experience with GM vehicles. That includes me.

I'm sure people will come up with every conceivable way to rationalize and try to dismiss the fact that Chevy got outsold, but at the heart of the issues is the big question of why did this happen. A 5 /12 year old platform is outselling one that is just about a year old. This is the same thing with Ford, their old platform is outselling Chevy by leaps and bounds. To me this implies that customers want something more than just the newest thing out there, whether it be discounts, unique features(such as Rambox or Ecodiesel), ability to get a 60 degree V6 instead of a 90 degree V6, etc. The list goes on and on.

Everyone has their own preferences, all I can say is GM really needs to get their act together. The debut of the '14 trucks was one of the most hyped GM debuts that I can remember in recent history, but the sales numbers just aren't there.

I think it's awesome Ram is getting the recognition it deserves.
Ram trucks are very good looking. That has a lot to do with their sales. Ram has taken a strong strategy of being different. Class leading and innovating. G.M. makes dam good reliable trucks. I think the looks have suffered for to long. Sales are showing that. People will buy any brand for the right price. G.M. is going to have to brake the mold. They and Toyota are the only ones not investing money back into their line up. Ram and Ford are dumping tons of money changing their line up. G.M. cannot afford to give their trucks away anymore. Sales numbers don't always mean profit. G.M. now needs more profit from the fallout, fines lawsuits, with recent safety recalls that are coming from all angles. I hope for the sake of the U.A.W workers G.M. does not go bankrupt again. G.M. has a long road ahead.

P.S I would buy a G.M.C over a Chevy. Like the looks and professional grade.


Based on manufacturers’ reported sales, the Ram pickup outsold the Chevrolet Silverado by 285 units in March. Chrysler Group reported 42,532 Ram pickup deliveries last month, compared to 42,247 sales of the Silverado.

According to Allpar records, this is the first time a Dodge or Ram pickup has outsold the Chevrolet, which has been the No. 2 pickup since 1978, when Ford took over the top spot in the segment.

According to figures released by Honda, Toyota and Nissan, the Ram also outsold the Accord, Camry and Altima to take the overall No. 2 spot behind the Ford-F-series pickup.

All this and RAM is doing it with less fleet sales. More retail.

Well deserved for RAM, their trucks seems to be clearly better are better then GM's at this point. Ford at least has the EcoBoost and Power Stroke engines, great towing capacity of their new F-450, luxurius trim levels like the Platinum and the 2015 F-150 promises more innovation with the 2.7 EcoBoost and aluminum body panels.

Not sure why GM dropped the ball with the all-new Silverado and Sierra twins, maybe they didn't invest enough in their trucks.

Neither it's clear how Toyota manages to sell those Tundras, those trucks are completely un-competitive. Particularly in FE.

I think people who buy Tundras are those who don't have a good perception of the American brands.

Ram has done a number of things to stay competitive. To start the interiors and trim are top notch. Match that with a good selection of powertrain options: a V6, V8 and small diesel, there is something for everyone. That's not to mention the 8 speed tranny now being used. It gives Ram a big advantage in terms of fuel economy as well as output numbers. I think the fact of the matter is that GM waited to long for their "refresh". Had the current models gone on sale in 2007, maybe it would have been a different story, but as things stand, all they really did was catch up to the group, if even that.

Here come the commercials in to ruin the comments section. We all knew they were going to show up sooner or later. And they wonder why they are those most hated group. If they would just quit doing stuff like this then we probably wouldn't mind having them around.

Get sick of hearing big 3 hard on carriers bad mouth the tundra. I've had big 3, ford and gm. Maybe it's you narrow minded 3 lovers who don't have a good perception of a tundra. SOLID, RELIABLE, VERY POWERFUL. '06 drivetrain design still at the top of real world power performance! Mph blah blah, in real world use and driving new ecos and rams for all their precious new technology are basically getting no better economy!!!! Check fuelly! Tons of ecos average 15mpg! New ram 5.7 4x4s? Avg 16-17mpg. I love my tundra and have NO plans going back big 3 unless Toyota completely drops the ball in '18, and ecos rados rams are somehow magically making 400hp and getting real world 20-25mpg. Peace

Common All1, you have to admit, it's exiting. Ford is # 2 in Canada. Credit where credit is due.

How is Tundra vying for last? They probably sold in one month what the Titan will all year. I would consider a 25% increase a big win considering the "new model" is about 2.5% different from the model it replaced. Thats a pretty big return on a pretty small investment. If HEMI MONSTER is right, then GM is doing nothing for American perception, and could be giving Tundra a boost.

Again nothing new here Ford's heavy incentives,a combination of manufacture and dealer discounting on the out going model to the tune of around 11,000 off MSRP,is doing just what GM did with it's previous gen truck,in order to protect market share.Fords gains of just 2.7 percent to March 2013 tells how hard it is to sell this truck against 2 new redesign trucks in the market.Are data shows in all fairness Ram is about 7000 in a combination of dealer and manufacture.Ram is taking advantage of and putting pressure on Ford to try and maintain sales leads,by forcing Ford into giving deep discounts to its trucks and now Ford's HD's are now around 10,000 in discounts on selected HD models for you know it was reported that inventory levels of Ford trucks were quite high awhile back ago,and couple that with what people are calling a rather conservative redesign of Silverado, Ram growth or penetration of market share is rather off the charts.We think that when Ford's next generation trucks comes to market both Ram and GM are going to start apply more incentives to put pricing pressure on Ford's new truck,much like what Ford is doing to GM.

@Joe, #1 The Tundra could not pull my 7,400 lbs trailer when I bought a Ram in 03. #2 Tundra looks like $#!^. #3 Toyota does not make a POWER WAGON which will be my next purchase. #4
Toyota is SOOOOOOOO far behind compared to the BIG 3. #5 Toyota is always taking up the rear in real world testing. Just my 2 cents.

Found some interesting news. Could the GM trucks and Ford trucks get the ten speed by the end of the year?

Expect the 2015 Escalade EXT to reach dealer showrooms later this year. The vehicle will be exclusively powered by GM’s all-new 6.2-liter EcoTec3 L86 V8 making roughly 430 horsepower mated to Cadillac’s first-ever 10-speed automatic transmission. Pricing will be announced closer to the launch date.

Read more:

I kind of hate to see ram doing well. I'm just so disappointed with mine I hate to see them take sales from chevrolet. I've never been a big fan of the chevys but it is in the running for my next truck. A new ram-not a chance. Funny thing is when I bought my ram 4 years ago I was saying "why aren't more people considering the dodge trucks? They are greatly improved." Now people are catching on and I feel like shouting "NO I WAS WRONG GO BACK!!!" I don't think I just got a lemon. I've noticed some serious design/durability flaws with my truck that I didn't notice when I bought it. I think I predicted the improved reputation and sales for ram when i bought mine, although it came later than I expected. now my prediction is that they will drop again. To me reliability is huge, and my ram simply is unreliable.

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