Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: March 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

Although some parts of the country continue to experience unrelenting winter weather, even though we are technically into spring, sales numbers for March are clearly reflecting a type of thaw. The big winners out of the gate seem to be the new Toyota Tundra and Ram pickup trucks, with the latter outselling the Chevrolet Silverado for the first time that we can remember: For March 2014 Ram sold 42,532 pickups compared to the Silverado's 42,247.

We should note that GM has been rolling out its heavy-duty truck lineup the last few months, and select models of the half-ton Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra are not selling as well as GM had hoped. Still, when compared to last month, Chevy Silverado sales have made a huge turnaround, improving by 23 percent. However, the issues surrounding GM's ignition recall debacle probably aren't helping the company's sales overall.

That said, Ford continues to make steady progress, moving beyond the 70,000-unit mark for the first time this year. As dealerships thaw out and people start spending more time on dealer lots, we can expect more good news as full-size pickup sales continue their steady climb. And don't forget, we'll have two new midsize pickups debuting later this fall. Where the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon will take sales from will be interesting to watch.




johnny, That's an April Fool's joke and I don't know about you but I, am getting tired of reading them.

This truly has to be a milestone in Chrysler's great recovery. I have to credit Ford's model of refresh every 2-3 years that Ram seems to be following because it's hard to deny that it works as exemplified by Ram's recent stellar performance.

One month doesn't mean Ram is beating Chevy. Ram is still 10,000 behind the Silverado for the year. And Ram will not for a long time, if ever, do better than Silverado and Sierra combined.

You are the typical tundra troll you come up with claims of about a 1st gen Tundra and make it seem like it is a problem for the 2nd and now 3rd Gen Tundra. I will give another example you will probably say something like good luck with those rusted or broken frames. Now that is a lie because the 2nd Gen Tundra the one he probably has doesn't have that problem. It would be like me saying to you good luck with those crappy Chrysler transmissions when Ram 1500 now uses a ZF sourced 8-speed and Ram HD has a Totoyta (Aisin) sourced 6-speed.

Just to remind you in case you have a short memory real world testing is certified by companies AMCI It was used by GM as well So when Toyota used the to show the then All New 2nd Gen Tundra Ram wasn't close You are better now because the economy went into the tank when the 2nd Gen Tundra was released and Toyota didn't get the profits they wanted then the competition passed Toyota and now they won't take a big risk (investment) because they make their big money off things like the Prius, Camry and Corolla anyways. Yes the 3rd Gen Tundra isn't Best in Class at launch in any category at all I am sad to say but Toyota is probably in the black with the current Tundra which is what matters most to them.

If I had to buy a new truck tomorrow I would probably buy a Hemi Ram 1500 but it isn't my favorite truck I would rather own a 6.2L Sierra 1500. I just don't buy any truck in its first 3 model years of it's new generation.

The Silverado sold for an average of $37,794 last month, which was above Ram’s $37,060 average price and below Ford’s $39,015 average, according to J.D. Power data obtained by Bloomberg News.

GM spokesman Jim Cain dismissed the Ram outselling the Silverado, contending Ram was buying market share with incentives. Both Chevrolet and Ram had truck promotions in March.

“The 1980s called. They want their marketing strategy back,” Cain told Automotive News when asked about Ram outselling Silverado. “It’s really easy to deeply discount your truck, mine the subprime market and offer cheap lease deals to buy market share.”

A Ram brand spokesman declined to comment on GM’s view and said Ram will continue to focus on its products.

Correction to one of my previous posts. Ram has the biggest incentives now, not Chevy.

I know it was a joke, just figure I set hook and sinker on some, had to get my joke in haha!

I agree with Dave and johnny doe. Ram is buying market share with deep discounts, subprime buyers and cheap leases.

Toyota does not make a POWER WAGON which will be my next purchase.
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Apr 1, 2014 10:41:52 PM

Way to support the United States with your next purchase that is made in Mexico by the Italians. You used to say, "Buy American or say goodbye to America." What happened to you?

AD, TRD - I stand corrected. When did GM'C' become just GM??

@Robert Ryan - yes. massive recalls and a weak truck.

The traditionally conservative truck buyer has grown accustomed to innovation and that is what they want.

I am surprised that coil springs and V6 engines have caught on.

@Yahoo - you are correct that most Ram buyers don't care about cargo capacity or they wouldn't of purchased a Ram.

Since we are talking trucks - Ram is #2 in Canada behind Ford.

Chrysler has passed Ford for #1 in overall sales.

Feel better now?

@George - the 2014 Sierra and Silverado were on the drawing boards around 2007/8. GM (is that better for you TRD?) was considering aluminum as far back as 2007.
The economic collapse and bankruptcy really hurt GM and it obviously affected R&D since we would of seen an aluminum truck in 2014.

@HEMI V8 - you said your trailer came several years after AND you have admitted that your Ram 1500 does not have the rated capacity to tow it.................. so why are you slagging the competition for the same thing?

You are slow as usual.
That's exactly what I wrote in here. I always feel better, when you are grumpy.

@yahoo - what makes you think I'm grumpy? The next time you pull something out of your *ss, at least scrape the cr^p off of it before posting it.

and they named a day after you....... how wonderful.

I agree with Dave and johnny doe. Ram is buying market share with deep discounts, subprime buyers and cheap leases.
Posted by: greg | Apr 2, 2014 12:01:47 AM

Is this true?

I just sense that from your posts to everyone.
Have a great nigh. I will.

@yahoo - once again you have proven that you have absolutely zero sense or is that make no sense.....

@Ken - not really. A spokesman for GM seems to think so and we all know fanboys lap up what ever crap their brands PR departments dish out.

Take yahoo for example.......please.

Everybody is buying market share. Ford with most fleet sales and silly commercials. Like, we are number 1 , buy from us. Look around, everyone drives a ford, drive a ford too. LOL.
Well, people need more than that. I think that aluminum came to soon and market is not ready for that yet. Extra price, insurance and lower towing numbers will not ofset better empty driving mpg.
Just saying. I could be still wrong.

Why are you calling me yahoo. It sounds very funny to me , because it has nothing to do with correct zviera translation.
It's like calling you New Low. Doesn't make sense.
Is this how you sound happy? Attacking left and right? Is it custom in BC? LOL.

@HemiV8 or Zvirus
Which person is which?

HemiV8 made a comment, Lou responds and Zvirus returns the response.


HemiV8 how many names do you go under?

Even with all its recalls GM trucks holds strongly onto its 2nd position (with Ford padded numbers) Ram, still dealing with unreliability and very poor longevity is a distant 3rd. I can hardly wait until ford & ram recall all their trucks before the government fines them like they did toyota. GM is smart to get old issues dealt with now.

@Lou_BC, now you're getting it.

@andy, careful you don't spill that koolaid all over your computer.

Sure you own a Ram Beebe, I bet you have a Chevy sitting in your driveway right now and I bet it is an 8 year old truck to boot.

Funny how all the Rams I have owned since 1996 none of them have been problem trucks, they all gave me great service with no problems.

I also see lots of old Ram trucks on the road here in Florida where I live. The only reason Ram will struggle to overhaul Chevy in sales is due to the number of dealers. In my town there are two Ford dealers, Three Chevy dealers and one Ram dealer.

I get so tired of hearing from posters like you who post their crap. I bet you are really parroting your sisters friends brothers friends uncle knows a guy who's Ram once had to go to the dealer for an oil change and that some how turns into Rams are no good.

Please go buy your Chevy that is if you can even get financed and stop your baseless bashing of Ram trucks.

@Dave: yeah, and with GMs (I'll say it right, unlike somebody else on here that says GMC, Chevy and GMC are part of GM) have a higher price tag. Probably an average of 734$ more then Ram. Lol, You GM boys making up excuses again? We know the 2500 and 3500 GMs are not big sellers thanks to the last story. Ford and Ram are pulling away.

So you gonna blame it on incentives that the totally redesigned and fresh for July 1500 GMs are barely ahead of a truck that has (in 1500 trim) mostly the same as the 2013 Ram, with one exception, the 3.0, which few of these numbers come from that?

If they would sell as many 3.0 diesels as there is demand, GM would be so far behind. Lucky for you fan boys, there are limits.

You said it yourself, the.average Ford was more money then both Ram and GM. If folks wanted those GMs they would pay it. Sorry, Chevy sales just aren't in as much demand. Even after raising incentives on February and March.

Here we go with the ram reliability crap. Just excuses from the gm boys. If they were so unreliable they wouldn't bee outselling gm. Also in the HD trucks they had already been beating GM.

@TRX 4 Tom,

There is more to that story.

"This month, Chrysler offered an average incentive of $5,598 per truck on the Ram 1500, 35 percent more than the Ford F-150 and 46 percent more than Silverado, according to data dealers provide to researcher J.D. Power and Associates obtained by Bloomberg News. GM is holding off on incentives to preserve profit margins on its redesigned pickups"

That's from the same article that Dave provided.

You're laughing at $734 more per truck? GM sold almost 60,000 trucks last month. That's 44 MILLION dollars more earned then Ram in just one month on sale of their trucks. Multiply it by 12 months and we're talking over HALF A BILLION dollars more.

Discounts play a big role. No doubt about it.

@Joe: Tundra was ahead in 2007, but what have they done since then?

Most Toyota fanboys com on here saying mileage doesn't matter, Joe says Mph blah blah blah! Lol!

Anyway, Joe, Ram has proved better mileage and more power, and with the 8 speed, puts it to the ground alot better. Did you happen to see Tundras performance, or lack pf, in that last shootout?

It's not 2008 anymore, but the Tundra probably still rides like a 2008/2010 model I drove on a 60 mile test drive, yes, tire pressure was correct.

@ Diesel Power
Well GM earned more than RAM, but it's hard to tell if they made more money without knowing how much those trucks cost to build. Who knows. RAM made more money on the end maybe.

@ram 4x4. Yes I own a ram. It's a 09 model with the lifetime powertrain warranty. I'm really hoping I lose the engine this year so I can get it fixed under warranty and whoever buys my truck will feel good about having a new engine. If you go back to articles from 2010 you will find me in the comments of some of the articles. Most likely the end of the month sales articles. And you will see me commenting about how i was surprised more people aren't buying dodge trucks because they are much improved. I'll see if I can find one for you.

scroll down to the middle of the first page of comments and this is what I said. In May 2010:

I can't believe dodge sales are not better. I always kind of pull for ford, but my dodge is a dang good truck. I like it much better than what chevy and ford offer and historically I'm much more biased towards chevy and ford. Don't people test drive all the new trucks before they buy one? And whoever said the Hemi is weak.......... It kicks the crap out of the 5.4 ford motor.

Posted by: beebe | May 3, 2010 10:49:36 PM

Save up to $11,000 off a 2014 Silverado double cab 4x4 all star or custom sport package - or lease as low as $169/mo!!-Raynham-MA/30823800

Pot meet kettle.

Man's New Best Friend
$10,000 off 2014 Siverado

If anyone things GM isn't deep discounting, just type $10,000 or $11,000 off 2014 Silverado into google and watch what comes up.

@TRD - Thanks for the clarification. It is appreciated.

@yahoo - google translator provided a list of possible names for your blog name.
Yahoo was the most appropriate.

I wonder what TTLS, and his Buddy Brad "Silverado Guru" Richards has to say about this? For a while I liked the F-150, and back in the late 90's, along with half of the last decade it was a mark above the rest. But, all that has changed since Chrysler has made a turn in the right direction regarding there truck line up. Technology, Quality and much needed innovation has been the evolution for this great (DODGE) pickup. And I think for the first time ever, we're going to see a change of guard soon.

P.S Yeah, if any can remember, years ago those two (TTLS&Richards) used to post on the TruckTrend bulletin board before moving here. They claimed that Dodge "RAM" would never be that much of a threat in sales vs. the Chevrolet Silverado. Comments like that just bring back memories.

here in cleveland you see an awful lot of rams driving about.much more then 5-6 years ago.ram has really caught on here but there are 3 times as many chevy dealers then ram dealers.lack of innovation is eventually cause gm to do something radical, hopefully bringing back sfa to the hds or an ecoboost-esque turbo v6

You can't go by Google translation. It's very off in many cases, this one is no exception. Don't be surprised to get a cock instead of coke in Europe otherwise.

Are European males like yourself familiar with getting cock instead of coke? I suppose being a very liberal Bulgarian you don't mind or will readily receive.

Interesting how you European's from Bulgaria are different.

In France they have Coke.

@Ram 4x4, Beebe does NOT own a RAM. He is full of $#!^. He thinks we believe him. If he has had SOOOOOOOOOO many problems with his Ram and he had more than a beebe
He would have gotten a new Ram from the lemon law. DUH!

I've never been in Bulgaria. Did you?

J.D.Powers is only taking the manufactures discount off MSRP,and showing you a selling point of sale.The real story is in the hot contested markets across the United States.Some readers here have posted them from advertise price's from dealerships network.Ford still leads in the most discounted truck,especially in the more loaded truck versions from XLT,to Platnuim models.Make no mistake GM and Ford will have 8 speeds in the near future,they can not sit by and watch Rams 21 to 37 percent month to month growth,and not respond.Barclay investors in a conference call with GM marketing chief asked "do you really think your marketing plan is working when you continue to lose share each month". Mark my words GM and Ram are going to lay down the gauntlet on pricing in 1/2 tons when Ford's new 2015 F150 arrives.This battle will only intensify when the S.A.E release's it's testing on the 2015 1/2 trucks in there respected tow limit performance.I believe this was the only reason Ford switch to a lighter body material in a effort to protect it's highest in class tow limit in the 1/2 market.Currently also GM's 6.2L is rated as well to tow 11,000 too as well. When Ford announced it's 2015 F-350 DRW gooseneck rating at 26,500 it just then conceeded the battle to the 2014 Ram 3500 DRW 30,000 gooseneck rating. I believe Ford has a serious battle for "Best in class" fuel mileage,and "Best in class" towing in the hot contested 1/2 market.Already spy pictures are being posted of Ram trucks testing in and around the Edsinhower tunnel area.Look as well this summer at Davis Dam as final engineering testing software will be done in preparation for S.A.E testing of 1/2 tons trucks.It is like Mr. T once said "You will be a fool not to ready for 2015".

@Trx those tests are always so suspect. Same equation, your precious new ram 8speed 395hp so on so forth, posted basically the same time on the Ike gauntlet torture towing test. The tundra with '06 engine and drivetrain. Us "fanboys" get irritated cause whether you want to or not the tundra deserves respect. The rams absolute top of the line, newest updated design MARGINALLY does better. U call 2mpg way better? Ever heard of And from my experience and everything ive seen, the gm 6.2 is the only thing running with me. Some of those 5.7 rams with the wrong gear set are dogs. I actually like the new ram trucks, but where us Toyota "fanboys" get irritated is when narrow minded people try to act like the tundra 5.7 wasn't and still isn't a badass truck. I keep a more open mind and have had different brands. Toyota is a smart company that takes it's time doing anything. I'm sure it will be atleast 2018 before the tundra sees a complete full redesign. As it is like it or not, throwing bells and whistles aside, it's still more than competive at the stoplight and towing with it's dated design. Peace

@ Hemi V8 & TRX 4 Tom
Let's settle what really matters does the 2014 5.7L Ram 1500 have a better rumble than the 2014 5.7L Tundra No
It doesn't have a better rumble than my 2010 Supercharged 5.7L Tundra Now this was a completely useless category but you might as well win somewhere.

@Big Al - yahoo does give the appearance of a preference for something other than coke.
He acts like something is stuck up there ;)

Umm Joe, the half ton shootout the Hemi was almost 4 sec faster than the tundra in the 7.2 deg hill climb towing. Plus it was the fastest 0-60 unloaded.

Gm don't have fire sales like ford and dodge,,,

I typed Lou BC to Google and this is what came out at first place.

Poor guy, you have been adopted, tattooed and neutered.
That explains your best sucker title.

Whatever lol, that's not what's translating out here on the streets and roads. Stubborn. It's funny how I've heard completely different tones from honest ram owners . Put all your "stock", in that shootout you want. Point is, when your pos is squeaking and rattling, holler at me lol.

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