Chevrolet Announces Pricing for 2015 City Express

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Chevrolet released pricing information for its 2015 City Express compact van; the little worker van will start at $22,950 for the LS and $24,510 for the LT (prices include destination). The platform is shared with the Nissan NV200, which means it offers a 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder engine rated at 131 horsepower with 139 pounds-feet of torque mated to a continuously variable automatic transmission (meaning one adjustable gear).

Although detailed specifications and fuel economy numbers have not been released, we expect payload ratings right around 1,500 pounds (like the Nissan) and an EPA rating somewhere around 23/25 mpg city/highway.

The Chevy City Express competes with the Nissan NV200 and Ford Transit Connect. Ram Commercial will be offering its version of a small work van, the ProMaster City, later this year, which is based off the Fiat Doblo.

Rising fuel prices and the need to transport large, bulky cargo with something more efficient than a ladder-frame full-size van with a V-8 engine were the impetus for creating this segment. Whether small businesses invest in these types of "Euro vans" will hinge on what happens to the economy and fuel prices during the next few years.

For more information on the City Express, go GM's Fleet and Commercial website. 

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Super ugly, I would look hard at the transit or one of the big vans. Gm is way behind on there full size vans and now a lame rebage.

GM should be ashamed of this and I am not a GM hater.

"The Chevy City Express competes with the Nissan NV200..." a Nissan NV200 with a Chevy badge on it.

You know it may be butt ugly, but GM is trying to break new ground here. I understand that this will be one of the few GM vehicles where you can have a key chain with a few other keys on it and the City Express actually won’t suddenly stop and cause an accident. I’ve seen the Chevy billboard ad for it “City Express key chain safe at any speed”. It kind of has a nice “ring” to it! Hey you can’t argue with progress!

But isn’t great how Chevy is finally going after that niche market “the little worker van”, it’s about time the auto manufactures address the needs of midgets. Along the same vein, I understand that Ford is developing the “ditchweed worker van” for workers that use Medical Marijuana. It will be all aluminum. There thinking is that you would have to be on some kind of drug to believe that Ford can actually rivet together an all aluminum vehicle and the rivets will hold. So it should sell well to the Medical Marijuana folks.

On the other hand it’s a good thing that the City Express platform isn’t shared with Fiat, they would have taken the 2.0-liter inline-four-engine (rated at 131 horsepower with 139 pounds-feet of torque) matched it to an 8 speed transmission and slapped in the Ram and then bragged about how good the gas mileage is. Hey who needs a mid-sized truck when you can get the RAM with your choice of 2 car engines (Pentastar and a Nissan 2.0-liter)!

I believe the small Ram van is based on the Fiat 'Doblo', as opposed to some Fiat from the nether regions.

The Ram ProMaster City is based on the Fiat Doblo (not Diablo).

This is actually NOT new ground. I saw one of the little Nissan's yesterday. They've already got on the dealer lots.

Badge engineering gone mad. What GM cannot design their own Vans?

"the little worker van will start at $22,950 for the LS and $24,510 for the LT (prices include destination)."

And the same van with a Nissan badge starts at $21,150 for the S and $22,140 for the SV (prices include destination).

In my trade HVAC we always used 3/4 ton Vans from Ford and G.M. Now they are buying more service body 3/4 trucks. I liked the full size vans to lock up all my cargo. Service trucks have the bed cargo open to who ever wants to grab it. Guess we can blame the Government for killing the American cargo van. I could not even fit all of my air filters in this van above for one large A/C maintenance much less all my tools,C02 tank, nitrogen tank, welding kit, and spare parts, garden hose's,etc...

@HEMI V8 - this doesn't replace the full sized Express van. It is a weak attempt by GM to provide a small van to fleet buyers.

I'd like to see a 2015 City Express Chevy High Country. I've been checking the dealer inventories of several dealers in my region and have yet to see one. I find stuff takes a while to get to my neck of the woods. Guys were yacking about 8 speed/5.7 Ram combo's a few months before I saw a real one. City Express Chevy High Country nows that's a chick magnet!

If you are a small business operator and you only need to carry around the same size load of a full size half ton pickup these will be useful and cheaper to operate.

These have a longer 'bed' or load area than the average 6' pickup bed as well.

The would even make a cheap van to tour around in. All you need is a matress, and some space for a 12v fridge and some supplies.

It looks like it has 14" wheels they got to be kidding.

Analog tach and speedo with digital fuel gauge who designed that dash?

I think its to little to late the Ford and Dodge have this market.

@Lou BC what is wrong with Ford going to and aluminum cab heck Kenworth and Peterbilt have been building aluminum cab on there class 8 trucks for the last 4 + decades.

And the reason why none of these companies offer a manual trans option on these tiny vans is what...? You can purchase these tiny vans in all other corners of the globe with a manual trans...but not America. What gives?

@rancherogt - nothing wrong with an aluminum cab. We have a troll using my blog name again. If there isn't a TypePad link to my name it is the troll.

I agree with Lou, this van isn't a heavy duty van.

If you have a closer look at the van you might even recognise that this van is smaller than a 3/4 ton van ;)

This van would be used by technicians, maintenance, small delivery work. It would be good in urban and city environments.

Maybe a van like the Fiat Ducato Ram or Transit will be an acceptable alternative to your 3/4 ton Chev.

The would even make a cheap van for hookers and johns to work in. All you need is a matress, and some space for a 12v fridge and some supplies.

Funny- overseas, GM slings the Doblo as an Opel Combo.

Why all the hate? here you have a small van that is rated for 1477lbs weight capacity, and 12 sq/ft space, and with the small 4 cyl engine will be able to get around 20city/25hyw seams like a good deal to me? If you were in the market for a small van that is, as for me? I would not be caught dead or alive in any van! other than a short wb older Chevy van! with a V-8 and 4:10 posi!

@Big Al from OZ - "The would even make a cheap van for hookers and johns to work in. All you need is a matress, and some space for a 12v fridge and some supplies"

You are right Big Al, it's that type of thinking that will allow American Automakers to tap niche markets and bring them back in the black. Here in Canada the women get cold in those skimpy outfits, the heating alone would be enough to convince most women to invest in one. It would also give them the opportunity to provide their services on a mobile basis, therefore taping into a larger market. With 1477lbs weight capacity even the biggest hookers or johns would have a place to practice their craft safely. It’s a win win!

Good thinking, Lou BC. To keep law enforcement from catching on, one could put a valid business name on the side of the love van/stabbin' cabin. "Reliable Plumbing Service" would be a good one.

I know, Lou BC II it’s all good. I was just wondering if a massage table would fit in the cargo area? Happy endings for everyone!

Hey but you got to give Big Al the credit for thinking this up, if anyone knows about hookers it’s him!

Bring back the Astro with the Colorado's new I-4 diesel. I'll buy 20 for my HVAC company's fleet.

Good job GM for selling Nissans now. Such creativity flowing out of Detroit, or was it Japan?

Chevrolet (Good) + Renault-Datsun (Bad) = FAIL!!!

Finally a chev to replace the astro.
Sure not the same by any means but I'm getting really bored with 14 mpg in my astro.
The astro mark 2 is just a shadow of its former mark one. They left so much off and changed so much the astro is no longer a good work van.
The city express is going to do almost everything my Astro did but at 24 mpg and in comfort in a small package.
The no towing is a bummer but I have a 1500 when I need it.
But what's up with the price being higher than the Nissan?

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