NHTSA Closes Investigation on Ford EcoBoost Issues

9 Tremor EcoBoost II

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has officially closed its investigation into the more than 500 reports of Ford's F-150 EcoBoost V-6 engines stalling under certain conditions. According to the Detroit News, the investigation looked at 2011 to 2013 model F-150s that were reported to misfire due to moisture accumulating through the intake process.

The specific conditions necessary for the reduced power situation to occur have been addressed with several intake and air cooler modifications. Ford issued a technical service bulletin to dealers that addresses how to deal with it. The fix includes the installation of a small deflector shield in the air stream. The 2014 F-150 has the fix. No word as to what effect this will have on any pending or future litigation.

No doubt NHTSA will be ramping up its recall review procedures given how much exposure it has incurred with the GM ignition recalls and the role the government safety review board played in the delayed recall.

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you are not nice!!!

I laughed so hard I've got tears in my eyes. No gun rack--please explain.

You kill me.

hemi lol

I agree with you.
Would an "Air Dryer" work like they use on semi trucks?

Isn't "hemi lol" the very agressive Toyota salesman Jeff S is buying his next truck from?


the air dryer on class 7 & 8 trucks is for the air made by the engine mounted air compressor to run the air brakes and air suspension. NOT for engine intake air

@ All1

"Nope, it didn't effect every engine. If it did then Ford would have had 400,000 complaints instead of just 4,000."

I didn't say that.

This is what I said:

"Wrong. All of the engines were build the same before this issue. It would effect all the engines in the same weather conditions. Those other ones are just lucky, they didn't experience that yet, because customers use them in different climate. ( Humidity, Rain...)"

Did you see the difference?

I am saying, that all the engines made prior modification would act exactly same with same issue like effected ones in the exactly same conditions.

Ford doesn't make engines randomly with different specs one from another . All, the engines are the same prior this modification. So if one had a problem in some conditions, any other one would have exactly same problem in exactly same place, time and conditions.
If those 400 000 engines would run in exactly same place, time, throttle position , load, speed,
moisture, rain, pressure...... they would act exactly same, with the same issue. Apparently, they didn't meet the same conditions and some of them will never meet so
" problem is solved ".
But they might meet those conditions in the future on the long trip to different state for vacation.
Surprise , surprise.
Did you get it this time please?

@Tom#3--You are likely to make hemi lo mad since I dared to say that I don't trust most auto salespeople. It is wise to be skeptical of most salespeople. Not saying they are all bad, but how objective can you be if you are selling a competitive product? It remains to be seen the long term reliability of the Ecoboost but those that I know that have one like them.

I meant Tom not Tom#3. Maybe there is a hemi lo #2 out there.

@sandman--The only way one of today's vehicles will survive another 50 or more years is if someone replaced all the electronics and that would be very expensive. Even most electronics from the past will last longer than today's. I have an old stereo receiver that still works after 31 years. Off course my old receiver is much simpler than ones made today.

No I won't have the issue. I have a 1/32 weep hole in my CAC that I drilled to be on the safe side after my friend had the issue the second time. It is the same kind of weep hole that many previous turbocharged engines had on their intercoolers until the EPA regulations against them. I know the EPA won't like it, but I really don't give a damn what they like.

Here is the answers to the NHTSA investigation tha is posted on their website. Most of what you want to know is on page 12 but other info is within the pages. - http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/acms/cs/jaxrs/download/doc/UCM443317/INRL-PE13018-57516P.pdf

I didn't say you will have this issue.

Why do you have to argue about something I didn't say instead to address my post ?

@Jeff S

"The only way one of today's vehicles will survive another 50 or more years is if someone replaced all the electronics and that would be very expensive." A pretty bold statement!

It's very hard to know what people will think is important, even in 30 or 40 years.

When I was growing up in the 1960s men wanted to know if their new car had the most powerful engine, or if it was going to last more than 3 or 4 years.

I guarantee you that no one will give a flying f**k in 2030 if their new car emits carbon dioxide or soot. It's a silly fad, like bell bottom pants or big hair.

Tsb is a silent recall so you don't look bad,,,specially whit the ecoboost imagine what happen to ford if it was a recall,,,,$$$$$$

I suspect that the problem wasn't so much a design flaw but a "perfect storm" of circumstances that was missed by computer modeling and WFO testing.
The EB3.5 was designed based on the assumption that it would be worked hard in a truck, the intercooler will keep the intake temperature down providing maximum oxygen density regardless of environment.

Condensation inside the intercooler in moist environments would indicate that the intercooler was doing its job too well.

As others have pointed out, EPA mandates a limp mode if 2 misfires are detected.

Hemilol - your assertion that a restrictor plate in the intercooler would drop HP is interesting in theory. The EB 3.5 still has beat most new trucks in testing pre-and post modification.
I'm sure that the truck used in the 2013 light duty challenge was a "modified" F150.

Personally, I'd rather go with a 5.0. I loved the power of the EB 3.5 I had but I'm still not sold on owning one.

@Zviera - read up on the 5.7 Hemi. It was close to NOT being built because engineers couldn't get the "hemi head" to meet emissions standards.
Ever wonder why it has 2 spark plugs per cylinder?

Probably not.

I would not own one of these EGO BOOST PILES OF JUNK if it was the last vehicle remaining on the road. It is hilarious how Frank and all the rest of his KOOL-AID GUZZLING FORD GIRLY GIRLS still think they are the best thing since sliced bread. They will NEVER learn. LMAO

Why would I read it again. I read it 9 years ago.

BTW, my 2004 HEMI in Dodge Durango didn't have MDS and didn't have 2 spark plugs.
It's not all about emissions. But I don't wanna talk about HEMI. It's out of topic.

Only way I'd buy another Ford is if I moved to China and they forced me to, and I pick the 5.0 over the Eco Bust. My father's 5.0 been good other then the weird oil gauge drop when he back over a pretty big rock and the tire caught and acted like it made the engine spin backwards. Then you still got the annoying thumping sounds in the winter time when road slop builds up and freezes like my 06 and 08 had.

The engine nobody talks about is the Non-Turbo 3.7 V6, no dealer had one when I was test driving, buying one, they were hard to find. But that's the engine in the F-150 that's the winner in gas mileage.
If I was buying a new 2015 F-150 that's the engine I would go with cause Ford lied about the gas mileage numbers on the Eco-Boost and I figured they will lie again about the gas mileage in the new 2.7 Eco-Boost.
You can get true gas mileage numbers at www.fuelly.com


Regarding the base engine. No F150 six cylinders???? They are crawling out of the woodwork around here. Did you try searching on Cars.com?

Seriously, the rental fleets bought them in huge numbers back in 2011 or so. The lots have been overflowing with the STX and XLT trims w/the base engine.

If your driving includes very little stop/go and LOTS of Interstate cruising with the cruise control ON you will love the 3.7 in the F150. If your driving is more typical, you will NOT.

The base engine gets lousy scores in city or mixed driving. Pulling a load? Lousy mileage. Ford is dropping the 3.7 for good reasons.

I drove my Boss's '12 Ecoboost the other day, and being a Chevy man with a New 14 Silverado, I can tell you it has some power... (after all it has a twin turbo car motor in it) You couldn't pay me to buy one though, the rest of thr truck is complete junk, Transmissions clunks and shutters, doors vibrate and rattle... yeah there are some "nice" things that the Ford has over the Chevy, one I actually like is the off road "inclinameter" on the dash screen, and I like the Guage Cluster lay out....but driving his truck made me not so upset with the few issues I have with my Chevy... Thats all...

@papa jim--Yes I remember the 60's as well. My high school's parking lot was full of Road Runners, 442's, GTO's, Mustangs, Cougars, Chevelle SS's, and many others. I drove my dad's 62 Chevy II which many made fun of because it was not a muscle car. Thirty years from now cars and trucks will be cleaner and more efficient anyway. There will always be collector cars and a few that are new today will be sought after, but most will be long gone and recycled into other products. I doubt too many collectors will be interested in full size crewcab pickups but some of the sporty models such as the Raptor and the Ram Super Bee will definitiely be around. It will be much harder to keep today's vehicles operational with all the electronics and computers-there is much more to go wrong and it will be harder and more expensive to get the electronics replaced.

Wow, a lot of people trying to convince others on the truck decision they made. Just wondering if they are actually trying to convince others (which is pointless) or trying to convince themselves that it was the right one. The way most of them talk I think they are trying to re - affirm themselves that they made the right decision.

Ford has had less trouble with the EB than the others with cylinder deac. I talked to the mechanics & service reps at my dealer, they told me up front the 11, 12 & early 13 builds had the issue, they come in & they take care of it. The trucks haven't been back for service since, other than regular maint. Mine is a later 13, & there's 2 11s in the family as well. We've all had a very good experience with the EB, so much so there will be a 4th one in 15 when Dad replaces his 96 7.3.

Said before & I'll say again, nothing holds up over time like an F Series. I've worked construction & helped Dad run his side business for years. The longevity just isn't there with the other brands. F150, SD & Ram Cummins are all you see around here for work trucks.

the Ford 3.7 a winner on gas mileage? No sir! Ram 3.6 and GM 4.3 both have it beat on mileage. Lol, it was sorta the first n/a v-6 truck engine to get good mileage, old news now.

BAFO must be way out of touch with reality if he thinks cars are any cheaper now in the states, but nothing new there.

Actually the cost of labor for electrician is/will be so high, who will spend much on these new ones once they are 25, let alone 50 years old.

Can't get your 68 Charger wiring working, need to find a good electrician. Not that complicated.

@Jeff S: I think the weak points on the Darts was the 7 1/4 rear axle. I had about 165,000 miles on my 69 slant 6 plus, because when my dad first got it in 1981 he put taller 14" wheels on it and we never recalibrated the speedo, so it showed less. So that axle went while showing 165.000, in 1988. Was probably closer to 170k plus. The 81/4 in later years was better, but I stuck in an old 8 3/4, which is tough.

@TRX 4 Tom--My brother's Dart was still running good when he sold it but living in the midwest the tin worm had pretty much eaten the body of his Dart up and the reverse gear was gone. If I remember his car had at least 150k maybe more. The slant 6 was a great engine. His engine ran very smooth for such a high mileage car at that time. At that time if you wanted to get a car that would go 100k or more you for the most part got a V8 (the slant 6 was one of the exceptions).

@TRIXY 4 Tom
Cars are cheaper.

How much would a car cost this day and age to be manufactured like the vehicle from the 80s?

Even Chinese vehicles are manufactured for the 21st century.

What you receive in car this day and age was only found (if it could be found) in European luxury cars back in the eighties, or only on some F1 cars.

I really think you ought to look at what bang you get for your buck and not the actual price you want to pay for a vehicle you probably don't really need.

So, how much is the cheapest vehicle in the USk $9 or $10k?

Even in Australia we can buy a fully blinged single cab pickup with a 6'x8' aluminium bed for around $17k. That vehicle is at the early 2000s level of technology. This same vehicle with a 4x4 hi-lo and diesel can be bought for $22k.

In the US if you could get this, it would be a few thousand cheaper. Imagine a 4x4 diesel for under $20k.

But, hey, I don't write your regulations that control your vehicle market.

ALL1 the only person here trying to justify his purchase to others is you. You have such strong fanboy blinders on that you can't even admit that Ford's intercooler issue affects EVERY ecoboost engine they put in the trucks and they STILL have not addressed the issue. Reducing the efficiency of their intercooler, which is rather critical to their (already exaggerated) tow ratings is not solving the issue, it is taking their defective design and permanently reducing the capability of the vehicle. You somehow think that something that needs a particular set of environmental and driven conditions would simultaneously affect every engine at once? Do you even think before you write? The problem will OBVIOUSLY show up sporadically, it is STILL an engineering problem that ALL of the trucks suffer from. You also claimed that "your" ecoboost was special and didn't have the IC issue because you drove behind someone who did, despite the fact that this is not unexpected considering driving style has a *lot* to do with said issue.

BUT you then came back and told us that you modified your IC in order to avoid the condensation issue. What an idiot.

Not really sure what you think your link proves. The ford truck community figured out the IC issue LONG before Ford acknowledged there was a problem. The ford truck community also came up with the solution that YOU have used on your truck. All your link shows is that Ford's engineering was obviously deficient, they took an extremely long time to acknowledge this problem, and their "solution" is to reduce the performance of everyones' truck who brings it in for service.

@Big Al

You continue to write about US currency without a real grasp of central bank policy and its impact on consumers.

In your earlier comment you wrote that cars are cheaper today--an obvious falsehood that you've now walked back, saying instead that today's cars are better than the old ones and their 'value' is higher relative to price.

Two very different propositions.

ALL1 tells it like it is, others are f'ken trolling. He actually owns an ECOBOOST, you trolls don't. Save yourselves the embarrassment.

In my area "Timmins Ontario Canada" We have every possible weather scenario possible. I've been in to see the dealer, I have a 2013 w 5.0...Co Truck. I love it, its a much better motor than it ever got credit for. There are so many EB3.5 on the road here it's like a plague. The dealer has had no issues. They don't even know of any engine failures. There we're some transmission shift glitches which we're resolved. They we're informed of the issues I read here however very few come back. I have 5 EB3.5 F150 in my circle and all feel they got what they paid for and love the power. Incidentally, there's been a lot of bullying in Timmins, the F150 Boys are now walking all over the Ram and GM boys. Its been a long time coming and I for 1 love my F150 and am waiting for the 2015's to hit the lots.

To all the Dodge Boys, Blind GM Followers, Toyota Truck lovers and finally Nissan...not sure what to say about a truck that has not changed since its 1st appearance. You should be happy that Ford sets the Bar so high. 525 EB3.5 Issues is less than 1% issue not failure rate. That alone was going to be a hard act to follow, now the 2.7 with a Diesel like strength Block that weights less than the First all aluminum 3.5, is just going to be a tougher act to follow. The Aluminum Body and all the other Modular design cues make this a world leader, you have no hope...You'll always be a follower...lolol. Sorry but putting a heavy diesel in a 1/2 Ton truck that can't even carry it is not a huge undertaking. Look it up lots of front end issues with those. Gutless Garbage RAM lololol to funny!!!

Frank you are the original troll on this website so do not EVER accuse anyone else of being a troll. All1's posts are garbage and he knows that they are garbage which is why he hasn't come back to post on this thread. His owning an egoboost does not give him any credibility, it gives him an agenda - a very transparent one at that.

I've spent the last week visiting the in-laws in rural Wisconsin. My wife grew up on a farm here that her dad still operates. He's a Chevy guy, and has a 2011 Silverado 1500 Z71. He loves it, and it seems to serve him well. The neighbor up the street is a Ford guy, and has a 2012 F150 with the Ecoboost. It too has served him well, and being a Ford guy myself, I asked how it handled the winter from hell they just went through. He had zero issues. Deep snow, subzero temps, towing and hauling. There was no issue with the engine. I don't doubt some people have had problems with their EB's, but after talking to a guy that uses his truck day after day, on a farm, as a tool more than just a to and from daily driver, I'm sold.

On a side note: I watched the father-in-law use his Slverado to pull a full hay wagon out of a field after his tractor blew a tire. It was pretty impressive. I'm thinking that in this day and age, there really is no such thing as a bad truck. Just pick your poison and enjoy.

Pushing 100k miles on the Eco. Have had occasional loss of power since the truck was new and documented. Usually occurs when driving steady speeds in rainy or foggy conditions and then accelerate quickly for passing purposes. The speed and power is reduced to a crawl when the truck is asked to accelerate quicky.

I had to pay for the Ford upgrade TSB and it made no difference to the issue.

Ford Ram GM a long list of recalls a never ending complaints and problems. Their clients are their guinea pigs and must endure the breakdowns ,misfires and sputtering engines nothing compared to the fools who buy into the 10 speed transmission.
Toyota is slipping big time too
Nissan least amount of complaints ,problems, recalls .
They build them stout

My 2014, purchased summer 2016 certified used, is experiencing this issue. It will either not start at all, or lose power upon starting after driving at freeway speeds. I have been in traffic after work, dropped off at the store to pick up grocery, then not been able to start, start and shutter (go limp - no power to the gas) or start - shutter - limp - die - then been stuck in place with the vehicle unable to perform or even give a sound - like it is frozen.

I was able to start the truck up again after another 20 min, pray to get home, then experience the same.

Commute example: 17 miles at 35-55mph, stop and go for 3. Stop at grocery for 20 min. No go. 1.5-2 miles home.

This is not acceptable!

Ford tough, more like ford rough it and hike a bit!

I have 45k on my '14 lariat f150 truck as of 2/14/17. I bought it in late august of '16 with 41k. I am not high mileage nor am I rough on the truck. It is a big station wagon and is failing!

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