Off-Road Customizer Seeks Stolen Land Rover Defender 130

LR130Himalaya4x43 II

It can make some people sick just thinking about having their custom truck stolen, but imagine if you've spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours creating a one-of-a-kind modified Land Rover extreme trail pickup truck? The pain would be devastating.

The Land Rover experts at Himalaya 4x4 in South Carolina recondition and build completely unique Land Rovers for discerning (and wealthy) off-roaders. This Defender 130 was Himalaya's latest creation and it was ready for sale. Then it disappeared.

The pickup underwent a complete bumper-to-bumper restoration and boasts a fully rebuilt 5.0-liter V-8 (automatic transmission), custom suspension, full black leather interior and 20-inch rims. The asking price was $159,000, and we're guessing the thieves who stole it couldn't afford it.

If you happen to see this vehicle in a neighborhood near you, feel free to contact Mark Staff (president and creative director at Himalaya 4x4) at 843-689-5270.

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Makes no sense stealing something so rare unless the purpose is to ship it to some oil rich banana republic that doesn't care about VIN numbers.

@ Lou

That may be the exact purpose. Back in the day, I was doing army stuff in Panama. When we were in garrison in the canal zone, we did roving security. One of the popular targets for thieves was to steal newer SUVs and pickups to ship to other countries or remote locations--primarily Toyotas. Cause even drug dealers want rugged and reliable transportation... .

They are much more common here in Australia than they would be in NA and that includes customized versions like in the photo. Not as popular as the Japanese sourced diesel 4x4's though.

Note to self. hide tracking device in very expensive vehicle !!

Well, if the thieves didn't know what to do with it then, they they know now.

If seen you may be able to catch it in any 4 cyl Jeep, cause those old Buick designed 4.9 Nail Head engines are powerless! When they said in the story it had a custom made 5.0? I thought it was powerful! But with the original engine? it would be better with a diesel!

@sandman 4x4
Vastly better off with a diesel.

Lol file foto says 4.6.

@Robert Ryan the lack of engine braking with a diesel is a liability off road.

@ken lyns,
No not at all. All off road vehicles are diesel here, First time I have heard of that, more a US thing than a global one.

Far more engine braking in a diesel than a petrol engine.

Almost deserves to get stolen for putting 20" rims on a Defender which is a crime in itself.

@David Waterfield
"Almost deserves to get stolen for putting 20" rims on a Defender which is a crime in itself"

Yes really runs against what the Defender is all about.

@Robert Ryan:

Agreed. That thing looks totally ghetto with that tire/wheel combination.

oops! finger slipped and I did not catch it! but even though the 4.6 old time Buick engine was fine in the early 60's but to day? and who ever said diesels have not engine braking have never heard of an engine brake I guess? and that is only good at high speeds, same as a gas engine using its vacuumed supplied braking! all off road work we are talking about is for low speed travels, not so much high speeds where the gas engine braking is more powerful in use!

Thank you for your useless comments. If you are ignorant to USA let me inform you about Diesel. The only Diesel Land Rover engine permitted entry legally is a 2.5 NA. The V8 Rover engines while not my favorite motor are the most powerful engine we can legally have.
Fact. We have lost many thousands of dollars to a thief. Thank you for telling us we deserve it for building a nice truck.
Fact. Families whose children are fed from the work we do, profits we make are now struggling because of this loss. So shut your pie holes, stop being so negative and talking crap about things that do not concern you. If you have nothing positive to contribute in helping locate the vehicle then don't post and move on.

I appreciate M Williams for posting the alert.

Too bad people cannot stay focused on the issue.

wow that's sad i would be sad i hope they find it

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