Ram Pickups Outsold Chevrolet? Well, Maybe Not

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There's no question the biggest number that stands out in our March 2014 sales chart is the 42,532 units Ram Truck sold in March 2014. That means Ram, while still in third place for overall truck sales, outsold the Chevrolet Silverado by a 285 units. You can bet there are folks in Auburn Hills, Mich. (and maybe even Turin, Italy), who are jumping for joy given the magnitude of the feat. However, there are a few factors at play here.

To begin, the Ram Truck category includes their Class 4 and 5 chassis cab models in the total, as well as any 3500 fleet models ordered in the chassis cab configuration. And for 2014 they are now available with a Hemi 6.4-liter V-8 option as well, making them more popular with more businesses replacing their aging fleets. We should note Ford does the same thing (with their F-450 and F-550 sales) but since GM does not offer any vehicles in this category, some could argue the numbers are not directly comparable. 

In fact, every truck counted in GM's monthly sales numbers is either a dedicated personal-use, fleet or commercial 1500, 2500, or 3500 pickup truck. GM doesn't have a medium-duty truck any more (although it used to have the Chevy Kodiak and GMC TopKick that might come back), so all the GM numbers reflect a cleaner retail and/or fleet pickup truck sales.

Yes, we're absolutely positive the Ram Truck guys are excited about the March milestone, but we also know the sheer numbers aren't really what they're working for. A truer reflection of how much Ram is gaining on Chevy is probably better seen in the 2013 numbers we break down into weight categories (click here to see "Who Sold the Most Pickups in 2013?"), where Ram sold more 3/4-ton pickups by a narrow margin and many more 1-ton trucks than Chevy. They're also gaining traction in the half-ton segment as well.

Things are definitely changing, and they're changing because some truckmakers are taking risks and clawing for every sale they can make. Last year was like that, and we have no doubt 2014 will be that way as well. And as long as we have anything to say about it, you'll have a ringside seat.



The very reason I posted that link is to show how much I support Ram/Mopar. Not too many people will go out in public wearing apparel for their brands. People just don't get how devoted we are to our trucks. That is the very heart of the issue. How could we not be excited about our trucks? How could we not be eager to share our experiences with everyone?

Posted by: HEMI MONSTER | Apr 2, 2014 10:25:34 PM

Exactly, Even FORD AND G.M lovers are fans of the MIGHTY HEMI ENGINE. They may not know it. But, they all love those NITRO BREATHING HEMI'S IN NHRA.

THEY don't even give CHRYSLER credit for the latest HORSE POWER WARS started in 03 when CHRYSLER re released the HEMI in their truck.


ABSOLUTLY! congress is going to pass laws to put these GREEDY S.O.B in JAIL.

Growing up I learned WHAT NOT to do from my older sister. Drugs, arrests, hitting my mom and running away.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Apr 2, 2014 10:30:46 PM

Thankfully some of us learn these lessons early on. Some of the bureaucrats in big companies like Toyota and GM apparently don't learn such things. In fact, we still see the same old thing from GM's current management "oh lets blame it on the old GM, we don't know anything about it". There's always a long trail of blame. It sickens me to be honest. Mary Barra was asked today if she would let one of her kids drive a Cobalt, guess what she said. She said yes of course she would. Now why would the world's 35 most powerful woman let one of her children settle for a Cobalt? She wouldn't, we all know that. That makes her a big fat liar. GM has a long history of lies an cover ups and we see that it continues to this day.

@Hemi V8, your post are annoying and it makes me hate Ram more and more. Damn, don't even know why I responded to your a$$

Wake up pal, there are way better engines than a Hemi V8.

HEMI MONSTER Mary was not asked if that would be her car of choice for her son, she was simply asked if she would feel safe letting him drive one. She responded by saying a thorough investigation has proven the Cobalt ignition switch to be safe as long as the car key is all that is being used (no heavy key chains attached). As long as her son was using the car under those guidelines then yes she would feel safe letting him drive a Cobalt. She then followed up by saying anyone who still does not feel safe can get a free loaner car from GM until the part is replaced. (13,000 people to date have done just that.) For you to simply say she is a big fat liar and proves GM hasn't changed is a pretty lame statement. I personally think Mary is doing an amazing job given the circumstances.

@Jake - so...... it all depends on the size of your key chain?

A woman finally admitting that size matters ;)




@HEMI V8 - I'd rather Congress NOT get involved.
It should be left to the courts and neutral investigators.

If one looks at the banking collapse, dotcom collapse, housing market collapse, automotive collapse et al - lawmakers in the capital should stay the f-ck out of it.

They should of passed laws and provided regulation and enforcement to prevent any of this sh-t from happening in the first place.

Anyone go to jail from any of the collapses I mentioned?
If anything, some of those responsible got hired by the government.

If the sales numbers reported are in the aggregate it does not matter whether one of the manufacturers doesn't build a certain a vehicle of a certain class. That only matters when you are comparing sales within that class. The numbers reported here are for truck sales in the aggregate. So, yes, Ram outsold Chevrolet. No need to try to twist the numbers. If you do that, then you might as well say Nissan sold the most gold-colored half-ton trucks this month, so did the other brands outsell Nissan? Maybe not.

I have a hard time believing that Mary is completely ignorant of all the GM cover-ups. To what extent, we don't know, but nonetheless, all CEOs are going to have "privileged" info that would probably shock most people if they knew. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't let any of my kids drive a Cobalt. It's not because I think anything bad would likely happen, the chances of that are slim. The thing is that inexperienced drivers or those who are unaware of such a problem are the ones who would be most at risk if something did happen.

So tell me this, why doesn't she include herself with those 13,000 people who would rather take a loaner car than let her son drive a Cobalt? The way you put it, it makes her look nonchalant about the problem. It wouldn't be that bad for her to answer "no" to the question. After all she wasn't behind the design or at GM when that car was made, in other words she has no need to make it look better than it is. She apologized to the victims families and even said GM has moral and legal obligations related to those deaths. You tell me why she would presume to be comfortable letting her kid drive a Cobalt. I wouldn't, my kids are worth more than that to me.

I think that Ram is the new benchmark and compass pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.

Posted by: Lou | Apr 13, 2012 3:14:19 PM

I'm not on any anti-GM rant BTW. You have to realize if Chrysler had continued in their previous path, I would have nothing to do with them. I still to this day wouldn't be caught dead driving a LeBaron, Dynasty, etc. I'm not to fond of the "cloud cars" either(Stratus, Cirrus, etc). What breathed fresh life back into Chrysler was the move back to their heritage, the performance cars, the release of the Hemi in the early 2000's. In addition, attention to detail, quality and the innovation of the Ram brand, really helped to vitalize them even further.

At the same time all this was going on with Chrysler, GM was focused on their trucks and SUVs. We all know how that market collapsed through the 2000's. GM was forced to downsize it's vehicles and do something about their compact cars that they were selling at a loss, which was made up by the profits from trucks and SUVs that was now disappearing. Simply put, GM was in a mess and they had barely come out with their current compact, mid-sized car offering by the time of the bailout. GM has been playing catch-up in virtually every class of vehicles they make and their past issues still affect them to this day. That is the problem I have with GM, they don't make cars or trucks I want. I don't have an issue with them other than the lives lost from their mistakes.

Walter p. Chrysler was born on this day in 1875.


HEMI MONSTER believe it or not, not everyone has a hidden agenda. Having seen the tests herself she may in fact be telling the truth. (you can't just simply say she is lying) Mary appears to be committed to full transparency in this case. She has hired a full internal investigation of these matters and has said let the chips fall where they may. This is a completely new attitude and an excellent sign that things really might be changing from within. She is basically saying lets get all the skeletons out of the closet, take responsibility for the findings, make the necessary corrections and move forward. I get the impression that she wants to get to the bottom of this just like everyone else. I for one am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Lou I guess the size of the key chain really does matter lol!


2014 Ram 1500
●Available Best-in-Class Fuel Economy of 20 City/28 Highway mpg+
●Max Trailer Towing up to 10,450 Pounds+ or Max Payload up to 1,930 Pounds+




So ram has to cheat like ford to inflate vehicle sales too. Pitiful! Well, you get what you pay for and the ram has horrible quality and longevity issues. Every ram starts to fall apart after 3 years and is junk by 10 years after build. Fords are much better but won't last near as long a a Chevy and catch fire a lot: http://youtu.be/EntF4Oxbs-I
GM trucks cost more but last 25-30 years without major issues. My GMC just had its 15th birthday and looks better and runs better that a 2014 ram or ford truck.

Hemi , you're such a hypocrite. Always spewing about Fords catching on fire, maybe 1 person killed. What about the jeeps catching on fire that killed 51 and Fiat refusing to do anything even after a recall was demanded? Chrysler has always been sub par and always will be, they just don't hold up. I actually think that all the heavy advertising and deep discounts that have people buying them will actually put them out of business eventually, once they start falling apart. They're gonna say they gave them a chance and were burned, never again. You don't get to be number 3 by building the best vehicles.

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Right tj! GM last 27yrs longer than ram.. GM's must be wayyyyy underpriced!

GM will continue to lose buyers when us old brand loyal fans start dying off. Young people know very little about cars or trucks and are not brand loyal. GM's troubles are just starting as they will keep losing market share. Remember, it's mainly older people with the money. With no jobs to speak of most younger people have no money.

Sorry, @Tom, I'm not going to agree with you. Your counter-argument is invalid due to seriously different circumstances. Those Ford trucks (and some other models) had the habit of igniting on their own with no outside forces involved. Those fires may not have killed anybody, but they destroyed not only the vehicle, but often the residence housing that vehicle when the fire started. Sure, it's 'only' property damage, but for a time those former owners became homeless until their homes could be rebuilt.

The Jeep fires you so tout were in every case due to a relatively severe impact--one strong enough to rupture a fuel tank well forward of the rear bumper (unlike the Pinto fires they've been compared with). The official (and approved by NHTSA) fix is just mounting a Class II trailer hitch receiver to the bumper and frame of the Cherokee. Quite a bit different from an electrical issue triggering an engine fire even when shut off.

Love my New Mexican built SLT Sierra!
It is easily the best riding most quiet truck on the market!
And I smoked an armada on the highway today!
My Redneck Cadillac!
People buy Fords and Dodges because they are priced right!
I.e. Cheap!
When you want a real truck you pony up for GM bottom line!
And don't even start on recalls...there was a time before airbags and safety features!
Yes the trucks have been hit with the remote start fires in snow and now the transmission line leak that may cause a fire but that is piddly.
I'll take that any day over an ecocrap or a dog!

I thought Bvonscott said the next gen 2014 GM's were going to blow people away and blow away the competition. Anyone remember that? Now, they are getting beat by Fiat-Ram.

Ryan, you smoked an Armada? Ooooo, now that's a feat! ;)

Always seems to be a common thread with brand loyal people. Their brand is the best & no way open minded about any other. You know, like poiltics. LOL

I am very brand loyal to one brand, but can see good things about the others as well.

I'm glad to see the competetion from manufactures, it makes my brand better.

Truth is, most vehicle owners base the quality of a brand that was bought used & with unknown maint history on if it is good or not.

Although I'm a diehard Dodge/RAM guy, my company truck is an Base 2002 F150 with a 4.6 in it.
It has proven to be a very reliable truck. It also has had the proper maint since new.
I still prefer the RAM & have had a good run with them with no major problems, other than maint.

My opinion, if its made by Man, it will break. No matter the brand.

@Tom, Sure buddy you can believe that. lol


Ford, Fires.


Ford fires, Danger to all,



I can go on and on tom. Wake up.


More Ford fires,


Wow hemi, like someone said in another post, you really can't comprehend written word can you? Who died in those videos you posted? Those 51 driving Chrysler products are still dead. And whale, did you just say that 51 dead is somehow not as bad as losing your house and vehicle? Unbelievable.


Thousands of people have suffered injury and death due to the Ford Explorer/Firestone tire combination. According to an August 27, 2001 report, the federal government has linked 203 deaths and over 700 injured occupants, in the United States alone, to the poorly designed Ford Explorer and its defective Firestone tires (1).

The Icfai Center for Management Research estimates that the SUV/tire combination is responsible for over 250 deaths and more than 3,000 injuries in the United States (2).

According to the information collected by the National Highway Traffic Association (NHTSA), approximately 85 percent of the deaths caused by the Ford/Firestone defects occurred in the southern-most regions of the United States.

The following are the number of deaths per state caused by the SUV/tire combination according to an April 2001 report by Public Citizen (3).

- California: 28 fatalities
- Nevada: 5 fatalities
- Arizona: 15 fatalities
- Montana: 1 fatality
- Colorado: 1 fatality
- New Mexico: 7 fatalities
- Nebraska: 1 fatality
- Oklahoma: 8 fatalities
- Texas: 35 fatalities
- Arkansas: 3 fatalities
- Mississippi: 3 fatalities
- Michigan: 1 fatality
- Massachusetts: 2 fatalities
- New Jersey: 1 fatality
- Maryland: 4 fatalities
- Pennsylvania: 1 fatality
- Ohio: 1 fatality
- Kentucky: 2 fatalities
- Tennessee: 4 fatalities
- Alabama: 3 fatalities
- Georgia: 1 fatality
- Florida: 28 fatalities



Ford F 150 engine fires!


Ford pinto fires! : 180 burn deaths, 180 serious burn injuries, 2,100 burned vehicles




GM has invested the lion share if its efforts over seas for many years now at the expense of the North American Market. Look at many years between redesigns GM has gone compared to Ford and Chevy. The biggest hit for GM is going to come when the baby boomers all the die hard GM fans from the glory days die off. I would like to see the sales numbers based on age. I hardly know anybody under the age of 50 driving a NEW GM truck.

@HEMI V8 - you can't have it both ways dude.

If you want to play Fire Marshall or be the recall parrot, then you need to do it for all brands.

If not, you end up looking like an FCA shill.

@Mark Williams,

Why is Hemi V8 allowed to post recalls from 4 years ago and spam the blog constantly?

Please do your jobs and remove the spammers.

@Tom, quit whining.lol You are talking about jeeps from 7 years ago that had to be in a rear end crash hard enough to cause damage. Fix add a trailer hitch.

The recall for risk that a rear-end crash could rupture the vehicles' gas tanks, causing fires, covers 1.6 million Jeep Cherokees from 1993 to 1998 and Jeep Libertys from 2002 to 2007. A trailer hitch will be added, if they don't already have one, to provide additional rear-crash protection.



I never talked about Jeeps. That was somebody else, but at least the trailer hitch recall on the Jeeps were from 2014!

You are bringing up Ford recalls from 2010.

Stop all the spamming about recalls and fires, or more people are going to petition to have you removed from the site.

"Sorry, @Tom, I'm not going to agree with you. Your counter-argument is invalid due to seriously different circumstances. Those Ford trucks (and some other models) had the habit of igniting on their own with no outside forces involved. Those fires may not have killed anybody, but they destroyed not only the vehicle, but often the residence housing that vehicle when the fire started. Sure, it's 'only' property damage, but for a time those former owners became homeless until their homes could be rebuilt."

Posted by: RoadWhale™ | Apr 3, 2014 9:26:26 AM

AUSTIN, Texas -
A recalled Ford F-150 is at center of a deadly fire that killed two young children, Austin fire officials said.

That fire at a southeast Austin home started about 3 a.m. Tuesday.



@HEMI V8 - I don't know who appointed you Fire Marshal Bill, but whenever I see the words FIRE, or RECALL several times in ALL CAPS, I skip over the entire post. I know it's your trolling crusade without even looking. It's a good way to make yourself irrelevant though... but you were already there!

Good job!!!

Well I can argue that Toyota, and Nissan does not offer a 3/4 or 1 ton truck. So?

Hey it's there loss as well as GM's loss for not offering a larger class light duty truck.

Brad Richards, TTLS, just think. Years ago you said Dodge could never do such a thing. Well, Ram just did.

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