Ram Unveils Updated 2014 Power Wagon

RM014_047TF II

By Aaron Bragman

Ram is introducing the latest version of an iconic name in pickup trucks, unveiling the 2014 version of the Ram Power Wagon, a highly off-road capable 4x4 based on the brand's 2500 crew cab pickup. This upgraded Power Wagon features a significant amount of unique equipment for 2014 which includes a new frame, an all-new coil-link rear suspension, and a brand new high-tech 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 (which offers cylinder deactivation). The Power Wagon will also be available across three trim levels — Tradesman, SLT and Laramie — with varying levels of standard and optional equipment.

As noted, the only engine offered will be the 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 making 410 horsepower and 429 pounds-feet of torque, featuring a unique engine calibration that will enhance "off-road maneuverability and finesse," according to Ram. The 5.7-liter Hemi is no longer offered. This means that throttle response when in low range is softened and idle speed increases by 100 rpm for better control on steep ascents and descents. Power is sent through a standard 66RFE six-speed automatic transmission with a part-time, lever-operated Borg Warner BW 44-47 transfer case.

The front and rear axles are from American Axle Manufacturing, with the fronts continuing with a 9.25-inch ring gear, while the new rearend ring gear is 11.5 inches (with thicker axles shafts as well). Axles gears remain 4.10:1. All Power Wagons will continue to offer front and rear locking differentials, as well as swaybar disconnects. 

The Power Wagon's off-road capabilities are legendary with 14.5 inches of ground clearance, thanks in large part to a 2-inch lift over the standard Ram 2500 HD and 33-inch tires. Brakes, steering and frame details are unchanged from the normal Ram 2500 HD (which now offers the 50,000 psi strength steel), and the front suspension features an all-new high-movement joint (called Articulink) and a sway-bar disconnecting system for additional flexibility, axle articulation and off-road prowess.

All Power Wagon models will receive a 12,000-pound Warn winch behind the front bumper, and front and rear bumpers will be chrome. The 2014 Tradesman will have a monochrome package, with black accents for the grille, fender flares and other trim pieces. A Power Wagon decal will spread across the tailgate. Moving up to the SLT will be the largest change, with wild graphics decals, one of four colors for grille inserts, more Power Wagon decals, LED headlight accents, two-tone paint and black fender flares. Finally, the Laramie trim will feature a standard upscale leather interior, chrome grille and headlights, and painted fender flares. In all, 12 different paint colors will be available on the Power Wagon, depending on trim level.

The 2014 Power Wagon will go on sale later this year. Pricing for the Power Wagon Tradesman starts at $45,690; the Power Wagon SLT starts at $50,340; and the Power Wagon Laramie starts at $56,015. 

To download the complete press release, click here. And don't miss the new video Ram Truck produced, detailing all of the 2014 Ram Power Wagon changes (see below). 

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RM014_071TF II

ET014_047EP II

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I have to admit! That is the best looking, and best, meanest and most incredible HD truck out there now! I WANT ONE NOW!! if they only still made them in reg cab! but that will not stop me! My next truck is a new PW!!!

What's going on at Ram ? This has to be one of the sweetest trucks . Time to get the candles out , dust off the old romantic records and talk to the wife .

Looks really nice. But why chrome bumpers on an off road warrior?
Also, the gear housing is most likely the lowest clearance, and there is no way it is 14.5" with 33's

Sweet! If only my income could accommodate me.
I had hoped they would've announced a diesel option...say the Cummins 8 cylinder. Still, awesome truck. Great job Ram.

Seems like they have a nicely sorted package here. I'll forever be priced out of this level of new truck, luckily the used market is a few years away. Will be interesting to see how many are sold, and what sales goals are.


you can really see the Daimler influence on these vehicles!


Just like the dimaond cutter, you know saw it coming.

The 2014 RAM Power Wagon DDP Diamond Cutter Edition is going to make you feel......

THE BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like everything about it except the Raptor styled splash graphics on the bed.

Since it has MDS and the 6th gear I believe is a freeway friendly .63, (while most other Rams have a .67 top gear) would think 4.56 gears would not hurt mileage. Four wheelers are gonna want them.

Hope the "splash" stickers are an option.

So what does Chevy have to compete?

Dear GM, Don't even think of bringing your whimpy Z71 to the party.

2014 RAM Power Wagon
with the legendary 6.4L HEMI


What is the Diamond Cutter Edition?

What is "THE BANG" all about?


Bang? That's the sound of your Power Wagon's broken connecting rods banging against the oil pan.

More like Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang...

RAM is years ahead of any other competitors.
Specially with all axles suspension components.

Still not a fan of the coils in the rear.

Wonder if a person can do something about that aftermarket?

Yes . You can replace them with wooden blocks.

Millhouse, The 2014 Ram Power Wagon Diamond Cutter Edition is going to make you feel THE BANG!!!!!!!!!!


Article states "Axle gears remain 4.10:1". You might want to adjust that as previous gears were 4.56

4.10 is new for this truck.

cool truck

If they want more articulation, make those libks longer. They can change where they moint to the frame.

@HEMI 6.4: how can anybody take you serious? You post a link to a wrestling video, which we all know is fake, on a site talking about trucks.

so papa jim, did GM ever fix those rod ratios on their engines?

I hear people going on about using 350 rods in a 400 with custom pistons, because the stock 400s low deck and long stroke leave short piston rods, that have a nasty ratio that wastes energy cause there is so much load on the cylinder walls. What is it, replace a 5.5" rod with a 5.75" one?

No matter to me, my stock 273/318/340/360 and maybe hemis are 6.123 rods, while it's a big deal for a Chevy guy to get a 6" rod.

It's a damn shame, they stroke a 350 to get 383 inches, when I can make 391/406/416 from a 318/360/340, and not have to do a bunch of grinding for crank to cylinder wall thickness. and limited on stroke cause of where the cam sits in relation to a small Chevy, and I still have better rod ratios!

GMs on the local track sure need alot of help, so they dont blow up. So we see them blow alot.

This has to be the ugliest truck on the market today. What's up with the FAT PIG NOSE SNOUT?
The worst thing for Fiat fans is that this truck is in Fiat's hands now which means it will get even uglier with each design.

"...throttle response when in low range is softened and idle speed increases by 100 rpm for better control on steep ascents and descents."

The smart guys at Fiat came up with an electronic nanny, a way to keep typical RAM fans from getting stuck--or losing the whole shebang--when they're out in the woods trying to act like country boys.

What will they think of next!!!

Power Wagon 1500
Power Wagon 2500

Would love to see Ram expand the Power Wagon trim to 1500 series trucks. 1500 a bit less extreme than Ram Runner.

This truck is awesome, take the graffics off though and it would be perfect, black bumpers might look good too.

"gorgeous wheels"......hahaha..... just was a set of these on Honda CRV this morning. Honda called, they want their wheels back.

I would love it too. Even with 5.7 HEMI and 8 speed.

Apparently some people didn't bother to read the press release...

The saw-tooth graphics on the truck are exclusive to the SLT trim level. The Tradesman and Laramie trims are mono-tone paint, AKA no graphics. Furthermore, it wouldn't surprise me if even on the SLT trim level you can opt to delete the graphics when ordering.

Nice truck. I wish Ram would have stuck with the 5.0L Cummins because it would have been perfect for this truck. Not sure about all the stickers and inner grille color though. Other then that, I like it.

Whoa, look at the picture of that straight axle hooked up to all the components of the multi-link coil suspension. I sure hope someone doesn't get to thinking that is the whole axle. Maybe they can consult a Volkswagen enthusiasts club on the matter to differentiate what parts is the axle and what is suspension. Who am I kidding, they call the whole thing axle.

Looks better then a Ford or GM HD front end...lol

Behold. The King of Product Packaging. Good job Ram.

OINK, OINK....sure it does...haha

You better let it go fanboy.

"Don't worry about what he says because quite frankly he is not the brightest bulb on the house. He likes to quote unrepeatable source like some dumb sh!t Volkswagen enthusiasts like they know what they are talking about when clearly they don't."



Below is the full Volkswagen AG press kit broken down into multiple sections with over 150 photos.
The press release, while applicable to the Golf V in general, does contain model specific details for the German market, so expect some detail changes on North American specification models.

Golf V Part V: Chassis and ProductionGolf V Indepth - Chassis and Production
Sep 23, 2003
Source: Volkswagen AG


Call VOLKSWAGEN AG HEADQUARTER and leave your BS UNREPEATABLE SOURCE to yourself fanboy.

There's absolutely no way that truck has 14.5" of clearance, at least not under the diffs. 33" tires, or even 35s won't give that much clearance. The running ground clearance on that is probably right around 10". And what's with the 1490 pound payload in a 3/4 ton truck? It's a good thing they ride well empty, because with that limited payload they always will be; it's less than other brands' 1/2 tons. Even a Raptor is over 900 pounds with over 11" of suspension travel.

Swing arm SFA!! The prefect HD and off road set up! Ford and Dodge have it, Chevy doesn't.

@ Alan: "And what's with the 1490 pound payload in a 3/4 ton truck?"

What's with a 3/4 ton payload in a 3/4 ton truck? Good question.

Few things, first that is one ugly truck (badass but ugly). Fast and furious called and want their painted grill and graphics back, sure hope that is an option. Headlights look like Chinese ebay knock offs, but that is all aesthetics and won't change the performance.

Two, does anyone else think the head of engineering Kevin Mets looks like the late Dr. Spengler (Harold Ramis)?

Three, why can Dodge build this but make their half tons so week at any sort of off roading (more than parking in a grassy spot)?

Still a badass truck regardless, well played Dodge, well played.

Only a 12k winch? I would get a 15k+ winch for this heavy whale. Get this thing sunk in mud and I don't think that 12k winch will do much.

They all better start working on getting their prices down as they are pricing everyone out of the market.

To many people are now taking out 72 month and yes even 84 month loans on vehicles and trucks now days. People have been stretched to the max already and something has to give soon.

Sooo Volkswagen makes Ram's axles and suspensions? Wow I did not know that. I hope you guys don't get mixed up on what parts are suspension and what is the axle. Oh waite, it's the all new suspenso-axle. It's new and high tech, the other Ford and GM guys wouldn't understand.

Hilarious, F'ing hilarious.

I am glad to see another person on this thread posting B-S on the 14.5" of ground clearance. I ran 33" tires on my Jeep TJ and never came close to that much ground clearance, but I will admit that the 33X9.50 BFG AT/KO measured out to be just to be 32 4/5" in height and not the 33" on sidewall.

Those "splashy" graphics are a huge shame and would encourage me to look for an older model, but these bad boys are hard to find in good shape on the used truck market, I might as well suck it up and start being really nice to my wife so I can get less flamboyant Laramie model. I guess in the end, she can pick the color as long as it is either flame red or black clear coat.

@ Alan: "And what's with the 1490 pound payload in a 3/4 ton truck?"

What's with a 3/4 ton payload in a 3/4 ton truck? Good question.

That's not what 3/4 ton means, at least not in the last 50 years. Heck, my '78 F150 SC had a 1600+ payload. Most 3/4 ton trucks have at least 2000 pounds.

This truck in tradesman will be worth a look, especially if they take 20-25% off sticker like they do their other trucks !

Alan, than what's the point in calling it a 3/4 ton if it doesn't mean anything? Also, you're Raptor example, is a 1/2 ton truck that can't even haul 1/2 ton. They both make sacrifices in their ability to be a truck so they can offroad better. A regular 2500 has a higher payload rating

Whhhaaattt? Only 1,490 lbs payload and 10,800lbs towing. I didn't read that part the first go round. Oh that's some bull. C'mon Ram! Well scratch this truck off my list since it doesn't meet my needs. I was sure hopping it would.

Also, the Raptor super cab has a payload of less then half a ton, but the crew cab has a payload of over half a ton. Either way, either Raptor payloads meet my needs either.

Good looking truck other than the graphics. Hope it isn't standard on the SLT trim.

Needs bigger and better tires.
@John - anyone who actually spends time offroad and uses a winch will have snatch blocks. Experts recommend having at least 5. Add to that tree straps, rated chain, and other assorted gear. I'd also carry extra cable.
The Power Wagon's cargo capacity (like the Raptor) is down rated due to different springs to allow for better articulation.

The 6.4 PW does not run the 4.56 gears of the previous truck.

I hate the Kill Bill/PUSSYWAGON graphics, but a Tradesman version would be cool...too bad the payload rating is so low.

...also it could be that they are real chromies (hard to tell from the picture), but if the wheels have those retarded plasti-chrome covers like they're putting on pretty much everything nowadays, you can FORGET IT. Those things pretty much instantly disintegrate off road and have no business on a truck that will see actual trails.

@ ALL1: What do you haul in the back of a pick-up that you need more than 1,500 lbs of payload capacity? What truck do you even own anyways?

This is the truck I have been waiting for. A truck of all trucks. A 392 HEMI over 400 horses under the hood. This truck is going to pull my 7,400 lb 24'tow hauler almost anywhere I want to go.On road and off road. With all my gear in the Ram boxes. Impact gun for tires etc.. compressor, high lift jack, all my winch accessories, cold beer, fishing rods and rifles. I was dead set on a Laramie but this SLT is nice. Tells all other trucks to go big or go home.lol I will definitely be buying a 2014 Power Wagon A.S.P. I will keep you all informed on it's ability.


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