Ram Unveils Updated 2014 Power Wagon

RM014_047TF II

By Aaron Bragman

Ram is introducing the latest version of an iconic name in pickup trucks, unveiling the 2014 version of the Ram Power Wagon, a highly off-road capable 4x4 based on the brand's 2500 crew cab pickup. This upgraded Power Wagon features a significant amount of unique equipment for 2014 which includes a new frame, an all-new coil-link rear suspension, and a brand new high-tech 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 (which offers cylinder deactivation). The Power Wagon will also be available across three trim levels — Tradesman, SLT and Laramie — with varying levels of standard and optional equipment.

As noted, the only engine offered will be the 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 making 410 horsepower and 429 pounds-feet of torque, featuring a unique engine calibration that will enhance "off-road maneuverability and finesse," according to Ram. The 5.7-liter Hemi is no longer offered. This means that throttle response when in low range is softened and idle speed increases by 100 rpm for better control on steep ascents and descents. Power is sent through a standard 66RFE six-speed automatic transmission with a part-time, lever-operated Borg Warner BW 44-47 transfer case.

The front and rear axles are from American Axle Manufacturing, with the fronts continuing with a 9.25-inch ring gear, while the new rearend ring gear is 11.5 inches (with thicker axles shafts as well). Axles gears remain 4.10:1. All Power Wagons will continue to offer front and rear locking differentials, as well as swaybar disconnects. 

The Power Wagon's off-road capabilities are legendary with 14.5 inches of ground clearance, thanks in large part to a 2-inch lift over the standard Ram 2500 HD and 33-inch tires. Brakes, steering and frame details are unchanged from the normal Ram 2500 HD (which now offers the 50,000 psi strength steel), and the front suspension features an all-new high-movement joint (called Articulink) and a sway-bar disconnecting system for additional flexibility, axle articulation and off-road prowess.

All Power Wagon models will receive a 12,000-pound Warn winch behind the front bumper, and front and rear bumpers will be chrome. The 2014 Tradesman will have a monochrome package, with black accents for the grille, fender flares and other trim pieces. A Power Wagon decal will spread across the tailgate. Moving up to the SLT will be the largest change, with wild graphics decals, one of four colors for grille inserts, more Power Wagon decals, LED headlight accents, two-tone paint and black fender flares. Finally, the Laramie trim will feature a standard upscale leather interior, chrome grille and headlights, and painted fender flares. In all, 12 different paint colors will be available on the Power Wagon, depending on trim level.

The 2014 Power Wagon will go on sale later this year. Pricing for the Power Wagon Tradesman starts at $45,690; the Power Wagon SLT starts at $50,340; and the Power Wagon Laramie starts at $56,015. 

To download the complete press release, click here. And don't miss the new video Ram Truck produced, detailing all of the 2014 Ram Power Wagon changes (see below). 

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Isn't the ford raptors max payload 600lbs? Lol

I would like to see a Ram 2500 mega cab power wagon 8ft. bed with the diesel engine , 4:56 gears and 35 inch off road tires . Then put my slide in offroad camper in back and disappear into the wilderness for a week or two.

I"m a ford guy, but i've always like the power wagon and what it stands for but...this is just an ugly truck.

Nice truck just glad I'm not the poor sucker that has to pay to replace all them bushings every 30 thousand miles LOL


Quite frankly it is none of your business what I haul or tow with my truck. I have stated it many times in many different article of what I have and what I tow on this site. However, since I have not scene you are when I posted that then I will be nice and tell you.

I have a 2011 F150 Lariat crew cab 4x4 3.73 axle with a 6.5' bed and the max tow package with a tuned 420hp and 530lb-ft of torque Ecoboost. With the max tow package that upgrades the springs, radiator, tow mirrors, transmission cooler, and hitch which brings my payload to 1,800lbs and by tow rating is 11,300lbs. Some say that it is an F250 with an F150 badge. However, those are the ones that limit themselves to only buying Rams, and if I did that then yes I would need a 2500. Luckily F-150s aren't made like Ram 1500s. Some will probably post whether that is for better or worse after I write this.

I also tow a myriad of things. From gooseneck cattle/trailers, small bumper utility trailers, to my 28" foot flat bed gooseneck that I tow my off road Jeep and RZR on. In the back of my bed is a toolbox with about 100lbs with of tools, and some times I haul my Polaris Sportsman 850 in the bed that weighs about 850lbs with all the gear I have on it for the dear lease when I don't feel like using a trailer. I only pull heavy(up to 9,500lbs) about twice a year and around 5,000lbs the rest of the year so I have no need to spend the extra money on initial cost and fuel for a Heavy Duty truck. If I towed heavy more often which might be the case in the coming years then I would step up to an HD, but like I said it is not needed right now since Ford has a truck that fits my needs in the F150.


"Sooo Volkswagen makes Ram's axles and suspensions? Wow I did not know that. I hope you guys don't get mixed up on what parts are suspension and what is the axle. Oh waite, it's the all new suspenso-axle. It's new and high tech, the other Ford and GM guys wouldn't understand.Hilarious, F'ing hilarious."

They still do.
It use to be this semirigid one , acting like sway bar, but since 2003, Volkswagen makes Multilink Rear Axle.


Just look under any VW Golf or Jetta or Skoda Octavia, Seat , Audi A4...
made before year 2003. You will find exactly same Rear Axle without drivetrain like I posted in here.

I guess I am asking too much from somebody who knows to talk only about F150 payload.

Let it go fanboy.

@Lou_BC sure snatch blocks are great, but you reduce your winching line length by ½. You could just get a stronger winch and not have to worry about not having enough line or overworking the winch.

.........and the hilarity continues.

@ ALL1: So realistically, aside from the additional fuel economy that the EcoBoost gives you, the Power Wagon in theory would meet your payload and towing needs based upon what you described. It just does not meet YOUR specific fuel economy needs. Why mislead people by ranting and raving against it for payload, when it actually meets the payload requirements you just described? You're comparing apple-to-oranges my friend. Does your truck have a winch on it? Consider the fact the Power Wagon does. That eats into its GVWR. Remove the winch, cable, and additional frame structure required for it and the GVWR would pretty much equal your F-150 for payload. Yes, it's a HD truck with a payload that "only" matches your F-150; however, the Power Wagon will get you into places (and back) that your F-150 could only dream of going. Lastly, this specific topic is on the Power Wagon; yet, once again you insist on attacking the RAM 1500's payload. We get that the 1500 does not meet your needs, and that the F-150 does, great! However, for you to bash the Power Wagon's payload when the vehicle does in fact meet your specific needs for payload makes you look foolish.

This truck would be WAY more appealing with the Cummins 5.0 V8. Not only that, I'd probably come close to calling it perfect.

.........and the hilarity continues.

Posted by: All1 | Apr 9, 2014 1:47:53 PM

NO DOUBT! Why do you insist on posting your Ram bashing on Ram blogs? It's gets OLD. NO body is asking you to trade your almighty FLAMING F 150 for a Power Wagon. Why don't you P!$$ OFF! Your wasting your time.

@ John: Most winch manufacturers recommend a minumum of 1.5 times the straight line pulling force of what your vehicle weighs to break free of the suction in a stuck situation in mud. The curb weight of a Power Wagon is approx. 7,000 lbs. Hence, the 12,000 lbs capacity winch is more than sufficient at 1.74 times the pulling force. If the vehicle were loaded to GVWR, the 12,000 lbs which does not hold true to this rule of thumb, as it is about 1.38 times the pulling force. At any rate, a snatch block as previously metioned would aid in this type of situation then. This winch is plenty sufficient.

Jim: you do know a slide in camper with hard sides and fixed roof, weighs at least twice as much as a PW can hold right? To be able to use a really ice slide in camper, on a Ram, you would need a 4500 or 5500 ram! even a 3500 Ram would do! But you would need to stick with the single rear wheel option if you wanted to be able to travel on most of the coastal beaches, as most will not allow dualies on the beaches!

A dually would allow for better floatation in the sand...LoL! Sorry, couldn't resist.

@jim, This might do it.


I know you will never get it, but we still call all of this REAR AXLE even without drivetrain in Europe.


There is nothing you can do with that . Let it go fanboy.


No, the 1,490 lbs payload -before options- does not meet my payload. When I pull heavy I use between 1,500-1,600 lbs of my payload with the additional passenger and gear I take with me. This is well within the payload rating of my current truck. Once you add some options then that 1,490 lbs payload for the Power Wagon will start dropping.

I think you have me a little mistaken. I never compared the Power Wagon to my F150. I just said it sucks that the Power Wagon's payload puts it below my needs. Am I not allowed to say that? You were the one that asked me what I drove and I told you. Don't get pissy at me just because this Power Wagon has less towing and hauling capabilities that my F150. Remember, you were the one who asked. I also never compared any off road capabilities between the two either. What is more important to me is a trucks towing and hauling capabilities so something that is below my capability needs is pretty much a moot point no matter what kind of lockers or winch it has now is it. Besides, I have a Jeep that will go places this Power Wagon could only dream of due to it's size.

Sweet truck! In this picture it is showing rust already. Why is this component on all trucks so quick to rust?


@All1, "@RamTruckGuy

No, the 1,490 lbs payload -before options- does not meet my payload. When I pull heavy I use between 1,500-1,600 lbs of my payload with the additional passenger and gear I take with me."


......damn, he just doesn't stop. He's like the energizer bunny. The hilarity keeps going and going and going. ...........

The graphics and grille look horrible. Chrome bumpers need to go. Black express looks much better. They need to offer the power wagon with the black appearance option.



That is exactly what I said, but Mr Ram truck Guy had issues with that.

@ ALL1: Where during my entire response did I sound pissy? The last time I checked, I am not the one that started a response with: "Quite frankly it's none of your business." I merely asked out of curiousity in a nice fashion to better understand where you were coming from than pass any sort of judgement without having all of the facts first.


Well it really isn't your business. If I say a truck does not meet my requirements then don't come back at me asking me what I tow and why it doesn't it meet those requirements. It really is none of your business. However I was nice enough to tell you which I did not have to.


Take it easy man. I don't want you to get heart attack because we don't talk about F150 payload, but something you have no clue about.
It's not worth it. Let it go.

@ HEMI V8: Your commentary adds nothing constructive to the blog.

Nice truck but it looks very tacky ! Are Autozone and Fiat in bed together?


The Bang is coming from your head when you bought a Toyota and realising now you`ve made a mistake.

Ramtruckguy: he you ever driven in the deep soft sand? I an tell you from experience a dualy is terrible in the sand! for one thing to get anywhere you need to air your tires down quit a bit, and on many beaches it is mandatory! and have you ever done that on a dually? it is a pain in the a$$ to get the air in and out out and in in the inside rear tires, unless you have some extra equipment and air line crossovers that pass through the outside tires. Then you come to the fact that all patrolled beaches do not allow them on their beaches for the main reason they make extra wide trails in the sand, and make it very hard for those without to get through, and the biggest problem with dually tires in the sand is directional control, meaning you have so much more rear control your vehicle want to only go straight forward and back in a line and will plow more often! as it is without duals it is hard enough to be able to turn in reverse while driving in deep sand! These are the reason given by the rangers as to why the dually is not aloud on the beach! and any PW with good sand tires would be just fine in the deep sand or any sand for that mater, of course the biggest variable is the driver!




The Cummins 5.0 diesel V8 + ZF 8hp90 should be the powertrain in this truck.

I do think some of the wording in this article is an overkill by a large margin.

Describing the PowerWagon as iconic is just incorrect. Maybe the WWII Willys Jeep was, that's iconic.

Legendary off road capability? Maybe on a pre made 4x4 course specifically designed for this vehicle or where there's a large area without obstructions. This vehicle would be far from agile.

Also in an off road situation how far can you travel from a gas station? No, some better language is needed from the author.

A vehicle of this size should have a much large payload capacity. Then the size of the vehicle could be justified and maybe used for something more than a wank.

This is why Ram is slowly taking over 2nd in trucks sales. Ram brings this out, just an updated truck from the '13 model and Chevy's "all" new HD has new tow mirrors! I think that people are seeing that Ram is taking risks and offing all kinds of options and are doing things that no other manufacture is. Good for Ram! Bad for Chevy!

Gotta love clueless BAFO.lol

I am sure all your angles from break over etc.. Ramp index the whole shooting match is bigger and better than the Power Wagon. Save me the time please.



Ram should just offer this in a 1500 because as a 2500 it falls short. 1490 pounds payload in a 2500? that's a joke ! Put you and three of your 200 lb buddies in the cab and you're down to 690 pounds of available payload. Figure on 500 lbs trailer tongue weight and you've got 190 lbs left over for...? what? laundry? You sure aren't going to be packing much else! Or forget the trailer-a quad in the back just about puts the truck over limit. Need to haul a tidy tank full of fuel? Or maybe you need your 2500 truck to not only work well off road , but maybe you need it to haul topsoil, firewood or building materials-this ain't the build for you. Some HD truck!
And just in case anyone is impressed with Ram's 50,000 psi steel frame-GM's are 80,000 psi!


Do not like the Raptor style graphics. I liked the retro ones they did a few years ago much better, but I love the truck. Such a cool HD truck. If GM were smart they would build an awesome off road small truck since thats the only thing that we are missing right now. A smaller Power Wagon or Raptor would be pretty nice.

1490 payload is pretty pathetic, so basically this is a 1500 Dodge with the lockers that are missing, about time Dodge! Nice to see it will have the same payload as the new Colorado.

Nice to also see they upgraded the tires to what looks to be the Duratrac's. Those BFG's aren't anything special now, equal to the Terra Grapplers everyone puts on.

Payload is important especially when towing. Hemi, your 7400lb trailer eats up over 900 lbs of your payload, with out you. You sound like a pretty stupid guy who isn't in shape so lets say you weigh 300lbs, now you have less than 300 lbs of payload. Figure your trailer weight is dry, add in water, toys, ect and you are over weight. Add in your "buddies" and anything else... This thing has no excuse for anything less than 1900lb payload. It is in mid size category now with that weight. Bad ass truck bud damn, between the ugly stick it got hit with and weak payload, probably small tank for the gas guzzler it is, horribly rough ride and Dodge's notorious reliability, that is too many strikes against it. Maybe that is why you only might see one a month around town.

Dodge would be better off actually adding some off roadability to their half tons by at least moving the bumper exhaust, throwing on some tow hooks and giving it a locker.

Why won't they offer the 8 speed? They talk about all these new things to bump mpg, but never mentioned the 8 speed. That could add at the least one more mpg.Andrew

This truck isn't practicle for most people but complaining about the payload is ridiculous. Driving this around with a few hundred lbs extra PW accessory weight does not make this a payload oriented HD. This is the exact reason I went with a 2500 crew cab 6.4 which bumps the GVW to 10000#'s equalling around a 3000# payload.

Arguing the merits of a PW as payload hauler is a waste of time. It's a niche vehicle and a waste for most of us but is an awesome toy for its intended purpose, no doubt.

If you don't like it, you don't like it but spare us the trivial complaints on such a painfully obvious niche vehicle that is purchased mostly by posers.

Hemiv8-so Ram offers a 2500 with the same capabilites as a 1500? Oops! No that can't be because Ram 1500 has even less payload capacity! And you want to buy it, why?
Hey, I think the Dodge Power Wagon was a great truck-tough as nails, go anywhere ! This new one is just a shadow of its former glory-sort of like Dennis Rodman in his wedding dress!

@TRX 4 Tom

Knowing how much you hate to go off-topic...

The last time I checked RAM or Dodge no longer even is a presence in Cup racing, or am I confused? After a big effort by the Penske Team (guys who aren't accustomed to losing) and an investment that extended ten years, they left Mopar behind.

But I digress, I think you were talking about Chevy engines blowing up, right?

This thing looks CHEAP,

it looks like fiat bought a bunch of add-ons from Pepboys and just stuck it on this turd. (red grill inserts, cheap gay ricer looking headlights, and wannabe craptor graphics)

and to see all these dummies say this "looks good" shows there's a lot of people with no taste.

NO DOUBT! Why do you insist on posting your Ram bashing on Ram blogs? It's gets OLD. NO body is asking you to trade your almighty FLAMING F 150 for a Power Wagon. Why don't you P!$$ OFF! Your wasting your time.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Apr 9, 2014 1:56:49 PM

Practice what you preach you f'ken TROLLASAURAS!!!!

@ Sandman4x4: Uhhh, seriously? It was a joke. I work in the industry and know first hand that duallies are a PITA to change air pressures on. I am also well aware of the fact the front ends like to plow in sand and snow and that you have zero directional control. Especially with an extra 800 lbs of weight on the front axle if you opt for a diesel. Again, it was a joke.




@TYLER, "Dodge would be better off actually adding some off roadability to their half tons by at least moving the bumper exhaust, throwing on some tow hooks and giving it a locker.

Posted by: Tyler | Apr 9, 2014 4:11:13 PM

At least with the Chebby you won't have to pack the BBQ. It's included with the package. LMAO!


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