Recall Alert: 2015 Ford Super Duty Pickups

2015 F-350 front 4 II

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 4,000 2015 Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 Super Duty pickup trucks built between Sept. 13, 2013, and March 31, 2014, at the Kentucky Truck Plant. All Super Dutys with the six-speed transmission are at risk (includes both engine options: the 6.2-liter gas V-8 and 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel V-8).

The Problem: A software error could cause the transmission to have a significant delay with the proper indicator light when shifting from Reverse to Drive.

The Fix: Affected Ford customers will be sent a letter asking them to contact their local Ford dealer regarding the recall. If customers experience the problem before receiving the letter, they should contact their local dealer. Ford also said it learned of the problem at the assembly plant and, to date, was not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the issue.

What Owners Should Do: For more information, owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit Ford's recall page. photo by Mark Williams





With the computer being a integral component perhaps that should be updated to Flash Or Repair Daily. No personal issue with Ford, Ram, Nissan, Toyota or GM. I've own most of them and they all had their issues, none of them left me on the side of the road.

That's why I traded my last new Ford truck. Flaky tranny. Dealer said, yeah they all do that.

It is not the tranny. It's the gear indicator light.

Shows your intelligence level Bubba. Looks pretty low.

@Tailgate - too funny.

A Quick reflash, not a big deal.
Awesome truck.

Rather just be a gear indicator light than in the ditch because my Chevy decided to shut off over a bump.

I can still remember the good old days of minimal electronics in trucks. How times have changed. Back in the day what would have been a recall nowadays was just a flaw that you would fix over a weekend. I am not too bad at coming up with improvised fixes for issues that never addressed by the manufacture. Owning an old Ford truck taught me a lot of those skills. Now, I think those skills are getting rusty, I have a Ram and there's never anything to fix. Runs and drives perfectly as it has from day 1.

Hey! If it's not on fire ford should be happy!......just kidding, minor problem no big deal, at least they are fixing it instead of acting like it is operator error! Man that pi$$es me off

The only bad recall is the one that's ignored. Modern vehicles are amazing complex machines. Way to step up Ford.

That truck looks almost like it did in 1999. Talk about stale and long in the tooth. Give me a RAM any day of the week.


HEMI 4 LIFE are you blind? the ram looks nearly EXACTLY the same as it has since the 90's. Get some glasses.

I would say you are wrong I can see more changes in Ram that Super Duty as it looks closer to it's 99 model but I can see the slight changes to Super Duty over time some better some not., and

I know this is a little off topic but all of you guys knocking chrysler because of fiat need to realize something. the world is a global market. gm has owned a percentage of fiat at one time. gm still has many other global brands. ford has owned other brands. where do you think all of these heavy but so called safe unibody fwd ecoboost cars came from? volvo. and chrysler is still a u.s. entity. and a little history; ford's tractor company was originally called fordson. fordson quit making tractors in america. then, ford brought back tractors to america but just started calling them ford tractors. then they wanted to get out of tractors completely and bought new holland and merged ford tractors with new holland. they made a deal that new holland had to still use the ford name on tractors up unto the 1990s even though they were new hollands. meanwhile, fiat who used to make tractors bought out case and pretty much did the same thing that ford did with new holland. then fiat bought out new holland from ford and merged it with case to form case new holland. and the ford/new holland deal about fords name still carried over so some case new hollands under fiat had fords name on them. and guess what? now fiat has chrysler. and they split ram from dodge. and they showed a yellow ram concept with case on it. and a case backhoe had a ram laramie longhorn interior. so fiat might merge ram with case new holland. after all, its all agricultural/industrial. and it might be a good thing. and it would be good if ram has its roots in agriculture, just like the superbowl ads. and all of you guys picking on a global company that has the potential to go far. i believe that if case new holland is merged with ram, that is what will get them to outsell gm, and eventually in the long term, ford. agricultural and industrial vehicles give people a percieved quality. but my point is the market is global, and the possibilities in this world are endless, so the fiat crap is ridiculous. just because fiat is getting some money off of a ram doesnt mean that ram still isnt making the vehicle for the ones that buy it. and either way they are still making them in michigan or saltillo, which saltillo has a higher quality rating anyway. and its still north america. my god people.

All good points josh, but over the head of the average american consumer these days I'm afraid, sad. Look how the global market has made all the U.S auto manufacturers step up! If it wasn't for Japanese imports we'd still be driving mid-seventies knock offs getting 10 mpg, with the doors falling off after 5 years!


what do u think i am saying? i think that the chrysler/fiat alliance is good as it allows them both to make money and share technology. sergio has already stated that each brand will maintain their own identity. its the same thing that gm is doing except it is actually working out. just as ram did in 5 years what gmc has never been able to do (gmc, not gm). what i am saying basically is, why is ur name 06fiat? i doubt you have an 06 fiat.

Well.... I doubt your name is josh! Ha, I've got an 06 ram and some of the boys were giving me a hard time so I embraced the "Italian stallion" nickname from the ford crowd

At least Ford aint going out like this:


Ouch!!! what's a few million among taxpayers!

I have a hard time telling the difference between the Ram 1500 and 2500-3500, they look the same to me.

Whats up with the guy answering his own posts? Lol

@Tom, actually the Silverado trucks look about the same to me (1500 and HD). I can tell the difference, it just takes a lot more effort to distinguish than Ram and Ford. To me, the Silverados look ok, but boring. Ram 1500 looks nice, but the Ram 2500 looks both nice and really tough.

Looks the same? If anyone want to go there, the current Ram looks almost like it did in 2002, 12 years ago. And the Ram LD and HD all look alike.

2002 Ram:

2013 Ram:

maybe you never looked at the difference in hoods, Jason? I won't say what the difference is, but that's atleast one difference.

Lets see...different sides, tail lights, tail gates, grilles, bumpers, hoods...

Sure Jason, both have 4 wheels (or possibly 6) and bumpers and headlights....duh

Oh, need I explain, look at 2010 & up hd hoods and 2009 1500 hoods, the 3rd sentence referring to 2002 vs 2013....I guess you never look at the front? lol.

Ford Sd's are fugly, and so are all the current GMs, especially Chevys, which are discounted so much, and with 2 years of free maint, still are poor sellers!

We are not talking about little differences.

The argument has never been about the grilles or the hoods.

But if you want to look at the front end of the 1500 to the 2500.... Same look.

2003 Ram 1500 front end:

2003 Ram 2500 front end:

@Hemi 4 life
other than engines, name the parts a Superduty shares with a F150???????????????????? The reason why the Superduty, hasnt change much as for as the body panels, is because its not base on the F150. They are two completetly different trucks, Ford stopped using the f150 platform for its heavy trucks in 1997. The Superduty was a fresh new design specifically design for the commercial market, so its life cycle changes and updates are not in line with the f150's, as with all commercial grade trucks extreme make overs usually occur in 8 to 10 years cycles. A Superduty is a much larger truck than a f150, they don't share body panels, suspension components, frames, doors, windshield, beds, tailgates, lights (head or tail) etc.

Why change something that isn't broke, that out sales GM and Rams heavy trucks, has the best commercial sales of the big three, has a solid reputation for toughness. THAT STARTED THE HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS WARS BACK IN 1999.

Jason, you don't get it. I was saying the NEW 1500s and the HDs have different hoods.

You started off saying the 2013 is the same body as a 2003, why dont you look at the grilles of 2003 and COMPARE THAT to 2013.

Chevy guys just dont get it.

You know I just ignore those recall warnings. I think the manufacturers are starting to use them just to get attention. I haven’t taken my Ford F-150 FX4 in for a recall in years and it’s fine!

Just bought a 15 model in the 250!class...6.7 ...400 miles so far and tranny shifting hard between 3-5 gear... Platinum.. Any ideas why?

All I have to say is thatnk GOD it's not a chevy

My 2015 F-350 Super Duty Platinum truck with 18K miles has developed a computer problem. I have been into Ford 4 times with the problem. All the gauges shut off including the RPM and Speedometer. All warning lights, low oil pressure, overheating, tire pressure and mechanic wrench come into view on dash board rotating continuously. I have videoed the problem while driving and showed the dealer first hand. I
actually had it do it at the dealership. When they shut it off to hook up their computer and restart it went away.
So far no fix as it is intermittent. I filed a report with Ford and they have a case file but so far no fix.
Pulling a 5th wheel around the U.S. and having this problem is a mayjor pain. I told them that if the warning lights come on again I will keep driving it as it has CRIED WOLF 4 times prior and I have notified you as well.
Anyone else had this problem

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