Spied: 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax Diesel

ChevycanyonVW.g01.KGP.ed-XL II

Although it won't be available for the first year of production (which starts in several months), the baby Duramax turbo-diesel option for the 2016 midsize GM pickups (the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon) has been caught doing both high-altitude and hot-weather testing. No word on pricing for the powertrain option yet, but you can expect it to be packaged with the top trim package; eventually it should be available as a stand-alone option for cost- and durability-minded fleet owners. Here's what our photographers shared with us:

"GM is testing prototypes for its diesel-powered Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon alongside Volkswagen's Amarok pickup truck on the streets of Milford, Mich.

"The revived Colorado and Canyon will use GM's 2.8-liter Duramax turbo-diesel, which should give GM's new pickups a strong standing in the midsize truck market. These latest prototypes give us our best look at the Colorado diesel's venturi exhaust tip, which is likely to be the final production exhaust specification.

"The presence of the Amarok testing with GM's new, U.S.-spec midsize pickups is interesting. Such testing will help GM see how they will compare with the Amarok for global markets, but we've heard VW is also discussing the possibility of entering the U.S. truck market in the future. It's highly unlikely that the current Amarok will see U.S. showrooms — as some have deemed it too small for the North American market. VW's entry into the U.S. truck market will likely come with the next-generation, upsized Amarok model — which is expected to be a better fit for the U.S. market."

We should know more about the two gas engines later this summer when we get our first chance to drive the duo. As to what kind of competition GM's fraternal twins will have, much of that will depend on how long the U.S. pickup truck segment is protected by the "chicken tax."

(This story has been modified from original posting to correct the model year.)

KGP Photography images

ChevyCO.dieselVW.b01.KGP.ed-XL II

Chevy Colorado tail II

Chevy Colorado side II



Good catch! The rear back cab and bed area doesn't seem to flow with the rest of the pickup. Maybe it's the engine hood appearing higher than the rest of the pickup?

" U.S. pickup truck segment is protected by the "chicken tax."

Cue DenverMike and BS about how the chicken tax doesn't work.

Why would GM test it against the Amarok when it isn't supposed to be coming here???

Do they know something DenverMike doesn't???

Stop trolling.

@Mark Williams

Great story and pix. Very timely to the discussions. GM's roll of the dice depends in part on continued stability in the US economy even if growth is sluggish.

Looks like a truck that can compete well with the current crop of midsize!

"Good catch! The rear back cab and bed area doesn't seem to flow with the rest of the pickup. Maybe it's the engine hood appearing higher than the rest of the pickup?"

Right? Maybe its just due to the long bed. I don't remember it looking so weird in all previous photos I've seen.

@papa jim,
The Amarok is very short even for here. The bed of the Colorado is the same length as the Global One, but the stretch ed cabin is not. Not too many would line up here to buy something like that. I would guess payload would be "dumbed down" as well.

The bed of the US Colorado is longer than the global.

The cabin of the US Colorado also is not stretched.

Bed 7ft long? Then same as Global.
Can get them longer http://www.tiptopequipment.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Holden-Colorado-Single-Cab-EURO-Tray-Rear-Rack-Trundle-Tray-Tonneau-Cover-buitl-by-TIP-TOP-EQUIPMENT-1800-35-35-95-6-e1372302982150.jpg

Cabin stretched compared to here and it would make it unsaleable.


Nothing changed with the cabin size. We have the same crew cab and double dab (which you call Space Cabs). The only difference is you also have a single cab.

And that pic is not a pickup truck box, but a tray on a single cab.

Thanks for playing.

@Don,( Denvermike)
It does not look like this Cab has been lengthened.


Single Cab only comes as a Ute Bed

As a UAW poster on this site you would know that.You know about how it is called here.

The angle of the photo as transformed the looks of the Colorado! I don't' know if they have done it any favours.

The Amarok is the bench mark pickup to use as a measure. The Ranger and BT50 are close, but German diesel and vehicle engineering is very high.

The Amarok has the best driving dynamics (empty) as well since they do produce a 'half ton' variant we get here in Australia and I bet that this Amarok is one of them.

So, I'm guessing tow things here the Colorado will have at least a 1 600lb-1 700lb payload. And some carlike suspension tuning is going on.

Believe it or not the Amarok with it's 2 litre diesel out accelerates the Ranger and BT50 even though it's down on power and torque. But the Amarok I drove the engine tends to have 1 000rpm more in it. The Ranger and BT50 3.2 Duratorque are more commercial engines.

If you read these two reviews you can see why GM is using the Amarok.



UAW built vehicles

@Robert Ryan
GM didn't expend enough money for a total redesign of the cabs or beds. Body panels, yes are different even then the door are the same. 'Don' must have his wires crossed or short circuiting;)

The bed on the Chev Colorado is the bed off of the global space cab on an extended chassis. The US chassis is also a detuned and lighter chassis. This was also shown by the US'es Colorado reduced tow capability.

I just hope Chev can improve on our Colorado, as it's almost outdated. Especially when the Hilux and Navara arrives.

@Big Al from OZ,
Yes the Amarok the has much better Off Road and to a certain extent on road dynamics. As far as the photo goes bad shot, which makes it appear very long or has he dual cab been lengthened?
Our local UAW Representative said they are the same(he should know) but he called it a "Space cab" not a term we would use so maybe wrong.

@Robert Ryan

I don't get the payload numbers of the trucks over there. I looked at the axle, suspension, drive line, and brake specs of trucks like the Ranger/BT50 in comparison to an F-150. Both have semi floating axles however the F-150 has a bigger axle ring gear, thicker axle shafts with more splines, wider leaf springs, and bigger disk brakes where the other two have drum brakes in the rear. The only place where the Ranger/Bt50 had more of was a few more leaf springs but the springs themselves were smaller in general. I just don't get how they some up with a higher GAWR for essentially a less beefier axle and suspension. I guess it is a case of different standards determining what is safe and what isn't.

Yes the payload numbers are very real. I cannot get why US 1/2 tons have such poor ones?? I know they use the Titan chassis for the Navara and beef it up, so not the same as the Frontier
It baffles me why the station wagon like payloads..ride?? who knows.


@ Rober Ryan

Something similar to this...... http://youtu.be/ZsFFeiA-jdw

or this.... http://www.f150ecoboost.net/forum/attachments/2360d1374551122-5th-wheel-towing-ecoboost-img-20130425-00110.jpg

I think it might have more to do with all the sue happy lawyers in the US, but again, who knows.

What's with PUTC getting the model years wrong on every new model post. The diesel Colorado won't be until 2016 models.

@All 1,
Except the travel trailer is a lightweight one crossing the river.

The 5th Wheeler is pulled by a F150HD, basically a F250. Normal pin weight would be too much for a basic F150 with a 1600lb payload. F150HD have a 3000lb payload. Do not know if they make them anymore?

"I think it might have more to do with all the sue happy lawyers in the US, but again, who knows"

No that disease is here too. People do not have problems with the combinations.

@Robert Ryan

Yes, the do, but it is a package called the Heavy Duty payload package. You can have it added to any XLT or Lariat.

I think it might have more to do with all the sue happy lawyers in the US, but again, who knows.

Posted by: ALL1 | Apr 25, 2014 6:30:46 PM

It has to do with Rob just posting pictures, not specs or how well it performs, and not comparing apples to oranges.

Just like when the above he was lying about the cab being "unusuable" when they are the same size overseas.

That F-150 with the 5th wheel is not a HD, it doesn't have 7 lug wheels.

@All 1
"Yes, the do, but it is a package called the Heavy Duty payload package. You can have it added to any XLT or Lariat. "

That would be similar to the Global Pickups. Noticed on a RV site one poster was saying his F150 could tow a sizable Travel Trailer, then he added it was the F150HD very close to a basic F250.

They need another UAW pr blitz elsewhere.Instead of misleading everyone as part of your Union PR blitz here. Try TTAC

It does not look like this Cab has been lengthened"

Because it wasn't. And no I am not Denvermike. You have a single cab, that is the only diference in cabs.

You are the one misleading people on the cab and box size.

Stick to what you know or educate yourself before posting lies.

"You are the one misleading people on the cab and box size."

So you know the exact size correct? What the difference between the two are?

Only persons who have been briefed by a the UAW would know that in the US. The "lies" come from them. Commenting on something that HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED in the US, suggests inside information.

You're losing your mind, Rob.

The bed lengths ae known since last year. It offers the longer 6' bed length in the US. This is not some secret by the UAW (another pathetic talking point you go back to when you have nothing else to say.)

For the cab, you're the ones who said it was the same truck but only a reskin when it debuted here, now you are saying the cab has been stretched?

What a bunch of losers you guys are. Can't remember which talking point you were using previously and then cry UAW when you are called out on it.

If I actually like the Colorado(which I don't), I would not even think about buying a GM vehicle right now. They way things are going for GM right now frightens me. It frightens me because the government and taxpayers spent billions bailing them out. If that wasn't bad enough, it is estimated that the U.S. lost around $10 billion once GM paid back the government.

Now in the news this week, we hear that GM's 1st quarter profits are down 86% http://time.com/75352/gm-profits-drop-recalls/

I ask how can a 86% drop in profits be a viable event for any business? The answer is that it's not. We all know that whether we like GM or not. The democrats are the main ones who want people to believe that GM is "recovering". I am here to tell anyone considering purchasing a GM vehicle to run, run fast and run as far away as possible. If nothing else, wait things out a year or 2 before investing your hard earned money in one of their vehicles.

You got it right. It seems like no one is steering the ship. You cannot make up what is going wrong with the Company.

I'm curious how GM was allowed to bring that VW Amarok into the US. The Amarok and its 2 Liter Bi-Turbo Diesel has not been certified to US EPA or NHTSA Safety requirements. However, I would buy the Amarok in its current guise over the Colorado Diesel if we had the choice.

Can you give me the links for the info you found on the Ranger rear end.

"@Robert Ryan

I don't get the payload numbers of the trucks over there. I looked at the axle, suspension, drive line, and brake specs of trucks like the Ranger/BT50 in comparison to an F-150. Both have semi floating axles however the F-150 has a bigger axle ring gear, thicker axle shafts with more splines, wider leaf springs, and bigger disk brakes where the other two have drum brakes in the rear."

I find you response quite interesting ;)

Hmmm.......how did you get that info??





@Robert Ryan
I do have similar sentiments as Lou in seeing the Amarok being used as a benchmark rather than a Ranger.

This leads to believe that the FTA with the Japanese and Koreans will not go ahead.

This means that the US will look more closely at a FTA with the Eurozone rather than the Asia Pacific.

GM had better get it's ducks in a row if it genuinely wants to compete with VW in the commercial vehicle sector. The Europeans play as hard as the Asians.

GM hasn't produced a truly competitive pickup, global or US for a generation now. The Colorado we receive is a generation behind the Amarok, Ranger and BT50.

Our Colorado is a generation in front of the Hilux and Navara.

The new Hilux and Navara will probably be much better than the Colorado. Why? Nissan and Toyota have ruled the global midsize market for quite some time now.

You can see how far behind the US is with midsize pickups. The Big 2 (none of Fiat's sub brands have a midsize pickup). Fiat in Europe rely on the use Ducato/Iveco trucks and small FWD diesel vans.

The US is even adopting these Euro style vans and trucks, ie, Transit, Ducato and those small Connects and Renault/Nissan vans.

Even in Europe midsizers are scarce (except Greece). So not much competition for the US pickup manufacturers. But in Asia it is different, SE and E Asia and even China pickups are like Australia, NZ, US, Canada and Mexico (to a degree), popular as SUVs and work vehicles.

I hope the VW Amarok in imported into the US and into Canada at least.

As I have shown the other day the Amarok isn't that expensive.

GM needs to really improve or it will end up being offshored like Chrysler.

Being the first (US only) might give GM some short term advantage, but it will be lost quickly if other midsizers do come into the US.

Nissan will have a Cummins Frontier and Toyota will probably have a BMW derived Tacoma diesel.

Genuine competition is needed in the US LCV sector, this will benefit industry and the consumer.

It's odd that Japan doesn't want to play ball with the US concerning the chicken tax. It might not be as competitive to produce in the US as we might have thought.

I haven't seen many of Don's (DiM's) F-150's in Spain yet. He must of went broke with his F-150 dealerships.

I didn't think they would be as popular as Iveco, Renault, VW, Ducato's, trucks and small vans ;)

I think wages, the price of fuel and road infrastructure got the better of him. He would have been better off at least just travelling to Spain at least once to get a better handle of the country.

But, I'll give him an 'E' for effort and 'F' for business acumen.

Maybe DiM should work for some organized labour organisation.

@Hemi Monster
Does GM have massive recalls like this every month? NO
Did GM have bigger quarters before this one with the massive recalls that ate profits. Yes
If it happened for several months with no recalls eating profits I would see your point as valid because the public doesn't want their product.
You wouldn't want me to overreact if Chrysler had some massive recalls that ate up a big portion of one of their quarterly profits and then say look Fiat made a bad decision buying Chrysler. I bet you would be the first to point out that Chrysler doesn't have a massive recall of that scope every quarter so it is a isolated event AD.
The fact that you mentioned the bailout first tells me what really motivates your comment a long with democrats. If you want to throw out your unsubstantiated republican talking points go ahead free of speech but not everybody believes them. What is funny to me is a lot of the GM guys are republicans and you probably piss them off and they come up with stuff like Obama Luv's Ram.

Good idea. Stay way from the Chevy Colorado because GM profits were lower. Also, stay away from Ram because Fiat is making no profit, only net losses and has double the losses from a year ago.

@Big Al

"Can you give me the links for the info you found on the Ranger rear end."

Okay, but it won't do you any good.


It is one of the perks I have for working for a Heavy Duty Truck dealership group that also owns a few Medium Duty Ford dealerships across the US.

You need to get a password to view it, unfortunately.Outside of that I am very curious why they seem to soften up the ride and towing on US versions of the Vehicles. Marketing would be the obvious answer, you cannot have a "midsize" carrying as much as a lower end F250.

@Lou_BC - I've never been impressed by Mark Williams and his utter lack of truck knowledge. He's a magazine guy. What do they really know? They regurgitate specs and do test drives. I've no respect for them because they kiss the OEM's A$$ so they'll keep sending over press vehicles with a tank of fuel. You never get an honest, hard hitting review from these clowns.

Mark Williams comes from Motor Trend originally. Motor Trend is famous for 'honoring' the Chevy Citation with the "Car of the Year" award.

TTAC editors routinely get banned from OEM press junkets for they tell it like it is. Good/Bad/Ugly. That's what I like to see. They end up having to rent cars to review. Hell yeah!

Mark Williams just mails it in. He'll never see this comment anyways. I don't care either way, but he won't debate with anyone here, because of it'll show off his complete lack of trucks knowledge.

There's a lot of wive tales surrounding the Chicken tax so I've asked outspoken editors what US full-size trucks are truly "protected" from. Especially US 3/4 tons and up. They always scamper off at that point. Just like YOU scamper off every time I raise the question. Same with BAFO and the rest of SPaM. Can't get a straight answer. Can't get ANY answer. Maybe there's some super secret Peugeot, BMW, Audi, Renault and Jaguar 1/2 ton, 3/4 and 1 ton dually pickups we don't know about...

It could be Mark meant the Colorado and Canyon's 'mid-size' competition will be defined by what happens to the Chicken tax. As if there would be any new players.

Mark Williams - "As to what kind of competition GM's fraternal twins will have, much of that will depend on how long the U.S. [mid-size] pickup truck segment [including the Tacoma and Frontier] is protected by the "chicken tax.

But when testing a midsize diesel pickup, it's good to have a competing diesel pickup on hand. How else can GM compare diesel dynamics?

The Amarok can be legally into the US from Mexico. Not true of any other global diesel pickup. Btw, even in Mexico, the Amarok starts at about 2X the price of the VW Gol and still priced higher than the Jetta, Golf, Golf SportsWagen, Polo, Polo Hatch, Vento, Saveiro, CrossFox, Classico (last gen Jetta), and Beetle.

In the US, the Amarok would start the bottom of VWs. Before rebates. VW has a long list of cars they don't want sold in the US. Not to mention the Scirocco.

The Amarok starts about $24,000 USD in Mexico and reaches $44K, fully loaded. No rebates. Completely laughable in the US!!!


*...legally 'driven' into the US.

@Robert Ryan

Yeah, that is like the Mazda CX-5. In Australia it is rated to tow 1,800Kg (3,968lbs), but the very same vehicle is rated to tow only 2,000lbs in the US. You are right that it seems that way for every Global vehicle that is also offered here in the US. The US version is rated for less even though it is the same thing. I don't get that.

Did your UAW researcher say if they could T up a Global shootout in the US? A lot of your fans on this site would want to see that.

@ALL 1,
It gets weirder. A 3500 Mercedes Sprinter is rated at 7, 500lbs in the US, 4,400lbs in Australia.
A Duramax 6.6 3/4 ton Silverado gets a tow rating 9,900lbs in Australia.Can be increased to slightly more than 10,000lbs with a stronger hitch.

Stay away from Ford as their profits are dropping a lot.


@Robert Ryan

Yeah, strange. Apparently the standard F150 is rated for roughly 1,600lbs payload here in the US depending on options, but is rated for 1,415Kg (3,119lbs) payload over there.

Even weirder is here the non max tow package F150 with and Ecoboost is rated for 9,600lbs towing while the 5.0 is rated at 9,400lbs, but it Australia both are rated only at 3,810Kg (3,899lbs).

Maybe we would probably need an SAE and an ISO standard to equalize everyone's rating system if vehicles become more global as they already are.

@ALL 1
"but it Australia both are rated only at 3,810Kg (8,300lbs).
That rating sounds more realistic. Agree on the all over the place ratings, they need some sort of international conformity of rules.

@Robert Ryan

Oh, wait. Now I see why the towing is like that. Those only come with the 3.31:1 rear axle which is rated at 8,000lbs with the 5.0L and 9,200lbs with the Ecoboost over here.

**but it Australia both are rated only at 3,810Kg (8,399lbs).

Sorry, messed up on the weight from earlier.

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