'Tonight Show' Host Will Buy F-150 From Illinois Dealer

USS-Intrepid-Fallon-Ford-700 II

Just in case you missed it, "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon finally selected a Ford sales consultant from whom he will purchase a brand-new Ford F-150 King Ranch pickup truck. During the last several weeks, Fallon shared his desire to purchase a pickup for his growing family and used his talk-show forum to make his decision. He talked trucks with the editor of Road & Track, asked guests for their advice and received tweets from truck manufacturers in his quest to pick a truck.

Cynical viewers might think that the economic relationship between Ford and NBC influenced Fallon’s choice: Ford advertises on the network and "The Tonight Show" specifically. You'll never hear that from the Ford public relations team, though.

In the end, Fallon asked 10 Ford dealers to come to New York and participate in a competition for the right to sell him a new pickup. For "Fingers on a 4x4," the 10 Ford representatives had to stand next to a 2015 F-150 King Ranch and keep a hand on the truck for 55 minutes out of every hour … for as long as they could stand.

After 38 hours and 52 minutes, Peter Porzio from Currie Motors Ford in Frankfort, Ill., was the last person standing. Congrats to Porzio and the winning dealership. No word yet on which engine Fallon has chosen, but we're hearing big things about the potential torque and fuel economy numbers of the all-new, high-tech 2.7-liter EcoBoost. To see "The Tonight Show" segment announcing the winner, click here.

ChicagoAutoShow.com photo // 'The Tonight Show'/NBC video



Being a Ford guy here...I could care less what Jimmy Fallon drives! I think the whole "fingers on a 4x4" thing is stupid...just my 2 cents!

Good pick Jimmy! You picked a vehicle that is a trend setter and shows the future of trucks...great choice!

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