Who Sold the Most Pickups in 2013?



In an unfortunate precedent, when each of the major pickup truck manufacturers report their monthly sales data, they lump all their full-size pickup categories into one pile; that includes half-tons, three-quarter tons and one tons. Additionally, truckmakers that manufacture Class 4 and 5 pickups (4500 and 5500) can lump those numbers (albeit a much smaller total) into the pile as well.

We wanted to offer you a more accurate look at actual sales data for mainstream pickups, so we went to our in-house data-crunching experts to find out how the 2013 pickup sales data mapped out. We used several sources for this sales data, including our Cars.com dealer network database. To be technically correct, the sales figures we present here are "approximations" (albeit a very close approximation) based on this collected data.

In the accompanying charts we've broken down all the information by make and model and grouped all the popular segments together. Some of the sales data is from new registrations as collected from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2013, while other information comes from the manufacturers themselves. As you can see in the highly competitive half-ton segment, the Ford F-150 was, once again, the champion, but we should note that when the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 are combined, the story is quite different.

In the three-quarter-ton segment, the fact that Ram made some significant changes to its 2500 heavy-duty trucks seems to have given Ram a slight advantage over the Chevy models in 2013. The fact that the Ram 2500 HD now offers coils springs, a new 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 and several other class-exclusive options pushed Ram just ahead of Chevy. As expected, Ford's F-250 ran away with this category once again.

In the one-ton segment, the Ford Super Duty F-350 continued to dominate but it may surprise some that the Ram 3500 HD came in well ahead of the third and fourth finishers. You can bet that has a lot to do with the strength of the Cummins name.

Finally, in the midsize segment, no surprises here. The Toyota Tacoma had almost twice the sales of the entire segment combined.

In all, 2013 was a much stronger year for all the truckmakers, with bigger sales in every category. Ford won the brand battle that GM won in 2012, but we have no doubt 2014 will shape up to be even more competitive.

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Sorry for the last comment. Totally blew it. I meant, Ram outsold the Silverado last Month. Way to go Dodge Ram. I'm Sooooooo Happy!!!!

I think commercial should be removed from this list or only count as 1 sale. So if say a police force decides to update their fleet of course they are going to go with 1 brand. I would like to see only consumer numbers so an individual choice will be shown. This is really just a popularity contest.

Frank do the words Ford and Firestone ring any bells? If you are willing to give Ford a pass on that yet condemn GM then the word hypocrite fits you nicely!

GM’s March Sales Report Delayed Due to System Issues


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DETROIT –General Motors Co.’s (NYSE: GM) March U.S. sales, originally scheduled to be released at 9:30 a.m. EDT today, will be delayed several hours due to a computer systems issue that impacted dealer sales reporting. The company expects to report its sales this afternoon before the close of business.

@Big Al from oz:
"Your recall quip is quite entertaining. I think Johnnydope is annoyed ;)

Who really is Johnnydope?"

It is hard to be a fanboy when the company you worship has nothing to offer.............. other than deflection, obfuscation, denial, and recall notices ;)

It is April Fools day........ the fanboys have a day where they can be forgiven for their lack of supratentorial function.

Dodge Ram was literally the 2nd best vehicle sold last month. Behind the F-150.

This is about market share, it includes (and should include) all sales. There are other measures of success we could look at too. Gross profit, net income, assets, internal growth rate, P/E ratio, earnings per share etc. You can dismiss any of them as not being important to you, but they are important. In 2013, Ford earned a net income of $7.2 billion after tax, whereas GM earned $3.8 billion. Looks like it is more than just a popularity contest after all.

@ Alex - Ford has been outperforming GMC when it comes to profits for the last few years now. GMC has moved into third place globally in sales. VW which globally sold slightly more than GMC also had double the profits.

GMC is in trouble........... did taxpayers benefit anyone by the bailout ?


I don't recall Ford hiding the issue for more than 13 years, do you?

Wow, I had no idea Ram out sold Chevy in HD trucks! That is awesome! LOL

Thanks Mark Williams for taking the time to break down the numbers, that is really cool to see how each manufacture did in each segment.

@Tom friedman: Tacoma has more cab/bed configurations, better interior, better performance (accel/braking) and better depreciation than the Frontier. The last item is important for leasing.

Interesting to see the Tacoma outselling the GMC Sierra half-tons.

@lou bc why must you constantly refer to Chevrolet as gmc ? I don't post often , but often read the articles and the comments . You always have a chip on your shoulder about GM ?

As far as the recalls , ford has had there fair share of them as well . You make it sound that gm is going down the shiter , that couldn't be further then the truth .

Currently chevy/ gmc out sells ford in half ton shares, chevy/ gmc also own the SUV market with a 80% domance .

This is not trolling or brand bashing just stating the facts

Finally a 2013 chart that shows all the segments and their numbers.

Ms. big al from oz Me annoyed? Naw i'm not a annoyed one bit. I do found it entertaining watching you cry more then a woman on here about midsize trucks though :)

GM needs to get back into commercial cab and chassis trucks, that's wherev they are falling behind. Medium duty too. The new Ram is a great truck, but a lot of it's recent success is incentive driven. Anyone's guess how long they will be able to keep it up. I also suspect GM is making a lot more money per truck sale than either Ram or Ford these days.

@Gpz85 - I do not refer to Chevrolet as GMC. I was of the belief that the mother corporation was GMC. It has changed to GM. So I will keep it straight in the future.

Do I have a chip on my shoulder about GM?

Well........ as far as I was concerned, the bailout was a mistake. They should of had to go through bankruptcy proceedings without government help and/or interference.

The GMT900's were weak products.

The Sierra and Silverado are shaping up to be weak offerings as well. Experts have stated that GM (no 'C') botched the release.

All of these recalls and mounting evidence that they fully knew about the bad ignition switch. They even changed the switch and DID NOT change the part number which is against GM (no 'C') protocol and against industry protocol.

I'd be inclined to buy a GM truck over a Ram BUT as AD said, I won't buy a truck the first year out and even the few years after.

I hope that clarifies things for you.

A nice telephoneconference call was held at 31 th of March with the CEO Steve Dawson from Sintercast, the provider of the CGI-material in the new F-150 2,7-liter petrol engine and the current Super Dutys 6,7 liter diesel

Listen to it


@ Lou bc - I am a gm fan and I 100% agree with you that gm should of not taken the bail out money ! I have a theory that the only reason they did was for political reasons so to speak , possible strong armed if you will .

I could be off ,but GM should/ could of done a private bankrupt proceedings with government assistance .

As far as the 900 trucks , I think it's objective I owned a gmt800 truck and the 900s are much better !

It does clarify for me thanks - I would buy a ford over a ram anyday , to many bad memories of failed Trannys and constantly replacing starters :)

@Gpz85 - This site gets over run with fanboys and trolls. That makes me less inclined to pull my punches.

I liked the looks of the Silverado when it first appeared but it has worn thin on me and looks dated. I like the looks of the new Sierra.

GM has always had a good rep for drivetrains especially in the HD trucks.

I currently have a 2010 F150 as it was the closest to meeting my purchase criteria.
I like the fact that Ford has done a good job of turning itself around.
I do not like the fact that Ford's durability ratings have dropped. it appears that 2010 was a high point and it has been downhill from there. It makes me happy that I chose a 2010 over the 2011's.
I had the chance to drive an EB 3.5 SuperCrew for 9 days and even though I loved the power characteristics (felt like a 5.4 on steroids), I still am reluctant to go down that path. TrueDelta shows it still has double the problem rate of a NA F150.
I hope that I will not need to enter the new truck market for a long time. I was really excited about the Ecodiesel until I saw the cargo ratings. I'd want a crewcab long box 4x4 and ratings around a 1000lb just doesn't cut it for me.

is funny gm don't advertise like ford best haft ton sales,,imagine people get a ford 2500'and 3500'and gm build a stronger truck maybe people like better a nice dash and have less pulling or stronger frame,,

wow interesting to see........ If you look at 1500 and down ram sells 40,000 less trucks than Toyota...... So if Toyota builds a fairly successful 3/4 ton and or 1 ton they would pass right by Ram.......

The Ford Fusion is outselling the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry,, Ford is also selling more cars too!

I think it is fascinating that they've been able to produce two brands of trucks all these years and one didn't get chopped in the restructuring.

- Another Obama failure. GM "C" should have gone the way of the dodo bird as many have for years suggested. Gotta love Obama. He must be a Ford guy in disguise and wants Chevrolet dead.

Hemi lol

You need to realize, the only thing that sells well in the toy pickup line up is the taco. By your reasoning, if ram made descent a below 1500 they would outsell toy by another 150,000.

See what a dumba$$ comment that was? I understand you sell turdras for a living. But quit trying to convince people that it is a better truck then the rest if the field. Except for 07&08, it has always been a bottom dweller, and if using its latest refresh as future performance, it doesn't look like toy wants to invest lots of cash in the turdra, and it will always be a bottom dweller.

I am going to eat a greasy meal at Micky Dees and then drive my new F-150 to Walmart for some shopping. All 3 of these things are the most popular in the USA in there categories. This makes them the best!

Suck it Ram

I agree with the the fact we need cab comps here....Cause there's only one "SuperCab" and us Ford Gyz know whoz got it?!




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