2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon: First Drive

2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon 015

Need a people-hauler and work truck, but don't want to shell out big bucks for a V-6-powered, seven-passenger minivan? Ford may have an interesting alternative for you with its 2014 Transit Connect Wagon. Check out Cars.com Detroit Bureau Chief Aaron Bragman's First Drive of the new commercial wagon for more information.

2014 Transit Connect Wagon: First Drive

Cars.com photo by Aaron Bragman


"It's Boxy, but Good."


This is not the full size cargo van that replaces the Econoline E-150 to 350, or the new one American Pickers drive?
Nothing is better than the Ram Caravan, they have been doing a small passenger van right for a very long time.

Tom#3 Ram does not make a Caravan passenger van, Dodge does. Ram makes windowless version as a work van/Funeral van.

This looks like some late comptetion for the Chevrolet Orlando and Mazda 5 (at least in Canada)

One UGLY van!!!

These pickup alternative stories are quite interesting.

I think this is a great mini van for a family that doesn't have massive amounts of money.

It's price is a winner. Especially when all you need is the ability to move the tribe from point A to point B.

And it can also go to Lowes and tow a small utility trailer when you need a pickup.

The only thing missing is a small diesel option.

The UK has the connect with a 1 litre 3 cylinder EcoBoost that giving 50mpg (UK) and the 1.6 litre Duratorque diesel with 65mpg (UK).


@Big Al from Oz - the other thing that would be missing is an ounce of remaining self-respect if you buy this pizza truck to move your family around.


@Big Al from Oz
I'm not that interested in vans, but I do try to follow what's going on with them.

One thing I keep hearing is the possiblity of the discountiuation of the Grand Caravan/Town and Country. I haven't heard anything similar about any of the Japanese minivans.

I get the idea that at least in the U.S. people are interested in smaller SUV's and crossovers. I wonder what is the business case for offering something similar to a minivan.

I think that in several years from now, the minivans being sold will be converted versions of the smaller cargo eurovans . In other words, the only people buying minivans will be those who have a very specific need for one. I don't know many people these days buying one.

what no (heres what you did wrong paragraph?) OH thats right its a ford add of course no negative comments......

@hemi lol
Since when did anyone here expect the comments here to be neutral and unbiased? That's half the fun is seeing the arguments that unlearned people try to make based off of fanboism.

That colour is as hideous as the drivel my imposter trots out almost every day.

@Big Al - there is an appreciable difference in post quality between this site and TTAC.

We have that colour here in Australia from Ford.

It will take some getting used to.

As for the quality of the comments..............

@Big Al - "As for the quality of the comments.............."

Just like that colour, it takes some getting used to............ ;)

Why can't they build a small van like that where the roof and rear seats are removable where it can be used to haul 20 sheets of dry wall?
Families don't have 4 to 6 kids anymore , the divorce rate is above 50%, the happy married family with lots of kids is a thing of the past so they don't need a mini van fit the family in.
People want substance over symbolism meaning make a mini van that can be used for dual purpose that can haul people or haul lumber.
The culture of America has changed but the car makers are still 20 years in the past. Innovation isn't there or expected anymore from the car makers they just shove a vehicle down your throats they expect you to buy.

@BAFO- if money is tight, you buy a used van. If it HAS to be new, then the Grand Caravan starts for a lot less than this. Where this has its niche is for those who need something more durable- Shuttle service or dual purpose with work and family.


I can't believe some of you guys, you can really produce some fecal matter.

Some might buy second hand. But a majority will buy new.

Why do you think the Korean manufacturers went well?

Because everyone went out and bought second hand?

Give me a break.

@UpsidedownAl- you're so full of... yourself. With the average vehicle lasting well over 10 years and the the average ownership being under 4, more people will acquire a used car. It's really simple math.
The Koreans couldn't give away cars until they rolled out their 10 year warranties.

You have presented several arguments in the past that have little bearing on truth or available data.

These vans will sell enough to warrant a continuation of their sale in the US.

These will augment the numbers of the commercial vans, with little cost to Ford.

Remember, these are already being sold overseas. So what is the cost to Ford? Even if they sell 40 000 a year it is not costing Ford anything.

Like overseas the Transit Connect will be profitable in the US.

As time goes by these smaller more efficient family vans will become more popular.

These like pickups drive to and from work empty most days and maybe run a full load once in a blue moon.

So, a 2.5 litre engine will be more than enough performance for most. Also, that size engine is good for a person who can't afford to run a V8 or V6 vehicle.

It offers a good economical choice to many people.

I wonder how many hookers I could fit into the back of that van?? Might have to out for a test drive and see!!!

I may look at this with a small diesel. We are a family of 6 and need a vehicle to haul everyone around ... in case my wifes Odyssey is not available. My 17 yr old pick up cannot handle the family ... say pick up the kids if my wife is running late, as all I have is a single cab. The Colorado is also an interesting look for me ... I need to be able to haul my crap from jobsite to job site as well as the camping/fishing gear.

@Big Al From Oz - "I wonder how many hookers I could fit into the back of that van.."

Great question, here in Canada the hookers are kind of fat due to the cold winters. I my experience the Transit can carry 4 $20
crack hoes. Maybe 5 I think one of the ones I picked up was a Tranny (and I don't mean the Pontiac kind!).

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