2015 GMC Sierra 2500 HD All Terrain Photo Gallery


We had to chance to get up close and personal with a brand-new 2015 All Terrain Heavy Duty at the recent Midwestern Automotive Media Association Rally in Wisconsin, so we thought you might like to see the truck in more detail. This trim package fills out the pickup truck lineup (All Terrain is now offered on Canyon, Sierra 1500, and now Sierra HD models) yet has little in common with the impressive All Terrain HD Concept GMC showcased several years ago. In fact, our video tours of the concept truck are still quite popular. We still have hope this new trim will eventually evolve in that general direction.

In the meantime, we thought you'd like to see a few more angles and details of the 2015 HD version, so we've added a few more here and a full photo gallery on our Facebook page. Pricing will be released closer to the All Terrain's on-sale date in fall. Click here to see our All Terrain HD Facebook gallery.

Cars.com images by Evan Sears


D GMC Sierra HD  AT II





Off Road?????

It appears to have poor ramp over due to length.

The front end has poor approach.

And the exhaust will get trashed on the a$$end.

Not really designed for much more than a dirt road.

I just ordered 2015 ATV ( All Terrain Vehicle), but I made mistake probably, because it doesn't have this nice ALL TERRAIN badge.

So, basically it's a sticker package? It's certainly not a Raptor or PowerWagon competitor.

LOL What moron would take a expensive piece like that Off Road?

General Motors announces 30th recall of year.


Low-hanging front valence/snow plow, dangling running boards, tiny street tires, a skidplate, some shocks, and an All-Terrain badge? The 1990s called and wants its off-road package back. Not even a good effort GM.

Truly and thing of beauty--and best in class for long troublefree life!

Looks like people believe the capabilities implied by the badge on a truck.

How about the FX4?

or Outdoorsman?

It is a trim package.... period.

Seeing a lot of orange peel around that All Terrain badge..... no recalls on paint since it won't kill you if it fails.

@papa jim - JD Power does back up your claim ....... well....... for the 2011 models.

@HEMI V8 - still waiting for your Ram Power Wagon to clear border inspection? That Ram box could hide several illegals ;)

@LouBC aka the REAL Lou

Good point, however, JD Power's best known survey is a poll of new car/truck buyers about experiences during the first 30 days of ownership, if I understand it correctly.

Their questions seem to fall into one of two camps:

1 Would you buy the same car again?

2 Are you happy with the car and the car-buying experience?

So, polling like this can tell us something about what Power calls "initial quality" but not so much about how quality stands up after 10 years on the road.

Do you have different information about JD Power?

Hill Descent Control is nice, but Ford had it first on the 2011 Super Duty. GM is not coming up wtih anything new or innovative and has tarnished the All Terrain name.


I expected more than a z71 pack and rancho's. 2001 called and wants their truck back.

The paint looks horrible in the picture of the all terrain badge. The last GMC I had looked like that all over. It was a dirt cheap for a new truck so I over looked it.

I was noticing the same thing regarding the orange peel paint. Lots of low hanging fruit to catch off road and they didn't even have to show the DEF tank side.

Finally it's here. This will blow the doors off the craptor and power wagon and it's best in class for a troublefree life!

What kind of terrain? That front bumper won't clear the curb at the end of my driveway.

It looks like GMC Truck forgot a letter in the badge...it should read "MALL TERRAIN".

My Power Wagon could probably go further off-road, only using two-wheel drive with the front anti-sway bar disconnected, than this GMC Truck MALL TERRAIN.

I have to admit this doesn't really look ready to go off-road with the tons of chrome and low air dams. I've painted mailboxes with rustoleum and they had less texture in the paint that the tailgate shows. The rest of the truck's paint looks good. Maybe its the heavy duty off road paint package that is resistant to tree branch scratches? Don't know but I'll go with that. The truck looks nice for a street cruiser though.

The Raptor and Power Wagon come standard with aggressive legitimate off-road tires. That is clearly all-season highway tread on the GMC All Terrain. Those tires would have trouble with a dirt driveway after a rain shower.

Raptor = custom off-road front bumper
Power Wagon = steel bumper with a factory-installed winch and no air dam
All Terrain = body-color regular bumper with full air dam that's below the bolt circle of the wheels

Who is GMC trying to fool?

$50k for a truck with and orange peel texture paint job? Forget that! I will stick with my 5 year old Ram which has had no major issues, pristine paint, ample power and the ability to go wherever I want to take it. GM is quickly becoming the laughing stock of America.

@papa jim - JD Power does 2 separate surveys that are commonly confused with each other.
One is a Initial Quality Survey which as you have mentioned involves the first 30 days.
The second is the Dependability Survey. It is based upon all of the problems a person has with their vehicle over 3 years of ownership.

They measure separate things. If a salesman does a sh!tty job of explaining OnStar and a person has a hard time figuring it out, that counts as an "Initial Quality" problem. If the system fails to work over a 3 year span then it would fall within the Dependability Survey.

GM has held the top spots in the Dependability Survey with their HD's for a few years in a row. Their 1500's have crept into 1st beating out Ford and Toyota.

Anything reported for 2014 on the Dependability Survey will be based on 2011 trucks.

Traditionally we have seen "end of model" trucks being more reliable/durable than "start of model" trucks.

Ford F150 peaked in 2010 but have seen a drop in Dependability with the introduction of more sophisticated Sync/MyTouch as well as releasing a new engine lineup.

GM will most likely see a drop in ratings by 2017 because that will reflect upon the current year 2014 trucks since they are first year of a new model.

Ram has yet to crack the Top 3 of any JD Power Dependability Survey regardless of where they sit in a model run.

Could be a nice looking and capable truck with a few changes. Such as:

-Ditch the frame that hangs below the center cap of the wheel (which is much of the middle)
-Take the huge tail pipe and tuck it away from the back bumper (Looks like a giant potato shooter).
-I notice that they never shoot the passenger side of the vehicle, which would reveal a huge DEF tank on the diesel trucks. Other manufacturers tuck their away from view and impending damage from any real truck use.

-Take that stupid air dam off, you are pinching pennies in savings of fuel and making for a potentially expensive repair when you catch that thing on the first entrance into the grocery store parking lot and tear it and other things off (depending on how well it is attached).

-Don't call it "All Terrain"unless it can truly live up to that proclamation. I remember the days when you could spin the hubs on most any 4 wheel drive vehicle, which never any such badging and have a pretty decent true "All Terrain" experience.

Otherwise pretty good looking truck from the outside.

Boy I sure hope hemiv8 gets his power wagon soon so he can tell us all about it and all its capable of doing. I really think he's full of crap. His Daddy probably has that 03 trouble free ram he talks about and he lets little hemiv8 pull it in the driveway sometimes. Hemiv8 is such a joke but maby that makes him happy. What a loser!!

If I was you guys I would take that pickup you own and head to the local grocery store and fill up the bed with canned vegetables , tomato sauce, fruits and nuts cause that's all grown in California and they are having a drought and there will be severe shortages of those products by late summer, early fall, and if there is any left on the shelf expect to pay $6 a can.

when is the recall scheduled for This one ???? LOL poor GM....glitz, hat tricks, and more plastic chrome...not really a true truck any longer...:(

GM's new colour chart.


Gm get the junker off the ground..get rid of the grandma step.

Dumb dumbs crying about the orange peel, every car/truck maker has orange peel now days because the EPA force them to use waterborne paint because it safer for the environment.

Sung to the tune of Daughter by Pearl Jam..


you guys ready...
alone... not off-road worthy... 2015 GMC Sierra HD in an otherwise empty mall parking lot
chrome... bling... center of his own attention
Howie Long reads the script, Michigan Bob tries to understand it
tries to make him proud
the air dam goes down, it's in his head
corner bumper step - exhaust tip... can't deny there's something wrong...
Michigan Bob, by all means, center of his own attention...

Don't call it All Terrain, not fit to
The picture of the 2010 concept will remind me
Don't call it All Terrain, not fit to
The picture of the 2010 concept will remind me of what it should have been
Don't call it All Terrain, not fit to

don't call it...
GM holds the hand of the bean counters that hold it down
GMC bling will... rise above...

don't call it All Terrain, not fit to
the picture kept of the 201 concept will remind me
don't call it All Terrain, not fit to be
the concept picture kept will remind me

GM recalls 500 new trucks, SUVs for flawed airbag sensor.


@BigAl - I get confused by these "freedom" types. They are extremely inconsistent. I get confused easily and a lot. Freedom can be viewed from many prespectives. Everyone wants to be free in a way, from the limits of others but sometimes we limit ourselves. Anyways, I believe ultimate freedom can't be achieved without depriving others of their own personal freedom. Hence, one can be free but with limits and those limits are decided by the one's who we put in charge and if we can't choose those who are in charge then we are totally not free.

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3. Now that Microsoft is so big, should it be called Macrosoft?

@numpty BC
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Why would you want to call Microsoft, Macrosoft? Don't you think as a person who is trying to be funny you would of come up with a more appropriate name?

As for freedom, I really don't think again you have enough cylinders, so the speak up top to understand concepts.

You are sort of like a worm with limited cognitive attributes.

So, why don't you talk about Mustang fires?

You see I think if we were to discuss the limited performance of Fiat Ram pickups we would have a much better discussion.

But, you being you, with such a marginal breadth of knowledge can only come up with the rubbish you do.

Why, do you ask?

Because if you were creative you would be able to converse using your real name. But you are obviously so limited in knowledge and reason the only way you can communicate and consult is via pseudonyms. Even then most of them are already used by others. This displays your limited abilities.

What I'm stating is you are the dumbest f$ck I've encountered on these blog sites, yes, even dumber than DiM.

With your fantastic display of cognitive abilities I would assume you are a supporter of the UAW.

We could start a reality TV show with you starring. It would be named "America's Biggest Loser".

In Australia we would have it under a different name, "The D!ck from the States." or something along those lines.

Tell me? am I wrong?
When you walk into a truck dealership wanting to spend $50K of your hard earned money on a new truck don't you expect your butt to be kissed by the people in the dealership?
Am I wrong to think that? Do I expect too much?
Can't the salesmen fake it and pretend to be nice to me?
They only have to put up with me for about an hour and then I leave.
Am I missing something?
That's why I will never set foot in any GM or Chevy Dealership anymore, wouldn't care if they were giving the truck away!
They insulted me, made fun of me they way I talked and laughed at me. No problem, they will never get my money!

@Tom#3 - maybe next time don't have duelling banjo's playing in the background.

My Power Wagon could probably go further off-road if it would quit breaking down. I am only able to use two-wheel drive because the 4wd went out again for the 10,000th time. This GMC Truck ALL TERRAIN is beginning to look better every day. I need something reliable.

See, this is what I meant in the story about an hd shootout. Good Year SSA tires, that's as good as it gets from GM?

It's just a highway rig with the same pitfalls the 1500 has, low hanging air dams, and who knows, can probably get 60 or 55 series tires for this. Might be good in 4 or 5 inches of snow....

Is that Michigan Bob trying to be Buy American?

The overall look is nice but it's too close in comparison with the Denali HD; overall, the Sierra All Terrain 1500 trim level would probalby do most customers just fine based on price and what it's capabilities are. How about proposing a GMC 5500 or 6500 Big Rig to compete with the Ford 550-750 Trucks for the commercial Markets, GM shouldn't do an overkill on the Sierra lineup, especially on trucks that only a small fraction of the population can afford or maintain fuel in to keep it on the streets.



All terrain is not a off road truck is just a name,,,wow some people have no clue about truck,,,,

You have got to be kidding me GM! Make a "tough" looking truck for once! And how about some useful additions like, oh, ALL of your competitors? In-bed trunk (Ridgeline), built-in toolboxes (Ram) and a lift that's worth talking about - even a 2" lift would make this truck look like it means business. You couldn't even straddle a squirrel on the road in this grocery getter. Think of the wildlife we'd save. Hey, you'll sell more side step rails if you give it a little more height - even a tad more. Get the tailpipe out of the way so I don't take it out when I run over my kid's basketball. And how about standard wheels that won't get stuck in wet grass?

This is such a grandpa-mobile! Build the concept that's been getting Google hits like crazy and everyone has raved about for the last three years. Ugg! I hope there's a design/marketing shakeup at GM after all the recalls too. This thing is just embarassing. SNOOZE!!

I'm jumping ship. I was holding out for the All Terrain HD concept that looks like a real truck...ahem...like all your competitors' trucks.

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