2015 GMC Sierra 2500/3500 All Terrain HD: First Look

2015-GMC-SierraHD-AllTerrain-037 II

In an attempt to further expand and harmonize the GMC brand, the 2015 Sierra Heavy Duty will now get the All Terrain HD trim package option that the Sierra 1500 has offered for several years. All Terrain will be offered in both 2500 and 3500 HD configurations (single-rear-wheel only) on top of either the SLE or SLT trims; it will require the vehicle be ordered in four-wheel drive with the Z71 suspension. Consumers will have a choice of the 6.0-liter gas V-8 or the 6.6-liter Duramax turbo-diesel V-8.

Some might remember the GMC All Terrain HD Concept we saw almost four years ago. GM engineers built a heavy-duty off-road vehicle on an HD frame and chassis, used a Duramax engine and added creative storage details in the bed. We liked the concept when it was introduced, but this new trim package is little more than a slightly more sophisticated off-road package for the HD pickups. No doubt GMC is hoping that the All Terrain HD name gets as much ordering traction with customers as the Denali brand has. GMC says that at certain times of the year as many as 20 percent of the HD trucks ordered request the high-zoot Denali trim package.

Although pricing has not been announced yet, the new All Terrain HD trim option will be available later this fall on 2015 models; pricing is still a few months away. The package will offer a unique chrome grille surround, exterior graphics, additional underbody skid plating, unique six-spoke aluminum wheels, new chrome towing mirrors, unique bumpers, standard rearview camera and a host of interior accents, labels and details.

As you might expect with a premium package, the All Terrain will include GMC's latest OnStar 4G LTE technology, which will also include a built-in, fully functioning Wi-Fi hotspot any time the truck is running. The hotspot is free for the first three months after purchase and is available by subscription after that.

To read the full GMC press release, click here.

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Anyone else think it has the stance of a Ford?

@Mark Williams

Am I reading it wrong or is it real?
6.7 Duramax

6.7l? First thing I noticed too. I even had to remind myself that today want April 1st.

I just found my next truck!!

Have they recalled it yet?

interesting nothing that helps it off road except an extra skidplate yet they call it all terrain?

@ Dodgeguy65
I'm sorry, I didn't understand that each truck had its own stance depending on the make. Seriously, who cares as long as it remains useable. Did you measure the stance with a ruler to the computer screen?

Wow. So this is the mightly "halo" All Terrain HD that was supposed to take out the Raptor and Power Wagon in one fell swoop.

Let's see what this All Terrain HD has for off-roading:

electronically controlled transfer case
Rancho shocks
hill descent control
and a skid plate

What a joke! This is nothing more than a standard Ford Fx4 or 4x4 package from Ram.

GM really misled and let down a lot of people with that All Terrain concept in 2010.

No I was just saying it looked like a Ford the way it sets, did I say it was bad thing? dDd I say it was a good thing. I just stated that it looks like a Ford the way it sets. That is my opinion no reason to be rude.

I forgot one more thing: All Terrain badge.

Stance? No, the Ford 'stance' is an overgrown chrome plastic cowboy belt buckle grille and sagging rear springs. Ford Super Duty's always look like the are driving uphill. They need to fix that.

A shoot and a miss!

This is nothing like the All Terrain HD concept and is little more than a standard off-road/sitcker package.


@Big Bob

They make trucks like that so when you put heavy load in the bed or pulling a heavy truck the truck don't sag. It's cheaper then air suspension. Dodge used to be real real bad about it but now they offer load leveling air suspension.


I don't see one single thing mentioned that changes this truck into something more capable of leaving the pavement. What a joke.

at least they finally slapped some Ford tow mirrors on there, which makes it look alittle better

The press release is a little misleading. It states that the truck has "LED Headlamps". It actually has Halogen Projector headlamps surrounds. There is a big difference between a halogen bulb and an LED ...

Not sure what happened on my previous post but it should say "Halogen Projector headlamps with LED surrounds".

Good catch guys. Obviously, the Duramax is a 6.6L and not a 6.7L like the Power Stroke and Cummins. Size corrected.

Slap a FORD BADGE on it and it well SELL!!!!

Finally some real Tow Mirrors on a GM truck!

How dare they call it an all terrain, without the Fords and Dodges out there clearing the center of the road with their front diff and low ground clearance the roads would have tall grass growing,
Personally I would really like to thank you all for keeping the bush roads clear of grass.
Just a thought!


The rims look nice on this vehicle.

The only problem with them is keeping them clean when off roading. Looks like you could spend half an hour cleaning each one.

I'd still prefer a Super Duty to this thing (less recalls).

How many recalls are up and coming!

GM doesn't provide the vision of reliability at the moment, especially if you want to feel confident in a off road situation.

I wonder when it will have a recall?

Sorry guys, but that is ugly ! It looks like they bought all the additions, including the styling, from a down-market speed shop. And that front spoiler will come off with the first time it leaves the road. Ram and Ford have got it right !

And you can still see the def tank hanging down.Way to blow...gm.

I guess I did sound rude. Wow. I shoulda worded it better.....

@jeff - "I just found my next truck!!"

Great Jeff...just in time for the recall!

look at the last picture. what is the purpose of the steps in the rear bumper?

btw im guessing that this's competition is an fx4 f 250 or a ram 2500 outdoorsman. a little off topic but when is gm gonna put the chevrolet badge on the gmcs so they can stop the gmc trademark and the lesser chevrolet trucks. common sense that a better detailed truck with a favorite name would sell better. they also need to drop gen v v8s in the hds and vans. ram needs to simplify their hd powertrain options by offering 6.4 hemi and 6.7 cummins with aisin transmissions only for either engine. ford needs to update the 6.2 so it can stop production of the 6.8 v10 completely. and the 3.5 in the f 150 is a waste of time. 2.7 eb, 3.5 eb, 5.0, and 3.0 diesel all with 8 speeds is what they should have done.

Essentially the All Terrain is just a Z71 with with some All Terrain logos.

Too bad the All Terrain HD does not have the colour matched grill like the 1500.

, "G.M wins again."

GM Will Pay $35 Million Fine Over Massive Safety Recall

By Bill Chappell on May 16th, 2014
The Department of Transportation is ordering General Motors to pay a record $35 million civil penalty for its handling of a recall of more than 2 million vehicles for ignition switch problems. The government says GM violated federal safety laws.

where do you start with this Thing
Grill looks like my Schick Razor on Steroids
bumper cover is about a foot too high
there are way too many lines and creases in the body of this truck on all sides
the goofy square fender wells
the low hanging def fluid tank still sticks out like crazy
insert around tow hooks
This thing (truck) looks like a frankenstein transformer !

Sounds like the All Terrain package is about as much an off-road package as Ford's King Ranch package is aimed at farmers. I suppose, when you have a crossover SUV in your brand called Terrain, we shouldn't expect an "All Terrain" group to have much of anything to do with venturing off the tarmac.

Mike L'Alouette: here is a clue for you, that low hanging air dam in the front? all you have to do is read the owners manual in any GM truck, and it tells you all you need is a flat tip screw driver, and four screws later and a couple of mi. it comes off! imagine that! and it is just as easy to put back on! it is there so the trucks get some of the best mileage than the others out there, so , I take mine off, but have had not problems other wise if I do not anyway! I mostly leave it off cause I do not go on the highway as much anyway! and it is made out of some type of plastic that lets you fold it in half and it just pops right back into shape! The only thing anyone can say that looks stupid, and is very dumb is the diesel fluid tank, I mean a company like General Motors can not come up with some other place to put it? like have one molded to fit into the rear space in the quarter panel? or anywhere but there!


What part of "this is stricly a concept" that you didn't understand?

The 2010 ALL TERRAIN HD CONCEPT was strictly a concept and GM never guaranteed that any of the off-road parts would be realized. Just becaus they had used the name for a concept a few years ago doesn't mean they couldn't use the ALL TERRAIN HD name for something else like this!

From Lisa Hutchinson, GMC product marketing director: “it’s strictly a concept"


It never ceases to amaze me that when GM comes out with something, there are plenty of people to find fault with it!

As I told you back in the comments in 2010, "The GMC All Terrain HD Concept is definitely better looking than fords raptor or dodges power wagon. The GMC All Terrain HD Concept is definitely better looking than fords raptor or dodges power wagon. I am positive this concept will some day be offered to the buying PUBLIC. How much they change this concept is anyone's guess."

Yeah GM changed some things but they DID bring it the buying public and I am right about it being better looking than the craptor and power weenie.

To all the nay sayers out there, competition is good for the buying public and only makes the others improve their product. GM wins again!

With the Dura max and Allison plus a few options it will likely be pushing north of $60K Yikes!!

@Steve - "With the Dura max and Allison plus a few options it will likely be pushing north of $60K Yikes..."

Looks like you could use some financial help Steve. Poverty can be defined as a persistent shortage of the financial means necessary to upholding a relatively acceptable or comfortable quality of life. Steve, rising above poverty involves improving several aspects of your personal and financial well-being using a number of different methods. Here is what I suggest for you:

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2. Take advantage of government welfare programs. I've been doing that for years here. Gives me a lot of time to write on PUTC.

3. Learn about money management. When you are on a restricted budget, it is important that you take measures to organize and allocate your income funds so that you are meeting your financial obligations as well as accounting for your future goals. I mean my goal is to buy a 1998 F150; as soon as I can scrape together the $500 it will be mine.

Just a few steps and you'll be OK Steve, best of luck!


It's the legend in off-roading!



All Terrain is a neat sticker and I think??? this sticker and some other cues may show an example of systems engineering. Specifically in the sub discipline of Performance Engineering "the discipline of ensuring a system meets customer expectations"


GM is using three parts of the vehicle as early warning for off road drivers.

The plastic air dam on the bumper, the DEF tank, and the rear exit exhaust under the bumper. All three are designed to warn the driver during All Terrain driving before damage occurs to the frame or bumpers.

First: The front air dam is made of a plastic that makes a noise when breaking away that is not annoying to the driver or passenger but is loud enough to be heard warning the driver they are about to hit the expensive front bumper or lower frame cross rail.

Second: The DEF tank is also made of plastic with a similar breaking point and sound characteristic. Again to provide lots of warning before the driver hurts the frame rails under the truck.

Third: The rear bumper is protected by the crush-able exhaust pipe. Again they cleverly designed this to protect the rear bumper and rear frame by choosing an exhaust metal the makes a moderately loud noise when being crushed. That in turn allows the driver to stop before hitting the rear frame or bumper.

All three combined together to prevent massive cost to the off road "All Terrain" driver when traversing difficult trails. This is good news as it means the DEF engineers, the bumper engineers and the exhaust engineers have been working together to come up with this marvelous system.

I'm pretty sure it will be under $2k to replace the plastic air dam, DEF tank, and cat back exhaust pipe. Quite a bargain for an off road capable $50 to $66k stickered truck. All this and you will never fear grounding the frame and bending it or getting hung up. With 3 early warning systems it's just ..... well its just amazing. Unfortunately the gas engine buyer will only have the front and rear warning systems as they don't need a DEF tank. Still a good deal.

I think there is hope for GM engineering... this is a good sign. Systems engineering put us on the moon, after all!!!

On the off chance I've miss judged the situation then maybe the Marketoons have been a little to busy with the sticker makers at GM? Either way the consumer will decide.

But it's very probable that the former is true, rumor has it they are planning a $5k option to put dash board warning for each of the three systems engineered warning devices, three separate LED lights on the dash will come on when either the front air dam comes off, the DEF tank departs the vehicle, or the rear exhaust is crushed. If you are looking for a bargain better buy the 2014 or 2015 since the electronic dash board warning will cost so much more.

Thanks GM for a great systems engineered truck.

When is GM gonna pull their head out of their asses and start putting back the solid front axle in the 3/4 and 1 ton trucks and leave the Inferior front suspension in 1/2 tons.....Ford and Dodge did it right from the start!!!!!

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