Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: April 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

As spring ever so slowly warms up, several truckmakers are showing signs of solid growth. Both of GM's truck brands (Chevrolet and GMC) had a good April, even though corporate executives have gone through several rounds of congressional investigations during the last two months regarding ignition switch recalls.

Likewise, Ram continues its strong (meaning double-digit) push into the full-size truck market, closing in on second-place nameplate Chevrolet. Finally, some prognosticators are a little disappointed with Ford, seeing only slight gains for the month and just a 4 percent gain for the year so far.

Several of the big automakers are predicting that between 16 and 16.4 million total units will be sold in the U.S. by the end of the year. However, that could depend on what happens to the economy and the price of fuel as we move into summer. As long as leading indicators like housing starts and the construction industry remain relatively flat, don't expect to see truck sales making a big leap anytime soon. Still, there's plenty to be hopeful about with some surveys seeing more optimism from contractors, and select models like the Nissan Frontier taking full advantage of the situation (up 36 percent for the year). Toyota may even get a small bounce — due to all the media attention — from its decision to relocate several of its corporate groups, including headquarters in California, to Texas, where it builds its pickups.

Regardless of how sales play out by year's end, we're likely to see more attention given to truck-market numbers as all-new models like the 2015 Ford F-150 and the midsize pickups from GM (Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon) go on sale later this year.

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Ram dropped to # 3 BUT their year to date sales are the up the highest at 22.5% That beats everybody else!

Ranked by April 2014 vs. April 2013, the order is:
Tundra +23.5%
Sierra +21.4%
RAM +16.8%
Silverado +8.5%
F Series +7.4%

Mark Williams, do you know if GMC is going to continue the rebates on the Sierra's? I missed the end of month cutoff and all the rebates seem to be gone overnight but I don't know if they will be back on in a few days?

I just looked into the chevy site and checked the prices.They took all the money off the hood,and it appears they might have upped the prices a bit.Smooth move gm,as you continue your downward slide.


I was on their mobile website and it showed truck month extended until June 2. But the overall incentives appear to be down a small amount so far. The ads on the desktop site have yet to be changed from what I've seen so far.

Thanks CG, I will contact my dealer. Their website had all the rebates on each vehicle now it has nothing.

One of them GM sale numbers was from me :) Nice shiny Brownstone Metallic WT2 4wd.

I still do not understand why this list is never broken down by class of pickup. Can someone please explain to me why there are not separate lists for half-ton, 3/4 ton, etc.

Not trying to be a smartass. Is this info not available or something?

Tundra sales up 18% over last year and 23.5% over same month last year yet no mention of their rise in sales or the frontier for that matter.......

OH, and the Tundra doesnt have 5000-10000 grand on the hood in rebates..... only 1000.

@hemi lol

I think the 3rd gen Tundra is going the way Toyota wanted it too. Sales are up and its basically on the last gen platform with a more modern accessories, interior and exterior. They will probably add things as the gen goes on. Now they are running big incentives as well in Texas which is part of Gulf States Toyota . Toyota is offering cash and 0% for 60 months when most incentives are either or with cash and 0% for 60 months. Toyota has an interesting business strategy with the Tundra different from the big 3 it appears. The big 3 make big debuts with lower incentives early which increase over the generation. Toyota seems like they want to make changes over time like drivertrain in 2016 so they can run continuous big incentives that GM can't run right now and Ford probably won't for 2015. I think the bean counters at Toyota regret the big launch of the 2nd Gen Tundra and how that Gen turned out with the brand loyalty and recession that hit at the same time.

2014 Tundras are $11,000 off with 0% financing here.

This the 0% for 60 months plus $1,500.00 cash incentives from Gulf States Toyota which does not include dealer incentives Another S.A. dealer offering 11K total

If a dealer thinks you are a legit buyer; if he thinks you're gonna buy today; if he has something on his lot that's coming off the corporate finance plan; if he's wanting to hit his number for the cycle--he will make you a deal.

He has a quota like every other guy around.

If his inventory has trucks that have been on the blacktop for more than 60 days, he's really gonna make you happy.

Not rocket science, guys.

$11,000 off Tundra and $8,000 off Tacoma:


Quit poking holes in hemi lols post. Don't you know he sells those things for a living and is trying to make a 2000 unit sales gain look that much more impressive?!?!

Chevrolet continues it's downward slide. Literally everywhere. Sad but true. There's no doubt that questionable looks of this and the last generation have led to this. Lack of a Denali trim have hurt too. GM has prioritized their Sierra truck and it's paying off there at least. Sad still to think, once upon a time, Chevrolet outsold Ford. Even without GM trucks lumped in. Kudo's to Ford and Dodge. One Ford continues to march on, even with the oldest truck of the pack.

Ford > Dodge > Chevrolet now. Who would have thought that a decade ago?

PUTC had a posting recently that broke down 2013 sales by class. This data is not always readily available, hence the inconsistency in its publication.

@Hemi lol: when your numbets sucked in this month last year, it's easy to get a good increase in this month vs last month.

As a whole, the number on the left is more important. Start bringing that one up, you'll get a mention.

Ram and Ford decreased incentives, Ram as much as 22% less, and GM upped them 14%. I bet I can find more then 1000 off alot of Tundras.

How about those Tacoma sales?

You and the other Toy fans can make all the light you want of the number on the right. the left matters most. The ecomomy getting a bit better is partial cause.

Want a mention? Redesign those old bouncy, poor mileage getting, under performaing trucks.

10 years ago, owning a Chevy was something everyone did who didn't own a Ford or wasn't part of team Mopar like some of us. I think people just realized it's time to move on, there's better trucks out there. Even though GM put lots of R&D into their new trucks, it wasn't what the customer needs or wants. I have said before, if the new Silverado had come out 5 or so years ago, it might be worth considering. At present the only guys buying them are the most loyal of GM customers.

Clearly GM went after the sub-prime market in order to boost their market share after falling behind the Ram last month.

It would interesting to see how many VM diesel Rams were are selling.

Overall from the data I saw on TTAC pickup sales are relatively static compared to 2008.

There is an interest in them. But as Mark pointed out pickup sales are tied into construction.

I would also like to see a model breakdown of the vehicles. Then you could see how many are 'SUVs with a balcony' and family trucksters and how many are for work.

There will be huge changes in pickups sold over the next couple of years as the Colorado, aluminium Ford, Cummins Titan and Tundra all come on line.

@Big Al, the VM diesel sales wouldn't reflect demand because they are still in short supply. I haven't even seen one at my local dealer yet.

"Washington (AFP) - Automakers General Motors, Chrysler and Toyota on Thursday scored US sales gains in April, extending the rebound from bad winter weather, while Ford sales unexpectedly slipped."

"Chrysler Group, clocked in a 14 percent jump year-over-year with 178,652 vehicles sold, its best April performance since 2007."

Jason, that's one truck not the lot full. Read the fine print.

Good catch Ed, looks like jason got caught cherry picking a single vehicle to represent a whole lot, LOL. That guy needs to work for BHO promoting Obamacare.

Does not change the fact that you can get up to 11,000 dollars off a Tundra. If that dealer is willing to put 11,000 on hood I am sure you can get some other very good deals on the rest of their inventory as well.

Here is a tundra with over $3,700 on the hood waiting for a buyer up front not including what you can get off beyond that.

Ram truck sales dropped 15% from March to April sales. That's because these sales numbers are based on sales to dealers. Remember when GM sales were through the roof while the stockpiled the lots prior to the model changeover? Ram shipped all those diesels in March to boost their sales that one month and surpass Chevy. Ford's numbers dropped 10% since last month too, due to March being their 'truck month'. Numbers have settled back to normal now.

It is good to see the sales increase. It was looking like the economy was going to go into another tail spin. New home starts around where I live have slowed but maybe this is an indicator that they might go up. I am cautiously optimistic.

I do agree with papa jim that if you are interested buyer and not merely window shopping the dealer will be more likely to bargain or tell you if something is coming in that you specifically state that you want. Toyota and Honda are more likely to hold to their MSRP but even then there are incentives such as zero or low interest loans for those that qualify or in some cases cash back and incentives on certain models such as the Camry. The buyer and the seller both have to be motivated and the seller doesn't want to keep inventory for more than 60 days.

Toyota has the resources to stay in the truck market over the long haul and eventually build loyalty from more truck owners. Yes their numbers are not as large as Ford, GM, and Ram but then they do not offer as aggressive discounts and the Big 3 have built a loyal base over years.

I apologize everyone. I know I sound like a broken record and I will try to improve my posts and will try to stop repeating myself over and over again. I'm sorry if my "GM has lost it's way" propaganda sounds lame to you. Honestly I am just a Kool Aid slurping Ford Fanboi. I will strive to do better. Honestly I lost my way a long time ago when I started driving Fords. Forgive me, please.

@Jason--I have never seen those types of incentives on Toyotas where I live. At 8k to 11k off it would make it worth traveling to Texas if you were buying a Toyota truck. When I lived in Houston many years ago I did get very good prices on new and used vehicles. Of course Texas is a big state and it has a large population with some large dealerships. In the early 70's I went to high school with the son of one of the owners of the largest Toyota dealership in Houston, I believe it was Gullo Haas.

@Jeff S. - I hope to see things improve but the USA is still very sluggish. I was talking to a Physician who is moving back to Canada after 20 yrs in the USA. He says that he is loosing money on the sale of his house and it has been on the market for close to a year (North Carolina).

You know after all of those major changes and and truck of the year awards Ram Trucks is still closer to Toyota (Tundra and Tacoma) than they are to the GM Twins. Congrats
TRX 4 Tom was the one that said: "You and the other Toy fans can make all the light you want of the number on the right. the left matters most."

@Lou BC--That is more typical. California and the East Coast have gone up but most of the housing in the US is still sluggish. After watching HG TV the housing in Canada seems to be more expensive, but then you would know that better than I. There is a custom built house in my neighborhood that is a few years old that resold for 100k less than it cost to build. The original owners were transferred after living in this house for 6 months to Houston and the employer bought the house from them--it took over two years to sell. Toyota has at least one corporate house in my neighborhood that they have tried to sell in the past and gave up. Toyota will probably now try to sell it in the next few years since they are closing their Erlanger, KY offices. I have lived in my house almost 13 years which I bought new and I could not break even if I tried to sell. There are a few new housing starts in my subdivision but not like they were a few years ago. The builders can give low interest rates and throw in finished basements which an owner reselling their own own cannot compete against. I would compare the low interest loans to what the car manufacturers with no or low interest rates to move new cars and trucks.

@Jeff S - larger urban centres in Canada tend to be very expensive. A new house in my town with 1600 square feet (excluding basement) is probably retailing for 400K. The same house in the lower mainland would be 600K. Things get more expensive still as you get closer to Vancouver. Calgary is like that too.
My house at 1180 sq.ft. with 24x26 detached shop is now appraised at 230K and when I purchased it 21 yrs ago I paid 130K. I wouldn't sell because new larger houses are double that.
I'd consider going to the country but the commute adds a lot of extra expense. We have friends with a 200 acre hobby farm with a new 1800 sq.ft. house on it and a monstrously huge barn selling for 600K.
I'm tempted but I'm getting closer to retirement and I don't want that kind of debt load. My boys would love it. I'm gearing up to put them through college. I want to work on their future not mine.

Funny funny funny Toyorust fan always come back with funny things to show how Tundra is doing good in the market.

Toyota moved 900 more pick up in april to get an increase of 23.5% but Toyota is starting from 12,971 units thats the reason they end up with 23.5%. Ford rose only by 7.4% but sold 4357 trucks or 3457 more than Toyota the reason Ford sold 59030 thats why in % the number is lower, even if Ford sold almost 3500 more trucks.

So Japanese fan do not know how to see behind numbers they get excited because Toyota sell more rust bucket. Poor guy take mathematics course.

@ JoBlow
You and TRX 4 Tom need to get on the same page is the left or the right side that matters? If it not the rights side then why do the Ram guys get so exited about market share when total units are closer to Toyota than the GM twins? By the way we all know Ford sells the most trucks so who are you arguing that with? Your argument is more like saying a family owned restaurant isn't doing as well as McDonald's. When the project management of the 2 competitors are completely different. Toyota runs the Tundra on a small business like operation to stay profitable Ford does not nor should they. Take a business course.

If you strip out the F-450 thru F-750 we would probably see that GM sold more "pickups" than Ford. And given Ford's market share of 1 tons, GM probably sold a lot more 1/2 tons.

@mark49 - nope. Ford aggregates all pickups sold with pickup boxes together. Chassis cabs are counted separately. Ram counts up to 4500 together.

@Jeff S and Lou
One thing about housing, irrespective of what country you live in. I must be affordable to the masses. Food and a roof over your head comes first, then toys like pickups come second. If a person can't afford a pickup they will buy a Corolla to drive to work to pay for food and a roof.

Once housing, more so than motor vehicles becomes unaffordable then there will be problems.

The price of housing in the US illustrates what is affordable. The increase in value of housing (or any investment) is the investment factor coming into play, ie, what return the investment will make if sold or used as collateral.

At the moment Australia is entering into a housing boom and agricultural boom (SE & E Asian affluence). This is good for me with my real estate, but not so good for the young who want their first home.

It was the same when I was young. I thought borrowing for a motor vehicle was a lot of money, let alone investing into real estate with a repayment term longer than my age.

Cars are heading that way especially in the US. I wonder what the effect of these 'extended' car plans will have on the US motor vehicle industry.

I think you'll see business have a different approach. The more expensive Pickups, SUVs/CUVs will have those extended period 'personal' loans and business will not.

Maybe these new Transit/Euro style vans with diesels might become attractive to business who will keep them on the road for longer periods. A diesel will have a longer life than a gasoline vehicle, with lower vehicle costs overall the term of vehicle operation.

@Big Al


Maybe your comment was simply misspoken, but housing is NOT an investment. Housing is a commodity. It keeps the rain off your head.

IBM is an investment. Buying a house is simply a way to own the house you live in instead of renting it.

The poor bastards who thought housing to be an investment spent the last five years getting their asses kicked--you read the papers, right?

you said "A diesel will have a longer life than a gasoline vehicle, with lower vehicle costs overall the term of vehicle operation."

Have you seen the photos of Havana?

They're driving 1954 Mercury's and old Buicks down there. What do you mean that those cars didn't have a long life. They are being driven too, they aren't just eye candy.

Get over the whole diesel thing! It doesn't matter if the damn thing runs on bubble gum.

The only advantage diesel offers is that it can burn a fuel that has almost double the BTU per gallon as unleaded E10.

@papa jim
Yourself a financial wizard would know there are only two ways to make money or capital.

1. Create something that didn't exist, and

2. Place capital into something and hope for growth. This way expends the least energy, but has the most risk, ie, shares.

As you know being an investor that there are people like myself who invest into real estate for rental returns and capital growth.

I have given myself an advantage over most others who do what I do. I do this by building my own homes on weekends and holidays. Prior to my job in aviation I was in the building industry. A carpenter.

So, I buy a parcel of land, build a home (literally with my own hands), rent it out and profit from capital growth.

It's a win, win for me and this has reduced my exposure to negative fluctuations in our property market.

So, I utilise the two methods of increasing capital in 'portfolio'. This has given the best capital growth with the least risk.

Housing isn't a commodity. Housing is an investment.

Your view of commodity is anything that is on this planet could be deemed a commodity, anything that is bought or sold, even shares.

This is incorrect.

@papa jim
Maybe you should work for a manufacturer of commercial vehicles and put your comment into a resume regarding diesel.

I doubt you'll get a job.

If I were you I would seriously google some of the comments you make.

@papa jim, Big Al - In some respects it all depends on why one buys a house and how long they plan on keeping it.

Many buy a house and hope that by the time they are ready to retire and their kids are gone, it will be paid for and can be sold to fund retirement.

Vehicles are a poor investment and most experts state that one should not used borrowed money to buy a product that depreciates so rapidly.

I knew a few guys that used to buy vehicles to drive and flip for profit. One guy went through dozens of vehicles to my one and in the end wasn't any further ahead. The other did a bit better but again, didn't make any real money at it.

I agree, vehicles are not and investment as a rule (not counting collectables). Or, as an investment to use for work we generally make a poor choice of what is needed.

If we ran our homes as a business most of us wouldn't have these large fuel consuming vehicles. When we need the capability of a large vehicle we would rent one.

That is why people will not buy expensive vehicles over a roof over their heads and feeding a family.

As much as we all love our pickups, whether HDs, half ton, midsize and even utes they are toys to most of us.

We could if necessary get buy without a vehicle if push came to shove. I would have to say most could get by with a tiny micro car.

You can see this in developing economies, small cars and motorbikes. They don't want small cars and bikes, its all they can afford.

man you guys are so smart! tell em what theyve won bob!!!!!!!

those trucks you goofballs posted are called price leaders. they include 1 vehicle, ONLY. calculated loss to get the uninformed to come in........... oh it worked you guys cant tell the difference lol.

@Big Al from Oz - I "got by" with a used Ranger and a used Safari van for 5 years. They did the job. I could get by with even less than that but that would mean changes in my lifestyle. At the end of the day that is what it is all about.

The USA and many other countries (most of them) ran into trouble because they used borrowed money to fund an unsustainable lifestyle.

I can afford what is in my driveway but many can't.

Hence, my comment on some of those very long car financing plans. These will impact the vehicle manufacturers.

I just hope we don't get them here in Australia.

They came about because the manufacturers, especially the US based ones can generate a larger markup just by adding cheap bling and charging a good dollar for the stuff. This balances out the high cost of manufacture in the US. But this will only work in the short to medium term.

The Detroit manufacturers must restructure and look at what will occur down the track.

The problem is resale will not hold up down the track. People will still owe on their previous vehicle whilst trying to purchase a new vehicle.

What will this do? It will force many into foreign and cheaper vehicles. Again forcing Detroit to rethink what it is doing.

A country can't be built using a credit card, especially with cars. Like you stated cars are a poor investment.

Maybe governments should at look at directing investment into areas that are good for the future of a country.

Not just pump money into areas because of organised labour or industrial lobby power.

@Big Al

"...there are only two ways to make money or capital.

1. Create something that didn't exist, and

2. Place capital into something and hope for growth. This way expends the least energy, but has the most risk, ie, shares."

Stick to something you know, please--I'm begging you.

Regarding capital formation you left out the NUMBER ONE mechanism for acquiring capital--that's how f**king smart you are.

Reply to this post respectfully and with appropriate contrition and I'll explain it for you. But you in fact left out the biggest cap formation tool in history.

Regarding your choice of buying, refurbishing or gaining a return from property management, that's great--but it is NOT an investment, it's just a job.

You bought the property and made a side job for yourself. That's a successful and perfectly legitimate way to make money but it is NOT investing.

Sorry. You can look it up, but unfortunately you'll find some so damn fool so called economist somewhere who agrees with you--then it's katie bar the damn door.

Seriously, Al, you left out the big one.

@papa jim
Wow, sore?

No, they are an investment. I did not build them for any other reason than retirement.

I don't work for retirement, I invest for retirement. I work a job to exist in the here and now. If I have resources left over I invest it into my future. Spare resources include; my time, my skillsets, my ability to pay for my investment.

Your view is like saying school is a job. Schooling is also investment similar to me building a real estate portfolio.

Schooling is also a risk, ie, just by gaining a degree doesn't entitle you to a good job. It's all a calculated risk involving probability. But, some quick research will show you where to go for education to increase the probability of gaining a good job, thus reducing risk.

The same can be applied to any venture or undertaking. As we age we become better able to assess risk more accurately. Just have a look at the figures that actuaries calculate for insurance companies. This will support my view.

Like I said. There are only two ways to make money. I use both, as this mitigates my exposure to risk, whilst enhancing the return on my investment.

So, what do I have for my investment. 1. Rental return (dividend) 2. Capital growth (in Australia anyway) 3. Protection from a property bust (my investment costs are 2/3 the value of my asset from the start. So, from the start I made a 1/3 growth in capital) 4. Collateral that is very secure (asset to be leveraged for future investment)

The above sounds like a job papa jim???

I'm an aircraft mechanical engineer for my job. That gives me other opportunities, like travel, great paid holidays and a very rewarding job and most importantly the ability to move around to increase my property portfolio with ease.

Luck doesn't have much to do with the way I manage myself. Luck is for gamblers. I'll leave that to the guys who consider themselves investment gurus. Then listen to them cry when they think they deserve a Suburban when all they can afford is a CX-5.

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