Could Fiat Chrysler's New Plan Include a Jeep Pickup?

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It was just five short years ago that Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed an aggressive product plan that included new cars, SUVs, crossovers and pickup trucks, with several serious North American plant restructurings as well. Many thought the plan was too aggressive and out of reach; however, the automaker's current North American success — especially with the Jeep and Ram brands doing so well — is proof it got most of it right.

Today Marchionne will lay out the next five-year strategy plan for the newly named Fiat Chrysler Automobiles during its Investor Day, and at least one Detroit journalist is hoping for a certain Jeep pickup truck concept from 2005 (remember the Jeep Gladiator?) to show up somewhere in the PowerPoint presentation.

According to Automotive News, the possibility of a new midsize pickup is a plant modification away. It seems that the Toledo, Ohio, plant could simply extend the current Wrangler Unlimited frame. Earlier reports have noted that Jeep wants to continue its global growth, but we'd be surprised if came in the form of a pickup truck based off such an unsophisticated (and heavy) platform.

Our guess is if FCA designers were going to construct a midsize truck, they'd be a little more creative than coming up with such a retro-looking product (let alone a retro-acting chassis). Especially since it would compete with two new stylish and high-tech options coming soon from GM and two more significant redesigns from Nissan and Toyota. Still, with the announcement of a new Grand Wagoneer coming in 2018 (according to the new FCA five-year plan), many will ask if this new GW will also have a pickup truck derivative just like the old ones did. We'll see.

Jeep CEO Mike Manley has never been shy about saying the Gladiator is the most asked about product from his brand, but he's always been a global thinker. That's why the Renegade, a micro Jeep specifically designed for China that will play quite well in other major global markets, has been on the top of his priority list for quite a while. And if Jeep is going to double its world production numbers before the next five-year plan is delivered, a small pickup truck slotted mostly for North America probably doesn't make much sense, regardless of what efficient powertrains and transmissions are available.

We'll always keep a little bit of hope in our back pockets for the return of a Jeep pickup truck, but we're guessing we won't see anything anytime soon. If you want to see what FCA revealed at their Investor's Day about Jeep products over the next five years, click here.

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I really think Jeep should be the one to introduce a small pickup in the FCA lineup. I think Ram should keep with the half-tons and up. I loved the Dakota, but its time has come and gone. I think a small Jeep pickup would be better suited. I would think it could sell well in the Asian and Oceania Markets pretty well, including South America.

I'd love to see a Jeep Pickup, although I would also like to see a modern Dakota come onto the scene.

My favorite place. Imperial sand dunes. Can't wait to tow and off road with my new Power Wagon.

That jeep would be a winner.

Sorry, it didn't show up in the presentation for the Jeep plan. That jeep pickup boat has sailed.

Also Ram said this in the Ram plan: "Don't expect any of the small unibody pickups from Fiat to reach US. American customers have a long history of ignoring such."

I've seen one Wrangler conversion and the bed is pathetically small. The local dealer took over a year to sell it.

I do think that a "rugged retro" Jeep truck would sell if it is in fact rugged.

Everyone fixates on the bling bling which makes a sh!tload of money but there is appeal to a more basic configuration.

Jeep could fill a niche with a pickup.

BUT will Ram let someone else in the family sell pickups?

I 'd consider a Jeep with an in-line cummins!!

@ rick - you will have to go to Nissan or Toyota if you want a small Cummins. Nissan will have a diesel for the Titan and rumoured to have one for the Frontier. Rumours abound that Toyota is also negotiating with Cummins.

Wards Auto says Tundra will have a Cummins in 2016.

HEY PUTC....................... Any news on this rumour???????????

How long have we been teased with Jeep pickup concepts now. I'll believe it when I see it.

If I have to settle for crank windows, I think I'd prefer an old six cylinder Jeep Commanche.

The Jeep pictured in the story is a 1 percenter. IMHO

I think they are stupid for not building a Jeep truck, as others said let Ram be 1/2 ton and up. Get jeep a small midsize offroading rig truck.

A Jeep pickup would be an easy build add 18 inches to the frame of the JK there would be your xtra cab and your crew cab both with a reasonable size bed. Keeping all the JK axles and transfer cases and adding the 3.0 diesel from the grand and ram that are also used worldwide in chrysler products. That would be a worldwide vehicle with dealer support already in place.

Such a vehicle would probably be overpriced and have an undersized bed.

Everyone talks like the idea of a Jeep pickup is a new idea. Google "Jeep Scrambler".

Q. What do you call a smiling Roman soldier with hair in his teeth?

A. A Gladiator!

(This joke works even better now that Chrysler/Jeep is owned by Fiat:)

@Coltc - "add 18 inches". That would explain the attitude of most of the Rambo bloggers on this site. They just don't measure up.

but, but, but the Jeep Pickup uses leaf springs and a OMG! a gear shifter on the floor instead of a dial shifter on the dash?
That's NOT for me!

Hey Hemiv8, sounds like you gotta Power Wagon. Wow! How does it drive? What color did you get? How about power and fuel mileage? Please take a moment and fill us in on your new truck.

I would love to see a Jeep Wrangler mid size truck.

It shouldn't be an expensive exercise for FCA, more or less a stretched chassis.

The 2.8 diesel would make it perform really well on the beaten track.

The chassis and rear suspension would have to be strengthened to carry a reasonable weight for the global markets to make it competitive.

"Hey Hemiv8, sounds like you gotta Power Wagon. Wow! How does it drive? What color did you get? How about power and fuel mileage? Please take a moment and fill us in on your new truck.

Posted by: Tailgate | May 6, 2014 4:30:16 PM"

Not just yet. Dealers have just started accepting orders. I will keep you informed.

I agree with lou. I want jeep to make a little pickup that is truly rugged and maybe not so refined. Something that can take a beating, go just about anywhere, and haul a lot in the bed. Doesn't have to get great gas mileage, just have a super reliable drivetrain. Take out all the frills and refinements to make it cheap as possible. I'd definitely be interested in something like that for the farm, but I don't expect it to ever actually happen. Basically a step or two up from a side by side would be perfect. I think I mentioned this before when talking about what I hope the next ridgeline to be like.

@ Beebe:

I agree with you but it'll never happen. There is too much government-mandated stafety crap nowadays, there simply no (legal) way to make a simple, reliable vehicle any more. I'm thinking tire pressure monitors, antilock, airbags, crumple zones, vehicle stability systems, etc...not to mention all of the hoops an engine needs to jump through to pass emissions and mileage requirements in this day and age.

No-frills vehicles are a thing of the past.

I was wondering when jeep would once again start the 'maybe we'll build it' crap again with the's only been shown around for the last 9 years.

I think the only way it can be accomplished is for kawasaki, honda, yamaha, etc. to build one that is not for highway use but can easily be made street legal. Side by sides are getting bigger and bigger. I think it's possible someone builds what I described, but it will probably come from the bottom up (atv manufacturers).

This concept first appeared back in 05:

Opps,my bad,wrong link:

Bring back the Honcho!

A mid-size Jeep pickup makes more sense then introducing a RAM 1000. RAM is represented in few countries, and the mid-size should sell better Internationally then in the US. Being a different brand, the mid-sizer can be positionated differently then the RAM 1500.

It's quite simple reall....just....get your head outcha ass and buildit!


Jeep has been teasing along its massive fanbase for two decades as to the return of a Jeep pickup in some form and at this point- now 2014, the Jeep community needs to GIVE UP.

I only owned Wranglers and pre-2001 Cherokee XJs for 20 years. I could not think of a more awesome vehicle than a 3/4 ton, solid axle all-around, long bed Jeep pickup like the J2000 and Gladiator of yesteryear.

And then I gave up waiting. Enough with the trailers trying to move stuff or just go to hardware store, I bought an American 3/4 ton truck and its pretty close to what I would want with a Jeep name on it.

The drivetrain beef is there, the engine size is there, the off-road capability is not as good as what I would expect in a Jeep equivalent, but whatever- I can finally traverse my farm doing work and building stuff and not have to come up with crazy solutions for cargo space every time. I have a pickup bed now, hurray!

Its just a shame to let go of the opportunity to throwback to the 60s and 70s full size Jeep pickups. I don't buy the argument that full size trucks are a thing of the past considering American 1/2 ton pickups are still top-selling vehicles in America and have been for decades.

Jeep has lost its way- badly. Go back to the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, a Wagoneer, and a full-size Jeep pickup for the lineup. Leave the throw-away, plastic-clad mini-SUVs for all the other manufacturers. Make something durable, easily fixable, and utilitarian like Jeep was. Jeep people want that.

Jeep today can barely in good conscience claim any heritage to what they were from the 1940s-1980s. There's nothing left- the 7 slots in the grille is almost an insult now.

@Some Dude

You took the words right out of my mouth. As a brand name Jeep's about as dead as Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Saturn. Or Mercury...

Every time I see one of those re-badged Mitzubishi's on the street I feel sorry for the poor fool who thought he was getting a Jeep. And for Mr Willys too.

I soooooooo want a Jeep pick up, I have thought about modifying a new one, but $30000 on top of the purchase is a little steep for my budget. So Chrysler, do right thing and lets get r done. I have been a jeep owner since the CJ5 days and currently own 3 jeeps, 2 CJ and a new Wrangler Sahara unlimited. I would sell them all for a jeep pick up!!!!!!!

Why not just bring back a modern version of the Comanche? I built my own crew cab 4 door Comanche from a 2001 Cherokee and an 87 Comanche shortbed and it looks and drives awesome. I have pictures if anyone is interested. Those old XJ and MJ Jeeps will run forever!

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