GMC Salutes Veterans With Special Discount


By Aaron Bragman

GM's truck brand is celebrating Military Appreciation Month in May by extending a special discount on GMC products to all U.S. veterans. Running from now through June 30, prices below the MSRP will be available to active, reserve, retired and veteran U.S. military members and their spouses. The discounts will vary by vehicle, but will be available on top of other active incentives from GM and other organizations, such as USAA.

How good is the deal? Well GMC says a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 double cab V-8 with the SLE Value Package is available with nearly $8,800 off the MSRP. That's not too shabby.

"It's a small token of gratitude from GMC for those that serve this country," said Duncan Aldred, U.S. vice president of Buick and GMC. "We're very proud of the brand's history with the U.S. military, but even more so of the men and women that sacrifice for this country, every day."

You can see what kind of pricing is available from GMC through the military discount at the company's website, here.

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When I get old enough to make my grandkids wash/wax the old truck, I'll get a black one.

In the meantime, apart from the paint, is that not the most beautiful pickup ever built?

Let's sell some metal!

This is great for military members in the US.

But, I do think the value of this is more for GM marketers than military members.

Why does GM have to spruik about this?

It's cheap marketing. How many GMC will be sold overall?

If GMC's feeling towards the military is that great, why doesn't it offer these discounts on a permanent basis?

I challenge GMC to offer this all the time and not just to make a splash of 'feel good' for the newspapers.

What do I do? I hate the local Chevy and GMC Dealers! They treated me like dog dirt in the past! At the same time I love my local Ford Dealer, treats me good, never questions any warranty repairs or issues, only charges me $35 for a service.
But! I am not that crazy about my F-150.
The way Ford treats me it would be tough to leave them! I would have a guilty conscience if I switched brands!

@papajim - "is that not the most beautiful pickup ever built?"

Click bait at its finest ;)

I'd have to say...............


I like the GMT900 Sierra looks but there are multiple Ford, GM, and Dodge trucks from the past that I would rate close to being "most beautiful".


C'mon, not bleeping beautiful?

Ok. It's very subjective--so, name me your favorite Ford and post a URL for the photo. Since you have a secure Username on this page I'll actually check your dream truck :)

@Lou_BC and papa jim (papa jim are you Michigan Bob?)
This truck doesn't signify beauty.

Boy, it isn't even a sculptured looking vehicle.

papa jim, it's a pickup with an oversized dorky grille.

Even the colour (black isn't a colour by the way) is wrong.

That's a pretty good deal but they'll have to take even more off to sell them. The new design can't come soon enough for GM.

@ papa jim - The only dream truck would be one that is free and indestructible ;)
I'll have to think about which trucks I like. I'm not brand loyal in that regard.

It would be nice if when articles are posted, the correct truck went along with it.

@ papa jim - I really had a time thinking this over, but here is my dream truck....

The one pictured is a 2013 model.....

It depends on what your idea of a good deal is. The regular offer to all is $8,600 on the Siverado so y'all aint saving much if $8800 is the deal with Military Appreciation.

@Lou_BC aka the real Lou

Select "images" then Google the 1969 Ford F100 Ranger short wheelbase V8. That's my idea of a Ranger!

papa likes getting screwed up the a$$ by GM so that's why the 2013 GM's are the most beautiful to him. Or that could be just the car dealer in him talking trying to screw others up the a$$. You're going to pay top dollar for this crap!

"papa likes getting screwed up the a$$ by GM so that's why the 2013 GM's are the most beautiful to him. Or that could be just the car dealer in him talking trying to screw others up the a$$. You're going to pay top dollar for this crap!"


You used the words Ass, Crap and Screw in a comment that had nothing to do with any of those words. Say whatever you like, but your fascination with analism and scatalogical issues could point to you having been toilet-trained improperly or other early childhood dysfunction.

Consider getting professional help.

You probably aren't a bad guy and you have a whole life in front of you. If nothing else, do it for your family. They will thank you for it.

I salute veterans with my wallet everyday by making a point to purchase American made products from American companies. I want to do my part to circulate money in the American economy for American veterans rather than support foreign companies funding foreign veterans.

I must question GM's motive in doing this. First off, both Fords and Rams are being sold left and right for $8000 or more off of MSRP. Apparently GM doesn't have much respect for our veterans if they want to lead them to believe that is a good deal. So basically what GM is doing here is telling vets, alright we'll let you pay the price you would pay for a Ford or Ram for our otherwise mediocre trucks.

Makes a lot of sense doesn't it? Frankly GM has really been disgusting me lately with their way of business. Even as a Ram guy, I would happily go and buy a Ford or Toyota before ever considering a GM product.


The RAM trucks will depreciate a lot this coming year because they sold so many of the DC RAM Express and SLTs last year on the 199 per month lease promo they did. When those babies start coming off-lease it's gonna be Katie bar the door.

The Ford or Toyota would be a nice step up from what you're used to. Better check it out.

@papa jim
Don't take it personally that I don't like GMC. I got no problem with what you or anyone else like. All I'm saying is that I feel that the GM trucks are overpriced for what they are. For the right price(free) I don't see why I wouldn't be open to the possibility of one sitting in my driveway.

@papajim - my dad had an F250 '69 Ranger


Truthfully, the RAM Express double cab Hemi six speed that they are promoting in my area is a super deal (3 yr lease). Very tempting.

But when they come off lease, it will depress the market for 2013 and 2014 Rams. And with Ford rolling out a new model soon, the 2013 and 2014 F150s should be very competitive for discounts, pkg deals and leasing deals.

If you aren't going to drive more than 36k miles during the next 3 years and the truck's clean when you turn it in--it is a deal @199 per mo.

@papa jim
Work truck trims and the sparely equipped trucks never hold their value well, no matter what brand. I can guarantee you in a few years used top of the line Rams such as the Laramie and Laramie Longhorn will hold their values well.

To get back to the original point I was making, I have always driven much trucks until they reach the end of their useful life. To me, I never notice how fast or slow the truck depreciates since I keep the truck until it's falling apart at which point the depreciation is meaningless because the truck isn't worth anything. So for me, getting $10k off sticker is awesome. I don't have to worry about what the truck will be worth in several years or if any other factors are going to hurt the value of the truck. I realize this may not be the case for other people, but I can guarantee you one thing is that the majority of truck buyers won't go out and by a more expensive truck just because they think it will hold it's value well.



Speaking of 69s

Here's a street-rocker 250 with a FE block hollowed out to 452 inches.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

The reason the US military does what it does is to promote trade.

You should buy imported products.

I don't see to many American or NATO forces fighting battles in the US or Western Europe or for that matter Australia.

We defend the good of the West.

Have a read and you'll find the US'es primary mission is to protect it's trade routes.

BUY AN IMPORT to thank them for protecting shipping lanes.

Great deals! But only if you are predisposed to buy a GM truck. Most of the miltary veterans I know, both the new veterans and the crusty old dudes, prefer a Ford truck.

I'm a veteran. I own a 2009 F350 diesel AND I own a new Tundra 4-door 4X4 5.7.

Neither Ford nor Toyota gave me any discount for being a veteran. Don't tell me GM is showing its patriotism by giving discounts to veterans. It's more like GM needs to increase its sales of pickup trucks, any way it can.

Embarassing story developing here. Involves Silverado and Sierra trucks...

GM Resists Brake Line Corrosion Recall; Trots Out Controversial Spokesman
Submitted by Mark Modica on Wed, 05/14/2014 - 09:23

GM spokesman Alan Adler, in photo, claimed that the brake corrosion problem is industry-wide, and suggested it was a normal wear-and-tear issue. He told the News:

The trucks in question are long out of factory warranty and owners manuals urge customers to have their brake lines inspected the same way brake pads need replacement for wear. In fact, more than 20 states require brake-line inspections at one- or two-year intervals or when stopped for a violation.

Adler is the same GM spokesman who made outrageous and inaccurate claims when the ignition switch controversy surfaced, asserting that the victims were reckless or drunk.

Let's hope that GM CEO Mary Barra will step in and order a recall without further delay.

That article also reported that GM has offered a remedy stating, "In response to continuing complaints, GM does offer a discounted brake-line repair kit, which it estimates should cost about $500 versus the $2,000 such a repair had cost in the past." In effect, GM is offering a discounted repair kit to repair problems that it says doesn't exist.

The list of these kinds of stories goes on and on. Yet GM maintains that the vehicles are safe and can be safely brought to a stop when brake lines rupture. I would question both the accuracy of this response and the source itself.

The GM spokesman, Alan Adler, who now claims that rusting brake lines in GM vehicles are perfectly safe and a normal wear and tear item, made GM's response to the deadly recall delay for ignition switch problems, which contributed to the deaths of at least 13 motorists. Mr. Adler has never answered for his deceptive response to that scandal, reported by the New York Times. The article quotes Adler:

"All of these crashes occurred off-road and at high speeds, where the probability of serious or fatal injuries was high regardless of air bag deployment. In addition, failure to wear seat belts and alcohol use were factors in some of these cases," the statement said.

Alcohol was involved in two of the five crashes, resulting in three of the deaths, Alan Adler, a spokesman for G.M., said in a telephone interview. The statement said G.M. was also aware of 17 other crashes "involving some type of frontal impact and nonfatal injuries where the air bags did not deploy."

Mr. Adler said it was possible that hitting a deep pothole could turn off the ignition, but that G.M. had received no such reports. A figure for the weight of key rings causing the problems was not available.

So, excuse me if I am now skeptical of Adler's latest dismissal of the brake corrosion problem. My belief is that GM has been using inferior quality materials in an effort to cut costs. I also believe that later model trucks than the ones being investigated by NHTSA are also affected; the corrosion seems to start at about six or seven years. The 2010 NHTSA investigation focused on model years 1999 to 2003 because newer models had not yet started rusting. Internet complaints on later model years seem to confirm this hypothesis.


You GM guys out there check your brake lines.

@papa jim - that clip shows one clean truck. The only time any of my dad's trucks were ever that clean where on the day he drove it home from the car lot.
In those days the guys who purchased pickups actually used them for some kind of work.

It funny that if Ford or Ram offered this it would be loved but since the evil GM did this it must be a bad thing so lets bash it. A lot of the GM hate on here is Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. If Ram or Ford had done this the comments section would look something like this: Good job Ram or Ford for taking care of the Vets why didn't GM do this.
Chevy has no premium trim in 2013 and in 2014 they say they hate High Country.
At launch GM no twin turbo V6 equals FAIL but if they had done it then they would have said way to be late GM as Ford beat you to it be original.
Ram offered an 8-speed and start/stop that helped performance and FE and it was well received now GM is going to offer an 8 or 10-speed and start/stop and it now no big deal.
GM changes the chassis, drivetrain, exterior, interior, safety and cargo management on the new trucks and it called the "old new trucks." Now let Ram or Ford do that much and it will be all new.
The Ford guys want to eliminate their biggest rival since Ram is still closer to Toyota in sales than GM. The Ram guys have been the baby member of the big 3 for so long and they want GM's spot.

AD, If you feel GM should be loved for giving $200 extra dollars to veterans, good for you, but just say it without saying what other people should be saying.

@AD, Funny, but the truth is if the deal was special, you would have heard from a couple GM guys or veterans telling us such.

@woopud actually they made that body style of 3/4 tons for 2014 the new body style 3/4 tons are 2015's...

"In those days the guys who purchased pickups actually used them"


So true. During the 1970s EPA and Congress were busy castrating the American sedan, so eventually it got to the point that if you wanted a V8 (leaded fuel, preferably) a pickup or a van was the answer. That's what hooked me. My work truck in the late 1970s was an exempt 78 Dodge Tradesman 1500. Because it was a commercial vehicle it was one of the few trucks in our fleet that ran on regular unleaded. Had a very satisfying rumble when you eased on the throttle.

Pickups didn't become the lifestyle choice until the EPA had totally emasculated the typical American car circa 1980 or so. The combination of EPA regs and the desire to achieve better mileage was the end of the line.

The 69 Ranger is sweet. Especially with the FE motor!

AD I agree lol and its always the same story over and over again from the same people.

@Chris H. Most people with common sense crawl under their cars and trucks when they change the oil or do brakes and check for for seeable problems. The brake line thing is nothing more then lazy people owning older trucks/cars not looking things over once or twice a year, same with the Ford trucks with rusting gas tank straps where the gas tanks would fall off.

What if a Veteran wants a Chevrolet truck instead?

The only people I see having a problem with this is NON veterans! or folks full of hatred, like bigalunderoz.

Ford has been giving veterans discounts for decades on the Ford 'X-Plan'.I have mine through the DAV,(Disabled American Veterans).There might be other veterans organizations that Ford does this for as well.My last two F150's I bought I used this,and it seemed fine.The salesman hated it and whined about him not making any money on the deal.I told him it was tough $h!t.When I asked if GM or Chyrsler offered any such vets discounts both of the dealers I went to said no,why should they.

The deal is pretty good. It is also available on all Chevys.

Percentage wise the deal I calculated is 21% off and is getting close to the "employee pricing for everyone" deal that was popular in 2005. Watch for that deal next. Back when I bought my vehicle under the "family plan for all" it was 23% off.

Did someone say GM wasn't going to discount the new trucks like they had before?

They also have a May/Memorial Day discount for non-military. So discounts all around.

Ford loses and GM wins again!

@ ToxicSludge

I am a member of the DAV and think I saw that Ford thing you were mentioning and good on them for it.

I have never stated I dislike pickups, I own one. I have stated l really enjoyed driving a Superduty when in the US........but I don't have a need for one.

I've even stated I would be interested in a full size diesel.

Your problem is you are living on the past glories of what you remember as what the US was.

Many of the traditional French and British have/had your attitude. They just can't accept the pace at which change is occurring and influence changes globally.

Instead of dreaming of the past, look at what you do that is constructive for the future.

Have you been 'locked' up in a seniors home for a decade or two and you have just been allowed internet access?

But, I will comment when someone passes judgment that is incorrect or deceiving. When a person purposely puts forward a comment of deception I will correct them.

Maybe you just have made many poor and inaccurate decisions.

Or, maybe half of what you comment on is a troll.

@ AD: Thank you for your service.I'll try to post a link to the Ford x-plan.For the entry code you need to get that from DAV,as I won't post that.It's for us only.

@papa jim - I've always have had a soft spot for the FE motors. My dad had a few pickups with the 390 and we have a '68 Glaxie 500 with the high compression 4V dual exhaust version of the 390. It was great fun as teenager to prey upon all of the rich kids in their T-Top TransAm Fire Chickens.

I do agree that this is more marketing than just caring about the veterans, but still it is good to give the veterans at least something for their service to the country. At the very least maybe GM could offer $500 to $1,000 additional discount to veterans only on an ongoing basis on all GM products. Farmers get an additional $500 discount on Chevrolets if they are members of their State Farm Bureau.

With all this talk of rusting brake lines, I must say, the only vehicle I have ever had to replace rusted brake lines in was my 2003 Dakota! I had the very same experience with having to stop and the pedal going mushy, and then to the floor while bringing the truck to a very slow stop! luckily without hitting anything! This happened just this past fall, and cost me hundreds of dollars, so when that truck needed more work to get an inspection sticker this past March, I had had enough of the normal wear and tear, and had to trade it in! Now after saying all of that, I did not consider that excessive abnormal rusting on a truck that had spent many days on the beach, and behind the high tide line after many nights fishing on the beach, and the truck had very little to NO rot or rust. But still I have never had such issues with my Chevy's over the years, while driving them and treating them the same as the Dakota!


Yup, the 390, apart from being heavy, made a perfect pickup truck engine in its day.

The bottom end of those blocks was extremely stout because of the web. Very smooth and strong. In the mid sixties GM's divisions each had their own bespoke engines.

The Mercury and Lincoln divisions each had some overlap, but the full sized Mercury sedans came with the 390, 406, 428 and some rare 427s. Ford had a Windsor block option that was not shared with Mercury until about 1968, the 302.

Of the lot, the 390 was probably the most practical daily driver. Quiet, smooth, strong and long lived.

@papa jim - the FE series was actually a bit lighter than most big blocks of the era. Mind you, back then 10 pounds difference didn't matter too much to most people ;)


But the FE was Ford's family (of what they called) of intermediate-sized blocks.

The Ford big block was the 460; it replaced the old Lincoln 430 engine, but I don't think the 430 was available except in Lincolns.

For its size the FE was pretty heavy, because of the block's design. The casting completely enshrouded the main caps, which made the block stiffer but heavier.

A great design for pickups and big sedans. Too bad that emissions and gas prices killed it.

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