Recall Alert: 2014-15 Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500s, GM Full-Size SUVs

Recall silverado

Vehicles Affected: GM is recalling about 500 2014-15 model-year Chevrolet Silverado 1500s, GMC Sierra 1500s, Chevy Suburban and Tahoe SUVs, and GMC Yukon and Yukon XL SUVs.

The Problem: A sensing and diagnostic module that controls how the air bags work could malfunction and not allow the safety device to operate properly during a collision.

The Fix: GM dealers will inspect the part and make the necessary repairs for free.

What Owners Should Do: Chevrolet and GMC owners can call 866-694-6546 or 866-790-5700 for more information.

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Wow, I'd hate to be the owner of one of these new GM trucks, they must live at the dealer.

Wow. 500 trucks out of how many? Looks more like quality control to me and I own a Ford.

Aside from the transmission recall, GM has only recalled about 1000 trucks, and I would venture to guess they aren't all the same vehicles. Small recalls of a couple hundred vehicles here and there aren't that big of a deal.

If I could, I'd disable the air bags in every vehicle I own. Fortunately, my vehicles aren't packed with them in every nook and cranny like many newer models are.

RoadWhale, why would you disable airbags the can save your life or sever injury especially after you paid for them. That's the dumbest thing I've heard on here today.

@Joe: The operative term is "may". So far I've been involved in a total of three road accidents in my lifetime and none of the vehicles involved even carried air bags. One of those accidents was a highway-speed "T-bone" of another car in which the only injury I received was bruised knees--which airbags don't even address. Worse, if I so much as slide down an embankment in my Jeep and hit the bumper at the bottom, the air bag will pop possibly at a time when I really need to steer, increasing the risk of a more severe accident. Worse, now I'd have to cut the air bag and popped plastic away simply so I could drive away from the situation. In other words, they're overkill that adds cost and weight to the vehicle.

Even more concerning is the report that many airbags offered in new vehicles are recycled from older ones and may not be functional even when needed. I'll admit I don't know if they have stopped that practice since the report came out, but I find it unlikely.

To me, airbags are an unnecessary redundancy; I wear my seat belts and I ensure my passengers wear theirs. No one in my vehicles has ever been even scratched in any of the accidents I pointed out above--EVEN when the car I was driving 'T-boned' that other was totaled by the collision. I see them as an either-or device that should be live only if the person occupying a given seat is not wearing their seat belt. If they're dangerous enough to require a disable switch when carrying an infant in a carrier, they're dangerous enough to cause issues to an adult even when otherwise secured.

Dumb? No. But no airbag has yet saved my life and it's doubtful one ever will. It's more likely that it would cost me my life if it ever fired or at a minimum put me in the hospital until my lungs clear from the powder and fumes.

@CT: You know, it's just possible that you're looking at this issue the wrong way. You're so intent on seeing the numbers that you're ignoring that the vast majority of them now are completely voluntary by GM itself, trying to fix its 'predecessor's' mistakes and get a handle on their current QA. Even if it is 1,000 trucks, how many 2014 Sierra/Silverado/et al have been built in toto? This may be 1/10th of 1% of the total vehicles, which means they're doing their best to catch it before it becomes a problem. They've already narrowed down the likely cause to a single run of controllers.

All the others you mention appear to follow the same criteria--finding the issue themselves and fixing it BEFORE it becomes a problem. This really looks like an effort to do the right thing first rather than waiting for an NHTSA demand and 'cheeping out' as the previous version of GM was doing. It sounds to me like they've finally got a CEO that's truly interested in offering a good product for your money than how much cash they can bilk out of you.

Well they say built strong...waiting to see it.

They also say "find new roads" because you will bounce your arse off on an old road!


Sniff sniff. My favorite brand of truck has turned out to be a POS. Time to go buy a Ford (after I move out of my moms basement).

WOW, GM has gone nuts, glad I left them in 09 and moved on to real trucks

It's only 500 2014-15 trucks. The last Ford TRUCK recall was for 4,000 2015 Trucks. GM still has fewer 2015 trucks recalled. Ford girly men keep trying to put GM down. But GM WINS AGAIN!

@RoadWhale As a volunteer fireman and first responder I have seen airbags save many lives. The damage they may cause is nothing compared to a windshield or steering wheel. Seatbelts and airbags may cause bruising or even break bones but in cases they do they are preventing much more serious damage. Today's vehicles are amazing at protecting life, use this capability to the fullest.

What about the guy that works 12 hours a day 6 days a week that can afford that new Chevy,,, isn't it a hassle to take time off just so he could take his truck to the dealer to fix recalls that were not his fault?

I want airbags to work regardless of the fact that I wear a seatbelt and so do my passengers.

@Roadwhale - you have some weak excuses for not using airbags. I've driven down some extremely bad roads and so has everyone I know, friends have tweaked bumpers in shallow ditches, my brother even has to deliberately run through the deep snow and brush on the side of the road to avoid a head-on with a logging truck. I've never seen or heard of an airbag deployment in a circumstance other than an MVC.

The only place an airbag is dangerous is post MVC and they have NOT deployed. A late deployment can cripple or kill escue workers.

Roadwhale keep on driving without an airbag. We nned to thin out the gene pool.

As to GM's recalls. Every month they have one. That's way too many.

I'm not bashing any brand, but this is getting ridiculous.

I log in and see a number of recalls from GM. More than Ram or Ford.

That being said, I'd rather have the company issue the recall and get it fixed, but damn, get the quality control down better.

The multiple truck line strategy needs is not paying off. Next time, focus on one truck and make it great.

Yeah I know there's a recall....but they offer a integrated trailer brake controller!

I think the most recent recalls for the GMC/Chevy brand is over 15.5 million . So if a Gmc/chevy dealer offers you discounts on a new vehicle , you better run the other way and fast !

@NorthernMN: I'd rather not have to use it, my friend.

And as far as clearing the gene pool, you're a minimum 40 years too late, Dale. I sowed my wild oats a long, long time ago.

Sure wish I had recalls on my f-150 so the stuff that's wrong would actually be fixed but other than being told there's nothing wrong.

On the last GM truck recall article I made the same point I will make today. It's a quality control issue.

Normally things would stop there. Given GM's situation right now, it's a different story.

I am utterly shocked at how many times I have come to PUTC in recent months and found a GM truck recall article. Regardless of how big or small the problem being recalled is, it is bad publicity for GM any way you look at it.

On several other sites, I have seen people infer that GM's strategy is just to get all the recalls out of the way at once, in other words, take the bad publicity and financial hit as quickly as possible.

People do quickly forget things like recalls. Their strategy may work. That is assuming that there are no other major recalls in the near future after this final wave of recalls is over.

If GM can manage to go for a period of time without anything worse happening, the probably will recover from all this fine. However, if any more issues arise, then they better have a plan B.

I thought I made a mistake when I bought my 13' Silverado last June. But with all these recalls on the 14's and 43,000 flawless miles on my 13 I think I made the right choice. Hopefully the 16' model year will get the 8 or 10 speed mated to the 4.3 liter.

over 18 million recalled in Canada and US really gm, wow.

It seems like in the past people have always said don't buy the first model year of a new or redesigned vehicle. I haven't heard people saying that as much recently, but maybe with the GM trucks they will get their issues worked out for the '15 or '16 models. I do feel sorry for anyone who's purchased a '14 and had anything less than a stellar experience with it. I don't care what brands people drive, I want to see people enjoy their trucks and not have it sitting in the shop waiting for repairs, or wondering what the next recall will be.

Lou, It is working for Ford and Fiat because sales are up. But Chevy lost 5,500 sales on a brand new truck when they should be up in the 10's of thousands! Rethink this. Chevy is getting murdered. Put all resources in Chevy and make it a true Ford fighter and watch sales expload or continue doing what you've always done and get what you always got.

GM's main problem with the 2 truck approach is that they have a loyal following for both brands. Believe it or not, there are even a few people out there who don't realize that the Silverado and Sierra are essentially the same truck.

In the past when brands have been killed off they were basically irrelevant. Think back to when Chrysler got rid of Plymouth, who was actually buying Plymouth? Hardly anybody was. That's why it was killed off.

Its the same deal with when GM killed off Oldsmobile. About the only people buying them were old people who didn't realize that the brand had become irrelevant and did not have the same quality standard as before. Pontiac and Saturn were the same, but I guess the did have a bigger market share.

GM is selling enough of both the Silverado and Sierra such that it can't justify killing off one or the other. If they did kill off GMC, it is quite possible they could lose GMC buyers to other brands, instead of getting them to look at Chevy.

It's hard to say what the right thing is for GM to do at this point. My personal opinion is that GMC should have been killed of a number of years ago. At this point, I don't think there's much they can do besides keep running with both brands.

Is there no end to these recalls from Generic Motors...doesn't seem to matter if it is their old junk or new junk it all seems to be the same....glad I don't spend my money on them..

@Dave - are you addressing me or the fake Lou? My blog name is linked to typepad.

The real story here is not recalls, but ford spending BILLIONS of dollars just to try and keep up with GM. Good to see ford is spending money to create jobs here in America. Fords New Motto is, if we can't beat em (GM) will just copy their ideas (GM) Ford did make claim to the invention of the Girly Man Step and say that innovation only came from ford. GM says they won't dispute fords claim of the Girly Man Step.

Ford, we bring you the Girly Man Step yeah.

GM updating fullsize pickups for 2015

As Ford prepares to hit the market with its x-factor, aluminum-intensive F-150 and Ram sales stand tall enough to meet General Motors truck sales eye-to-eye, GM is putting the word out that it's going to add more features to its trucks and do so more regularly. An executive engineer for pickups told reporters that "a whole array" of changes are on the way as soon as the 2015 model year and then would likely come "the year after that, the year after that, the year after that."

We won't know for a few months what any of these updates will be, but the rumored changes for the Silverado and Sierra appear to cover all the bases, including appearance, capability and fuel economy. Rumors run to higher gear counts, stop-start technology and diesel engines before brand-new pickups come for the 2019 model year, those next-generation models supposedly to be engineered with a lot more aluminum.

The Strong just got stronger

2014 Fuel Mileage (

2014 Ram 1500 - 17.4 MPG

2014 Silverado 1500 - 17.2 MPG

2014 Ford F-150 - 16.8 MPG

People have become too dependent on the safety nannies these days which makes them drive like idiots. "Oh, I can drive like an azz because the airbags will save me." Yeah right!

Airbags are just one component of the safety system in a modern vehicle. If a vehicle doesn't have airbags, that doesn't mean it's not safe. Lap and shoulder belts are the real safety items. Without those, you're asking for trouble.

I have an older vehicle (89MY) that doesn't have airbags. I feel just as safe in that vehicle when I wear my seat belts as I do in my newer truck that has airbags and ABS. In fact, I feel safer in the older one because it has over 6ft+ of frontal zone (crush) space with a cast iron V8 engine in the front.

These new GM trucks are sure having a lot of recalls lately. I realize it's just a small percentage that are actually being affected, but it kinda tarnishes the brand in my opinion. Perhaps GM should've waited another year or so to work out the kinks before releasing these new models to the public.

Man most of the tards on here have a smaller thinking capacity then a common goldfish. Every one has some trouble in the first model year with big changes. It wasn't all that long ago Ram was have recalls almost every week. By the start of next year it will be Ford.

Stop trolling Lou_BC! I am getting tired of reading this garbage!

At least GM is being more forthright about issues. Along those lines though, they are exposing rampant production/manufacturing issues that need to be remedied.

You know my dad has a 2014 and hasn't been a victim to a single recall

Big deal...

I know a lot of folks are waiting for GM to put a recall on the '14s for the vibration at 70mph,moving seat and vibration at stop light issue. go over to GM truck forums and you'll get your fill...116 pages worth. Mine did it and so does our parts Mfr truck here at Lawrence Hall in Abilene,Tx. I had 3 sets of tires replaced,17 road force balances,2 drive lines and motor mounts shimmed....still no fix. I went down the road and traded for a '14 RAM and couldn't be happier. we have atleast 3 customers a week coming in for these issues.

I sure hope people don't believe what all the Dodge fan boys write on these pages. Sometimes I think dodge hires someone to write this stuff.

@ Buy American or say Bye to America! - a troll has hijacked my name. It isn't the first time it has happened on this site. The bottom feeder first took over my blog name "Lou" and now he is trying to hijack Lou_BC. Lou_BC id linked to typepad. If you click on the link on my name and typepad does not come up (listing my posts) then it is the troll.

The same thing happens to other bloggers as well.

The troll will be shooting his wad with glee seeing that he is disrupting this site and confusing bloggers.

This site has taken a very pathetic approach to controlling the quality of the news blog. The other components of the PUTC blog had to be shut down due to spambots taking over the site. PUTC as part of Cars.Com was for sale but if this site does not police itself who is going to buy it ?
or who is even going to want to keep reading it.

@texas78. If your gonna make up a bunch of crap then try to actually make it believable next time.........

It is getting more common. My province has a law stating my wife has to be tethered or crated so that they cannot jump or fall out of the back. Even women inside the cab if not tethered with seat belts will not be covered by insurance if injured in a crash. Trust me I tried, the F&ck'n insurance won't pay!

I tied my shoes by myself today. GM WINS AGAIN!

I tied my shoes by myself today. GM WINS AGAIN!

Posted by: Stunky | May 28, 2014 11:04:43 PM

Congrats! I am working on doing that by myself. Lou BC is teaching me.

I wiped my ass by myself yesterday.

I wore a pentium processor around my neck as a necklace...and wiped Joe's ass.

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