Recall Alert: 2014-15 Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500s, GM Full-Size SUVs

Recall silverado

Vehicles Affected: GM is recalling about 500 2014-15 model-year Chevrolet Silverado 1500s, GMC Sierra 1500s, Chevy Suburban and Tahoe SUVs, and GMC Yukon and Yukon XL SUVs.

The Problem: A sensing and diagnostic module that controls how the air bags work could malfunction and not allow the safety device to operate properly during a collision.

The Fix: GM dealers will inspect the part and make the necessary repairs for free.

What Owners Should Do: Chevrolet and GMC owners can call 866-694-6546 or 866-790-5700 for more information.

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I know from personal experience a late deployment can cripple or embarrass workers....


Hmmm.......aluminium F-250s and 350s?

@Big Al

Assume for a moment that autos/trucks/SUVs can be built from lightweight alloys and ultra light alternatives to steel, then everybody wants one--right?

My first response is to state categorically that cars built that way will cost a lot more to produce, at least initially. Right?

So, over the long term is resistance to using steel alternatives about fuel savings, improved performance or Green concerns?

Nobody builds fighter planes or Formula 1 cars that way so why go on building trucks that way.

The new GM products have a nice look, good mileage, quite ride. I own a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado; the truck is nice looking, very quiet ride, and great mileage. The truck sales are strong, my brother purchased a 2013 Ram Pickup and within three weeks he had a loud noise when making right turns. The dealership could not fix the issue; the dealership begged him to close the issue ticket since corporate does not look favorably on issues that cannot be addressed at the dealership. The dealership working with corporate finally brought in a troubleshooter who fly’s around to fix issues the dealership cannot fix. The problem was something with 8 bolts not being torqued down enough. This sounds like a simple fix but it took months to address the issue, the dealership was more concerned about closing the issue ticket.
My son has HD Silverado’s, I see many construction companies using the Chevrolet trucks, seems more than the Fords lately. No one uses the RAM for a work truck; they are more for the common person driving vehicle not a work truck.
I talked to a person at the Gas station the other day who also had a 2014 crew cab Silverado. He previously had a Nissan Titan truck, he liked the Nissan Titan but he said the Silverado does get better mileage, quieter ride, he has been happy with the Silverado.
I have owned a 2001 Silverado, 2003 Avalanche, 2013 Silverado and traded up to a 2014 Silverado that is miles ahead with fit/finish, great mileage, very quiet ride, strong performance. Any person who says otherwise has never owned a 2014/2015 Silverado before. Remember GM sell $50,000+ GMC and Chevrolet trucks per month, to have issues with 5% of the trucks is not surprising, I believe this is within the norm for people who have issues or are upset with their new vehicle. If you google what you believe are the best cars/trucks made they all have issues, the key is the dealership response.
I don’t buy much of what is being said in these blogs as everyone I talk to really likes the Silverado, Look at how many new 2014 and 2015 Silverado’s being sold, the sales continue to rise, you see them everywhere including construction companies.

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