Recall Alert: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

Silverado truck

By Aaron Bragman

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 477 model-year 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size pickups, and 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe full-size SUVs

The Problem: The tie rod threaded attachment to the steering gear rack in these vehicles may not be tightened to specification. With this condition, the tie rod can separate from the steering rack and a crash could occur without prior warning.

The Fix: Customers should have their vehicles taken by flatbed tow truck to their dealer, where the inner tie rods will be inspected for correct torque, and, if necessary, the steering gear will be replaced.

What Owners Should Do: Affected customers are currently being contacted by GM, with overnight letters sent May 14 to dealers and owners. Concerned owners can contact Chevrolet at 800-222-1020 for more information.

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Y always knew Ford was better...!!!,

You're right, miath, Ford is a lot better.

GM dealer service departments will stay busy this year, that's for sure.
A lot of them are quick fixes, like computer reprogramming, but some will require some fixing up.

This is getting nuts, maybe this is what you get when you make a vehicle in Mexico and not America . Its sad to Say my next truck will not me a GM truck . How could a company cut so many corners with what was once the no1 truck .

This is the 6th recall on the 2014 Siverados.

To avoid most problems with the new trucks, it has been suggested that you should wait a bit if you are not in a hurry to buy:

Wait on the 2013 Ram 3 years to work out the kinks (meaning buy a 2016).
Wait on the 2014 GM trucks 1 year.
Wait on the 2015 Fords 1 year.

When is Chevy gonna recall my Silverado and/or buy it back? The damned frame broke the other day!

At least Toyota bought my Tacoma back for KBB-excellent-condition-value-and-a-half (...and this was BEFORE it actually broke!)

Retightening the tie rod is no biggie. Just put a wrench on it and you're done. That is a fine looking truck if I do say so myself. Much better looking than anything from ford or ram.


Bob, I think the Chevrolet is the ugliest truck on the road, just has no style as anyone can draw boxes. The Sierra looks a little better and I'd actually consider a Sierra. The Ram is bar far the best looking truck.

You think that is the best looking and by far? Come on. Looks ugly and has too much chrome. Both the Sierra and Silverado look way better. Ram girly boys lose again!


Am I the only reader who's noticed that the thumbnail posted with this article is a Ford???

Jason H. that $ucks! but how long ago did this happen? and what years if the truck? not that it should mater but it looks like you might live in the salt belt, and have a garage, but did you know that trucks keep wet and salty in a garage will rust faster than keep out side? it is true, and it has something to do with rusting at above freezing temps. that is right rust slows way down to almost not happening if the temp is bellow freezing, and if any vehicle is kept in a garage, that might get warmer than outside, rust will happen faster! than if you kept the vehicle outside in the cold! Now what years was the Tacoma when it rusted, and how old was the Chevy? Yes a garage is nice when it is cold and wet out, and snowy, and to be able to go into a garage to a nice and dry vehicle and not have to clean snow and ice off is nice, but it will rust out faster in the garage! than it will outside! They say rust never sleeps, but it actually does when it is freezing .

I guess someone forgot to tighten it at the factory, how many mistakes did you guys make working on your truck such as forgetting to install the drain plug and pouring new oil in, or forgetting to install the gas cap at the gas station, or forgetting to tighten up the wheel lug nuts and your wheel falls off?
How many times did you pour anti-freeze in the window washer tank, or add windshield washer fluid in the cooling system recovery tank?
Installing disc brake pads backwards?
We all make mistakes!

FYI, the RAM is a 12 year old truck WITH A NEW GRILLE AND MORE EXPENSIVE CHROME/LEATHER EVERY FEW YEARS! Don't forget a European CarryAll/Purse to hold fishing rods! LMAO! Also Ran has had to USE A MORE EXPENSIVE DIESEL ENGINE WITH MORE EXPENSIVE FUEL BECAUSE THE 5.7 IS A BOAT ANCHOR OF A MOTOR. By the way the NEW DIESEL from Ram has HAS NO CAJONES TO GO UP HILL AND TOW and virtually no payload to do it!

Let it be written....LET IT BE DONE!

Jason H I feel your pain, I drove a 1999 Silverado Z71 for 240,000 miles, hand washed exterior/power washed underside the salt off constantly in the winter, still rotted out. Sold that truck and never thought about purchasing GM again.


The truck is a 1999. First year of the new body style (Called "Silverado" instead of C-K). I bought it in 2010 (for a song) knowing full-well it would need some work. It was a basket case. In the first year I owned it I had to fix the heater core, fix the 3rd door latch, replace the passenger mirror, replace the turn signal/multiswitch, replace the windshield wiper motor, replace the mirror positioning switch, replace the swaybar bushings, replace the tailgate tethers, replace the tranny shifter cable, replace the fuel pump, replace the fuel pressure regulator and replace the entire rear axle assembly because the G80 exploded and took the R&P with it. Last year I had to fix the floorboard under the driver's side due to complete rust through...

And yeah, I live pretty much square on the buckle of the salt belt (Northern MN), but there are plenty of other (much older) trucks on the road up here with intact frames. I do have a garage, but this thing is too big for it so it has never been garaged a day since I've owned it. I can't speak for before 2010. I can take it part way in to work on it, but it's just too small to fit in there day-to-day. It lives outside. :)

Moral of the story: Everything always worked on the Tacoma. The only thing that works on the Chevy is ME. :) ...Still, I'm not anti Chevy. Chevy makes excellent drivetrains (well, in their trucks anyway) and the vehicle has more or less always run and driven perfectly from a drivetrain standpoint. I even put a Chevy drivetrain in my old Jeep YJ (2007 3/4-ton 6.0L with an early 90s Chevy NV4500/NP241 (also from a 3/4-ton). Chevy makes good's just that the rest of the truck is sh!t.

At least that's been my experience.

...Still, I shouldn't complain. I'm sure it got rode hard and put away wet more often than not in its previous life (on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation). After the initial flurry of fixing everything it's been fairly least it was until the rust started causing no end of havoc. :(

@Jason H. Let me let you in on a little secret. Metal rusts....... Wash the damn thing and you won't have those problems. It's not that hard. Really its not

You know something. I've noticed that none of these recalls have affected a large amount of vehicles like the Ford and ram recalls I've seen.

@Jason H - I was waiting to see how long it would take for someone to blame you for the rust.
My brother-in-law had a Chevy 3/4 ton. He lived on Haidi Gwaii. It is very wet there and riding on the beaches took their toll on his truck. He sold it the moment he transferred out. He pressure washed the undercarriage like religion and it still looked like hell after 3 years.

"and a crash could occur without prior warning."

Unless one is in a demolition derby, don't all crashes occur without prior warning???????????????

One can look at the bright side for GM, it doesn't involve the ignition switch.

@papajim - the CNG Ford pic was used for this news. Looks like hemiV8's constant anti-Ford propaganda has affected the subconscious of the PUTC staff.

Wellp looks like I'm trading in my 14 sierra

@CT, LOU BC, I needed my day my day made. I love to Y'alls reactions keep 'em coming. Thanks guys

"GM has now recalled more than 11 million cars and trucks in the U.S. so far this year, close to its annual recall record of 11.8 million set in 2004." - ABC News

Too bad that GM didn’t go bankrupt and was bought out by another company. Had that happened GM would be making better cars.

GM stole $10.5 billion from the American tax payers and now the cars and trucks are junkier than ever. Now a GM vehicle is nothing more than a glorified Yugo. Way to go UCAW. (United Communist Auto Workers).

It's Government Motors. What else would you expect?
Buy GM and support communist politicians like the Obama.
Like all other communist run companies, they don’t have
to make a profit, just a statement.

“Be a good communist and support your dear leader, buy
GM” or “Buy GM and avoid a tax audit” or maybe even
“Buy GM and be exempt from Obamacare."

Soon that’s what it’s going to take to sell the junk.

@ Lou BC, really, I live in Missouri. On a quiet night you can hear the cars rust here. Just saying. I wash my truck like a "religion" no rust! I mean seriously if something rusts it rusts it's metal.. just don't bitch about it. That's my point. Every single one of my vehicles is rust free. It all depends on the person.

If I could live my life over I'd come back as a GM truck dealer with a huge, huge service department. Those GM trucks are always in the shop. I'd be rich just on the service.

If Chevy could just lop off the upper half of the front grill, and bring the hood & fenders down to the bottom row of lights....
Make the windshield less raked and narrow the whole thing up by 3 inches, and lower the frame by 4", reduce weight by 1500 lbs, and install polished aluminum sheet metal, give her 450 hp 500 ftlbs on regular gas, getting 40 mpg; all for $30,000 bucks I'd damn well buy one right now!

Back a year or two ago, I was really hoping to be impressed by the '14 GM trucks. In fact, I wanted to see GM give me a good reason to buy one (not that I actually would). People were really anticipating the release of the new trucks. As a taxpayer who unwittingly has a vested interest in the livelihood of GM, I browse the GMI threads on occasion. There was definitely even more hype over there than anywhere else. I heard things to the effect that the new Sierra would knock everyone's socks of and the trucks would be class leading. Did any of that materialize?

What we see instead is a disturbing number of recalls of the new trucks, even compared to the previous generation. Furthermore, people aren't impressed by the new trucks, even some GM guys. I wonder if they supposedly spend so much money on R&D for these trucks, how come there are so many issues. It's embarrassing to say the least. It might be okay if the trucks were outselling Ford or something like that, but the fact that the new trucks are mediocre at best makes the recalls completely unacceptable.

If Obama can't convince the American public that GM has recovered and is flourishing, then people are going to see right through his politics. Many people already realize this. The question people should ask is what was the point of bailing out GM if the same issues that plagued them in the past still continue to plague them. The other issue is mediocre sales. There's lots more to be said about it, I don't have the time.

Serious enough problem for 2014 trucks that GM themselves have issued a "DO NOT DRIVE" order.

Very interesting, I did not know they had done that. GM is in deep sht right now.

I hate to say this but I think j would rather deal with a few recalls than my 2013 f150 in the shop for a blown rear end at 11000 miles.


This is getting ugly. Do not drive these trucks. GM will pick them up from you.

I guess that is why they sent the letter Fedex overnight.

Don't worry. Soon many of the 2014's be showing up on the used lots. papa jim will rip your head off (I mean).... give you a good deal on a CPO 2014 Silverado.

Stan Jensen
Ford always had the top reputation with the best rear axles, your truck is a fluke or the only one with rear axle problems or somehow you abused it in some way.
I also have a 2013 F-150 and I abuse mine, I take it deep into the woods off-road and overload the bed with firewood, running over ditches, thru swamps, mud, climbing rocks, I also run 2800 lbs of coal and shale in the bed, I have hauled 40 cement blocks that each weighed 65 lbs with 10 bags of 100 lb Portland cement.
( I am going to win a new 2015 F-150, I entered the F-150 contest that I get a free truck as an official tester-abuser)

My neighbor has a new Ram 1500 and he washes and waxes it everyday, and when I'm not looking he kisses it and everytime I talk to him all he does is find an excuse to cut down my F-150 and praise his Ram 1500, but he NEVER hauls or tows with it!

Tom#3, really? Around here guys building pulling trucks yank out what Ford put in and install a 14 bolt GM. I've owned trucks with both the 9.5" semi-float and 10.5" full float and abused them without fail. To the original topic, I do hope GM is finally getting serious about quality control issues. I agree with other posters in that I think GM would be better off with a normal bankruptcy rather than have the gov't come in and screw the bond holders and give a good portion of the company to the union that caused the mess in the first place.

Ford is the worst truck you can buy. Especially if its ecobooost


so pleased that yesterday morning I purchased a 2015 Tahoe!!!

@JasonH. 12 pages of rust bucket GM and Chevy trucks.

All of them have recalls at one point or another.

Interesting that GM was just hit with a record maximum fine of 35 million dollars over their failing to recall the faulty ignition switch in their vehicles.

Seems GM let that one go for over a decade before they started to do anything.

Not the kind of company I will do business with.

GM to Pay Feds Record $35 Million Fine Over Deadly Ignition Fails
By Matthew DeLuca

May 16th 2014

General Motors has agreed to pay a record $35 million penalty for delays in reporting flaws in ignition switches that have led to at least 13 deaths, the Department of Transportation announced on Friday.

Apart from the maximum civil penalty, the automaker has agreed to “unprecedented oversight” as a result of an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration into the recall of 2.5 million vehicles.

The NHTSA administration said the fine is the “single highest civil penalty amount ever paid as a result of a NHTSA investigation of violations stemming from a recall.”

“What we will never accept is a person or a company that knows danger exists and says nothing,” U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said at a press conference. “Literally, silence can kill.”

“GM did not act and did not alert us in a timely manner. What GM did was break the law. They failed to make their public safety obligations."

"ignition switches that have led to at least 13 deaths..."

This is NOT a product safety story, it is a product-QUALITY story. Shabby product quality is not a criminal offense or every Dodge dealer in America would be facing felony charges.

More people die of gunshot wounds on the streets of Washington DC every week than from millions of people driving somebody's crappy cars.

Lame story from a US Dept of Justice that's boiling over with crooks--on the wrong side of the desk--starting at the top.

Papa Jim must have been turned down on a loan for a new Ram one time in his past.

@Big Horn

Not talking about RAM--instead talking about Dodge product quality.

Dreadful reputation for decades. Worst of the big 3.

It becomes a safety when the quality problem kills people and they do nothing and say nothing about it.

So because more people die from guns than GM's cars, we can't do anything about GM? Papa Jim argues like a liberal when it comes to Government Motors. The topic is GM and he tries to change the argument to guns. Can't you walk and chew gum at the same time?

Papa must really like getting screwed up the a$$ by Govn't Motors or screwing others on those CPO deals. What GM dealer do you work for? The large Chevy dealer in Florida?

The fine was for a 10 year delay in recall and there are more fines coming. GM knew about the problem in 2004. It was an ignition switch that could be bumped and turned off while driving, killing power brakes and steering, and also turning off the airbags. Hardly just a minor quality issue that should be ignored. Other companies and the government lies and coverups too but that doesn't take away from what GM has done. Don't try to minimize it because you like their products or sell them. You do that and you are no different than Obama who lies about everything.

Papa Jim is arguing like a liberal. Jim will ignore it. We won't.

If he loses a GM argument, he changes the subject. "Did GM recall delays kill people? Yes. But more people are murdered in the streets, so we should forget about GM's failure to recall."

"Did Obama lie about Bengazzi? Yes, but.......200 girls were kidnapped, so what difference does it make?" But they covered it up, Jim? "So what! What difference does it make?" Every company covers up and "Dodge quality blah, blah, blah."

Classic liberal debate tacts denying this is an issue because there are other failures and he has $$$ involved in the CPO deals at his family's dealership.

One of these days he will realize GM is screwing everyone up the A$$ but right now it's all about covering for Government Motors scandals and the $$$$$ as he makes as a GM salesman.

I am not usually one to come to Papa Jim's aid since he and I rarey see anything eye to eye but what his point was if we are all so worried about potential fatalities then we should be focusing the attorney general's efforts to more cost effective measures like stopping gun violence (kills 33 people a day BTW) or perhaps something that keeps drunk/high folks from being behind the wheel (kills or injurs more than 40k people a year).

I agree that GM should pay for covering up a known problem, I hate that they would keep it under wraps but they are far from the first company to do so and they won't be the last. Some how we need to make lying and purposely hiding saftey issues a much bigger crime than it is or else it will keep happening.

On a side note if we are going to start the bailout blame game again we need to remember it all started under George W Bush and him directing the Secretary of the Treasury (paulsen at the time) to bail out GM and Chrysler using TARP funds, not Obama his turn at the second roundof bailout funds came later but as the old adage goes "in for a penney in for a pound."

No, his point was to to lie and say it's not a safety issue and then switch topics from the ignition recall deaths to murders in DC because he wants to support GM.

Because one thing is worse you can't work on another thing? This is how a liberal argues! I'm sorry if jim can't walk and chew gum at the same time, but GM better learn how.

Here comes the "It is Bushes fault" excuse from the liberals. They will some how find a way to blame Bush for GM's failure to recall those ignition switches. It is the liberal way.

By the way it was the Obama administration who changed the rules for bankruptcy in favor of GM not Bush.

It is not a "product quality" story. It is the cover up story. GM admiited they were aware of the problem 10 years ago and did nothing. This has been written about extensively. Shame on papa jim as an employee for GM dealer or somewhere in the auto industry trying to deflect this and drag Ram into this.

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