Recall Alert: 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HD, GMC Sierra HD

2015-Chevrolet-Silverado-2500HD-027 II

Vehicles Affected: About 51 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 and 2015 GMC Sierra 2500/3500 heavy-duty pickup trucks built between Feb. 11 and Feb. 19, 2014, equipped with the Duramax turbo-diesel.

The Problem: A fuel pump connection on both sides of the fuel transfer pump may not be properly torqued and could result in a fuel leak. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source could lead to a fire.

The Fix: Chevy and GMC dealerships, at no charge, will tighten the fuel pump connection to the proper torque specifications to eliminate the potential problem.

What Owners Should Do: According to a GM spokesman, no fires, crashes or injuries have been reported and less than half of the affected vehicles have been bought by consumers. The recall will begin May 19, and owners will be contacted by Chevy and GMC representatives to make an appointment at the closest dealership. For more information, owners can call Chevy at 800-222-1020, GMC at 800-462-8782 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236; they can also visit

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That is a MIGHTY FINE LOOKING TRUCK. Much better than anything presently offered by the competition. It won't be long until the FORD GIRLY GIRLS AND RAM GIRLY BOYS will be along to bash it. The FORD GIRLY GIRLS should not be flapping their jaws because their camp has a 15 year old SUPER DOOTY DESIGN THAT IS OLDER THAN THE MAYFLOWER. WHAT A FOSSIL. Lol.


Yelling GM wins again in a GM recall story. I guess that's logic for some people.

Go job bob rly getting the point across about how GM is winning on recalls


I really don't care what brand of pickup I own as long as it hauls, tows and the 4x4 works but when I went out shopping for a new truck Ford had the best price, I got the most truck for the price.
Plus the people at the Ford Dealership were nice and kind to me, putting up with me test driving 5 different F-150's before I found the one I liked, try going to a Chevy Dealer and doing that, they would throw you out!
Then when I take my F-150 to the dealer for service its only $35 and they even fill up my windshield washer tank, plus they have free coffee and cookies, its an enjoyable experience!
The Ford Dealer makes me feel special and I like that.

I really love this brand... Is there another color except red?

This is ALL POLITICS! I'm sorry, but 51 trucks is not a recall. This is all politics and GM is taking care of their customers!

Ford = we give you the GIRLY MAN STEP. Ram = we give you a heated steering wheel and a storage compartment to store BEER so you can get drunk and get a DUI and crash. CHEVY = We give you the best HD truck with the Duramax turbo-diesel!

Oh, how I love beating those ford girly men and ram girly boys.

@ Detroit Rock city bob

We gave GM the time machine witch you guys obviously broke cause it looks like GM is stuck in the 80's.

A small recall but considering GM's problems of late...............

This just adds fuel to the GM fire.

It appears someone on the line at the engine plant missed a process and it was picked up. But unfortunately not by QC at the plant.

Most QC work is just sampling, so we at least know that at least 51 engines are made between sampling.

Mark Williams really needs to put age limits on who can post on here.

Detroit Rock City Bob
I am NOT "Girly" just because I own a F-150, I use my truck for heavy hauling, I never wash it, the interior floor is dried up mud, don't have a bed liner or cover, the paint is gone inside my bed.
I bet I haul MORE weight in my F-150 than you'll ever haul in your HD Chevy! My F-150 has a 7350 GVWR and empty it weighs 5140, so that's 2210 lbs I can legally haul! Plus the F-150 has an option that increases it to 8200 GVWR where you can haul 3060 lbs!
I think you just wasted your money owning a HD when a 1/2 ton F-150 could do the same job!
I don't like being called "Girly" just because I own a F-150 !
Oh yea, almost forgot, the F-150 can tow up to 11,300 lbs!

The bigger the truck, the more a guy is compensating for a small wee wee!

Avoid crud made by a union run company at all costs. GM is a union run company, and manufactures crud.

51 pickups? How does this even rate as 'news'? Thats not even an entire shift. What happened? Some guy take a nap? Step outside to smoke a doobie? They caught this early and sounds like they are addressing the problem. Gm has enough troubles, this,,,,,,, this is non-news.
Just making it to this site, under 'news' shows just how political/competitive our society has become.

Remember when GMC was the industrial brand for GM? Now it's just rebranded chevy and Cadillac products.

You are all right! I have owned Fords for over 40 years first one was a F250 4X4 that was a truck! Chevy had them also, that was just about the time when pick ups started to become popular since the GOVERMENET killed the muscle car we had to find something to show our man hood. I now have a 2009 F150 long bed and it is the biggest piece of crap I have ever owned and I am a Ford guy saying that. They all use the same crap so they can feed thier bottom line with gold. All the tailgates are made of 18 gauge steel thats what your toaster is made of the plastic falls off the tops (look at how many pick ups you see with that) except the ones used for family use. If you use them for work any of them the just fall apart. They all have recalls because when you make crap it will have a problem and you make so much money that you can afford to suck up a 2% for repairs it already in the price. The Ford Chevy war is nothing like it was now its just blowing smoke up each others butt.

@tom#3. Depends on the dealership son. I've been to more rude/pushy Ford dealers than Chevy.

I think they should bring in a new law . Every time your car or truck gets a recall , you get $100 to $1000 bucks compensation . for the inconvenience . If ford chevy ram etc had to pay the customer, maybe they would have better quality control.

Truck News has an article on HD trucks it is very interesting.
Recalls are a fact of life, I worked on class eights there were a continuous problem, you are working with many manufacturers and suppliers, also many workers doing the installation and the inspection.
I was told by a very smart guy a long time ago that they put erasers on everybodys pencils, look at you pencils if your eraser has been used you are not perfect.
Just a thought!

@John Pringle
I was told by a very smart guy a long time ago that they put erasers on everybodys pencils, look at you pencils if your eraser has been used you are not perfect.
Just a thought!

Great quote.

@Ray - ignore those worried about the size of their eraser or the need to imply enhancement based on what they drive.

nice truck.. it's so cool. i hope i can have that truck. :D

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detroit rock bottom booby.....they should recall those generic motors trucks just for their looks alone...and how do you figure it beats Ram and Ford...the Superduty outsells the GM and Ram HD's combined....grow up and get a life

I expect the 2015 F-150 will have tons of recalls when it comes out cause its totally a new vehicle.
I will hang out for a year before I buy one cause you guys that rush out and buy the first ones will be the scapegoats and I want to see the REAL gas mileage numbers (NOT what Ford tells me) and see how much the insurance rates jumped up.

If you want honest gas mileage numbers:

Guys! In all reality you cannot make a bad choice between any of the Big Three's HD Trucks! They all perform very well! Its basically Pick Your Poison!

@John Pringle
I was told by a very smart guy the best way to prevent hangover is to stay drunk.

@Ray - if take a sleeping pill and laxative on the same night you will wake up in deep sh*t.

Just a thought!

Didn't realize they made an hd with dual tanks. Probabably the utility bed, hence the lower numbers.

Well do any of you guys read what the others says? You all just say the same thing over and over I will say one thing one of you did it hit the nail on the head just what I had said.. they all are the same just pick you poison! there is a lemon in all of them. Buying a new truck is like going to walmart to buy a shirt the one with the most style to you and the cheapest you think GM Ford and Dodge dont know that? PICK YOUR POISON

Both ford and ra have not made a mager change in MANY years.... when they do in the next 20 years lets see !!!!

Have 2002 Silverado diesel. Experiencing a short that appears to be associated with the ignition switch or shift lever. Makes strange electrical noise when shifting. Radio and power windows go out.

Any advice?

one manufacture is making the front of their trucks more aerodynamic and getting into lighter material at least they are taking a shot in a more modern aproach, sure they will have problems but at least they are trying to move forward. The other manufactor is just making their truck have a larger look less aero doing the mpg thing with engine management large cubic inch thats old tech big engine less fuel so you can move 4 tons. That kind of thinking was 20 years ago. I am not a ford fan or gm fan or dodge fan nor a toy fan it doesnt matter and I am not a fan of people that cant see the what is real and what is not! Its not about man hood here at all they sell millions of these trucks and many many of them are the same so wheres the difference? MY TRUCKS BETTER THEN YOURS BECAUSE ITS BLUE?

Well Said Leonard, Well Said!

I hate the square front end on these new trucks,,and the silly jacked up height,,theres no need for two wheel drive to sit so high..
I loved my 2000GMC ,
that was shaped round like a bullet and sat nice and low to the ground so it pleasure to push around corners and easy to load also..
Makes one wonder if GM designers even drive and use trucks as intended !?

A great share. It is very helpful!

Michigan Bob's maid service is a lot better!

Keep on sharing cool things.

the heavy-duty truck recall.......

This is a nice car! I'd love to purchase one.

I have had my new 2015 2500 HD 4X4 Duramax Silverado since March 6 2014... I ordered it LOADED , LTZ / Z71 package. I got $1500.00 rebate right off the top .For ordering the LTZ/Z71 package. And 2 year oil & filter changes, from GM, then the Dealer ( Three-Chevrolet ) gave me another year of the same , adding up to 3 yrs free Maintenance . This is great for me . 11 quarts of oil and the new smog control fluid (UREA) which takes 5 Gallons if empty. I ordered my 2015 last Nov. 2013. And took delivery Mar 6 , 2014.. it has every option i could get at the time.

This is my Third Chevy 2500 HD Duramax . And I have had no problems to speak of. The combination of 6.6 Duramax and 6 speed Alison transmission is great .
I love my 2015 Silverado.
If you're in the market for a truck , I think the Chevy 2500HD is the best deal going. As per Gas vs Diesel ,Diesel is the only way to go. I get better or as good of mileage as a 1/2 ton Gas engine . 400 Hp and almost 800 ft/lbs of torque.It is like driving a Street Rod, so much HP & Torque... A half ton Gas engine doesn't come close to the performance of my Duramax. Diesel is some times 3 to 5 cents more per gallon, but the trade off for Gas to Diesel is well worth a couple penny's .....
Like I said this is my third DURAMAX.... I've had a 2003 , 2009 and now a 2015.. and this 2015 Silverado LTZ/Z71 4x4 2500HD is the best truck I have owned. GM/Chevy is not paying or giving me one thing for this COMMENT on my new truck ..The best truck overall for your money.
A Happy 2015 2500HD Silverado Owner
Roger Ashworth
PO BOX 6656

Ive worked in the construction buisness all my life i have been provided company vehicles all along the way that being said i have driven fords dodge and both chevy and gmc the old saying that you get what you pay for is true fords are the cheapest and so you get the every 50,000 miles youhave to rebuild the frontends trucks and vans 150 250 or 350 doesnt matter also all kinds of little things broken all the time but that is to be expected for what you pay dodge not bad now that they have stepped it up in looks and performance but once again same issues gm is the highest priced trucks on the planet !! But buy one and you will have the least amount of trips to the dealership and believe me when i say we absolutly abuse these trucks we travel all over the country and in the worst of conditions but as far as what i buy for my personal ride its a chevy or gmc for me as my time home is valuable so i dont want to spend it in dealership!!

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