Special Chevy Silverado Targets Law Enforcement Agencies

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Police departments across the country can now order a new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab through GM's Special Service Vehicle program, adding a pickup truck to its stable of law enforcement choices. The 2015 Silverado SSV will be offered with the 5.3-liter V-8 engine and give police departments a choice between two-wheel and four-wheel drive, medium and short beds, and Work Truck and LS trim packages.

The SSV package will include just about all of the heavy-duty and extra cooling options you'd expect for a vehicle that is likely to be pushed to its limits; the package also offers four additional upfitter switches, a bigger alternator and battery, and extra 110-volt outlets. There will be extra wiring for sirens and extra lights, vinyl rear seats, a center front seat delete option, a common key package, rear camera and more.

While these police vehicles likely will be used as support stations for big events, they are also likely to see duty on highways. And as good as they look all dressed up, we hope you don't see one in your rearview mirror.

To read the full press release, click here.

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I'm currently in a 2013 caprice. Live the way it drives. Not sure why we get the old 6.0 and not the 5.3 in the car. Our aides just got f150s with the base 3.7 l v6. Underpowered for what we do. These trucks would be ideal. Remember, the city government buys the cheapest product out there. Bring down the price and it will be chosen over the f150.

Why wouldn't they offer these trucks with the 6.2?

I would personally choose one of these over a Taurus or Explorer, neither of which have enough leg room with a cage in the back.

Too bad the small county I work for no longer has a GM dealer in it, as my cruiser is creeping up close to 140,000 and should be replaced soon.

The Chevy would handle like a horse wagon in a high speed chase cause it uses rear leaf springs instead of coil springs and that Chevy would never catch Ram 1500 with a 5.7 Hemi

Tom#3, leaf springs don't really affect handling to much, Ride yes, handling no. in fact Car and Driver says the Chevy handles better then the Ram probably due to its lower center of gravity, its almost four inches shorter then a Ram.

@Tom3 and Joe

Richard Petty took home every one of his NASCAR wins driving on leaf springs. He could write his name on your girlfriend's butt going 200 mph with one hand.

I've seen it.

Leaf springs work fine. For a smoother or softer ride, who knows. No one ever talked about it much before RAM put coils on the 1500.

Not a big deal

The pursuit rated tahoes do just fine. A pursuit rated silverado would be fun.

For any law enforcement here, I've heard the Dodge Chargers have fallen out of favor because of the low ceiling height getting into back seats. Any truth?
Many depts. here in NH are mostly all going to the Explorers, some the Taurus Interceptors as they are called.


The last road test I saw, the Chevy 5.3 actually beat the Hemi in acceleration in either the 0-60 or quarter mile. The Hemi is much like the Ecobust, all talk and no action. The Ram is an overweight clunk of crap and is outdated. Boring is what comes to mind with the Hemi.

This is a good idea. Chevy is producing a lot of trucks and this is a market that would help absorb some of the excess production. This also would raise their sales numbers. If the police departments could get a sizable discount then they would buy crew cab Silverados. Ford could jump in as well and then DM would have to admit the cheapskates and bottom feeders buy full size pickups as well. Sounds like a plan now just eliminate that Chicken Tax and move some of the production over to China.

Ideal for a city municipality or a sheriff's department that are cruising the city streets. The Explorer is better fit (100 m.p.h. plus) for the highway patrol. A pickup would be squirrely at high speeds. The Taurus, Charger, and Caprice are not able to handle the weight requirements needed for the highway patrol so an S.U.V. is the alternative. I would rather have been able to keep the mighty Crown Victoria. The quintessential police patrol vehicle.

@Buy American or Say Bye to America - BTW the so called mighty Crown Victoria was built in Ontario Canada before they discontinued the POS. For someone who promotes American product, it's funny how you promote a car built in another country....lol.

Your real beef must be with people who don't look like typical Americans (what ever that is) building your cars....kind of sad!

Great Idea...... let the drunks and crooks ride in the box...... cuff'em to the box so they don't fall out or escape :)

Our cops use 'Paddy Wagons' to house the criminal elements when transporting or arresting them.

We have these instead of patrol cars. You can fits a number of the criminals in the back and out of harms way.

Maybe Chev can make some of these instead of patrol cars.


"would help absorb some of the excess production..."

@Jeff S

What "excess production" are you talking about? GM and its vendors have a well planned, highly organized and synchronized manufacturing plan that they tweak occasionally but it the document that governs production.

Some of the comments I see people posting suggest that the Big 3 just build cars and trucks willy nilly 24/7 It's a little more elegant than that. Having surplus sub-assemblies sitting around half done, or having vendors back-ordering key components is the result of a disorganized plan--and it drives up cost of production.

You'd be surprised how little excess there really is. I'm not saying it NEVER happens but it is not as common as some people seem to think.

One more thing "BUY AMERICAN" the Toyota Tundra is built in Texas, the ford fiesta is built in India, Taiwan, south africa, germany and mexico....lol.

But maybe you mean buy a Fiat Ram when you say buy american.....hahahaha

Ram has offered this packages for years, to go along with the Charger and Durango police models...

Ford does not offer a specific package for the F-150, but they do offer a police-package E-series van and Expedition along with the Interceptor models of the Taurus and Explorer.

@ "Lou BC"

Here is a geography review for you, and anyone else that kkeeps forgetting... Canada IS a part of America. Just as Central/South America are also a part of America. ;-)

(Reuters) - A one-two punch of bad weather and overproduction has ignited a price war among U.S. car dealers and manufacturers.

The above comment was made in February 2014 from I might add, a reputable news source.

@papa jim
I think you had better stick to gardening or lawn mowing or what ever your 'trade' was prior to retirement.

The US motor vehicle manufacturers are notorious for overproduction, then discounting.

This has been normal practice for decades. This aspect of Detroit culture gets them into problems.

You quickly forget the article the other day on the time pickups sit on lots.

Do you know there are two ways to make money (invest). One is to create something that didn't exist and the other is to buy something and hope for capital growth.

Just 'creating' like over production (ie, manufacturing too many pickups) can also have an adverse affect on your investment, or in business speak 'bottom line'. I'll give you more business and financial advice as I promised ;)


@ Buy American or say Bye to America - there is a fake Lou going around. I had to change my blog name to Lou_BC and the piece of sh!t has showed up again. My blog name is linked to a TypePad account. If it doesn't link to typepad with a current list of my blog entries, it isn't me posting.

This site is a joke for controlling fake bloggers.

@Buy American or say Bye to America - Actually idiot Canada is part of North America not America.

So I guess if Ford builds a car in Argentina or Brazil, you are OK with that...but if they build it in Slovakia it's a problem....lol. It's OK if they move their plant from Louisville, Kentucky to Peru, but not to Portugal! It's OK if they move their stamping plant from Buffalo, New York to Nicaragua but not to Wales! Because Nicaragua is part of central AMERICA that would not be saying "Bye to America or American jobs".

Your even a bigger moron that I thought....lol

There is a fake Lou going around alright. He actually set up a TypePad account, and now calls himself the real Lou BC. You'll know it's him, he thinks he's a know it all, pretends he's from Canada and calls this site a site is a joke.

Please ignore that individual it is not me.

Judging by some of the comments being posted under peoples names, I do think that PUTC have;

a) no clue as to whom is posting under what name,

b) don't care what goes on in this site,

c) have given up with the site, and

d) all of the above.

There is one aspect of this site that is enjoyable, that is, how some who post on this site and try to be 'credible' even though they post crap.

It amazes me that these bloggers/commenters have access to the net and yet fail to google and research before passing judgement. When they are proven that their view/opinion might be flawed can't accept. Paradigms can go deep to the point of disillusion. Sort of like fanboi'ism or DiM'ism.

PUTC is an amazing site with financial whips, global auto industry whips, US vehicle industry whips, emissions control experts, global warming experts, scientists, highway patrol officers, etc.

Oh, a guy who owns 'Lawn Mowin' and Financial Services Inc'.

I must admit I do fill in at least 75% of the above ;)

Mounties in Alberta have been using Chevy trucks for a long while now,in Ontario they use Tahoes,nothing else will do quite as well in Canada in winter,,
and if you think your Rama Rama ding dong will outrun these,remember theres 2500$ fine for going 50 km over speed limit in N.Ontario!!!

@Big Al from Oz
The problem here on the site is a simple solution really, it just takes decisive action on the part of the staff of PUTC.

I think we all saw how the forums got taken over by spam bots. The solution to that could have been simple by simple using better security.

Instead, all I see is neglect and an attitude of indifference regarding this site.

Plenty of people come here to get their information on truck that don't even comment here.

This site could be so much more than it is and if the comments section had a secure login and moderation, I suspect that there would be twice as many commentators and more meaningful discussions.

Lets hope GM doesn't forget to pull the 99 mph speed governor,
they pedal off to you & I. Ought to be good for 125 minimum.

@HEMI MONSTER - the easiest way is to have a moderator read the blogs and delete crap posts. Mike Levine did it without the need for software. What they really need is as you say, software upgrades and a secure login with a legitimate e-mail address.

GM will most likely dominate the police market with the Tahoe as opposed to the Sierra/Silverado.

I just came back from a 2,000 km road trip and I saw 1 Explorer, 1 Taurus's,2 Crown Vic's and 8 Tahoe's and 2 Suburbans.

I am really getting tired of all these law enforcement clowns wasting our tax dollars on the full size trucks and suv's with their gas hogging v-8's , when cars with 6 cylinders in them will do the job just fine..that's really all they need to cruise around and hide just to cost hard working tax payers more money with their non stop crap when people are just trying to get to and from work to earn peanuts to pay overpriced taxes to support all these jackwagons in the first place

@Tom3- the article does not state if the SSV Silverados are in fact pursuit rated- they are intended as auxillary vehicles, although they could handle regular traffic duty just fine.
@supercrew02- I can't speak as to "falling out of favor", but the rear door height has been a concern from day one. Especially once there is a barrier in the car, it gets to be a challenge to stuff a full-size thug in the back seat. That's why the Caprice uses the LWB.
@RoadTrip- both the Ram 1500 and F150 have had a package like this. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2012/06/11/ford-announces-f-150-special-services-vehicle-for-police-fleet-customers/ I would love to be able to order it for personal use.
@rr7mc- and then some- the Tahoe is good for 139mph in the MSP test.

What to do with excess production from an ugly, poorly received new design when you also need to maintain marketshare?

Of course, try to unload to local governments. Of course GM will lose even more profits as they add extra cost to manufacturer to new specs and then drop the sales prices to make it palatable to struggling local governments.

@Lou BC--The county police have already gone to mostly Explorers. There are a few Crown Vic around, some Chargers, and very few of the new Taurus. I could see law enforcement using pickups but it appears that crossovers like the Explorer are going to be the favorite. Even the State troopers are using Explorers.

@papa jim-Yes the Silverados are produced to dealer orders but there are still bottle necks in the production system where they are either over or under produce. My remark was to rib you for saying you don't care where something is made as long as the price is low. Frankly I would like to be able to try a vehicle out even if I have to pay and order what I want online and pick it up at a designated place--cut the salesman and the dealer out. I doubt that will happen because each state has laws that prohibit a manufacturer from selling directly to an individual and the dealers make too much money to protect their status quo. I would rather the manufacturer pass the savings along and go direct. Maybe I am alone in that belief but I am so use to ordering what I want on line and getting quick delivery without the hassles. I find dealing with most sales people at dealerships about as pleasant as having my teeth drilled.

rural agencies in my county use tahoes but San Antonio Police Dept. the largest agency in bexar county is going to all Explorers and getting rid of the tahoe, Austin PD is going Explorers too.

@Big Al

You consider Reuters to be reliable? That's a laugh!

I've actually worked in the industry, have you? Please specify.

Ego-centric behavior has a bad record for causing human harm.

Do you routinely find it necessary to trash someone whose opinions or ideas differ from yours? When you are able to control such unpleasant or destructive impulses, does it make you feel ill or unable to sleep?

Seriously, Al! See your doctor. Consider an update to your medication.

"I find dealing with most sales people at dealerships about as pleasant as having my teeth drilled."

@Jeff S

Great news: sounds like Kentucky is finally offering its residents some kind of dental care. Bout time!

re: Dealerships. Having a local representative is worth the small markup dealers get for selling a new car or truck, Jeff. You are usually the one talking about how they throw so much money on the hood, and all that.

Dealers are service organisations. Car makers are not. You'd be highly disappointed if you had to deal direct with the Big 3, because and I are like ants to them.

@papa jim--You are the one that said it was foolish to pay more for a vehicle because of service. You laughed at me for mentioning a Ford dealership in IN and said I was a fool. As for dental care how about all the illegals you have. You sure are opinionated. I was expressing an opinion which I qualified by saying the I doubt it will happen. You on the other had probably enjoy shredding a sales person and the dealer. You would find out what state they were from and then put them down. Do you ever buy a new car? I thought you said new cars and trucks are a waste of money? I guess your antics work on used car sales people.

@Jeff S

Every car in my driveway is either new or looks new; my Silverado has fewer that sixy thousand miles and looks new.

My home along with the other real estate my wife and I own is paid for. We've done ok.

You trashed car dealers in your earlier post. You denigrated hard working folks who make a living selling and servicing nice cars and trucks. Try picturing Phil McGraw and think calm and peaceful thoughts....

lol at Reuters. papa jim telling it like it is and taking on the pinheads!

@papa jim
I will 'trash' as you call it an opinion with fact.

You do make comments that can be construed as factual. But the way you deliver that information generally has facts missing that alters/distorts the meaning or underlying truth to the opinion you support.

In other words be overt and show a little more sincerity in your assessments and judgments. If you don't you will reduce the credibility of your opinion.

@papa jim
I will 'trash' as you call it an opinion with fact.

You do make comments that can be construed as factual. But the way you deliver that information generally has facts missing that alters/distorts the meaning or underlying truth to the opinion you support.

In other words be overt and show a little more sincerity in your assessments and judgments. If you don't you will reduce the credibility of your opinion.

@Big Al

That entire comment (above) was a lecture, a sermon.

Take your meds, dude.

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

@ Papa Jim,

You are wrong about Richard Petty using leaf springs in all of his NASCAR wins. While when he first started driving he may have used leaf springs sometime in the 1970's NASCAR teams switched over to using truck arms with coil springs in the rear.

In fact Cup cars to this day still use coil springs in the rear.

@papa jim - I've rarely had a pleasant experience with front-line sales staff. In that respect I tend to agree with JeffS. A trip to the dentist is more pleasant because at least there you don't get pushed and shoved towards something you don't want or don't need.
There was a huge debate a while back on TTAC over sales staff triggered by a story written by a long time "expert" "insider" in the auto industry. The SOB epitomized and exemplified every negative stereotype of sales staff in his replies to the bloggers.

There are good and decent sales staff out there but most succumb to the pressure to sell at any "personal" cost.

@RAM Big Mouth

Sorry dude. He won most of his Cup races on leaf spring cars.

Petty won 50 races between 1972 and the end of his career in the 1990s.

From 1960 to 1972 he won 150 Cup events. Talking about rear suspension only here of course.

I saw the King race and win. Was there. Saw AJ Foyt Mario Andretti and Cale Yarbrough win many events. Dirt and pavement.

@Big Al from Oz - "In other words be overt and show a little more sincerity in your assessments and judgments. If you don't you will reduce the credibility of your opinion..."

You make a point Al, except no one cares about your opinion.

Oh, and one more thing both of you don't come back until your a least smarter then a cucumber.

Someone was griping about law enforcement and v8. They sounded a bit sour over a recent speeding ticket perhaps. Most cities have gone to v6s. That's all most of the new cars and explorer are coming with. Remember cities go cheapest way as not to waist your tax money on a thirsty v8. Silverado with a v6 would do just as well. The 3.6 v6 in both the charger the caprice and the 3.7 in the ford do good work Not so good on the open highway but most city cops never run above 80 mph. Too dangerous for everyone so a car that goes 160 isn't important in the city. Highway patrol is really the only high speed pursuit and response vehicle users. The sign on the side of the road says speed limit with a number. I keep it at that number. If you don't want to have to cough over extra money, don't be a dork and keep it within the limit. It's not rocket science.

@Jeff S

Bought a 350Z convertible back in May 2007. It was an unsold 2006 that listed new for $42k.

We haggled with the sales rep and his boss all morning.

Paid cash. Walked out around 130pm after the FI guy's office and our out the door price was $30k plus tax. No insurance, no trade, no financing. Straight cash deal. Got 12k off of the MSRP. We used all of our tricks, he used all of his.

Nothing unpleasant.

Since then, we bought 2 Subaru's --both new--a Ford Ranger, new and my Silverado LS, a low mileage CPO (at a large Chevy dealer).

Nothing but the best experience every time.

My background includes two new car dealerships where either me or a family member worked or was involved with ownership.

I know how these folks think and what they are trying to get done. My take is that it's a perfectly honorable way to make a living.

If you don't trust your local dealer, refuse to deal with them.

@DeverMike/Paul/Tom Lemon/Greg Baird/TRX4Tom/Dave/Hemi V8/Tom Terrific/sandman 4x4/lautenslager/zveria/Bob/US Truck Driver/Glenn/Jason/Hemi Rampage/smartest truck guy/Maxx/SuperDuty37/Ken/Ron/johnny doe/jim/ALL1/Frank/Idahoe Joe/The Guy/AD/Casey/papa jim/Young Guy/BeeBe/Steve/Chris/The truck guy/Alex/Mr Chow/Yessir/All Americans/Scott/Buy American or say Bye to America/Ram Big Horn 1500 or whoever you want to call yourself.

Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to debate, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn to debate with good information, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

If PUTC wants the UAW or whatever to control this site I suppose it's their decision.

It's not kids like I've been told by PUTC.

They don't seem to care. So this will go on.

Do these trucks have the stock 98MPH speed limiter on them?

@papa jim - the only dealer I have not had some sort of BS attempted was the local Toyota dealer and interestingly enough, they are independently owned. All of the other dealers in my town and to a certain degree in my region are owned by the same 2 guys.
The worst has been the Chrysler dealer. I've been flat out lied to and even though I've complained to the sales manager, I've gone back at other times with different salesmen and experienced similar heavy handed tactics.
I don't have a problem with the adversarial nature of negotiating a deal but I do have an issue with dishonesty.

Like I told the sales expert on TTAC, there is something wrong with the auto sales business when people rate sales staff in the bottom 3 professions in relation to trust. The top 3 happen to be nurses, paramedics and firefighters. I pointed out the fact that many Americans are not happy with the "for profit" health care system but none of that animosity finds its way to the front line health care staff.......

Why is that?

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