Special Chevy Silverado Targets Law Enforcement Agencies

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Police departments across the country can now order a new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab through GM's Special Service Vehicle program, adding a pickup truck to its stable of law enforcement choices. The 2015 Silverado SSV will be offered with the 5.3-liter V-8 engine and give police departments a choice between two-wheel and four-wheel drive, medium and short beds, and Work Truck and LS trim packages.

The SSV package will include just about all of the heavy-duty and extra cooling options you'd expect for a vehicle that is likely to be pushed to its limits; the package also offers four additional upfitter switches, a bigger alternator and battery, and extra 110-volt outlets. There will be extra wiring for sirens and extra lights, vinyl rear seats, a center front seat delete option, a common key package, rear camera and more.

While these police vehicles likely will be used as support stations for big events, they are also likely to see duty on highways. And as good as they look all dressed up, we hope you don't see one in your rearview mirror.

To read the full press release, click here.

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Unfortunately, in this free country, the word profit has been turned into a dirty word.

I can't tell you what the dealers are like there, but around here with a few exceptions they are family businesses that have been around longer than I have.

Never give your money or your consideration to a business partner that you cannot trust.

@papaJim - sage advice but in my dealings with dealerships, I'd never buy anything since I don't trust anyone of them ;)

@papa jim
"Bought a 350Z convertible back in May 2007. It was an unsold 2006 that listed new for $42k. "

"Since then, we bought 2 Subaru's --both new--a Ford Ranger, new and my Silverado LS, a low mileage CPO (at a large Chevy dealer). "


A short while ago you complained you wanted a Chev Suburban but can't afford one.

Well, what do you expect from life???

Hmmm......bullsh!t indeed. I rest my case.

@Mr Knowitall - the police F-150 is no longer listed at Ford's fleet/police site:

@papa jim
I don't think profit in the US is a dirty word.

I think profit is harder to come by and the ones looking for profit are envious. The dirty part of profit is many can see wealth created, but not distributed equitably. This is causing the polarization.

You can see some of the comments here on PUTC.

As for the US being a 'free country', well it might not be as free as you think.

Taxation, consumerism and profit isn't freedom. It is a function of freedom, it is a part of freedom.

Since I've started blogging the past couple of years I have found that many in the US have a different perspective on what freedom is.

Here's an interesting article from a couple of days ago. Read the article, yes income and wealth do contribute, but health like Lou pointed out and many other areas are a measure of how we are as a people.


@papa jim--Not all of my experiences with dealers have been paid and as for negotiating that is just part of the experience. On my Isuzu I finally negotiated with the owner after the sales person was obnoxious and difficult. The owner of the dealership met me half way and was very professional. He explained his hold backs and what he could give me and why. I know he still made money but that is what he is in the business to do, but he was one of the few honest dealers I have dealt with. Yes I have walked out of many a dealership but mostly I do not like dealing with them. Many car dealers have a bad reputation which is deserved. In the day of ordering things online I would like the option to buy direct. Even Lou BC admitted that he has had bad experiences as well which is not unique. I prefer to pay cash for what I buy as well.

I do hope that selling to law enforcement agencies is a profitable new market for Silverado. As for Silverado or F-150 if I wanted or needed a large pickup both those would be good choices but I am more interested in the 2015 Canyon/Colorado. My Isuzu has been a good truck (same as Colorado/Canyon) and I have had over all a good ownership experience with my 99 S-10 which I bought new over 15 years ago.

@Jeff S
I think one area which would resolve the bad experience and the dislike of many to venture into a dealership is the very system that promotes the sales of vehicles.

The system of commission based income for a salesman encourages people to adopt techniques that are not sincere.

They will lie, just to make a sale.

A system of sales should be developed to reduce this tendency. Even in Australia our buying experience can be stressful.

Freedom is based on trust. This is lacking in most any transaction between a consumer and a car salesman.

The lack of trust destroys freedom. This is why the US isn't at the top of the food chain anymore regarding freedom.

People don't trust the rich, people don't trust large corporations, people don't trust government, people are losing trust in their neighbours and communities.

@Papa Jim,

I will not get involved in your juvenile name calling, but did you know that Ford used rear coil springs in 1965 and won 48 races that year in NASCAR?

GM had also switched over to coil springs and in fact Ford followed GM in the use of coil springs.

I don't know what you are trying to spin by bashing coil springs other than you must be trying to bash the Ram trucks again.

@Big Al from Oz,

grow the hell up man. Let me clue you in on something I post under my name and my name only. My name is after the truck I just bought so you can cut your juvenile crap as well.

This site would run a whole lot smother if you, papa jim and lou bc were banned. There is a couple of others as well, but you three are the worst of the worst.

"...The dirty part of profit is many can see wealth created, but not distributed equitably."

@Big Al

Assuming the above was written by the real Big Al:

So, show me a system where politicians and political appointees decide how much of YOUR profit you get to keep, and I'll show you a depressed and failing economy. Who decides what is "equitable?"

Your remarks are particularly nasty. It must be the ego-centric thing again.

Take a pill, or two!

@Ram Big Horn 1500 - looks like freedom of speech only goes one way.
Don't like the fact that your posts get challenged?

@Ram Big Horn......."I post under my name and my name only"

did you change your name??

a Meat Loaf sort of thing??????

Cheaper buy the dozen. Hope they stock up on these and the Ford Exploder. My SRT 392 Hemi will leave them wondering?





@Big Al--I do agree that the straight commission tends to lead to dishonesty and pushy salesmen. Maybe that works on some but I get tired of it. I would rather just decide on the price and then buy what I want without all the games. That is one great advantage to the internet and especially Amazon, instead of hunting for something all over the place (store to store) and settling for something you do not really need or want you can find it online. Much less hassle. I am not trying to argue with papa jim or anyone that is just how I feel about the car buying experience as a whole, and no I do not think every dealership or salesman is a crook but there are enough bad ones out there to sour most buyers. How many car buyers out there do you hear that dread the buying experience? I do not profess to know everything as some do, but I can speak from my experiences and a trip to the dentist is more pleasant. I do not need to read comments that imply that everyone in KY is toothless and stupid which questions the credibility of one that would state that and anything else they would state. I guess there are those that lack any decency and civility. Maybe that is one of the factors leading to the USA's decline among other things.

Buying a car is fun, and no I would not want a set price. I like getting the dealership down to their rock bottom price and then tell them they are $400 to high. They say no and I walk out and then they call me back a couple hours later saying they will meet me at my price and I walk out a happy camper.

@Jeff S

You sure enjoy throwing red meat to Big Al, don't you? Anytime you want to get him drooling all you have to do is talk about a key subject.


1. American decline
2. the word "diesel"
3. UTE

Keep it up. PUTC loves it because they're counting the clicks on this site!

@papa jim--You are obnoxious. Is that the type of Christianity you practice? If so no thanks.

Lou Bull Crap, the Tundra built in America? Idiot, the profits go to the company headquarters in Japan. Police are not that foolish to invest in a pick up that has had catastrophic internal engine explosions.

@TJ - looks like the fake Lou has got you all riled up. BTW, where does Ram profits go????????

Let me explain it to you since it is rather complex.

FCA or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will have a head office in the Netherlands, a tax centre in England, and stock will be sold on the New York stock exchange.......

soooooooooooo............ all of the money being made by Chrysler/Ram/Jeep in the USA and any income from stocks will end up in a bank account in England and be controlled by an office in the Netherlands.

Does that make you feel better?

BTW - Toyota is no different than FCA. The only consolation is that the most expensive part of the vehicle is NOT profits but manufacturing followed by R&D. Building in a country pays use dividends to the country of origin.

Why the f^ck do you thing China has gotten so wealthy?????????????????

If profits leaving a country was truly that damaging China would be screwed but in reality they have so much money that they loan it back to the USA.

Guess who funded a large portion of the great recession bailout?

you are the only idiot here:
1st for falling for a troll post and
2nd for your comment.

I don't believe it! The 5.7 Hemi is the fastest pickup out there! That engine was designed for performance! Ram Trucks always had the reputation as the most powerful engines!

@papa jim
I actually stated more or less the 'West' is in decline.

But, if you think the US is the 'West' then so be it.

A sad fact is the West is in decline. It hopefully will improve.

At the moment the US is struggling, politically and economically, just like the majority of the West.

I think you just wasted some electrons in the outer shell atoms.

Work that one out. But don't chew gum at the same time.

Chrysler/Ram HQ moves to England.

Breaking news.....


2015 Rams will be British and all Ram HD, Power Wagon and LD single cabs are made in Mexico.


"I actually stated more or less the 'West' is in decline."

@Big Al

You've been saying eulogies for the US as long as I can remember. You seem to believe that crucial American institutions and American icons are either illegitimate or no longer viable.

You've wasted considerable energy on topics where you were obviously uninformed and simply tried to be disruptive.

You've reacted to differences of opinion in routinely abusive and even (dare I say pathological?) ways. And you've disclaimed the most obnoxious quotes after the fact by insisting that someone else posted in your name.

Piece of work, you are!

@papa jim--Look in the mirror before judging.

@papa jim,
You state;
"You've been saying eulogies for the US as long as I can remember. You seem to believe that crucial American institutions and American icons are either illegitimate or no longer viable."

My response;
I have never stated I dislike pickups, I own one. I have stated l really enjoyed driving a Superduty when in the US........but I don't have a need for one.

I've even stated I would be interested in a full size diesel.

Your problem is you are living on the past glories of what you remember as what the US was.

Many of the traditional French and British have/had your attitude. They just can't accept the pace at which change is occurring and influence changes globally.

Instead of dreaming of the past, look at what you do that is constructive for the future.

Have you been 'locked' up in a seniors home for a decade or two and you have just been allowed internet access?

But, I will comment when someone passes judgment that is incorrect or deceiving. When a person purposely puts forward a comment of deception I will correct them.

Maybe you just have made many poor and inaccurate decisions.

Or, maybe half of what you comment on is a troll.

@Big Al

In a classic example of your form you wasted everyone's time on a long reply to a simple proposition--without ever addressing the point being made. Classic Al.

@mini-me Big Al (formerly known as Jeff S)

"Look in the mirror before judging"

These old and really tedious platitudes sound like they come from an old copy of Reader's Digest.

Most of your long-winded remarks about trucks are the same worn-out cloth too. Nobody cares. Look up "succinct" or "concise" in the dictionary--and give it a try!

@Big Al--Papa Jim has been listening to Fox News between bingo games and naps at the nursing home. The residents at the nursing home either turn their hearing aides off and act like they are listening, take a nap, or wheel their scooters away from him. Papa Jim also is drinking too much coffee and the nurses aides are ignoring his buzzer because they are sick of listening to him. He needs to reduce the amount of coffee he drinks and take more naps like a good little old man and when he wakes up play bingo. We would rather hear from Papa John than Papa Jim. Maybe we could send him the boxed set of Blue Ray DVDs with the best of Lawrence Welk. It is time for your nap Papa and if you are a good little old man we will send you a personal sized Papa John pizza but no coffee.

It's nap time Papa. Time to turn your hearing aide off.

@Jeff S

how thoroughly Christian of you!

@papa jim--I don't profess to be the "Great Christian", you do. Now back to nap time. Too much coffee is bad for you.

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