Spied: Curious M-Plated Ford SVT Raptor

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A lot of buzz is going around about what will happen to the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. Ford will not comment on whether it will offer a new Raptor, but given the performance pickup truck's stellar average transaction price and solid North American and global demand, it's difficult to imagine how Ford could walk away from the model. Still, with Ford moving to aluminum and dropping the 6.2-liter V-8 motor, the future for this pickup could be tricky.

To date no one has seen any prototypes on the streets, but our spy shooters did see something a little odd recently and shot us a quick note. Here's what they shared:

"We caught a curious Ford Raptor test truck wearing some very purposeful red accents that point to … uh … we don't know what, exactly.

"At first glance, we assumed this Raptor was a privately owned truck with an owner who wanted to set his truck apart with some custom-sprayed red paint. Those thoughts changed, however, when we realized it was wearing Ford manufacturer 'M' plates, suggesting it's something being toyed with inside Ford's engineering — or marketing — departments.

"More than a uniquely colorized truck, this Raptor also sports dual exhaust pipes jutting straight out from under the rear bumper. All current-production Raptors have a single, side-exit exhaust.

"We don't know if this truck is a curious one-of truck experimenting with EcoBoost exhaust notes or if it portends anything more meaningful to the market. The Raptor seems overdue for some special edition packaging, so maybe this is a preview of something being considered to keep Raptor fans interested until a hoped-for second-gen Raptor can get ready using the new aluminum F-Series as its basis."

We know that Ford did much of its early 2015 Ford F-150 testing in plain sight, showcasing a completely aluminum body and new 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine in a 2013 Best in the Desert off-road race, so who's to say this newly packaged Raptor isn't fully aluminum and housing a smaller V-6 engine? Next time we'll ask our spy shooters to bring a magnet along so they can toss it onto a body panel as it goes by.

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At Ford, Marketing is Job#1. They will decontent, over compensating with stickers.... and red paint.

I would like to see the Power Wagon vs the Raptor now that the power wagon has the 6.4 Hemi.

Power Wagon
429 torque
16,300lbs towing
3,970lbs payload
12,000lb warn winch

It is possible that Ford will inventory enough 6.2 engines to keep the Raptor line alive a year or two after they shut down the engine line or they may just keep making a few for this model. They still make the V10 even though the offering is very limited.

I for one would rather that they put the Eco-boost in its place. I consider the 6.2 to be a handicap, not an advantage. I would be much more interesed in the Raptor if it got better fuel economy. The Eco-boost would give it at least 2mpg and has more torque in the usable range.

This reminds me of the last days of the Detroit Musclecar era of the early 1970s. Back then the powertrains were toned-down and the graphics, paint and interior appointments were muscle-themed.

Zero to sixty? Not so much.

Forget asking price, wouldn't you rather have a 1967 SS 396 Chevelle 4-speed, instead of a bloated fatso 454 Chevelle automatic from 1973?

Ditto the Olds 442. The 1968 442 was blasted with muscle car greaser style, but the drivetrain was all business. By 1974, the growing color and pop of the graphics and styling could not hide the lameness that several years of EPA policy had wrought on the engine.

Sounds like the bugler is about to play Taps for the Raptor, and maybe even the whole SVT approach.

I don't think you'll ever see an ecoboost V6 in a Raptor, the sound just doesn't fit the truck, you have a big brutish offroad truck that sounds like a Camry. And don't get me wrong I like the ecoboost just not in this application.

That would be a BLESSING if that happened!!!!!!! I am so SICK AND TIRED of hearing about the CRAPTOR and all of the KOOL-AID GUZZLING FORD GIRLY GIRLS singing its praises day in AND DAY OUT. I say GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

Dodgeguy65: 3,970lbs.payload???? is that what you are wishing for? cause the PW does not even rate 2/3 of that, go ahead and look I have and the load capacity is 2,400lbs!

Walt: I do not think there is any reason to believe Ford is going to stop making the 6.2 engine, as that is the standard engine in the Super Duty, just in a different state of tune.

500 horse twin turbo 5.0!

Hey! It COULD happen... :-D

@sandman what's the raptors isn't it like 600-900lbs max payload? Lol? It's sad the Power Wagons winch can out tow the raptor....

@Toycrusher, I hope you're right. I think it will be an EcoBoost V6 though.

@Dodgeguy65, why is is sad that a 2500 can out-tow a half-ton? If anyone is surprised by that revelation, they should be driving a Prius.

@Mark Williams, there will DEFINITELY be a new Raptor.
Click here: http://www.ford.com/trucks/f150/2015/?hptid=fv-trk-rtn-f150-2015
Scroll down to Q&A, and you will see this question and answer:

Is the SVT Raptor still available?
We’ll have more news to share about the F-150 SVT Raptor later.

Given what I see with non-Raptor trucks, I doubt a EB equipped Raptor would produce better MPG in 90% of driving. 55mph on the highway, yes. But 75 mph, towing hauling etc, no.

Lets remember while the 6.2L is not being offered in the 2015 F150, it does live on in the Super Duty. Its not like they are killing that engine. I suspect it will get better with DI when the new (finally) SD arrives in @ 18 - 20 months.

Anything less that a powerful V8 in this type of a SVT Truck is a scam!

I don't know why people like to compare raptor to power wagon. They are very different trucks with different purposes. Different classes in two big ways. Raptor is a 1/2 ton baja truck. Power wagon is a 3/4 ton off-road crawler. It would be nice to have a higher payload in the raptor. I'd consider getting one if it did. But you can't have that suspension setup AND have a high payload capacity.

@Alex, hope you are right in your interpretation of the Q/A

Bebe, I think you'll see some payload changes. The payload on the Power Wagon was not that high and was reduced to UP TO 1409 for 2014.

Raptor current payload is up to 1180. Now take off 600 lbs and you will see the 2016 Raptor payload rivaling the Power Wagon.

I suspect that Ford will keep making the Raptor on the current platform until they figure out suspension tuning on the next gen platform. I'd rather them go with a V8 as other's have pointed out, we expect a throaty V8 in our performance vehicles.

I do hope that they do not run the exhaust out the back like that. It kills departure angles. It is a stupid idea on any truck that might see any semblance of off road use or work.

I doubt that they could use the same shapes of panels with aluminum just like making stampings for a limited run truck would be cost prohibitive.

In one of the 2015 Test videos, a Raptor box was spied - new body style. It is coming later. They want to get the main F-150 launched first.

Don't forget that Raptors are assembled on the same Rouge line as the F150, so it's doubtful that Ford will be able to continue this chassis once 2015s are rolled out. But I can't imagine that Ford won't roll out an updated Raptor. By the way, can someone please change Michigan Bob's diapers?

Michigan Bob, Jealous much?

What truck do you drive?

@Lou Raptors entire front ends are composite (plastic including the fenders and hood, the cab is the same and the bed sides are diffrent but not prohibitvley more expensive. the problem associated with ecoboost raptors is the inter cooler with its skid plate located in that area and the potential for damage might not work in favor of an ecoboost option, they could continue to offer the raptor with the 6.2, as it was orginally to only f150 to have that engine but the raptor doesnt need to 6.2. the first raptors where 5.4 models, its not all about the 6.2

This could be testing of the "Eco Boost 5.0" V8, still not officially announced. The regular 5.0 would still be OK in all aluminum Raptor, but come on. This is the SVT.

And the all-new 2015 Mustang's GT500, if there is one, would require a twin boosted 5.0, as the supercharged 5.8 liter has big clearance issues with '15 Mustang's hood.

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FORD RECALLS, about 4,000 Super Duty F-Series trucks for transmission issue
May 5, 2014 8:25 AM


Ok, as everyone here already knows, I do NOT like Ford products--but it's not always because of their looks. The nose of the Raptor above, as well as being an extended cab instead of a crew cab, actually has my interest. I think it's the best looking grill and bumper combination Ford has on its F-series trucks. I do believe the red highlighting is overkill, the FORD on the grill would look much nicer either chromed or body-colored. I wouldn't suggest any other chroming or detail-painting.

Though... a true two-tone paint job would look nice.

@Sandman 4x4: "3,970lbs.payload???? is that what you are wishing for? cause the PW does not even rate 2/3 of that, go ahead and look I have and the load capacity is 2,400lbs!"

If you ask me, both those numbers are far higher than what I want and/or need. Half the "real" capacity is still more than I need, but it's at least usable. Sure, the Power Wagon may be based on the 2500 rather than the 1500, but I'm sure you can turn a 1500 into a PW equivalent.

Still, they're physically too large and I hate that RAM has gone to 'conventional style' half doors for the extended cab, unlike Ford's and the GM C-twins' 'suicide' doors

I saw some yahoo in a Raptor last week that actually took the bumpers off and put the stock chrome ones on from the Regular F-150, you gotta wonder what that guy was thinking.

@RoadWhale™, GM got rid of the suicide doors and went with the Ram style extended cab.

some of the things I'd like to see added to whats currently available on the Raptor.

Turbo 5.0, no badging option (taking off F150 badge leaves a hole curently) no decals option, 6.5ft box option, single cab option, tuned exhaust, no gloss durable paint option.

@RoadWhales - NEWS FLASH!!! - You own an F-150. Obviously under duress...

But how can you call yourself a "truck enthusiast" if you're crossing one of the biggest truck OEMs off the list? And some of the greatest trucks ever. Because a guy in a Ford stole your boyfriend!!!

You're as bad as HEMI V8. Worse actually. He'll at least own a full-size, not at gun point!!!

@Mark Williams
Global Demand? Outside of NA very few have heard of it.

For an off roader I think the rear exhaust should be placed differently.

As for the engine a V8 would be nice, but I've read that the 3.5 EcoBoost is the 6.2 replacement engine.

In a lightened aluminium Raptor the 3.5 EcoBoost should work very well, until you use the throttle.

@RobertRyan, on Australian Fordforums, there are quite a few Raptor fans. Yes that's an enthusiasts site, but that's the niche market for the Raptor anyway.

Here's the perfect engine for the Raptor, a 510hp, 5 litre Miami V8.

It weighs the same as the 5 litre and is supercharged.

CAFE, you guys must really love it!


Sweet! Sporting the Red, White, and Blue. I want one!

This looks interesting. Sooner than I would expect on turnaround. Need to work on fit and finish before completion.

@carilloskis - thanks for the information. I assumed that the Raptor bodywork was metal.

There is a fake Lou going around. He actually set up a TypePad account, and now calls himself the real Lou BC. You'll know it's him, he thinks he's a know it all, pretends he's from Canada and calls this site a site is a joke.

Please ignore that individual it is not me.

@Alex: "@RoadWhale™, GM got rid of the suicide doors and went with the Ram style extended cab."
Except on the Colorado/Canyon twins coming this fall.

@D|M: Yup, I own one and I have the same complaint with this one that I've had with every Ford I've had the (dis-)pleasure to drive. The brakes on nearly every Ford has been grossly too sensitive, the handling has been boat-like and just plain unreliable across the board. I've never driven a Ford I really liked--even when I WANTED to like them. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate their looks and drool over the fact that for ONCE I see a modern pickup truck grill that doesn't try to pretend it's an OTR tractor. Even the newest Toyota grill has pushed that 'big nose' meme too far. I drive the Ford I do because it was the cheapest thing on the lot that still ran--and even then it cost me an additional $3,000 just to make it street legal again. I just got lucky that the body is in remarkable shape for its age and the fact it survived 13 years in the rust belt with almost NO body rust. From what I've been told, the bed alone is worth what I paid for the whole truck because it is so rust-free.

michigan boob...nobody cares what you think

I own a Eco boost and it is powerful when needed and quite fast.
But I agree it doesn't fit the truck.Id like to see what they could do with a Eco boost 8 cylinder

@RoadWhales - There isn't a truck I can't recommend. People ask me all the time, "What about Ram?", "What about Nissan?", etc. None will disappoint and you can't go wrong with any truck sold today in America. That's when talking new/newer. But the older the truck is, the more you roll the dice.

If you're easily annoyed, you'll find something to gripe about ANY truck, especially 25 year old trucks. Bad combination. Touchy brakes wouldn't be a great concern for most. Or even a minor concern. Years ago, I was given a UD (MDT) to drive at work, and the 1st time I drove it, the air brakes about put me through the windshield. So I adjusted/compensated for it.

Yeah I'm not a fan of the huge front ends on trucks, either. I know it's for aerodynamics, but the higher it's lifted (4X4 helps), the better it looks. A 'leveling kit' is a must. The Raptor looks sharp for its lifted and wider front end, plus cropped bumper.

I'm sorry you hate your truck, but you and I both know, you're not going to do any better with a late '80s truck. You'd just exchange one grip for another. Or many others. You should enjoy what you have. A lift kit and a bigger wheel combo would set your truck off right. And still look fairly stock. 33" BFGs and a 3" lift? Plus bigger tires would make the brakes less touchy. Your's has a V8 and likely a 3.50 gear set. So many things to wake that thing up. Full headers? Dual exhaust and Flow Masters? Shift kit? Limited slip? Take it off the pavement much? Never???

You have to figure it out for yourself. But be glad you have so many truck choices. And a ridiculous aftermarket. How can you not love that?

A tiny niche interest in Australia, no interest anywhere else. More a thing in NA, which is,fine.


2015 Raptor pics

"...From what I've been told, the bed alone is worth what I paid for the whole truck because it is so rust-free."

@Denver mike
@roadwhale/vulpine/john&yoko/Mr Chow/Obama/whatever you're calling yourself today

If the sheetmetal on your truck is worth more than the truck that's great news if your truck happens to be a 1932 Ford. If your truck is a 1990 F150, not so much.

Roadwhale makes a great point about Ford brakes. Ford was widely criticized during the late 1980s and much of the 90s for its awful brakes, across several lines of cars and trucks.

Where I live, a rough used pickup more than ten years old will bring $3k. Guys who do commercial paving, painting, outdoor plumbing work and roofers are always looking for a cheap truck.

Autoblog just released spy photos of aluminum Raptor Yesterday. Had the old nose and bed on new body.

The real story here is ford is spending BILLIONS of dollars just to try and keep up with GM. Good to see ford is spending money to create jobs here in America. Fords New Motto is, if we can't beat em (GM) will just copy their ideas (GM) Ford did make claim to the invention of the Girly Man Step and say that innovation only came from ford. GM says they won't dispute fords claim of the Girly Man Step.

Ford, we bring you the Girly Man Step yeah.

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