Video Find: Unique Chevy Rat Rod Defies Logic

Rat Rod Frankenstein II

Just when you thought you had seen everything and pickup trucks were beginning to get a little boring, along comes a guy with more vision and creativity than Dr. Frankenstien. Some people look at a mountain and ask why; others look at a mountain and say why not. Troy Gubser drives a '40s Chevrolet with a '90s Power Stroke engine. Good Lord.




That's a wild truck!

In all honesty this vehicle does nothing for me.

Interesting lines and loins, especially those rear fenders.

...Don't car for the smoke, nor the coffee can exhaust.....

Shades of Deliverance

Cool truck, looks like a lot of fun to drive. Rat rods are just an excuse not to do a restoration right though.

A truck like that takes away everybody looking at my new Ram and wishing that they owned that Ram I'm driving! I go to a lot of trouble and money to make my Ram noticed such as custom exhaust, oversize wheels and a wild sound system that's LOUD, I spend a lot of time driving around the mall parking lot with my windows down, BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!
I don't know why anybody would care about a 1940 Chevy that looks like the fenders are falling off when I have a new Ram 1500?

A smart dude for using a Ford Power Stroke motor! I just hope that its the 7.3L.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

I would have gone for a duramax or even a cummins for a 40s Chevy well before a powerstroke... Strokes are no joke

I like the Horn & Nothing Else!

Really a power stroke.. Yep it definitely defies logic.. I agree with with gifters^

I'm curious as to what made the guy choose a Powerstroke. Dealing with the electronics must have been a nightmare. Ususally for these kind of applications a Cummins 12v is used. I've also seen GM 6.2/6.5 IDI or International 6.9/7.3 IDI used but never a Powerstroke.

@sandman4x4 - weren't you saying you never see a Ford engine in a Chevy hot-rod ;)

@ Lou_BC Yup don't see to many Ford engines in Chevys. Good thing is he was smart and used a bullet proof 7.3L

Maybe the Ford motor was cheaper, It is the more popular motor so I can see why they used it. But who cares.

Yee haw it's the black smoke brigade!

All the black smoke does nothing for me. He probably gets his kicks going near a crowded area and smoking people out.

I gotta wonder if the fake Lou in BC is really Michigan Bob, he is just trying to get peoples minds off all those GM recalls maybe.

The killer is that at one point, every 2014 GM 1500 needed recalled, so it wouldn't burn down.

How many years has GM had crappy ignition locks? Most of the 90 through 2007 or so?

My girlfriends dad got a recall notice on his HHR, and her sisters Cobalt too, but noting has been done. Her sister paid a Chevy dealer to replace the lock cylnder in her non recalled Terrain, because the key was a pain to pull out. The new one? Same thing! The funny thing is, the shop doing the work is a dealership with the name of "Reliable......!"

Even the 2001 Silvys had ignition lock cylinder issues, it even was a known problem on my 94 Buick Regal.

So talk all the smack you want, your GMs aren't so great, nore are those 10 times recalled in 3 years Escapes.

Lou BC I am still correct, as that is NOT Ford engine, but an International Harvester engine! taken out of maybe a Ford truck! but manufactured by International Harvester!

TowMaters cousin SmokeBumb!!!

With all this talk about bad ignition switches in the GM's, all I have to say is I have never had any problems with any of mine, or any in my family! It takes common sense to tall you NOT to have 5 lbs of keys on your key ring hanging from the switch! Me? all I have for any of my vehicles is JUST the ONE key that is for the vehicle in question on me, and all my other keys? are on one ring with the house keys, mail box, shop key, and garage key, but not with the truck, car or bike key! However with all that said, it is truly unfortunate for those who have been hurt or killed, and or have had property damaged by this terrible situation. I would advise anyone with a huge key ring, to take the vehicle keys off and keep track of them separately, on any type of vehicle from any manuf.

Sandman, thanks for letting us know which keys you have on what rings we all needed to know that.

sandman4X4 - It's great to hear that you have never had any problems with GM bad ignition switches. I think the executives should have talked to you before announcing the recall...had they only known that sandman never had a problem with his ignition switches maybe things would have been different.

Maybe you want to send a note to the the parents of 29-year- old Brooke Melton. Melton died in 2010 when her 2005 Chevy Cobalt lost power in a crash linked to the defective switch. Maybe you can tell them that you never had problems with your ignition switches...IDIOT!

fuLouBC I said it was a terrible tragedy but you cant read anyway, that and the fact the manf told folks NOT to have lots of keys on your ring, it is just common sense something else trolls like you are in short supply of. That and I now I have been told this before from other sources, to not have that many keys on a ring! It will also create holes in your pockets!

@sandman4X4 - "It will also create holes in your pockets..."

The problem with people like you is that you like to play with the things you find with the holes in your pocket (hope you wash your hands)...

The day I need to justify the number of keys I can keep on a key chain so I can safely drive a vehicle is the day a bonehead like you wins the William Procter Prize.

fuloubc: Only some trolling pervert like you would even think of something as discussing as that!

when i grow up i want to make a company that make custom
car's and truck's that look old but are modern

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