What Ram's Future Looks Like


By Aaron Bragman

Since the Ram Truck brand separated from Dodge for North America in 2009, there hasn't been too much uniquely new product: mainly redesigned, well-executed versions of its existing pickup truck lineup. That all changed in 2013 when the Ram ProMaster (based off the Fiat Ducato) full-size commercial van debuted. Likewise, the ProMaster City compact van (based off the Fiat Doblo platform and coming later this year as a 2015 model) will dramatically expand Ram Commercial's offerings and reach. Now we know a bit more about the Ram plan for the next five years, thanks to Fiat Chrysler Automobile's Investor Day at the company's Auburn Hills, Mich., headquarters. Here's what to expect from Ram brand, both retail and commercial, through 2018:

  • The Tradesman trim package for the Ram Commercial lineup will receive many of the refinements and features that have been introduced into the retail line of Ram pickup trucks.
  • The Ram 1500 pickup gets a refresh in 2015, with a major redesign coming in 2017.
  • The Ram 2500/3500 pickup gets its minor refresh in 2016, with its major redesign happening in 2018.
  • The chassis cab truck platforms gets a minor update in 2016, with a major redesign in 2018, following the 2500/3500 HD pickup plan.

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I am a first time truck buyer.

I have driven the big three, they ask have excellent rides, but the Ram did stand out in three areas.

1)Appearance: best looking truck, interior and exterior
2) Mechanicals: best transmission, and engine combination with the diesel
3) Technology: Best technology, although the new Chevy has 4g now.

My second best was Chevy
Third was Ford

Mega cab long bed included in 2018 redesign?

It's understandable that reading some of these blogs makes it hard to believe some of the things are stated. What I am about to say you can count as gospel as far as Dodge trucks go. Let's just say that this comes from deep within the corporation.

I had a Dodge ram 2500 turbo diesel Laramie that there were only a few produced. That thing had every bell and whistle that one could imagine including recessed coolers in the floorboard in the backseat underneath the carpet mats.

The first trip to the service department was the third day I had the truck. While trying to learn all the gadgets and being the truck was pretty much voice activated for everything, I had to take my laptop out into my truck to run the DVD owners manual and follow it step-by-step to learn these things. While doing so out of the blue my wiper started going my lights flashed on and off my radio came on blaring I could not control the volume this continued for about three minutes and then stopped. When I went to the service department I was told that it was a small glitch it needed updating in the computer. Fast-forward almost 2 years later the truck has now been in the shop 68 times I've had 68 car rentals courtesy of Dodge of course and this continues to be a full-time job continuously taking it to the dealer. I tried to explain and negotiate with Dodge to buy back the truck to no avail. That is until I retained an attorney in Texas that has done nothing but for 25 years, fought for clients against dodge with lemon laws. My case is the fastest he ever settled. I had been out well over $30,000 in hotel costs while waiting for my truck at the dealer gas cost driving my truck to and from the dealer and so forth. Knowing certain people and having certain connections I came to find out that the U-Connect computer system that is in the Dodge pick ups is written in a language called micro code which is one of the first computer programs ever written and very few people left on this planet know It. The system cannot be fixed the program cannot be reconfigured a rewritten and anybody that owns a Dodge from 2009 to 2016 and who knows what will come of the 2017 on models in the future, however they will continuously have to take their vehicle in for security patches and security updates for the computer system in order to keep it functioning. Dodge knew these things were going to happen because they set aside several hundred million in a bank account in 2007and 2008 anticipating this fiasco. Right now they are in the process of buying back most of the trucks and have contracted with somebody to take these trucks pull the dashboard systems out with the computer and replace with new computer systems. That means that here shortly in the near future if you purchase a Dodge truck it will be very very depreciated and very very quickly because the market will be flooded with so call new/used dodge trucks. One thing to keep in mind about these engines is that Cummings is running like hell from Doege as fast as they can before Dodge completely ruins Cummings reputation. One important detail to know is that the knockout sensors in these engines are known to fail. Mine alone having nine of them fail on me. I know so far there's been three explosions resulting in death's and I don't know how many more there are if there are. The dealerships are not going to tell you this stuff because THEY THEMSELVES DONT KNOW. All they know is Dodge national required that they treat you like a king or queen and give me the red carpet treatment until your warranty is up and then you're screwed. Like I said most things are hard to believe when you read them but this I know for a fact and you can take that to the bank.

In case you're in a position similar to mine.
Craig Patrick is the attorney's name and he's out of the Dallas area. I know he recently filed over 5,000 cases against VW and is the best I know of. I speak as a fellow attorney.

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