2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 Are J2807 Compliant

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It's official: Both of GM's light-duty pickups are now fully compliant with the Society of Automotive Engineer's towing standards. Some may remember the huge game of chicken that all of the light-duty truckmakers (except Toyota) played after the criteria was decided for determining what a "tow rating" should be.

From what we've heard from both willing and unwilling sources, it seemed all representatives of the SAE committee thought the 2013 model year would have been the implementation date, but Ford cleared its throat and said it wouldn't be making its new trucks J2807 compliant until the next-generation F-150 arrived, two years after that point. As a consequence, most of the other pickup truck players in the segment waited for Ford's 2015 target date. Until now.

The 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are fully compliant with the SAE protocol and still maintain their highest maximum light-duty tow rating of 12,000 pounds with their two-wheel-drive double cab; the 4x4 double cab will have an 11,900-pound rating. As expected, some of the other models and cab configurations had to be readjusted down, in some cases by as much as 400 pounds. A select comparison chart is below.

GM J2807 chart II

The new standard provides specific parameters that must be met in order to promote a truck’s towing capability. That's a good thing for the industry, because consumers can finally rest assured that truckmakers are all using the same rules to measure their truck's ratings, and that those numbers can be functionally compared with any other truck in the same segment. The calculations include aspects such as cooling, acceleration performance on a steep grade, hitch requirements, parking brake abilities and more. For a more detailed description of the Chevy and GMC's announcement, click here (Chevy) or here (GMC).

We expect all other 2015 model pickup trucks to be J2807 compliant, and we'll circle back when we know more.

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@HEMI V8 - now I've heard it all folks a Ram guy telling a GM guy about RECALLS...heeeeheeeee




This should have be a regulated and compulsory requirement.

I do believe that even the J2807 is a little to soft as the rating are much higher than they should be, not SAE.

If one looks at the set of design regulations in the US maybe the NHTSA should be the one dictating what the standards should be.

This does allow for a more accurate comparison of which vehicle can tow the most irrespective of the optimistic tow weights.

I like the picture of the truck in silver. I love colors. My advice is to choose a color you really love for your wedding color – you can’t go wrong. Then choose a second color you love and find a way to make those colors work together. Choose a maximum of three colors and have them in unequal proportions – the main color (about 65 to 70%) plus a supporting color (about 25%) plus an accent color (about 5 to 10%).

The new 6.2 Silverado LTZ vs. Sierra SLT Double Cabs:
Chevy is less attractive but $4,000 cheaper
Chevy can be had with 3.72 gears vs. GMC's 3.42
EPA mpg 15/21 numbers generated with 3.08 gears....
wonder how bad 3.72 gears are?

Cost of Girlie Man's Chevy is climbing, is it worth it? Naw! just give me the ugly one.

@HEMI V8 - Popular Mechanics stated that the air ride Ram 1500 rode marginally better than the Chevy in their shootout.

That in itself makes Ram's suspension look bad.

The other point was that the Ram 1500 had a 1,000lb cargo capacity and the Chevy had an 1,800lb cargo capacity.

A Chevy with almost double the cargo capacity rides almost as well as a Ram.

@lou bc, Like i have said before. I will be in your favorite fishing hole in my Hemi before you get there. lol

@HEMI V8 - good luck on that one, I'll give you a 3 day head start.

@ everyone

Anyone in here ever try out Sulastics?

It's a set of rubberized shackles for the rear leafs, that's supposed to improve the ride of a truck. I'm wondering if anyone in here has tried them.


Well maybe, just maybe GM finally did something right...

....waiting for PUTC to test the 2015 F-150 before I buy a new truck!
the Chevy-GMC is my choice right now but I will wait until everybody trashes the 2015 F-150 so it makes me feel better that I made the right choice.

If Ford doesn't win next years Motor Trend's "Truck Of The Year" with its new designed F-150 then that's curtains for them!
Ford also has to win over Consumer Reports who also trashed the F-150 and recommended the Ram 1500 instead.

This is a spy shot of Lou outside the Ram dealership:

Lou wanted to test drive an EcoDiesel, but got kicked out!


@Big Al

You and your "compulsory requirement" fetish.

Why don't you just move to that other famous "island nation." Cuba.

You and the dictatorial Castro brothers would get along great. Just think, you could even open a new concentration camp for people who drive gas guzzling pickups and SUVs!

This is getting ridiculous with tow ratings, IMO you should be using a 3/4 ton or even a Dually for hauling 10K lbs. Aero is huge too, a 10K RV is going to be much less safe to pull thank a flat bed with landscaping materials.

It is amazing that there aren't more RV trailer accidents with nut cases towing big trailers unlevel and undersized vehicles.

@Mopar totally agree about the nut case RV drivers.

@papa jim
I do think you are the dumbest f4ck I've encountered on PUTC.

Some of the ridiculous and ill considered comments you make surprise me that Darwinism hasn't succeeded in changing the path of genes in your family line.

What differentiates us from developing nations?

We in the 'West' live by a rigid set of standards and regulations in our society.

The controls that are in place is managed by governance.

As you can tell as a country has less freedom the ability to abide by a defined set of regulatory standards and controls deviates from what we in the West consider normal practice.

Our standards, regulations and controls are constantly adjusted by the use of auditing, trending, etc their effectiveness, ie, safety, emissions, building codes (torandos, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc) and on and on and on.

When deficiencies are found or encountered changes are made to protect society. These controls, regulations, laws are what protect the people.

You are incredible.

Maybe you should go back to the Neolithic age to subsist.

What a real loser you are. That's why guys like you who have only achieve the 7th or 8th grade are janitors or flipping burgers. Then you cry because they think they deserve a new Suburban when in fact all you have ever probably achieved is the ability to own a 20 year old Cherokee.

So if GM droped the ratio on the 6.2L trucks w/the max tow pkg does that mean only the 6.2L trucks are getting more gears for 2015? A+B=C?

Why else would they handicap themselves in towing performance vs Ford etc. With 8+ gears the lazy rear end is not really that lazy. You don't battle for MPG bragging rights on a max tow pkg.

I'm either on something or on to something.

@Common Man - I suspect that they are hoping for better mpg with some sacrifice to towing.
As we have seen in the Ike TFL shootout the 6.2 Chevy is hampered by the transmission. Manual selection of gears would allow the engine to rev which is a common trait with SBC's.
They may be hoping that the rumoured 8-10 speed transmission will allow them to carry on with the same tall gears.

@Lou BC, I don't think GM would dare sacrifice towing for F/E on the 6.2. I think additional tranny gears will negate the need for deep rear gears. Bear with me on this one- even with the six speed, I think the TFL towing challenge results would have been different if the 6.2 would have had 3.42s. I think the Chevy would have stayed in the lower gear (3rd?) where the power was better matched to the load. It sure seemed like it needed a gear somewhere between the two it had to use.

We in the 'West' live by a rigid set of standards and regulations in our society.

The controls that are in place is managed by governance.

@Big Al

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What you describe sounds more like a centrally managed regime such as China than a decentralized free enterprise state like you'd see in the West.

Again, you have absolutely ZERO tolerance for dissent. Another very clear sign that you are a committed totalitarian dirtbag Marxist.

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@papa jim
So, you seem to have nutted out the time I awake, this isn't the first time you have made a comment on my schedule.

DiM did the same, judging by your comments you are very similar to DiM.

Imagine the US without regulated standards across the board.

You would be the first to cry if your energy provider supplies energy of varying quality and destroys your vehicle.

You would be the first to cry if you got food poisoning because of lax regulations.

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You would be the first to cry is all traffic controls are removed.

I could go on and on.

So, why don't you realise what makes modern OECD nations better than most others.

It's because we live and follow a set of standards quite rigidly.

I'm sorry, but this is a fact of life.

Maybe the bayou you live in with you very close families might be different.

Welcome to the modern world of standardisation.

Imagine buying tyres, light bulbs, anything.

Imagine buying a gallon of gas and a gallon of gas is whatever you deem it should be.

So when you go to Lowes and buy a 16' length of lumber, be happy that the rule being used to gauge the length of timber is a set standard, not a papa jims 16'.

You would be the first to cry if your energy provider supplies energy of varying quality and destroys your vehicle.

(You would be the first to cry if you got food poisoning because of lax regulations.

You would be the first to cry if someone is throwing stones at your home and the police took 10 minutes to arrive.

You would then be the first to cry if the stone throwers are let of on some good behavior bond.

You would be the first to cry is all traffic controls are removed.)

This sounds more like you BAFO you are always crying about something and running to daddy Mark say they are make fun of me boo who boo who LOL!

@johnnie dope

Are you also papa jim??

papa jim just trolls with little research into his comments.

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This is why a secure system is required to manage this site.

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@Radek: the GMs still lost a good deal of weight, atleast 400 is a lot to me.

Actually the GMs first 2 gears when used with 3.73s have more gear then the 5.7 Tundra with 4.30, 3rd gear the Tundra has a bit more, 6th gear is about the same, Tundra has more 5th (and you will use that 5th a lot more then just those two starter gears, and Tundra has a bit more 6th.

Ram 8 speed has GM whooped on gears, well, we that understand gears know this. You probably will not be able to do the math. It's ok, most GM'ers can't figure it out either.

A good deal of this is gear based, and if you look at the 8 speed ratios, to include reverse, you will get it.

The Ram 6 speed will lose some towing capacity, most likely. They will alsoost likely find that gear/power wise the 5.7 will far exceed the GM 5.3 with similar cabs and gear ratios.

Payload is another story, but of course, in 2008 in the light duty shootout, those Chivys had what, 1/8" less squat with 600 pounds tongue weight, wow! Wonder if the new Generic Motors trucks actually stiffened them up, or just added to their "rating"?

Ram can stand to used progressive coils on their 1500s, he'll, their 2500 6.4s have more payload then GMs 6.0 2500s (don't be a Sandman, look at all the specs)

The air suspension 1500 Rams have will hold whatever and then some compared to those GM 1500s.

Guessing it's the 5 lug axles holding it back.

@Fake Lou,"@HEMI V8 - now I've heard it all folks a Ram guy telling a GM guy about RECALLS...heeeeheeeee"

Ya, Heeeeeeeee


"GM Recalls 2.7 Million More Cars and trucks, On Track To Set Record For Recalls In 2014."



TRX-4 Tom are you ready for the Hemi to get kicked in the teeth just like the 5.7 Toyota did by the 5.3L GM. When will Ram finally grows a pair to man up to the J2807 test standards? Yeah and thanks tom for point out Ram has the weakest rear axle on the 1500 market, their biggest for the 1500 Ram is 8.25" LOL! If I recall right and both Ford/GM base v6s 4.3L and 3.7L have bigger rear axle and both GM and Ford offer 9.75" for the big boy 1500 packages. It must suck owning a Ram 1500 Smallest axle size, lowest ground clearance of the 1500s/can't haul nothing in the bed can't tow nothing cause you'll be over you're payload limit/get sucky MPG when and when you aint towing. Yup sure am glad I got another Chevy.

@johnnie dope
If you don't care then why the comments?

Oh, you do care and you think you are reducing my credibility on this site. That's it. Your writings are similar to another GM fanboi who thinks he deserves a Suburban. Out for a troll??

Boy, you really are weird.

Really I don't care lately I just been ignore your dumb comments, just figure I reach out one last time but I see its no use trying to reason with you.

Lol Johnny doe: you are so ignorant! Ram's 1500 axles are 9.25", not 8.25! Show's your (lack of) knowledge!

What I said was that the 5 BOLT PATTERN MIGHT be what keeps payload down, the air suspension holds it up quite well (ie, NO SQUAT).

The NINE and a quarter was used in the 80s and early 90s in "three quarter tons" D/W-250 trucks, only with 8 bolts, I want to say the GAWR (you might need to look that up) 4800 pounds axle rating, atleast in my 1987 D-250 long bed.

Funny thing Johnny, I looked up the Ram 5 bolt 1500 9.25" axle rating, 3900 pounds, and I seen some 2014 6 bolt GM 1500s are a GAWR of 3950, wow Johnny, so much difference! About like that 1/8" difference in that squat test, he'll Johnny, that was with a Ram Box option that adds 150 pounds more weight to the rear!

You Generic Motors folks crack me up!

Johnny, you say bad mileage, yet the last light duty challenge the Chevy and GMC were far apart on empty mileage. Lol, less power gets them better mileage. Funny the Ram 3.6 gets better mileage then GMs 4.3, less power, but hey, IT WORKS BETTER! Tests prove it!

Then you run your pie hole about Ram 1500 ground clearance, while MULTIPLE comparisons say GM 1500s beat up their bumpers and air dams on the slightest obstacle! Consumer Reports, Petersons 4x4....

Johnny duh, you bitch about your neighbor not doing so well with the Rams 20" 60 series tires, ask yourself how it works out for GM 1500 owners that choose a 55 series tire that is lower then the Ram tire?!?

You want to talk about towing mileage? The Chivy runs in top gear (6th) so that enables the cylinder shutoff ( whatever GM calls it, Cadillacs idea originally, they messed it up, so GM had to copy Dodges way in the 5.3)

The Ram 5.7 would get the same mileage if testers like Mark Williams knew that tow haul could be disengaged on flat areas and not in town. That would enable (big words for you, I understand) the Hemi to use MDS-cylinder shut off.

That's gotta really suck to have 9500 pounds in tow (with 3.42s) or 11,000 (with 3.73s and 5.3) and lugging along with a real trailer in a hilly terrain, unlike the light duty challenge, which used low profile trailers with hardly any wind resistance, only 8500 pounds, in the flat Michigan area.

If it was hilly, max weights, and travel trailers, those 5.3s would be CONSTANTLY hunting gears, while the Rams, well tow haul locks out top gear, so it's like a huge difference in gears.

But go on thinking a 5.3 will out tow a 5.7 8 speed, with similar gears.

Please tell me how you think an engine with less torque then a Hemi 5.7, at a higher rpm, that has a 4.03 1st gear 6 speed, vs a 4.7 1st gear 8 speed, and GM 3.08 vs. 3.21, GM 3.42 vs. 3.55, and GM 3.73 vs. 3.92s, please explain? Also, that test tests in reverse, tundra's reverse? 3.06 GM 6l80? 3.06. RAM?? 3.30. Or just act like a blind ignorant bow tie boy....

Of course there is more to the test, stopping and staying cool are parts of it. We seen the GMs gain the most stopping distance in the light duty challenge, maybe they are set up for stopping empty, I will take one that stops better under a load. Of course, because you have no understanding of inertia, I have to explain to your dumb @$$ smaller tire and wheel combos stop better, less weight and onertia.

Like I said a long time ago, the 6 speed Hemi might lose rating.

Maybe you should explain your thought, instead of more Chivy $#!+!

Oh another thing, Johnny duh, Edmunds bought a Ram Ecodiesel for a long term test. Their Shoverado averaged 17.2 or so mpg, in 2 or 3 months they have averaged 22.8 or so, so about 5.5 mpg, and it wasn't some High Cuntry Chivy, but it was a Laramie.

I see diesel 15 to 35 cents more a gallon.

And then there is the Motor Trend truck of the year tests, where only the 4.3 GMC could tow and get in double digits, while the Ecodiesel got 15 mpg, lol....10 vs. 15! Couldn't get but 9 with Tundra/Silvy....

Hey, how about that ass kicking the 8 speed Ram dealt the Silvy in towing in the last challenge?

So Ram still has the smallest rear axle of 1500s still has the lowest ground clearance of 1500s still aint J2807 rated still in 3 place in sales still gets less mpg v6 barely best gm v6 still can't tow or haul anything cause rating suck yup it still sucks to own a Ram LOL!

Where do you get that Ram has the least ground clearance? I suggest you read some reviews of Chevys, in which a few have come up short on clearance, and beat up their air dam and bumper. So much for being strong!

The Ram 9.25 nine a a quarter for those that can't read decimal points, like you Johnny (not 8.25) is 3900, the Generic Motors is 3950, wow Johnny, 1.2 PERCENT, wow Johnny!

I look at my 87 D-250 9.25, rated at 4880 rear axle, with 8 lugs. Watch in 2015 or 2016 Ram goes to 6 lug and axles are 200 or more pounds stronger then GMs crap.

Hey that 5.3 barely gets more mileage then a higher geared (3.55) 5.7 Hemi, atleast the GMC did, in the last shootout. The Chevy got less mileage. Wow.

You may have more payload rating, but that is just a number Chivy threw out there.

If I want to hold weight and not sag, and corner better then a Chivy, I just need an air suspension.

Johnny, it's hard to really debate with you, you have no real amp. More like Johnny Dense.


Surprise, surprise... a RAM owner can't even spell correctly. You need to go back to the 2nd grade Tom.

It's called a typo, dumb-ass, surprise, surprise! That's probably all you know about is spelling and grammar, right Larry?

Are you just another bowtie loving individual, is that what it is?

Actually Larry, I looked it up and it is spelled with two 'a, my bad! But just the point that you had to bring it up like that Larry, means you must think you're some spelling and grammar Gestapo! So you may not know crap about trucks, but you know how to spell buddy! And you probably are Chevolet person!

Damn phone! I said two m's!

The point is, Johnny Doe has no ammo!

@TRX-4 Tom - "Are you just another bowtie loving individual, is that what it is..."

Tom sounds like you like Larry and you are looking for a date, look try this on Larry maybe he'll go out with you....


Where do you get that Ram has the least ground clearance?

Posted by: TRX-4 Tom Air Head

It's called going to Ram and GM website that I even posted the links for you like five times before LOL! The only way a Ram 1500 has more ground clearance then a GM 1500 or Ford F150 is to have the air bags with the truck in 4low.

@Johnny Doe: that might be some measurement taken at the rear axle, Johnny. Like I've said, why don't you read some of the reviews where people are taking a Chevy and a Ram and comparing them and Chevy just can't go where the Ram goes without beating up it's air dam or it's front bumper. I have, and you can go down and measure various points underneath both trucks and give us the actual numbers, but it doesn't do any good because you're blind Johnny. Chevy is into making their truck a low rider, and it shows in various reports from various people!

But go on being ignorant Johnny, you just believe whatever Chevrolet tells you! You really need to go out and look at both trucks.

Hmmmm, that's funny. On the FLT Episode where they compare a 6.2 Chevy to a 5.7 Ram and 6.2 Ford, the Ford they found had 3.73 gears, the Chevy had 3.73 (according to Roland, who isn't the most accurate of testers. But look in this story, no talk of 3.73 geared 6.2s. Hmmmmmm....

Roland said the 6.2 was "best in class" They coulda said that the Ram had the "best in class" 8 speed, but it appears Chevy wanted the test as much in their favor as could be, because they used a 6 speed Ram. So not only did they had a 6 speed with better ratios-as we all know, well most of us, there are still people learning-, the Chevy also had the most power (complete with a higher trim level required, higher octane required, and not best in class for mileage when you consider the 8 speed Ram gets 1 more mpg and it's MPG average is based on 3.21/3.55/ and 3.92 gears, the Chevy 6.2 MPG rating is based on 3.23 and 3.42s.

To make it more in their favor, Chevy got the Ram with 3.55 gears, instead taking the high road and at least finding a 3.92 geared 5.7, or what it shoulda really been, an 8 speed 3.92 truck.

Nope. Chevy is scared of that confrontation. Lol, more Chevy vs. all, but Chevy tries to compare base stuff.

Want base stuff? The BASE Ram 3.6 trucks out mileage , out tow, out run, and cost less then the 4.3, which can't win anything.

Lol, typical Chevy move...

I knew this was going to come, but I expected it to drop even less, but then again that is the one part I hate about the J2807 standard. I think they should raise the minimum speed towing up the Davis Dam to at least 55mph instead of the unbearably slow speed of 40mph. Many states have minimum speed limit laws and 40mph is below some of them. A minimum speed 55 mph in the J2807 would be a more acceptable speed for US motorist and I would bet these rating would be A LOT different than they are now. I know my current truck can easily maintain 60mph towing 9,500lbs even when I went up some of the Colorado mountain roads going to Moab, but I don't some others that say they are rated for that amount can. Even some from Ford.

it wouldn't matter if the gm could pull 30 thousand pounds. truth is the 5.3 is lame....did I mention lame ? its more gm bs... again. do a real world test with 11 thousand pounds against a 14 ram... ratings are just a marketing ploy.

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