2015 Ford F-150: Seen on the Streets

1 Ford F-150 II

Like an encounter with the elusive Bigfoot, we got a big surprise when we found ourselves face-to-face with the brand-new aluminum-bodied Ford F-150, due at dealerships toward the end of the year. In the midst of our 2014 Ultimate Heavy-Duty Challenge in and around Ann Arbor, Mich., area, we had the chance to see a fully loaded 2015 Ford F-150 4x4 Lariat Sport.

Clearly this was an early build vehicle, out of its cage long before any journalists will have a chance to get behind the wheel, but we were allowed to touch it and take photos in the protected area behind our hotel. Build quality looks impressive, and the level of detail and technology in the truck is impressive.

We spent a lot of time scrolling through the multilayered information screen (between the speedometer and tachometer) where the data is sorted like a filing cabinet, clicking on tabs and lists to set and access all sorts of numbers and settings. The towing mirrors have tremendous capability, and cameras embedded into the mirrors provide the new half-ton with the segment's first 360-degree capabilities. Also, the front EcoBoost air intake is equipped with automatic shutters that allow the engine to both cool and warm up faster for better efficiency, which should directly translate into better fuel economy. Finally, and we thought this one needed more consideration, the trailer brake controller is buried far under the dash — making it even more difficult to see or grab easily than in the 2014 model.

No doubt we'll be seeing more of the new F-150 as more of the pickup trucks come out of the Dearborn Truck Plant. From what we understand, the trucks won't get to dealerships until the fourth quarter of the year so this could be the best time to get a good deal on a current-generation F-150. Ford will have to be careful with inventory as it makes the changeover and dealers wind down their current inventory. A misplayed hand in the early stages could rob Ford of any new-truck momentum as it heads into 2015.

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3 Ford F-150 bed II


4 Ford F-150 II


5 Ford F-150 II


6 Ford F-150 II


7 Ford F-150 II


What a beautiful truck bar far the best looking truck. Can't wait to see the Raptor and new engine it will carry.

YAWWWNNNNN!!! This TURD looks almost EXACTLY like the previous generation truck. The only difference is that it's made of BEER CANS. What a bunch of HYPOCRITES the KOOL-AID GUZZLING FORD GIRLY GIRLS are. They whine like LITTLE GIRLS saying that the 2014 Silverado looks like the previous generation. This TURD LOOKS MORE LIKE THE PREVIOUS GENERATION F-150 than the predesessor to the current Silverado. You FORD GIRLY GIRLS take the cake.

"air intake is equipped with automatic shutters that allow the engine to both cool and warm up faster for better efficiency"

Sounds to me this may be the solution to the condensation problems plaguing some ecoBoost owners. While gently cruising along the highway, there is really no need to cool the air until one whacks the go-go pedal.

I hope that Ford finds a way to keep the 6.2L V-8 in the S.V.T. Raptor or at least a high-powered normally aspirated 5.0L V-8. Otherwise, I might have to scramble to find one of the last 2014's because I do not want a turbocharged or supercharged engine. I prefer the simplicity of a large, powerful, chock-full-o' torque V-8.

Appreciate the input, Bob.

It is sad the same people always have the negative posts.

Lariat with no chrome?

This TRUCK BLOWS.......

GM out of the water!!!!!

May 2014
RAM +17.2%
Ford -0.8%

@ Woopud

Probably because it is a Lariat Sport?

This is the new Lariat Sport package Lariat Sport and Lariat FX4 have no chrome or woodgrain.

The cost will be unreal, but don't worry Ford people, they will discount it deeply for you.

Lots of job security for mechanics out there working at Ford.

It is a good idea to extend the "monochromatic" look beyond the FX2/4 line. Most guys I have talked to have bought the FX4 due to the monochromatic look.

"What a beautiful truck bar far the best looking truck. Can't wait to see the Raptor and new engine it will carry. "

"It is a good idea to extend the "monochromatic" look beyond the FX2/4 line. Most guys I have talked to have bought the FX4 due to the monochromatic look. "

@Mike & Lou, I agree with you both. This truck is drop dead gorgeous and looks like it can pull that look off in any form. The dash layout is perfect, the headlights are great, and round wheel wells with color coded plastic trim to protect from rock chips & rust really set it off. You know quality won't be lacking either in any trim.

@Bob, As an old ex Chevy guy I hate to see the Silverado tank like it has been doing but when you take a look up top, it's easy to see why. The Silverado's square wheel wells, cartoonish look still, way too big of a front end, no color coded plastic inserts on the wheel openings to protect from rock chips and prevent rust, the low trim is poor, the top trim is poor. No serious 4x4 trucks at all. The list is endless. And sure you can get good trims if you want a GMC, sure you can get plastic rock chip protection if you want a GMC and for the better part of a decade now you can even get a better looking truck if you want a GMC. Problem is, most folks wanted a Chevrolet but haven't been able to get these things. Just like myself, I switched from being a Chevy guy to being a Ford guy over lots of this stuff. That's what everyone's been doing. Many are becoming Dodge guys too. You GM people need to wake up. The Chevrolet faithful aren't necessarily GM faithful. Chevrolet needs to pick up where they left off in 1972 and make all of their trucks top shelf. That's essentially what Ford and Dodge have done. Round wheel openings, top quality everything, top designs, top 4x4 capabilities with SFA's and long travel IFS Raptor/Ramrunner. top luxury trims, sport trims and 4x4 trims. Chevrolet needs a wake up call.

"What a bunch of HYPOCRITES"

Michigan Bob,

Yeah. Bunch of hypocrites. How do you feel about GM adding the "man step" to the 2015 Silverado?



I hate the front end of this truck and the interior is looks the worst to me. The new tech seems to be very promising though.

I still want to know about the powertrains because when the GM twins made their debut all of the Ford guys claimed the trucks are the same when the engines were completely re-worked. They claimed because the engines were the same displacement it didn't matter well the 3.5L EB and 5.0L V8 may have fewer changes. Now I am optimistic on the 2.7L EB if the power reaches into the area of the old 5.4L V8's 310hp/365lb ft with peak torque below 3000 rpm and gets 18/24 or better fuel economy. The 3.5L V6 may be a low take compared to the offerings from Ram and GM on a NA V6.

@ Michigan Bob - LOLOL You are by far the biggest clown full of red neck uneducated remarks I've ever seen on any post. Dude shake your head and read a little...actually read a lot, your that stupid!!!

Looks like Ford is copying Ram again this time it is the automatic grille shutters.

Does Ford have any original ideas?

@Big Horn 1500

All manufacturers copy each other if the new tech actually works. Hell, even the top brass at Ram have already stated that they might go with aluminum body parts of it works out with Ford. Also, shudders have been used in vehicles before like the 2010 Ford Focus along with vehicles from other manufacturers.

@Buy from America......

Simplicity of a V8? Have you seen what is inside modern engines? They ain't as simple as you think they are. In fact the newest technology in the Ecoboost (Ti-VCT and VCT) is also found both the 5.0L and 6.2L. In fact various form of VCT is also found in just about every modern engine. Turbos are extremely simple in comparison to VCT and other things like EGR systems.

I'll only call out a manuf. for copying if the manuf. called out the competition for a feature just because they don't have the feature. Then a few years later the manf copies the feature they bashed in infomercials. Ford never bahsed the Ram grille shutters. Ford first used grill shutters in 2011 on the Focus. GM on the other hand bashed Ford for using the "man step". Now the 2015 Silverado will have, not one, but 2 "girly man steps"! Aint that right, Bob?

2011 Ford Active Grille Shutters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE87WmiEwyI

Boy Ford is looking like RAM more and more. Guess they need more aero.

What a fantastic looking truck, Ford does it again, not surprised by the GM guys complaining about it, when your always behind the others in every aspect of the truck, its easy to get frustrated, but once you GM guys leave GM, it then becomes the best move you'll ever make!

Sung to the tune of Surf City:

TWO girly man steps for every 2015 Silvy

I bought a '93 Chevy pickup and we call it my girly
(2015 Silvy, here we come)
You know it's not very cherry, it's an oldie but a goody
(2015 Silvy, here we come)
Well, it ain't got no man steps or a rear window
But it still gets me where I wanna go

Two girly man steps for every 2015 Silvy


This TRUCK BLOWS.......

GM out of the water!!!!!

Posted by: Frank | Jun 3, 2014 10:32:37 AM

Frank, you had the first statement right.

Just look at those goofy looking headlights. They are shaped like the ears on a Gremlin. The grille is hideous in typical Ford fashion and looks very cartoonish.


What trim level is that? The front end looks like it was designed by Tupperware.

This truck is going to be really expensive. It might even cost more than a GM truck (GASP!). Better find a second job if you want one of these puppies for Chistmas.

i like the parking lights via led strips. nice effect. dont care for much else but thats a plus for sure.

Ok, there are things about this truck I almost like. For one thing, that grill doesn't look quite as massive and 'fake' as its predecessors. The simple fact that they made it body colored and actually carried the bumper across through what was otherwise a big 'hole' helps. The fact that they lowered the hood line somewhat helps as well (though that may be an optical illusion created by the slope up to the bottom of the windshield. What I DO see is some improved aerodynamics.

Still, I get the 'feel' of massive size and weight, even if this thing is 500# lighter than its predecessor. Those headlamps make it look bigger and their shape is just a little too... square. A flowing curve along the fender flare might improve the appearance a bit, making it look less 'blunt'. But then, I know most of the commenters here would prefer it to look like a brick wall instead. Ah well, brick walls just don't offer much in the way of aerodynamics, do they?

@ Michigan Bob LMAO Buddy you win the Chevy Tard of the Year haha if so such thing, Ford is the Best Truck I carry 7800 lbs in the bed of a F-350 lets see a chevy do that and not break. GM Sucks ass 20 Million Recalls this year, and keep it hidden to the Public. GM Trucks have SQUARE wheels wells roflmao!!! Have Fun with your Cheyenne Silverado Sierra Sissy Trucks. Ford Rock Chevy all day, chevy cant even build a Trans, gotta borrow that to!!!

PUTC? When you do get one to test drive P-L-E-A-S-E give us the HONEST MPG NUMBERS!
I don't want to read:
"Ford claims it gets 27 highway, 21 city"

Us F-150 owners are really upset that the Ram 1500 V8 gets better gas mileage than the V6 Eco-Boost

Can't wait to see these beasts on every street. Not only is Ford picking up where the other truck manufacturers are lacking, but the fact that they're not "government sponsored" has converted a LOT of owners to Ford vehicles.
While the Mopar guys are worrying about their transmissions and the GM guys are trying not to get caught in the weeds at highway rest stops, you can bet the Ford owners will be relishing their choice of vehicle for reliability and the creature comforts coming out of Dearborn.
Well played, Ford.

To all those who thought the Chevy front end was ugly- Hahahahahahahaha! Ford has just redefined the word.

Lipstick on the same old pig, if you ask me... And PUTC, shut up about "700 lbs lighter" propaganda. that's the probably the fatest, biggest, heaviest model. What's the delta on a 2wd short bed? How much lighter is that?

Ford has been light on giving information. I suppose this is all part of the marketing rollout of the F-150.

It will be interesting to see the take up of this truck when it's introduced.

I'm very keen to see the pricing. I bet the MSRP will be a little more than the current F-150, but the 'deals' will dwindle.

Also, I'd like to see some information on the 2.7 EcoBoost. Somehow I think it's FE will be the same or slightly less than the Pentastar Ram, but with a significant torque adavantage and not so much horsepower advantage.

I've read that gasoline engine design is attempting to replicate diesel characteristics. That is bigger torque gains at lower rpms and smaller horsepower gains.

The 3.5 EcoBoost does this okay, but it still is a bit of a fuel pig when loaded. Maybe the 2.7 has addressed this better.

More horsepower equates to more fuel usage.

As for the amount of chrome. In Australia we have regulations on chrome on the front of vehicles due to the reflection of lights at night. I wonder if the US is adopting this style of regulation.

@Fordtrucks, read this.

- 'In the end, GM’s problem is that they see customers as “GM buyers” and not “Opel/Vauxhall buyers” and “Chevy buyers.” It is a basic egotistical sickness that plagues the company within itself. '

-- 'Egotistical Sickness'... This, is from a GMI staff writer today. About the only person on that GM-GMC fanboi website who has a clue or an IQ above 10. People don't give a eff about GM. I'd bet a solid 70% of the American buyers don't even realize they have a GM car-truck. They thought they bought a Chevrolet, or Buick or Cadillac. Chevrolet and likewise their trucks are in the dumps because of GM and their obsession over Buick and GMC outside of a Nascrap race. I hate GM over this. Chevrolet needs to pack up and leave along with Cadillac. Just dump GM and their Government subsidies. Go on to kick GM-GM'C'-Buick's ass into the dirt. Chevrolet would tank GM-GMC within 90 days. America and the world would be better off for it.

Ram flaccidhorn 1500

- grill shutters aren't a new thing. I grew up around heavy equipment in the 60's and guess what they all had?

I could say that that Ram and Ford are copying Mack trucks and Caterpillar.

One more thing - Ford said they started work on this truck in 2009.

@ Big Al from Oz - they are calling this a "sport" package which is monochromatic. I suspect that the FX2 and FX4 package will get the boot and this style will be available on any model.

I would of loved a colour matched grill and bumper option on my XLT.

Plastic chrome on all of the brands looks exactly like what it is.... plastic.

@Lou BC

Ford has already said that Fx4/Fx2 trims are gone the fx4 can be added to XLT Lariat and King Ranch just like the Off road pkg on the current truck. they are making sports packages for the xlt and lariat that are mono chormatic i have seen picks of some lariats and xlts with Fx4 and no sport pkg (still have the chrome grills) it would appear the truck in this areticle has the sport package but not the fx4 showing that its a standlaone option as well.

Will these new Ecobust's actually get the mileage Ford claims or will they be off 20% or more in the real world like the current EcoBusts??

Anything but an EcoBust
Ford lied about the gas mileage.
Both the Chevy V8 and Ram V8 gets better MPG than the V6 Eco-Boost.
Its sickening when the Ram 5.7 Hemi gets 19 MPG and the Eco-Boost gets 16 MPG.
So when Ford says 27 MPG on the new 2.7 Eco-Boost I won't believe it !
I get my gas mileage numbers from www.fuelly.com

@ ALL1

It is true that modern V-8's are using a lot of sophisticated technology. Though when you factor in the turbocharged engines using the same technologies on top of a turbocharger (or two); intercoolers with the required plumbing, sensitive oil change intervals and proper engine cool-down periods to prevent oil breakdown, a normally aspirated V-8 is more simple.

Yep, all the Ford fans will continue to drink the kool aide and think their ecoboost is the greatest thing, because Ford says it is, when its really not. Worse gas mileage, higher costs, less reliability, but they do have that great rice burner sound haha (not). Ecobusts have the worst resale value of any full size truck, especially once they are out of Warranty. Weird how they don't sell very well when they are used... Keep drinking that Kool Aide!!

@ram big horn aka hemiv8, you say that yes Ford is copying ram again with shutters. Seems to me that just a few short years ago that dodge admitted to copying the F150 all over so they could sell their trucks. Just shut up STUPID.

""What a bunch of HYPOCRITES"

Michigan Bob,

Yeah. Bunch of hypocrites. How do you feel about GM adding the "man step" to the 2015 Silverado?



Local dealer had those on a half ton last year - $300 (Canadian)...per side!!! Cheaply made too, compared to the one's on the Ford.

Bob's funny, he's also only 14 and listens to his dad and uncles so he has no opinion of his own; just repeating what he hears while they sit in the kitchen drinking beer dissin' Fords. Sigh, I have friends like that.

@carilloskis - Ford does that with the current Super Duty.

You show me a Hemi RAM 1500 that gets 19mpg and I'll show you a unicorn. The best anyone I know has seen is the high 16's.

@Buy America

Please tell me about the sensitive oil change interval and proper engine cool down to prevent oil breakdown you think you know about? Please, inform me as a person that has owned multiple turbocharged engines(gas and diesel), worked for an engine manufacturer that has turbos on just about every engine it produced, and continues to work around heavy duty trucks that have a turbocharger in every one of them. It is funny we never have never done this oil change interval or cool down you speak of in none of our 10+ Ecoboost fleet trucks at my location or any of the Ecoboost fleet trucks at any of the 180 locations my company has nation wide. Please inform me of these special procedures and what experience you have with this engine to this. I am dying to know what hands on research you did to lead you to be an expert on turbocharged engines and how "simple" modern engines are in comparison.

@Anything but and Ecoboost

I really would like to know where you did your testing as well since just about test site that did the actual testing data proves you completely wrong.

The 2014 Canadian truck challenge. The Ecoboost got better fuel economy unloaded, hauling, and towing than than all other gas V8s even the GM 5.3L that is rated to get better fuel economy. - http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2013/10/2014-canadian-truck-king-challenge-how-we-test.html

The first Ike Gauntlet, where the Ram Hemi 8 speed, 2014 Tundra, and 2013 F150 Ecoboost pulled the same 7,100lb trailer up the mountain road. The Tundra got 6.7 mpg, the Ram Hemi got 7.3mpg, and the F150 Ecoboost got 11.3mpg. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq05bNUaBnU&list=PLjXptazwnueqnqm_Y8NwotkAf1bXVTRvN&index=16

There there s the actual real world in the form of Fuelly.com where the 2011 and 2012 GM Silverado which was rated at the same EPA mpg actually gets worse fuel mileage than the Ecoboost. Chevy Silverado - http://www.fuelly.com/car/chevrolet/silverado%201500/flex%20v8 F150 V6 - http://www.fuelly.com/car/ford/f-150/gas%20v6 The all new 2014 GMs that are rated for 1 MPG more than the Ecoboost did improve in 2014, but the F150 only has 5 vehicles submitted for 2014.

Even PUTC was able to get the EPA 22 mpg empty in their test. - http://special-reports.pickuptrucks.com/2013/06/2013-light-duty-challenge-mileage-drive.html

So what testing have you done to back up what you say and prove all these guys who actually did testing wrong? Oh, and also what testing have you done on the reliability of these engines that went even further than any of the tests that Ford has done? If you are going to say it then you might as well back it up with facts, right?

If you guys are going to get diarrhea of the mouth and spew bull$hit, then at least back it up with facts or real world experience and not just from your assumptions that you want to be true or cherry picked oddball data that is not the norm.

I recently bought a 2014 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab Ltz because my f150 was just getting too wore out. When i went in to the ford dealer and was told my 2008 f150 needed $4600 of work I was shocked and thought to myself I can't afford that all at once. So I told them I was gonna trade it off and the salesmen told me to wait for the 2015 f150 and that I wouldn't be sorry so I thought why not? Well I went Home and did my research. . I bought my silverado for the following reasons
1. Exterior styling.
The chevy is true to its brand and if I wanted to buy a Toyota Tundra I'd buy and Toyota Tundra not a Ford f150.
2. Interior styling
Just because I like it better and I think it give more functionality than a "WOW" factor.
3. Day to day livability and practicality
I mean if I wanted a power lift gate/tailgate I'd buy a Tahoe or suburban not a truck intended for work.
4. Aluminum body
I'm not sure yet how well the aluminum hold up. I've broken plenty of aluminum rims iin my day fairly easily.
5. V8 availability.
I want a choice between at least a couple V8's instead of only one.
6. Gas mileage.
Currently I'm getting and average of 22.3 highway and 16.7-17.9 city with my silverado and I've yet to see fords ecoboost v6 even come close to that.


Well hers one, how many more do you want?


Same mileage as the 5.0L which is nothing to write home about and below average reliability compared to an average V-8.

Stop posting Ford propaganda!!

It has been proven time and time again the eco-bust gets worse mileage than a comparable V-8 when under any type of load. I don't know many trucks that drive down hill with the wind both ways which is how Ford must test them.

Also, the Ecoboost has been proven to have many more problems especially with 40k+ miles than any of the v-8s.

Ford couldn't make a V-8 that makes good power and gets good fuel economy so they had to go the turbo route to be competitive, go Ford!!

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