Diesel Pickups Gain in Popularity

Clean Diesel photo II

Ever wonder which state last year had the most pickup trucks with a diesel engine under the hood? Did you ever think about which state — in 2013 — had the highest percentage of vehicles on the road that have a bed at one end and a combustion ignition setup inside the engine block? Well, the Diesel Technology Forum just released its 2013 statistical report, which provides all those numbers for 2013 and much more.

According to the DTF, a larger percentage of total drivers have diesel pickup trucks in the central north region than anywhere else in the U.S. Specifically, Montana leads the way because of energy exploration and mining operations, as do all of its neighbors. As to the leader of diesel pickups, it probably comes as no surprise that the state that has the most pickups in the U.S. also has the most diesel-equipped pickups: Texas, with almost 750,000.

Other interesting tidbits include the fact that West, Southwest and Midwest states (like California, Arizona and Illinois) are experiencing the fastest turbo-diesel pickup growth, while Northeast states (like Vermont, Delaware and New Hampshire) are growing much faster than ever as well.

Check out these facts and more in the full report by clicking here.

The top 10 states with most diesel registrations in 2013:

  1. Texas, 747,760
  2. California, 478,847
  3. Florida, 243,887
  4. Washington, 202,384
  5. Colorado, 174,337
  6. Pennsylvania, 170,274
  7. Oregon, 161,007
  8. North Carolina, 159,679
  9. Georgia, 157,332
  10. Ohio, 157,005

Image from Diesel Technology Forum



I don't suppose that a group that advocates for diesel would find a lack of enthusiasm for their approach...

I've been a registered member on the Diesel Technology Forum for some time now.

It's a great site, everyday as a member you receive emails on the latest concerning diesel.

As papa jim pointed out, remember they are diesel advocates. So anything diesel could be construed biased.

But, the technical information is good.

Diesel is extremely expensive in PA since they upped their taxes this year. I would be very surprised if the relatively large number of diesel pickups in PA continued into the future given the substantial price disparity.

I checked out the Diesel Technology forum. Looks like an environmental wacko site to me. No thanks.

10 years too late.

Diesel used to be cheaper than unleaded for a number of different reasons. Now it is more. About 50-80 cents more.
But this article isn't really about the fuel efficiency aspects.

Diesel's not more than gas everywhere. It's the same or a few cents less than reg here in Oregon. The .50-.80 difference is in the past.

I agree with Mileage Man about PA. Right now diesel is .40-.50 a gallon more than regular gas where I live.

A more significant stat would be percentage of ownership per state otherwise it's more heavily influenced by higher population states.

All the gas stations AKA convienence stores have 10 fuel pump lanes.
2 of those 10 lanes have diesel pumps shared together with gas pumps
(in those 2 lanes you can either get gas or diesel)



But WHAT REALLY MAKES ME ANGRY is when they are done pumping gas they leave their car there at the pump and go inside the store and order a sandwich


You don't own a diesel because of sandwiches???

It is like everything else, not everyone needs or wants diesel. There are those that need and want diesel. For me diesel would not be feasible because I drive short distances, but for others who drive a lot and/or need the capacities of a diesel it is worth the extra cost.

The 5.7 Liter i-Force V8 is better than a diesel.

I tried to get a test drive on an Ecodiesel but the dealer wanted a 500 dollar deposit stating that they were all pre-sold. I asked which trim levels they were ordering and all of them were higher end trim levels.
They tried their hardest to sell me a V6 Pentastar 1500 crew 4x4 shortbox. It rode nice and had decent power but several times approaching traffic lights the downshift into 1st was rough and felt like a driveline clunk. The tailgate rattled on dirt roads too.
They called back 3 days later and said they had a Ecodiesel I could test drive without a deposit.
They said that a few guys have stated tehy have been getting 9 litres per 100km on the highway with the Ecodiesel. That would be 26.1 mpg USA gallon or 31.4 mpg Imperial.
I know a guy who gets the same out of his Ecoboost.

The EcoDiesel will stomp any EcoBust or Turdra!

@Lou BC - I wonder why it is so difficult to go on a test drive in Cockintake, British Columbia?


Unless you are going to tow something heavy, a diesel is not worth it.

@ greg - for once I agree with you but that applies to HD pickups or commercial tractors. If one looks at the Ram Ecodiesel and the way they set up their trucks, they couldn't tow or haul their way out of a wet paper bag.

Are you DieselDave?

@Lou_BC - "...they couldn't tow or haul their way out of a wet paper bag..."

Lou knows all about paper bags. When Lou was born his mother put a paper bag over his head and one over her head (in case Lou took the one on his head off).

I'm sure Fiat's top priority to to get an EcoDiesel up to Buttfuk BC so Lou can drive it....lol. The funny thing is that the Dealerships in Canada aren't asking everyone for a deposit to test drive a EcoDiesel, they are just asking Lou BC!

At work we recently received diesel Rangers to replace the gasoline Hiluxes.

The situation at work should have dictated the use of gasoline engines. I wondering how long these diesels will last.

Like I've been trying to let ALL1 realise pickup design and engineering is moving more towards FE gains rather than towing gains.

The manufacturers have no choice, if they did do you think there would be an aluminium pickup.

Here in Australia Chrysler is also pushing Pentastar engines as well.

If one looks at the production capacity of VM for the V6 the demand might be quite large for this engine globally.

Fiat might be attempting to extract as much capacity as they possibly can out of Fiat's existing manufacturing capability.

Sooner or later as Fiat expands it will need to look at more capacity. I bet this will be from the EU.

They may be hanging in until the EU FTA arrangements become more promising.

Ram has created a semi niche with the realisation that many pickup operators are just a middle class family looking for something as SUV alternative. DiM might be right in the SUV with a balcony comment.

I read so much on towing on PUTC. But how much towing is actually done considering the number of pickup on the roads.

I do see pickups tow, but that is only a tiny number, most are empty, unscratched with only a driver.

I've always wanted a diesel pickup for the farm, but I just can't justify the extra cost to maintain them. Buying farm diesel is high enough without buying highway diesel. There is a place for them for guys hauling heavy loads on the highway, but not pulling water trailers at 50mph to and from the farm.

You want to know the dealership wouldn't let Lou test drive any of the EcoDiesels?

Because he came in looking like this...

Spied - Lou at the Chrysler dealer:


He's got legs.
Lou doesn't know how to use them!
Lou always begs to test EcoDiesels in drag.
Lou is not alright.

Spied - Lou at the Chrysler dealer:


Our spy photographers caught Lou outside the Chrysler dealer after he tried unsuccessfully to test drive some EcoDiesels. It's no wonder they turned Lou down. They did call him back later stating if he did not come in drag he could test drive one without a $600 deposit.

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The 5.7 Liter i-Force V8 is better than a diesel.
LMAO there garbage, you must be on drugs, and never driven a diesel idiot.

At Tom#3 You have to remember that people who have never owned a diesel would not know the end pumps have diesel. I didn't know this til my buddy pointed out to me on a trip in his diesel pickup truck. Maybe bigger signs at the pumps would help.

I just got 2000 f350 to replace my 98 f150, the truck is huge, 3 inch lift oversized tires, looks awesome, 7.3 engine and the fuel economy is 50% better! We'll see how long it'll last, so far I'm loving it!

@pirx - "...the truck is huge, 3 inch lift oversized tires..."

Just because you girlfriend makes you believe that 3 inches is "huge"....doesn't mean that she is right ;)

@Big Al from Oz - we've already seen an article stating that FCA will be in trouble in North America because they do not have the CAFE numbers to get away with selling pickups with decent capability.
The down-rating of hauling and towing is a cop out.
They crank out piss poor capacity all in the name of better ride but it has more to do with CAFE. It is easier to tune for better mpg with a low haul ratings.
A 1,000 cargo rating is in line with most mid to full sized cars.

A $500 deposit just to test drive an EcoDiesel? That's ridiculous and somewhat of an insult to those who are seriously considering purchasing one.

Ram should be encouraging people to drive the EcoDiesel, not discouraging them with a bogus test drive fee. Charging a scalper's fee just to test drive one around the block makes me think Ram dealers have no shame.

There's no Ecoboost on this planet getting 26 mpg unless they're traveling 50 mph or less on a dead level highway with a major tailwind. However, I can see the EcoDiesel getting those numbers in the real world.

In addition to having to weed out all the false power claims these Ecoboost fools like to make, they get carried away in making unbelievable mileage claims as well. Sorry Eco-boost tools, you're not getting 26 mpg even in your wildest hallucinations.

@Tom#3 - I feel your pain. Totally frustrating. I'm just trying to get on my way or get home after a long day, without spending 25 minutes at a gas station. And I'll pay more for diesel at a name brand station to avoid the cluster Fs at the hole-n-the-walls.

The 1st problem is they put the diesel/gas pump combos nearest the entrance/exit for big trucks, diesel pushers and pickups pulling trailers to get in-n-out easiest. Everyone prefers these pumps.

Then many drivers have a chip on their shoulder already, for diesel pickup drivers, even if not super lifted monsters, rolling coal. So they'll take their sweet damn time in the store, while blocking the pump for you.

Here I'll pull ahead and away, if anyone is waiting for my pump, and I have to go inside after.

But too, the gas stations that sell diesel, mostly have a very limited selection of beverages. So now I'm making another stop.

This isn't the only reason I won't be buying another diesel, but one of the most aggravating.

This is to the real Mike, Mike you are aware that Lu BC is talking about a RAM dealer in Canada. because we don't have that problem in the USA .

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