EcoDiesel Engine's Popularity Isn't a Problem for Ram and Jeep

EcoDiesel II

The relationship between Ram and Jeep may seem like a simple one on the surface (Ram makes pickups for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Jeep makes SUVs), but you can bet there is much more to this dynamic duo. For example, take the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel. Jeep got the little Italian-sourced V-6 for the Grand Cherokee last year. It received many positive reviews from the media for the power plant, as well as praise from Jeep enthusiasts who appreciated the low-end torque and vastly improved fuel efficiency.

Ram started shipping its highly anticipated Ram 1500 EcoDiesels to dealerships last March with strong success. From what we're hearing, the early ordering surpassed expectations and sustained ordering numbers could be as high as 8 to 10 percent. Not bad for a powertrain option that adds at least $2,850 to the pickup's price and $4,500 to the Grand Cherokee's price.

According to Automotive News, Mike Manley, Jeep CEO, says there's no reason at this point in the ordering and sales process to think Jeep will need to give up any EcoDiesels to Ram because of capacity restrictions. But what if there was? What if either Jeep or Ram had a runaway ordering frenzy? How would either settle or sacrifice its own need for EcoDiesel engines while knowing another brand in their stable is in desperate need of the engine?

At this point, EcoDiesel capacity seems to be a zero-sum game, meaning there are only so many EcoDiesels to go around and, for now, both Jeep and Ram seem to have enough to satisfy demand. But we could be getting an early look on how future disputes (like whether Jeep will be allowed to design and produce a pickup truck) will be resolved.

It was also recently announced with little fanfare that the heads of Ram and Jeep were given seats on the FCA board of directors, which, we were told, was to give their points of view a larger voice within the company. From where we sit, this is either one of the biggest (potentially huge) unions of power we've seen in a long time or one of the biggest competitions we're likely to ever see — all sitting under the same roof. How it works itself out or how Reid Bigland, head of Ram, and Manley decide to work with one another could determine much of the success (or failure) FCA is likely to encounter well into the next decade.

Will Ram get more V-6 EcoDiesel capacity from Jeep if the numbers start climbing, or will it likely get more EcoDiesels from the 3.0-liter inline-four-cylinder engine that's now available in the ProMaster commercial van? And will Ram ever allow Jeep to build a midsize pickup truck and possibly take sales away from a half-ton (or some other new) Ram? Who knows. Maybe Ram or Jeep will have to compromise or maybe the decision gets pushed down the road a few more years. Either way, there is much for GM and Ford to worry about, especially if Ram and Jeep ever decide to join forces.

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Old story.

Dealers Order--customers buy! How many are still on the lots? Ram really needs a stronger diesel if they expect half ton truck buyers to be excited about it.

Economic conditions really suck; their timing could not be worse.

If this option really saved a lot of money, it might be different. In fact this option adds a lot of cost to buying a Ram or a Jeep.

Hey PJ, they are plenty stong for a 1/2ton. more torque than any gasser and equals the eco-guzzler from furd.
There are hardly any at stealerships here in phx. 1-3 if and some none for the 3.0L diesel. I agree on economy, only new jobs are for all the illegals and the criminals in washington and wall street

Forgot to add 3.0L ram diesel same torque as nearest competitor but double the mileage in real world driving, not some phony epa text or driving 40-55 with a brick under the pedal to get anywhere near the mfg estimates. Diesels always get better mpg than gassers and have so much potential for more mpg and power . will probably have to order mine, just waiting for the rush to die down and or a competitor to bring a diesel to mkt to bring some sanity to the pricing.


I'm still not seeing them.

Ram should offer a crewcab Ram with the 5.0 cummins or similar motor. Under a heavy load the 3.0 will not get much better FE than the Cummins 5.0 under half throttle conditions.

Let's see if working guys who want a diesel half ton can buy a Ram 3.0 for less than $35k.

C'mon is correct, more than enough power and torque for most of us. Also it should be an option on many models to get a real sales potential not just a loaded up model.

This engine will benefit most who use a trailer as the loss in MPG when towing won't be the same as the ecoboost.

Hopefully diesels will become more common and not have such a premium price, especially on a V-6.

Good luck to Ram for what I hope is a major needed shift in engine options.

A 3 litre 4 cylinder diesel out of a Ram van will work in the Ram 1500. It would make a decent truck and they should be able to cruise around at highway speeds very easily.

You will lose some acceleration. The Ducato diesels are more 'truck' like in their characteristics. The four cylinder diesel utes in Australia are around $10 000 less than the V6 or V8 diesels. The V6 diesels are mainly 'car' diesels.

If people just worried about the price of buying a pickup everyone would be driving a stripper Taco or Frontier. So the comment regarding the price of the diesel vs a gas engine is not as relevant as one could make out.

This is not to say that it doesn't play a role. But the sales from this article seem to show that 1 in 10 Rams sold are a diesel. A four cylinder option could lift that to 20%-25% of diesels sold. Especially if they are a little cheaper than a gas V8.

If a person has the cash at hand they will buy a diesel if they want one. The same goes for aluminium pickups. They will sell but in reduced numbers and something else will fill the void.

Diesel are a great way to drive, especially if your driving style isn't to 'flog' an engine. Low to moderate rpm's is where a diesel shines. There are no other engines that can compare, especially in off road conditions or under load like towing.

The good thing for people interested in this Diesel power train is unlike G.M. you can have it from Tradesman all the way to Laramie Limited.

I think Chrysler would hit a home run with a Jeep pick up to compete in the mid, mini pick up market.

You need to drive lots of miles in order of it to pay off. A person like myself would benefit tremendously. Already looked at one. It's either this or the PowerWagon. And Yes, the EcoDiesel of course makes all the Cents and Dollars for me. My driving exceeds 40,000 miles a year. I'm thinking Mid August.

Basically what the Auto News report said is no more diesels without a big increase in sales for the Grand Cherokee, never rule anything out, blah, blah, blah. This is happening just like many predicted. Diesels continue to be a very tough sale in the US, unless it's a heavy duty truck.

How many diesels sold won't be revealed anytime soon because they'd have unveil the truth. Ram is "really surprised" at the early ordering because the dealers ordered way too many too fast. The dealers were ordering diesels like drunken sailors and are overstocked.

You cannot get the diesel in a Jeep GC unless you buy the fully loaded Overland Summit, $54,000 + they need to make it available for the whole Jeep GC line and they would sale more and have more happy customers...

Basic supply & demand at work. Too much supply. Little demand for diesels!

My diesel predictions were wrong.

But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?
And if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
You've been here before?
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

Could be up to 8-10 percent. 1% could be the real number, or it could be more or less, just not more then 10%.
They are being pretty vague on the subject.

Why does it matter if it adds $2,000-$4,000, people are just going to fiance it anyways.

But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?

And if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
You've been here before?

How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

If you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?

Unless they've decided to put leafs out back again, the diesel really is a hard choice, based on this:

The greatest advantage of a diesel over a gas engine in a truck is not the fuel economy period, but the fuel economy under load.

Therefore, why buy a diesel engine in a truck with significant payload/trailer limitations vs. its competitors.

If you're going to be towing/hauling a lot, you're probably not interested in a Dodge half ton, yet that's the truck with the diesel.

So why buy an engine intended for work under load with a truck that is not intended to carry heavy loads?

To prend otherwise is to delude ourselves.

Jasbit, the Ram 1500 was barely updated last year. Heavily. It will get another minor update next year. With a Fully Redesign in 2016 as a 2017 model.

True story. It went something like this. Lou went to the Fiat-Ram dealer and was told he wouldn't be able to test drive.

They gave him some BS about diesels selling out and not test driving them. So they all of these diesels on the lots and they are not driveable because they are all sold? Then why haven't the customers picked them up?

They then said he could test drive if he posted a $500 deposit. Lou didn't want to give them $500. and asked how the hell can people make buying decisions without test driving.

The sales guy told him there wouldn't be a need to test drive since the trucks are selling out and Ram buyers would know what the EcoDiesel is all about. What an idiotic answer. He left without test driving the diesel. A couple days later the same sales guy said he could come back drive any diesel without a deposit! None of them were sold. Ha!


Next time, walk in like a baller and be ballin. Then they'll let you test drive anything! No deposit.

Sales figures for the Ecodiesel are irrelevant at this point even though it would be interesting to see such figures.

The Ecodiesel was all about setting a strong foundation for FCA's future growth. With that in mind I don't think it matters too much if they are selling well or not, it will matter much more in the future.

When the new Titan comes out with the Cummins diesel, it will be a better point in time to gauge sales of the Ecodiesel. By being the first manufacture to offer a 1/2 diesel and setting a firm foot in the SUV market, FCA has a huge advantage, because they won't have to rush something to the market when diesels become mainstream. Ford and GM will have to do that later on and rushing anything creates quality issues.

Ram strategy has already paid off. Back-to-back MT TOTY, Ram bested its already best in class fuel economy, great publicity and we have seen outstanding sales figures across the Ram lineup.

People here make it sound like Ram Ecodiesel's aren't selling. They might not be selling in huge quantities yet, but that should be the least of people's worries. I just read this article saying that GM dealerships are becoming "ghost towns":

They keep having recall after recall:

The bottom line is people can create whatever kind of smokescreen they want to but the facts will always remain. If you want to see class leading technology and innovation, look to Ram.

By the end of the year, the new F150 will be out so we will see how it competes against Ram. Ford still doesn't have a 1/2 ton diesel, and we also don't know how the general public will accept aluminum.

The new GM trucks have been out over a year now and there is nothing interesting about them. Given their product lifecycle, they will once again have some serious catching up to do.

@The Fake Lou
Struck a nerve did I? At least I'm not the one who has to hide behind other people's names.

Are you that insecure about your brand loyalties/arguments that you have to use somone else's name? You're not fooling anyone, we know who has a TypePad account here and who doesn't. Actually, Lou was probably one of the first to get one.


"Never before have I seen so many excuses for a pathetic economy and sales numbers in the media"

Of course, this leftist rat media have to protect their fuhrer, pinocchiobama.

I just drove from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas and back, and I did not see one of these half ton diesels. They must be selling real well somewhere else. But I did see one of those Jeep pickups along with hundreds of the new GM Tahoes, Yukons, and Suburbans.

@chris1776, "Therefore, why buy a diesel engine in a truck with significant payload/trailer limitations vs. its competitors."


@The Fake Lou
Funny how you make no comments about your choice to use a false identity....heeeheee

There's a big difference between the old and new Chrysler. That being said I also don't buy into anti-Chrylser propaganda videos.

The only vehicles being recalled right now are GM vehicles. There are lots of old Chrysler products still out there chugging away.

It seems every time a GM car hits a bump it turns the ignition switch off.

there has been one at the local dealer on the lot for one month now. plain jane style with steel wheels too! everyone I talked to said that's what they wanted! what gives??? all this demand??? lol this market is about to shart the bed! AGAIN....

when you can buy leftovers off the lot for 3/4 price of new with tax your stupid to buy latest and greatest electronic nightmare! the newer trucks especially 2009- current f150's are alotta bang for your buck.

RAM is junk! bottom of the barrel! if you want people to know your a cheap ass just head on over the the big ol pentastar in the sky and they will hook you up with the nicest piece of cheap Mexican labor you have ever feasted your eyes upon!

Bragg about any brand and you will have someone that can prove you wrong bout your choice. thing is they are all junk! 30000 bucks should be a life long lasting vehicle. I bought my ecoboost with the intent to trade this time bomb in before it blows up in my hands!

after all the people I know that ran out and bought a chevy only to have people just wait 6 months and then get 10k bucks off a better optioned truck than the one they almost couldn't afford, GM SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!
BTW they are real junk! and they will be all new for 2017! great for the guys who just spent 40+ thousand on the all new and improved version.

ram is junk!

ford better raise the hell out of their prices so my trucks value stays higher longer.

ram is junk!

I hope one day every one realizes
RAM is worst than junk! chevy is junk! ford is close but no cigar and

RAM is serious garbage!!! I wouldn't pay my enemy to go buy one!

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I love how ram is such junk!

makes my f150 look so much better every time I see a guy in a new ram I just say to myself yup he wishes he could have afforded the more expensive f150 but the deal he got on the junk ram! was to good to pass up. gotta love cheap junk! keeps the recyclers in business you know!

I bet if Chrysler stopped selling cars all the worlds junk recyclers would go out business! really I do!!!! I mean they produce the biggest gabage! ram sucks!

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@The Fake Lou
You know how to agree with yourself, bravo!

What is it that you really want? You like Ford? I don't have a problem with that, I used to own one as I have previously stated.

It's obvious you don't like Ram though. I wonder why it's so necessary for you to go to such great lengths to say a bunch of crap about Ram. If they are such bad trucks then what you say wouldn't be necessary at all.

If Ram is makes bad trucks, there is no need to "prove" that. The very fact that you feel it's necessary to do that proves just the opposite.

I suspect you are jealous at how loyal us Ram guys are. We stick together. Where are all your Ford friends? They are nowhere to be found tonight. They are probably embarrassed that a fellow Ford guy would demonstrate such childish behavior.

I must have touched a nerve??? I don't need friends to be right!

ram is junk!


don't be scared you really did buy a ram hunk of shart doo doo!

its ok just trade it in everything will be ok!

lol im doing the same so don't feel bad.

I must have touched a nerve??? I don't need friends to be right!

Posted by: prontosourass | Jun 27, 2014 9:54:39 PM

So you are effectively admitting to being yourself along with the Fake Lou. You would be much better off posting with this name than using Lou's name. Like I said, what do you have to hide by using other people's names?

@Mark Williams
Until attention is given to the comments section, these "fake" users will continue to make this site the laughing stock of auto journalism sites. Many of us reap great benefit from the articles here, but if the comments section is allowed to run wild, then people will never give this site the full respect that it deserves.

I am everything you aren't!

ram in junk!

@The Fake Lou
Sorry I don't speak Italian. You are probably the only one here that does.

Junk is what you find in the junkyard. Last time I checked my Ram was sitting in the driveway and all the guys came by to have a beer and we talked about my truck. One dude wants to trade in his F150 for a new Ram. LMAO, you should go talk to him and maybe you will "sway" him back to Ford(whom won't fix his truck that's still under warranty).

My number is 555-555-5555. My name is John Doe. My address is 123 Gotham City, NY

I'd rather support FCA than a company that doesn't stand behind it's customers:
F150 on fire:

You're probably right, by stooping down to the level of trolls like you, I'm losing respect for myself. But then again, I have nothing better to do right now, so you will just have to make due with having a conversation with hicken S%it like me.

@The Fake Lou/prontosourass/Free Dog Tacos or whoever you want to call yourself.

So you own Chrysler products that you don't like, but rather than trade them in for something you want, you continue to drive them and waste hours here impersonating people and speaking in Italian?

@The Fake Lou/prontosourass/Free Dog Tacos or whoever you want to call yourself.

LMAO. If you only saw the irony in everything you say. You consider me to be bottom of the barrel, yet you're willing to engage with me and have a pointless conversation. Makes a lot of sense right?

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@The Fake Lou/prontosourass/Free Dog Tacos or whoever you want to call yourself.

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@The Fake Lou/prontosourass/Free Dog Tacos or whoever you want to call yourself.

Like I have said before, you are insecure about your brand loyalties if you feel the constant need to bash Ram.

I doubt anyone here even cares where your brand loyalties lie. I'm just glad you don't represent Ram.

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The trolls like to push Mark Williams to see how much leash he will give them. Since no form of moderation is done, they keep on trolling. Just look at how the Fake Lou addresses Mark Williams by name. Hopefully, the next article will be a reiteration of the rules for the comments section.


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