GM Quietly Cancels 1500 Versions of Full-Size Vans

2014-GMC-Savana-004 II

Kelsey Mays,

Come the 2015 model year, shoppers will find no more light-duty full-size vans from GM. Taking a cue from their full-size peers, the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana will drop their 1500 light-duty versions for 2015.

That means all remaining Express and Savana models will exceed the 8,500-pound gross vehicle weight rating — the government's threshold for light- and heavy-duty vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter doesn't offer a 1500 version, and the E-Series' light-duty E-150 passed the 8,500-pound line after the 2006 model year — as does the 2014 Ram ProMaster and most versions of the new 2015 Ford Transit.

We chatted with GM about the decision.

"We recognize that the van space has changed radically," Joe Langhauser, product manager for GM's full-size vans, told us. "The 1500-series van was the last vehicle [of its type] that has been produced in North America that was under 8,500 pounds, and it had some very unique attributes to it."

Those included a unique front suspension and GM's old, fourth-gen 4.3-liter V-6 — "the last gen-four engine that GM made," Langhauser said.

GM builds the Savana and Express at its Wentzville, Mo. plant — a facility northwest of St. Louis that's received more than half a billion dollars' investment, including a new stamping plant, to accommodate the upcoming next-gen Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickup trucks.

Customers for the full-size vans, meanwhile, overwhelmingly prefer the 2500, 3500 and 4500 versions. Light-duty (1500) versions account for just 23 percent of Express and 7 percent of Savana sales, GM sales spokesman Jim Cain said.

The 1500s "would become a very low-volume-production product," Langhauser added. "With the Colorado coming into the [Wentzville] facility, there was a lot of unique space that was dedicated to the 1500-series van line. We were able to utilize that space much more effectively for [the midsize] trucks."

What about those 1500-series shoppers? GM officials didn't seem worried.

"We knew we could move a lot of our 1500 customers into 2500-series territory," Langhauser said. Others would switch to a smaller van.

"Customers are either getting a lot bigger or a lot smaller," said GM fleet and commercial spokesman Robert Wheeler. "For GM, the 1500 was the only option out there. That was our smallest van, if you will. Now that we've added the [Chevrolet] City Express," a reference to GM's new-for-2015 small cargo van.

That doesn't mean the Express and Savana 1500 are gone for good. But anything below 8,500 pounds GVWR — which necessitates everything from domestic-parts content to fuel-economy ratings — won't return.

"Would we ever bring back that [1500] badging and that labeling? Potentially, but it will always be over 8,500 pounds in that space," Langhauser said. "There are a lot of regulatory changes that occur at 8,500 pounds."

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Why does the government have this much control of every aspect of people’s lives?

In the mean time GM has just recalled 500,000 Camaros.

Why would anyone even walk onto a General Motors car lot?

That sucks, I can get my 1500 in my garage, the 2500's ride to high to get in a regular 7'H garage opening.

@RAM Big Horn,

Based on your logic, would you walk onto a Toyota Dealer Ship when they have just as many recalls as GM. This morning Toyota issued a recall that totals 844,277 Vehicles with potentially defective Airbags.


Toyota actually recalled more cars then GM since 2010.
I'd rather buy a product that company stands behind (Fixing issues with recalls) then after few years have bunch of cheap metal, plastic, etc. laying in my driveway that used to be called Dodge!

Actually, the public cancelled the 1500 van--Not GM

I can't remember the last time I saw a new GMC or Chevy half ton van on the street. I'd love to see one of the automakers come out with a true panel truck.

Not likely, but I'd like it.

The problem with GM killing the 1500 van is the fact that they do not have a replacement.
Maybe Nissan will let them rebadge the NV like they are going to do with the NV 200.

@Ram Horn,
Since 1980 Chrysler has sold 63.2 million vehicles. Since 1985 they have recalled....guess how many.....63.2 million!

How did you walked onto a Chrysler car lot?

@Gregory J. - those Rambo types suffer from a lack of depth perception......... kinda like the difference between a brown noser and a sh!t head ;)

@Gregory J. - those Rambo types suffer from a lack of depth perception......... kinda like the difference between a brown noser and a sh!t head ;)

So let me get this straight, there are four models (1500-4500) of full-size vans and GM says 23% (almost 1/4) is too little? At least as far as Chevy goes, that's a BS statement.


I've been locked out of PUTC for the past 7+ hours.

I think there will be more unusual changes in the US light commercial vehicle segment in the for seeable future.

The loss of this van isn't really significant as GM will use another van from another manufacturer or from the EU which seems to be the flavour at the moment.

Nissan in the EU have the NV400 which is based on a Vauxhall Movano and initially Reno?? platform.

There are a good range of engines for this van to choose from especially diesels for the US if push came to shove.

they are ugly vans and they haven't changed the design in years

European attitude, v8 only for rich and for the masses v4 and turbo v6 , sad :-(.

This is not surprising news to me. The 2014 Impala that is so great does not have a 6th seat option, turning it into an oversized, less useful Malibu. GM said only 10% of Impalas were built with a bench seat. Ten percent of all Impalas is probably more than 23% of all their full size vans.

While the volume was down (customer demand), it was production that forced GM's hand, just like production killed the Caprice, since they used the space to make high-profit Tahoes. Mechanically, The 1500 van was an outcast- it still used the old 4-speed automatic transmission. For the small number of customers that couldn't be migrated to a 2500 Van, A 1500 P/U, or the little City Express, it just wasn't worth the engineering and plant space. The GMT610 is being reworked to further extend the life of the 600 group. Nothing significantly new in the wings.
@papa jim- like the step van GM made back into the 90's? With Ford and RAM adopting European vans with vertical sides and walk-in roof-heights, that will probably be less likely than ever. There are some Ducato based super low floor vehicles available in Europe. Since panel trucks tend to be built for a longer service life than regular vans, the trend is definitely toward true commercial chassis, rather than something like Ford's E450 bare chassis (that so many RV's were built on).
@BD- doesn't make any sense just looking at the numbers, but the 2500 and 3500 are virtually identical, and the 4500 is strictly a cutaway chassis, sharing most of the front frame with the 3500.

My good ol' 1998 G1500 is all the more sweeter to me now.
Uh, just ignore that "hummingbird" fuel gauge.

@Jason - and you believe ALL leaked stains happens illegally and by accident? Do you believe that the more you shake it, the less gets in your pants? Finding new places to piss occurs over 5-6 years. I was considering a new tree in my local park around the same time the cam phasers failed in the '08/'09 F150. The moment a new truck is released, I get so excited I need to peeeeee! TTAC insider information has been accurate. An "insider" for Ford's aluminium supplier had indicated that when I went on vacation to Italy, I was snared by police after a photo of me was found urinating on the steps of Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I couldn’t help it. I had heard that Ford was having problems forming panels prior to NAIS. Ford subsequently admitted to it. Once that happened, photo or no photo I just had to go!

@Gregory J: and who has had the most recalled RECENTLY?

Yup, GM leads that, with a boatload of ignition switch issues, as if it wasn't bad enough that most of the 90s the ignition cylinders had issues from GM, but it got worse, and if it's not a bad lock, then it's the "weight makes it shut down" bs excuse GM came up with, or now the Camaro one.

The next new GM car will be called the TR, short for total recall.

Chevy, find new roads ( because your vehicle might shut off or bounce around or bottom out cause they are low riders on an old (rough) road)

yeeehawwwwwww my name TRX-4 Tom yall I got one tooth a lip full of dip and im drinking to kill the last 10 brain cells I got left its the only way I can stand to drive my broken 4 your old ram around any longer I mean sh!t I have to haul my two old dodge engine blocks around every week with me in case my hemi blows out with all the hemi tick going on under my hood yeeeeehawwwwwww. its kinda nice that my hemi ram brakes down and get piss more fuel mileage I just pull over get drunk on the side the road when I run out gas or when my ram truck breaks down. maybe you'll see me in the hills of ark one day partying on the side of the road drinking my beer pissing in the wind next to my rusty crusty 4 year old broke down ram one day stop and party with me yeeehawwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

^lol at the trolls around here. I must've hit a nerve with one of those GM lovers out, one of them that thinks GM can do no wrong and continues to buy whatever crap they build.

To the fake TRX-4 Tom directly above, I quit chewing tobacco about 24 years ago, my teeth are most likely in better shape then yours, and I drink less then a six pack a week.

As for my truck, I been out of it for almost a year, it ran great and got 20 mpg@65 when I traded it to get out of payment, no Hemi tick either. Sometimes when you are disabled and just got divorced you have to make those decisions between a house and a truck. But hey Jack, it's getting better now, and I got a better woman now. I'll probably buy a 2015 or 2016 Ram, as Ford doesn't interest me at all, with their turbo everything beer can, Tundra is same as 07, and GM trucks are lame.

You're probably the same as the fake Lou.

159 Rams recalled? Wow, now that's a lot, lol, isn't that better then building hundreds of thousands then in the middle of the 2014 GM 1500 run, having to red flash so they don't burn down like one high school coaches GM 1500 did? Like the new 2015 Yukon burnt? Lol Chevys, and the Chevy troll club (michigan Bob as their leader)

TRX-4 Tom

That a boy Tommy you tell those trolls, the only problem with Fiat is the 159 recalled Rams....

Actually what I was saying is that all 3 major truck makers build crap...and bone heads like you keep buying them....hahahahahah

Leave Tom alone Lou I went to one of his automobile lectures it was great....

GM sucks, Ford sucks, Fiat-RAM sucks and Nissan sucks. Make the smart choice and buy a Tundra! They don't burn to the ground, randomly lose engine power or refuse to shift into park.


They may not burn to the ground, lose engine power or refuse to shift into park, but they have...

Steering racks that break with any kind of front lift.
AIP's fail at around 40K-60K miles and will fail again.
Open C-channel under the bed adding to extra twist and flex.
Gas guzzling I-Force 5.7 engine without AFM.
Unavailability of a 6.5ft box on Crew Max models.
De-contenting of features like the reclining rear seats, etc.
No factory trailer brake controller.

No, if anything, even the extremely outdated Titan is a much better truck.

I thought seriously about a 2010 Tundra, but the ride isn't there, I didn't like the interior as much as Ram, poor mileage ratings. Although their six speed is fine, now compared to an eight speed, is lacking, and the mileage got beat more when you consider a 3.55 geared 8 speed can do whatever a 4.30 geared Tundra can do, and in the past that be a 4.30 Tundra vs 3.92 Ram, so now with 3.55s I can get better mileage at the same time better performance.

The Tundra, supposedly overbuilt, gains so much braking distance with a load, and can't corner so well.

@Fake Lou/ Fake TRX-4, maybe you are a Tundra folk? Oh but Tundras never have issues, right? Wrong!

It's just funny the GM folks thought their new truck was so great, but it's already had it's share of issues a year in, and a lot of the stuff they used was carry over parts, low risk, and Tundra? They don't update trucks often for the chance there might be recalls!

Because bigger is better. It uses more dinosaur juice and that's good for bitness. What's good for bitnessv is good for gubmint

@maXx. - those Rambo types suffer from a lack of depth perception......... kinda like the difference between a brown noser and my sister singing xmas songs...

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