Massive Side Curtain Airbag Standard on 15-Passenger Ford Transit Wagon

Transit airbag 1 II

Ever see those long inflatable bananas that people ride on top of while being dragged by a speed boat through clear, blue Caribbean waters? Now imagine it inside a new Ford Transit Wagon 15-passenger van. The truth is, Ford just announced a 15-foot-long side curtain airbag will be standard on the 15-passenger Transit Wagon, which has five rows of seats, a long wheelbase and high roof. In fact, a side curtain airbag will be standard on all Transit Wagons. 

This is just one of the many safety features Ford is touting on its new full-size van that's seemingly targeted at the airport shuttle industry or rapid transport companies. By comparison, a midsize sedan like a Ford Fusion has side curtain airbags that are each about 6 feet long and just 2 feet tall.

"This airbag technology is unique in its purpose, which is to help provide protection across five rows of passengers in a cabin that is more spacious than the more traditional light-duty vehicles," said Norbert Kagerer, TRW Automotive vice president. "The stringent customer and industry regulatory requirements for airbags called for developing a new system that provides appropriate occupant protection in a smart package."

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A very close friend was killed in a 15 passenger van that rolled over multiple times after being sideswiped by another driver (nothing malicious, the driver of the the other car had a heart attack and swerved, just a horrifically tragic accident)... this probably would have done a lot to help prevent that.

They should put these on buses as well.

No wait, this can't be. According to "the real mike" and his union buddy's, the "suits" at Ford aren't suppose to make decisions that are safer for it's buyers and hurt profits. By the way they speak, the evil "suits" would have made this airbag an option so they can get more profits, and not come standard as it says here. This goes against all the Kool-aide the union has been trying to give me.



We are under attack!

These 15 passenger Ford vans would be great for deporting illegals back to Mexico.

A 20 foot tarp should come standard with that POS to cover up that FUGLY body.

While its not great looking, I think this is the better looking of the bunch of Euro Vans.

Women are terrible parking pickup trucks into tight parking spaces, it could be because for their entire adult lives men have lied to them about the true length of eight inches.

I guess this is why GM dropped the 1500 series Express and Savana for 2015. They didn't wan't to engineer this inboard raft.

Just wait until someone sues Ford because this massive tarp strangled one of their passengers. Way to go Ford girly girls, keep guzzling that kool aid!

The compulsory wearing of seat belts in a any size bus is a good start as well along with decent roll over protection.

A fatal bus accident is a catastrophic incident. Anything to improve the safety of the passengers is welcomed.

I lost my son in an older model 15-passenger van--no pretensioner in seatbelt and no airbags and that was in 2008. FORD has really done nothing to address this vehicles high centre of gravity.
This new version is just fluff to distract the public into thinking that the vans are safer but in truth, with the Transit's high roof and extended body, FORD has never addressed the fact that the physics of the vehicles design is dangerous. Change the van's propensity to become unstable and difficult to control in real life emergency situations then include all the new "crash avoidance and survivability features". (

Unless you're driving like a maniac, it's very difficult to roll over a Transit.

And does a Transit look any worse than an E-Series? A Savana? A Promaster?


Good article. The best parts was when talking about the the 3.2L....

"3.2 I5 Power Stroke diesel

The most noteworthy thing about this Ford-made engine is that it's not unusably anemic. I mean, it doesn't let you forget it's a diesel — put the pedal to the floor and the engine will turn around, raise an eyebrow at you, then make a little more noise. "

But they are right, with today's anti - roll and stability control systems I is very hard to get these new vehicles to loose control. I had one of the instances when I was driving my wife's old car to Dallas where those systems saved my life. Although if you are going too fast or someone hits you like what was stated above then no amount of computer help will save you.

I'm not sure I like the idea of this gigantic airbag. Vehicles are always safest when designed with a "compartmentalized" approach.

With an airbag that size, it could be a safety hazard, especially with small children.

Customer: Does the Ford Transit have a full length 15 foot side air bag for increased safety?
Ford Salesman: I don't know, but I will find out, but if it does will you buy it today?

@Lou BC

Unlike some of you clowns, I am not stuck to just one manufacturer. I have multiple guns, but the 700 was my first that was given to me by my grandfather hence the name. Have only owned two other Remington 700 rifles since then. One being my 7mm ultra mag that pretty much only Remington makes a rifle for that caliber and another .308 that I sold to get a Sig Sauer SSG 3000 .308. I have many guns from various manufacturers from my LaRue Tactical OBR to my Kimber pistols. So to think that I only blindly limit myself to one brand like you do with you vehicle choices shows just how much of a special kind of stupid you are. Also, you are act as if your vehicle choice has never had a recall which no matter what your choice is, all have had recalls especially so here lately if you are GM fan. Regardless off what you say, at least I am not as much of a coward as you to use someone else's name. Grow some balls troll.

Driving a vehicle is a hazardous adventure folks. With that freedom comes risk. Heck, even life itself is hazardous at some point in the end.

This technology sounds like a good way to 'total" the vehicle after a minor side impact. It's a clever boon for the insurance industry, the auction facilities and the wrecking yards that feed off them. Then, Ford gets to sell you another one extracting even more profit from you.

The "suits" win again!

It's strange they have it manufactured in one giant piece though. You would think they would have it designed as separate air bags which would inflate individually when needed. Unfortunately, cost cutting rears its ugly head again.

I can only imagine kind of interior damage and the OEM price for one these huge airbags. It would certainly be more than the market value of the vehicle after a few years.

@DeverMike/Paul/Tom Lemon/Greg Baird/TRX4Tom/Dave/Hemi V8/Tom Terrific/sandman 4x4/lautenslager/zveria/Bob/US Truck Driver/Glenn/Jason/Hemi Rampage/smartest truck guy/Maxx/SuperDuty37/Ken/Ron/johnny doe/jim/ALL1/Frank/Idahoe Joe/The Guy/AD/Casey/papa jim/Young Guy/BeeBe/Steve/Chris/The truck guy/Alex/Mr Chow/Yessir/All Americans/Scott/Buy American or say Bye to America/Ram Big Horn 1500/Hemi Monster/Tom Wilkinson at Chevy, mark49, Tom#3 or whoever you want to call yourself.

Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to debate, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn to debate with good information, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

If PUTC wants the UAW or whatever to control this site I suppose it's their decision.

It's not kids like I've been told by PUTC.

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