Nissan Debuts Global 2015 Nissan NP300

Nissan NP300 Navara II

Yesterday Nissan debuted the 12th generation of its midsize global pickup truck, the 2015 NP300 Navara. The all-new exterior and redesigned interior is a huge leap forward for the NP300 as it competes with vehicles like the Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger and a host of other midsize work trucks in the highly competitive global market. From Asia to South America to the Middle East, the small global Nissan pickup is popular in just about every country, offering toughness at an economical price. This newest version attempts to inject some much-needed styling as well.

Whether this new Navara offers any hints about what the next Titan or Frontier will look like is anyone's guess, but many of the key assets and core values the design engineers speak about in the videos would play quite well in the U.S. market.

The new Navara will be offered with two engines (one gas, one turbo-diesel), with the TD engine offered in two power-rating configurations. The gas engine is a 2.5-liter inline-four-cylinder, while the DOHC turbo-diesel is also same size, but its most powerful version offers 188 horsepower at 3,600 rpm and 335 pounds-feet of torque at 2,000 rpm. The new vehicle is said to get 11 percent better fuel economy than the vehicle it is replacing. The Navara will offer a six-speed manual and seven-speed automatic transmission with a ton of electronically controlled safety features like stability control, an active limited slip, hill descent and hill start assist.

To read the full press release, click here.

(Editor's note: Global vehicles have a different way of designating model years when compared to the U.S. so it has yet to be determined whether Nissan will be identifying this new NP300 as a 2015 entry.)

Manufacturer images


Nissan NP300 Navara front II

Nissan NP300 Navara int II



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Same applies to pointing out the fact that the Ram 1500 has pathetic haul ratings and the 2014 PowerWagon has become a glorified Raptor.

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It would be interesting to see how long your sorry ass would survive on that site.

@Big Al--Thanks for the information on the Navara and Frontier. If you like what you have that is good enough. I really like the interior of this Navara. Whatever Nissan does with the Frontier is at least something. I would like to see a true compact truck come back under the Datsun name (Datsun King Cab). Maybe they should not offer a regular cab but do what GM is going to do with the Colorado/Canyon is offer a seat delete on the rear seats of the extended cab. Many of the younger guys on this site are not aware of the reputation of the Datsun pickups from the 60s thru the early 80s. Datsun at one time was the Number 1 selling compact truck in the US. Would be good to see Nissan have a revival of their trucks and maybe instead of calling it the Nissan Frontier they need to call it the Datsun King cab and just start over in the truck market in the US. At this point what do they have to lose since they are in the bottom ranks of truck sales in the US. Nissan can't compete with the Big 2 and Ram so go for the niche market. I can understand Ford and Ram not wanting to take away from their bigger trucks but for Nissan they need to at least try something.

Well, the reality is different. That's why RAM is gaining double digits every month. People doesn't really care about your and Bafo twisted opinions. I moved to the new continent with 3 small kids knowing nobody, started business after 2 years , which is still successful, so don't you worry, I will survive anything. You didn't even continue your family business and didn't even move from the province, never owned a diesel in your life. Enjoy your inexperienced talk every website you visit. I will enjoy my RAM and freedom this country is giving me.

"Would be good to see Nissan have a revival of their trucks and maybe instead of calling it the Nissan Frontier they need to call it the Datsun King cab..."

@Jeff S

We've covered this before.

It does not work anymore. It's an outdated strategy. It's a loser.

Nissan and the Big Three all had rear-drive compact sedans they could cannibalize for parts and systems back then. Unless you are proposing a front drive trucklet.

Nissan has assembly plants here--they are very committed to the current business model.

@papa jim--We will see what Nissan does. Either they will come out with a compact pickup as stated in one source or it will be a global Frontier/Navara. At this point Nissan has come in at the bottom with the Titan and I don't see how they can compete in the large half ton market with Ford, GM, and Ram (even Toyota is not competitive with the Tundra). The only option is for Nissan to go for a less crowded market which is the smaller truck or just get out. With Nissan's investment in their new vans this does not seem likely and Nissan is developing a new Titan but how well will that actually do unless they get a few extra sales with a Cumins diesel. If Nissan did come out with a small truck and badged a Datsun they could separate it from the Titan. Just an idea but to do the same thing as they have being doing is not working. Anyway they already have the rear wheel drive platform for a new compact truck that is sold in South America and Mexico so there are only the sheet metal development costs and compliance with safety and emissions.

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Nissan's goal with the Titan was never to outsell the Big 3. They stated that from the debut. Full size 1/2 tons are a money maker. They wanted a share of that market.

Looks like Jeff S has joined Lou's team of trolls.

Posted by: JEFF S IS A TROLL | Jun 13, 2014 10:12:52 AM

You can add me to the list of Lou's trolls.

I didn't say that Titan lost money. If Nissan is interested in the truck market as they have shown by the introduction of their new vans then a compact truck could work for them. Do I know for sure that this will happen? No. But it is obvious that it will take them a long time if ever to be a real player in the full size truck arena. Unlike most car and crossover buyers it appears after reading this site that brand loyalty is above everything else. If you are a Ram boy you probably would never consider a Titan or a Tundra even if they were cheaper and the same is true with the Ford fan boys. You would buy the brand you are loyal to even if they made it out of cardboard. Since Nissan has the platform for a compact truck they are already making elsewhere then this is feasible. Developing a platform from scratch to build an all new compact truck is not feasible because the volume would be too low. Use an existing platform and updating it is much less costly and reduces the amount of volume needed. Whatever happens, happens but this is doable.

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I have always been a Japanese motorcycle guy, I currently own 3 and I always had respect for Japanese engineering, I believe the Japanese are the greatest engineers in the world.
This new Nissan impresses me that way, its a simple and efficient design, does everything well but it has its limits cause you can't haul a ton or tow 10K lbs.
There is a big market out there for mini pickups for people that don't haul heavy loads cause there are already too many people that own a full size pickup that don't haul or tow anything.
It will get good gas mileage, it will be easy to park and drive thru the bank drive-thru, offers 4x4, rear doors,, PLUS it comes in a MANUAL transmission,,, LOVE THAT! I would own one and when it arrives at the dealer I want a test drive and I hope PUTC gets one to test out. I will stay tuned!

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oh look. gm sold the Colorado as a kit to nissan!

I called three local delearships and they don't have details on available date, pricing, paint options, ect ect but will be in "training starting in late July to accurately guide the consumer through the options and specs of the truck".
Nissan just kicked GMC in the balls with getting a mid-size diesel option to the market first.
You know if the Ram 1500 3.0L diesel is getting 28mpg hwy a lighter Frontier truck with a smaller diesel 2.5L will get at least 30mpg and some are guessing 34mpg+ why. That along will will swamp Nissan with sale... you can take that to the bank.

@Ray--Keep us posted if you hear anymore details. I would like to see Nissan back in the game.


You're giving mileage estimates to vehicles that are not even on the showroom floor yet. Take a breath!

@papa jim
We do have these engines in Australia and a two wheel drive is getting 32.5 mpg out of a D22.

We also have the ISF Cummins that was featured here on PUTC in a Frontier in the largest of our midsizers. It is getting over 30mpg.

These FE figures are average and not highway.

From what I've read the new D23 will be a much lighter vehicle as well.

I'm wondering if they will have aluminium trays and hoods, etc.

Ray's FE figures are more than plausible, possibly a little to conservative considering the generational gap.

@Big Al,

Ray already has Nissan kicking GM's ass. Neither vehicle is even for sale yet in the US.

The current Frontier is a rugged little truck but it's a lead sled. The upcoming GM twins are an unknown.

I was right on point: We don't know yet.

By this time next year, we will.

Papa Jim is eactly right. Nissan got nothing first and kicked nobody.

A whole lot of training going on? Ray called a salesman at the dealership? LOL. Most of the time I know more than the salesmen so you can what you heard on the phone and flush it down the toilet. This isn't a US truck.

Same as Isuzu Dmax

Ok, I agree we have no idea of the gas mileage on either vehicle; however, IF the Nissan is smaller than the Colorado/Canyon, it's almost guaranteed to get better gas mileage, even if it's only by 1 or 2mpg. We already know the C-twins are about the same size as their immediate predecessors, but what we don't know is the size of the new Nissan, whatever they choose to call it.


Not every article is an exposition on the topic of fuel economy. This is a story about a new line of trucks that may be headed to our shores.

What's with you and gas mileage all the time?

Like many things about the Navaro.

I currently have purchased the Double Cab 2.5L Turbo Diesel 4x4 model and must say I am blown away at how far the Diesel engine has come up to this point. Excellent interior, handling and turning radius makes this feel as if you are driving a mid-size jeep BUT the power is impressive as if driving a gasoline engine. Towing capacity is 3500 lbs. which is good for the mid-size pick-up.

I know that the Ford Ranger can spank this engine but if you compare and read side by side reviews of both mid-size pick-up trucks, the pros out weigh the cons in comparison with these two vehicles.

The model I have is the D23 NP300 LE 4X4 made in Mexico which has just recently been introduced to the Bahamas.

So far, as I have owned the vehicle for the last 3 months, I have no complaints to post about the performance, handling, power or any negative comments, posted above, pertaining to this Model pick-up truck and am surprised at how people have knocked down this vehicle without actually taking the opportunity, if available to them, to test drive, one of these mid-size Nissan trucks compared to a Hilux and Ford Ranger (which I had done) before going with the Nissan NP300 D23 Model "Frontier" (known as the Navara in Asia, Europe & China).

Anyone think I am biased because I own one of these vehicles should read and watch reviews from Australia where this truck was put thru it's paces as a 4x4 off road truck as this beat out ALL competition with the coil spring rear suspension *instead of leaf springs which makes a MAJOR difference both on the road or off road use.

When this model does get introduced to the US Market, I must implore the nay-sayers to AT LEAST test drive this mid-size pick-up as I think a lot of you will change their tune when they actually drive this Diesel engine 2.5L Twin Turbo model.

This drives like a V6 gasoline engine and the "cockpit" is sealed off so the Diesel engine noise (which is much quieter than a Cummins Diesel engine) is negligible.

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