Nissan Extends Commercial Van Warranty

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With all the attention both Ford and Ram Truck are getting lately for their new entries into the full-size van market (Ford with the all-new 2015 Transit and Ram Truck with the new-for-2014 ProMaster, Nissan has had a rough time reminding customers that it has full-size and compact vans it's pretty proud of.

One way Nissan is getting attention is in the most fundamental way fleet buyers understand — with durability and cost. To further prove the point that the Nissan vans are built tough and strong enough to take fleet abuse, Nissan has extended its commercial van warranty to five-year/100,000-mile (whichever comes first) bumper-to-bumper coverage for all 2014 and newer models.

The push to extend the coverage came because of the collected stories and data Nissan has built regarding vehicles being used in the real world. Some NV vans have collected more than 550,000 miles with only an alternator swap for repairs at the 382,000-mile mark. Whether this is enough to lure other small businesses or larger fleet buyers to the full-size NV or the new NV200 will be difficult to judge in this slow-growing segment. For now, Nissan is saying this is the best warranty in the commercial van segment.

To read the full press release, click here.

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Nice move Nissan:) I wish that more manufactures would extend their warranties. Vehicles now are being built more and more reliable (most of them) so it would be great if we could get a warranty war just like the HP and Torque wars:)

Good for them, more company's should give these vans more consideration!

Maybe Ford should change their 5yr/60,000 mile warranty, the worst in the truck industry. Oh, I forgot. Companies never drive over 12,000 miles a year. That's what the Ford boys say.

This is what an American van should look like. And, they clearly look a lot more capable and better styled than the retarded European derived ProMaster/Transit vans.

However, if Nissan can offer a 5 year/100Kmile warranty on them, they can do the same for the Titan. After all, the full-sized NV comes optional with the same 5.6L Endurance V8/5sp auto combo that the Titan currently comes with as standard equipment.

It's time to step up to the plate Nissan. If guts, glory, best in class Ram can offer a 5 year/100K mile warranty on their PU's, so can you.

@ fredtheman -
A 100,000 mile warranty can easily be exceeded in a few years. A truck used in difficult environments can easily have the warranty voided because keeping up on an "extreme service" maintenance schedule is often nightmare and many claims are denied based on what is deemed as abuse.

Many big fleets will go with 6 month leases for prime time usage i.e. summer time construction season.

In reality a warranty is an insurance policy that has the price of coverage included in the purchase price.

Nissan just needs to hurry up and get the small and big cummins motors in these. That will sell a lot more.

come on! read the fine print on the warranty, they will find a way out, a reason not to honor the warranty, like non flex fuel vehicles are harmed when you use 10% ethanol fuel, but ALL gas stations use 10%, its impossible to find it w/o ethanol, or you abused it by driving on salted roads, or you hit a pothole

You need that warranty with cheap Toyota knock off Nissan car.

Reliability and durability is worth tenfold a warranty.

Open letter to the Gianni Agnelli, President of Fiat.

Dear Mr Agnelli,

My name is Lou BC) and I live in ButtFuk, British Columbia Canada. Other than a nice serving of Pasta, I know that you have a lot of things on your plate. Things like Fiat partnering with Instagram's , #JJ, to commission its founder to embark on a photo-documented open-road adventure in the new Fiat 500L.

But that is nothing compared to the plight I am facing. I went to my local Fiat dealer in ButtFuk (owned by my sister’s brother who is also my uncle). I found that they had only one EcoDiesel on the lot; the real expensive one with a radio and 17 inch tires. After security escorted me off of the lot and the restraining order expired, I went back. They told me at ButtFuk Fiat, that the only way I could even approach an EcoDiesel for a test drive was to give them a $500 deposit in cash. Since my welfare check wasn’t coming in for 2 more weeks I wasn’t able to take it for a test drive. I offered to leave my 1981 Rabbit LX Pickup with only 452,501 miles on it as collateral, but after they stopped laughing, they said no.

Mr. Agnelli is that the way to treat a customer who buys a new truck every 25-30 years? Is that the way the Dealership lives up to their motto “We only stand behind you at ButtFuk Fiat”? Now I want you to call my no good Dealer Brother/Uncle and tell him that I’m taking the EcoDiesel for a test drive as soon as my welfare check comes in on July 1st.


Lou BC/Lou/Luigi/LumberBrain/Woodie

Need 8 speed transmission and updated engines, I would consider buying one if they would just do a 8 speed.

That's a great warranty.
I hope that will include the env200.
I'll be getting one of those once the range goes above 100

Shut up TundraMan! Toyota is a knock-off of Nissan!

Lou came into our dealership today and clogged up the toilet! It overflowed onto our new EcoDiesel we had in the showroom!

Our detail shop just got all the feces water out of the carpets of the new EcoDiesel. HEMI V8 and TRX-4 Tom are on there way here to come fight over it. The winner also gets a free can of Febreze!

@Canadian Fiat salesman - Well you might Laugh at me now, but your Fiat dealer never got that EcoDiesel clean enough for anyone to drive.

So I went to the Ford dealership in ButtFuk, BC and test drove an F150.

Like they say at ButtBuk Ford, "we like it if you drop the soap".

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