Nissan's Project Titan Is Ready for Your Input

Titan build promote II

Many will remember Project Titan, which Nissan announced at the 2014 Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. Nissan also used that event to announce Project Titan's connection to the Wounded Warriors Project in which a pair of veterans and an auto journalist will get the chance to experience an Alaskan adventure like no other.

Now Nissan is looking for help on what parts and pieces to include in the half-ton truck buildup so the vehicle will survive the Alaskan wilderness. Just go to and offer your suggestions, but there is not a lot of time. Nissan hopes to start the adventure in July.

The Facebook page will have occasional videos to update us on the truck's build progress (the first of the series is below).

To read the full press release, click here.

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Nissan should of seen if they could of used a 4x4 version of the Cummins powered Frontier.

That would have been a good story.

Where are the HD test results??? Everyone has been waiting and waiting for them.

The HD testing story will appear at the end of JULY! As reported on Twitter.

Where is is ford ram chevy and Toyota ? Would be nice if they All worked toghether on this project .

Laminated side glass so it provides insulation from the cold and doesn't fog up.
A more fuel efficient engine or a bigger gas tank cause gas stations are few in between in Alaska
A built in gas generator like semi's and campers use when you either break down or get stuck so you don't freeze to death.
A mount in the bed to carry 2 spare tires.
Extra heavy duty front and rear bumper crash bars that can handle a direct hit of a 1000 lb moose.
A winch mounted on the front and rear of the truck.
Tools should include chain saw, shovels, heavy rope

Ditch the Dana 44 rear axle, which is prone to break on the street much less in the wilderness.

Better engine that makes power without drinking fuel like a drunk.

Nissan needs to wait until they do a COMPLETE redesign, and catch up with the rest of the industry, before they do anything. Nothing is going to help sales of the current model.

The image you're using on the news home page is of the Frontier

Oh..... its ON!
They want my feedback?! Ooookay... they're gonna get it!

@Tom#3 - I never had a problem with running low on fuel in Alaska but with that being said, any truck that is supposed to be used offroad or in more remote areas should have a large fuel tank or secondary tank.

A diesel engine is a much better choice for travel in remote areas because diesel is more readily available in the back country. Diesel is also a stable fuel. Gasoline is a volatile substance. Higher end "Adventure" RV's use diesel engines and diesel heaters and stoves becuase it is safer than gasoline and propane.

Larger and or more rigid bumpers aren't going to do jack sh!t if you hit a moose. They have extremely long legs and if you do hit one head on the most common effect is to sweep the legs out from under them and the body falls into the windshield. I've seen that more times than I care to remember.
HD bumpers are always a good idea for anyone going into the backcountry to keep brush out of the radiator.

A front and rear winch is a tad excessive for all but the most extreme offroader. A front and rear receiver hitch is a great idea as the winch can be stored in a tool box and plugged in only when you need it.

Heavy rope? Better off with a nylon recovery strap, tree straps, load rated chain and cables, shackles, several pulleys, hilift/jackall jack, tools, shovel, first aid gear, and survival gear. Depending on one's comfort level in the back country one may want bear spray or firearms.
Americans like CB radio's but in places like BC most give limited range and everyone on commercial roads use VHF radio's. Cells are useless outside of main highways. Sat phones are pricy.

New Nissan Frontier, er, Navara unveiled!

How about a nice woman for when those Artic nights get cold and lonely? Or, for those that swing the other way on this site, a good burly man to keep you warm and cozy during the 6 months of brutal dark cold winter nights? After all, those are every man's basic needs.

How about a new Titan already? The current one has proven to be a classic design, but the competition has leap frogged over it in light years. Stop these silly articles about the old version and make new articles about the next gen replacement.

You can't even get that many factory supported Nismo aftermarket parts for the present truck and we're supposed to be enthusiastic about thinking up ideas on off-road parts for a 10-year old outdated truck? Come on, get a grip Nissan! The next gen Titan should've been in the showrooms yesterday. Time is a wasting...

I just test drove a loaded 2014 Titan. I am wide on my upper torso and my right arm would not stay on the right fold down arm rest and just fell on top of the center console. The arm rest should be wider/adjustable or an adjustable center console that could be used as a arm rest. I like the Nissan name, have an Altima, owned numerous trucks over the years.

Nissan has to deal with the horrific fuel mileage of the Titan. I don't know if they need a ten speed tranny but 13/17 is not working at $4 a gallon. Do away with all of the hard plastics on the dash. I would pay extra for an upgraded dash. My next truck might be my final and I don't want a vinyl dash--make it out of the material in my Altima.

Work out the fuel mileage and give me captains seat and I am a buyer. Can't wait forever, I am ready to buy, holding out another year max.

Better yet give me the Frontier or Narvana with a full size seat, not these small seats that cramp your back. Put the 2.8 diesel in it and transmission to get 30 MPG and then you will sell some trucks. Make sure it has enough leg room for a 6' tall guy. This isn't brain surgery. Put the truck out this fall and you can refine it in coming years. If you get that Narvana out with a diesel you will be back in business.

Put an Allison transmission in it!

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