Ram Wants to Talk EcoDiesel

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In the seemingly never-ending way Ram Truck is trying to deliver more information about its newest powertrain, the turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel housed in the 2014 Ram 1500, Ram has partnered with Google for its first Google Plus Hangout at 2 p.m. Eastern time June 12.

Director of Ram Truck Brand Bob Hegbloom and Director of Ram Truck Engineering Mike Cairns will be available to answer questions related to the EcoDiesel — the first modern diesel engine in a half-ton pickup truck; it delivers a segment-leading 28 mpg on the highway.

If you'd like to ask a question, go to the Ram Zone blog to submit it. Hegbloom and Cairns likely will use those questions as a jumping off point. Also, if you have Google Plus, you can watch the Hangout live on June 12.

If you don't have Google Plus or won't be available when it's happening, the Hangout will be posted on YouTube.com and the Ram blog.

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Maybe it's just me...but recently the RAM stories are very positive and the GM stories are always about a recall.


@papa jim
Maybe Ram's new owners are better at managing.

It's amazing what new blood can do.

I think GM should be bought out and revitalised.

Or Ram could be trying to take the wind out of the new Cummins Nissan Navara/Frontier which is today for you and tomorrow for us, even though it's the same time.

Ram might be sore at the old Ram boss who got Cummins on board at Nissan.

There must be some heat between them.

Here's what I'd ask them: Do you see the EcoDiesel being a long term option or is this just a two year trial like they did with the Jeep Liberty in '05-'06?

The reason I ask is because this drastically impacts the cost of repair parts. A thermostat for a traditional engine is $9 bucks. A thermostat for the VM diesel was $105 bucks and it was a bi*ch to change out also. A head replacement was $7,000. A fuel filter was $40. It was just insane how much the parts cost for that diesel...and the reason was because there were so few of them sold in the U.S.

If the Ram EcoDiesel follows the same curve it could be a big turn-off to people as the miles rack up on their work fleets.

Who cares about an overpriced Dakota that can't tow anything.
50 grand for 28 miles per gal. Is crazy. I paid 37 thou for a 03 HD new and have 200,000 miles on it and gets 22 mpg.
I'm sorry but no thanks

Yeah very disappointing.
There's nothing green about diesels and there's certainly nothing green about 28mpg.
Maybe the "eco" is short for ECONOMICS.... something that buyers of this truck will have to be extremely deficient at.

I had an 06 Jeep Liberty diesel.They,(jeep) originally was only going to offer the diesel for one year,possibly two,with an expected run of 18k units.Well that was shot right in the butt the minute they became available.Jeep couldn't keep keep the dealers supplied with enough diesel libs.BUT....that was jeep.

Ram only does trucks as you all know,having said that they,(Ram) are into the diesels.As long as there is a demand for their products,I believe they will still be available for many years to come.

Cummins is an engine supplier and never signed anything that would in effect keep their diesels with only one oem.If you guys remember when Nissan announced that is was in development with Cummins,and the dept of energy to bring out the ISF Cummings for the Frontier,they,(Cummins) flat out said they would supply any oem that wants their engines.

Maxx, 28 MPG is very green for a full size pickup, no other truck comes close heck, Ford uses eco on the 22 MPG.

I would say that I think this diesel belongs in something that is at the least 500-1,000lbs lighter in terms or performance. Then I would ask why not a twin turbo version with 270-300hp/450+lb ft?

These chats never discuss anything but what's in the press releases. If you want to hear the press releases repeated back to you go ahead and waste your time.

Maybe somebody will ask them how they can in good conscience advertise this thing as having a 9,000 lbs tow rating when it has a payload of well under 1000 lbs.

It's been my own personal experience that for everyday wear and tare,one turbo is enough.With the variable vane tech turbo lag is almost non existent.The diesels used in trucks today are not designed for car like performance,and why someone would expect that eludes me completely.With the price of diesel in my area now LOWER then reg gas,it just makes it even more desirable to own one again,which I will.

For those that want muscle car performance out of a diesel pickup truck,all you have to do is open your wallet and dump it on the counter at any diesel performance shop.They'll be glad to take your loot.And the factory will be more then happy to void your warranty for you too.

How are the economics on this truck bad?
With the typical big 3 discounts you can get a crew cab 4x4 for 32k after all the discounts.
How is this bad economics?
Sure, I wouldn't pay 42k for it either but when it is down in the low 30k range I think it could make sense for the typical commuter truck owner.

Unless they start building with lighter materials I wouldn't expect mpg to get much better than 28mpg for a half ton diesel.

I echo the concern about pickup costs. $50k is getting ridiculous. Fortunately most are buying the ED at 15 to 18% off msrp.

If I was paying 50K for a truck, I would rather it be this ram diesel than a high country Silverado, also 50K, now the 28mpg and the better resale doesn't sound too bad

$57000 in Canada for slt ecodiesel. Not budging on price because they cant keep them on the lot. $54000 after negotiating for a 3500 cummins slt. 1500 ecodiesel may have the market by the balls but way to much money for what you get.

@ Alberta_85: Be patient my friend,the 'gold rush' is on for awhile,but will slow down in a year or so.Also maybe end of the year clearance sales might drop the prices somewhat.

You don't have to 55K to get a Ram ecodisel, you can get one for 30K depending on what you want.

Just seen a interesting video Ford's flopping noodle frame on the Super Dutys is what is cause radiators to break and fail.


Wow johnny dumbas! What does this article have to do with frames and raditors?? Did you take time to read it or you just thought you'd have a stupid attack and write something stupid?? What a idiot.

@Truck Crazy Butt hurt Ford fanboi I'm just sharing interesting news I find everyone else does it, go have an ice cream and cool down its on the house.

@Alberta_85 - have you talked to any owners? I have yet to see one in Northern BC.

If there is a $30k diesel it's going to be a pretty crappy base model and after discounts and on an ordered truck. EcodDiesel STARTS at $36,475 which means base model and regular cab 8' long bed tradesman. Is that what people want?

To get that price you're spending more on the engine to get less of a truck. At the end of the day you're getting less for what in return? Less capability and less stuff but better mileage at higher cost?

Where I'm from the fuel efficient engine that tows and hauls less should cost less, not more.

Why spend more on a truck that tows less, carrys less, costs more or more or less the same each mile to run? I think this is why you never saw a diesel in a half ton.

Most of the EcoDiesels I see on the lots are $49.5k I know about discounts, but that's still about $5-6k more than I want to spend on a half-ton truck.

And I'm not really interested in ordering a cheaper truck just so I can get a diesel that carrys and hauls less and costs more to maintain.

Buyers are smart. They add all of this up and run the other way.

Truck Crazy: just hope it is not you and your family out there in Timbuktu with your camper trailer hooked to your 6.4 F-whatever, and have your radiator start to leak because of the frame twisting like a well, noodle! and the lose all your coolant out in the middle of nowhere! I have never heard of this happening to the GM twins, or Ram HD trucks! not to mention the tailgates that crumple and bend also! I have seen that happen more than once in real life! with the F-HD trucks before!





To say that we’re proud of the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is an understatement. When we put the powerful and fuel-efficient power plant into our award-winning Ram 1500, it was revolutionary. A diesel in a half-ton pickup was unheard of in North America until Ram Trucks brought the EcoDiesel to market.

With best-in-class 28 mpg and 420 lb.-ft. of torque!!!! Tthe Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is a powerful and efficient tool.

@Greg: you're full of it, you can get a 4x2 Ecodiesel long bed regular cab under 30k us$, Tradesman MSRP, and who pays MSRP?

Seems the disturbed Chevy crybabies try to spin it to make it look more expensive.

Since some Shivy jokers want to compare the 55k LOADED 4x4 crews to their cheap Chivy, I looked at Chevys site, real easy to put 55 plus into a High Country, lol, the Rams are in general more affordable, per MSRP, but Chevy is already taking 10k off a 1500 to move it.

Honestly Come On!!! $54 Grand + and all you get is a truck that tows less & cost more. Ford already proved that Diesels are a waste in a 1/2 Ton. You can buy a 3500 Cummings for less. How many fools ran to their local Ram Dealer and plunked down the cash. A while back I had the please of running into a few new Eco Diesel Ram Owners at a local Esso Gas/Restaurant. Both just dropped off their trucks for front end work. Yup to heavy for the stock front end, how much R&D went into that...My point.

I want to talk Active Fuel Management or AFM.

This is the crap that makes the fuel economy on the Silverados and Sierras possible where they turn off half the cylinders and a 8 cylinder turns into a 4 cylinder

There is a problem with the active fuel management systems on ALL Silverados with the 5.3. For the old timers out there, it is the same issue as the Cadillac V8-6-4 engine. Make no mistake, If your vehicle has active fuel management, you have a problem with excessive oil consumption! This is a big big problem. GM is aware and does not have a fix for this issue.


TR4Thomas =

I'm just going by what it says here:

2014 Ram Ecodiesel Staring MSRP $36,475.

*MSRP excludes destination, taxes, title and registration fees. Starting at price refers to the base model, optional equipment not included.

If you can get one in a regular cab for less, good for you!!!!! It's still more money apples to apples and tows and carrys less!

I believe you, Tom, when you say you can get one for $30k. Fiat should make their sure pricing is accurate on the website. Don't you think?

It clearly says starting MSRP is $36k on the starting page. Fiat seems confused on its own pricing. Or they they claim $36k starting because the $30k diesel Ram is as illusive as Big Foot.

Also a base Silverado and F-150 is $25k. So the Ram diesel is still about $5k more than I should be spending on a half-ton like I said.

I'd be more inclined to get a GM with the 4.3 once they stop recalling them .

Ram better hurry up before GM's new midsize trucks come out and blow Ram's MPG ratings out of the water.

The reality is you cannot get a Ram ecodiesel for $30k because the supply has already been built out. Good luck finding a base stripper cheapskate edition Ecodeisel at your local dealer. The cheapest by me is $45k for a quad cab lower end SLT. Thanks but no thanks.

Under $30k? lol. Chepeast ecodiesel by me is a tradesman bottom feeder special for $43,150.

I just went to the Ram website and did the 'build your own' thing.Hopefully here's a link to what I just priced out,and all the options etc.


420lb ft is not Best in Class or unsurpassed. 460lb ft is Best in Class http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2014-gmc-sierra-1500-62l-4x4-test-review

The supply has all been built out so what you can build online and actually buy are two different things.


Johnny Doe is a TROLL, treat him like one and don't respond to his idiotic post.

@johnny dumbas! thankyou for the ice cream. I was very good and cooled me down a lot. The only thing it didn't change was the fact that nobody wants to hear extra news from you or anyone else. This is a ram spam article and that's what people are reading about so take your ice cream and shove it where the sun don't shine stupid.

I could only find two trims, at the only two dealers who had an ecodiesel slt $57000 CAD or Laramie $67000CAD. Thats what was available near me. There's not many around. Only 8000 units delivered initially to north America. U.S. Is 10x bigger market so not many came to Canada. This was April when I was pricing this out and test driving.

3500 diesel of the same trim can be had for less as has been proven to me

@ lou bc

I have not talked to any owners of one. I have only seen three on the road in total excluding the two I seen at dealers.

@ Chris: Yeah,I know,but the argument about the prices was what I was getting at.I even built out a loaded Ram work truck with the ecodiesel and I even surprised myself with the comparatively low price,under 36k...whoda thunk it ;}>

Woodhouse is one of the largest dealers in the US. They have 7 Ecodiesels.



Stop with the under $30k bull crap.

I can see much chatter regarding the cost of a Ram Diesel.

From what it appears the Ram diesel powered vehicles are being targeted at more upper end of the market.

Also, we haven't seen any information regarding the sales number for the diesel Ram other than the initial "pre 3 days" of ordering.

Why is Ram not discussing this?

Is Ram asking too much for the diesel Ram.

Judging by our diesel prices here in Australia I do think there is some profiteering going on.

I can see much chatter regarding the cost of a Ram Diesel.

From what it appears the Ram diesel powered vehicles are being targeted at more upper end of the market.

Also, we haven't seen any information regarding the sales number for the diesel Ram other than the initial "pre 3 days" of ordering.

Why is Ram not discussing this?

Is Ram asking too much for the diesel Ram.

Judging by our diesel prices here in Australia I do think there is some profiteering going on.

Truck Crazy Awe did I hurt you little Ford fanboi feelings, do you need a diaper change after you ate you're ice cream, guess I better tell you're momma you need changed so you stop fussing.

I think the ecodiesel is going to take off and be a good seller for RAM. I drive 45k miles a year for work and paid mileage for 90% of those miles. I currently average 17 mpg in my 13' Silverado 5.3. The guys on the Ecodiesel forums are averaging around 26 mpg with 60% highway and 3.55 gears.
Gas: $3.69/ gal Diesel: $4.09/ gal
Miles per year: 45,000 Years: 3
Total Miles: 135,000

Gas Cost: 135000/17=7941 x 3.69 = $29,302.00
Diesel Cost: 135000/26=5192 x 4.09 = $21,235.00

So in a 3 year cycle I would save around $8,067.00 in fuel. Now what I would be concerned with is the cost and ease of maintenance on the diesel. My 5.3 is a breeze to get parts for and maintain. My previous Rams were a PITA to change plugs on and the front ends were trashed in 100k miles.

I like the idea of a diesel in a half ton, but I would like to see what GM, Ford, and Toyota has to offer in the future before I would trust the reliability of the Ram. I have always like the Dodge trucks I had but they fell apart after 75k.

Lou BC - "I have yet to see one in Northern BC"

Gee that's surprising.


BTW it's been a long time since Lou BC has seen a university, a regional hospital or a house with running water...lol


I does appear someone or 'thing/it' is infatuated with you in North America, most likely around the LA vicinity, or it could even be an Eastern European from Bulgaria.

I do think, judging by the amounts of variants of your name and themes they use as your 'character' (as in role playing) they might even play doctor and nurses, mum (mom) and dad, etc.

They may even have little toys with all of your name variations.

I wonder what they do with these toys or how do they play with them??? In what capacity do they use the toys????

But, I suppose the world is full of weird and wonderful people with different sexual orientations.

I'm surprised your 'friend' is even a pickup person, with it's sexual orientation and infatuation with you, I'd feel safer if it was a female, not a male.

I think contrary to your position (on you back or stomach??) with this person I'm regarded as it's (his) nemesis as I'm only ever called 'Big Al from Oz' when it (he) uses my name.

Don't worry I'm not jealous or envious of your position with it (him).

I do hope the unusual relationship he has with you succeeds;)

Only joking. It seems lost up top.

I have been looking all over to see an actual EcoDiesel...haven't seen a single one on the road yet (Ive been checking every badge)...the production numbers just arent' there yet. When EcoBoost came out, every other truck that landed on lot came with Ecoboost. I think the Ecodiesel launch might have built up more momentum.steam if they would have hit the dealers hard with inventory. but in reality its just a lot of info I hear on Internet. This concept of putting a smaller and efficiency focused motor appeals to me much more than the V8 hipower motor that Nissan is talking bout for the titan. Also the Ecoboost when first offered qualified for all rebates but sold for bout 1200 more than 5.0v8 ...not so w ram...look at price of these Ecodiesels...no rebates!

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