Recall Alert: 2014-15 Chevrolet and GMC Full-Size Pickups

2015-Silverado-2500HD front II

By Jen Burklow

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 184 model-year 2014-15 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC full-size pickup trucks equipped with factory-installed vinyl floors and all-weather floor mats

The Problem: GM is reporting that the mats can slip under the driver's feet because the vinyl floors don't have attachments to secure the mats. GM is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to this issue.

The Fix: GM is advising customers to return the floor mats to their dealer for a full refund.

What Owners Should Do: GM has not yet provided an owner notification schedule. Owners can call Chevrolet at 800-222-1020 or GMC at 800-462-8782 for more information.

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SO I ASK YOU THIS QUESTION, WHAT WOULD BE THE 5.3L FUEL MILEAGE IF IT CRANK 420LBS OF TORQUE??????????????????????????????????????? 15/18 OR 16/19 OR 14/17????????????????

No, that would be 15/21 and that's actually a 6.2 that makes 55 hp more and 40 lbs/ft of torque.

So what are you really gainning from an eco boost?

G.M is damaged goods. These deadly recalls cannot be blamed on the U.A.W. the decisions upper management made are at fault. Money over safety. Most of G.M products are made in mexico with no union labor.

in my 2003 gmc 3/4 ton I made my own set up and attached the mats to the chair mounts using zip ties and a clasp off the dog collar worked great. the mats would slide forward under the peddles.

Buy a Toyota if you want to be safe on the road! GM is crap, can't even design a floor mat right LMFAO. Ford EcoBoost randomly loses engine power while you merge onto a busy freeway LMFAO. You can never leave your Fiat truck because it wont shift into park LMFAO. unsafe domestic garbage.

@TundraMan - I agree with you....

Not like Toyota has a lot of recalls...


Buy a Toyota if you want to be safe...


Yep...Toyota has it all figured out

A recall about seat heater and a tire pressure sensor, yup that really compares to trucks that burn to the ground, randomly lose engine power and cant shift into park. LOL @ you domestic fans. Keep buying that garbage GM and Ford need all the help they can get, they'll be bankrupt again soon

why don't ALL you little gm babies just admit gm cant and never will make a real products are usually either overbaked with excess cladding, to many hood scoops , over exaggerated body lines, interior that looks like fisher price had a sale on buttons and not to mention they always manipulate with TONS of fine print. truth is it will never stack up against ram or f150 eco..... let the toy 5.3 actually pull 12 thousand pounds and see..... you can figure out the rest. lastly has anyone noticed that the gm twins look a lot like the new tundra from the side view ? check it out. as I stated before. gm has no original thought ...period.

You're correct Hank, GM does suck, but you're stupid to think Fiat-RAM or Ford are any better. They are all pathetic low quality crap that can't compare to a Toyota. Toyota's are known world-wide for their reliability and quality, the same can't be said for any Ford, Chevy or Dodge, which are regarded as crap in most of the world.

On the domestic trucks repair parts are cheap.
brake pads, everybody needs brake pads, they are $20 a set for Chevy-Ford-Ram while they are $80 a set for your Tundra
exhaust- its $1500 to replace on a Tundra, $500 on a domestic
thermostats are around $10 for a domestic and $40 for a Toyota.
Toyota Dealer oil changes are $80 and $35 at Ford Dealers.

How are those rear axle seals holding up on ur Tundra? I know about the differential vent plugging up with dirt and mud causing the axle seals to leak where owners have to make a modification extending it with a hose. Tell me? If that's such a BIG problem WHY didn't Toyota correct that?
The Tundra doesn't sell cause Toyota pissed off too many of their former customers by ripping them off in the past, the domestic dealers take care of their customers so they will be repeat buyers.
Example: One of the greatest success in the business is the Dodge Caravan,, sure its a POS, unreliable, breaks down all the time but they are cheap and simple to fix and they have the most amount of repeat buyers of any other vehicle out there, people that own them buy another one.
Can't claim that about the Tundra or Tacoma!


I don't think the 2nd gen Tundra has been known to have problems with the rear axle seals leaking. That's more of a widely known Titan issue. However, the Tundra does have problems with the steering rack seals blowing out with front end lift kits installed on them and the air induction pumps are still a major concern that has yet to be fully rectified.

Toyota will just keep replacing the failed AIP with a new one under warranty. They offer earlier 07-'10 Tundra owners a special reimbursement program to help with the cost of repairs. However, there have been a few reports of brand new '14 Tundra owners experiencing AIP failure at very low miles.

The good thing is the warranty has been increased to 10 years/150K miles on the newer '11+ models, but the bad thing is it will eventually fail again since there is no known permanent fix except to bypass it completely.

The air induction pump have been proven to be faulty even on the older 1st gen models as well. So, it's been a big problem from the start and it doesn't look like Toyota has found an engineering/design solution for them yet.

@big al

Well hell I never made those claims I said 17/22 city/highway, but from a engineering perspective. explain the formulas behind your theory and claims???????????????????????? I see you are leaving out the fact the Ecoboost makes 90% of torque around 1600rpm the full 420lbs come around 2500rpm. This is a direct result of high compression, direct injection, variable valve timing on 4 cams, and force induction. The lower a engine makes it power in the rpm range the less fuel it will consume.


How hard is it to engineer a tie down or clip arrangement for the floor mats?

My F150 has retention hooks for the floor mats and so does my wife when I tie the fat cow down in my truck. COME ON GM GET IT RIGHT!


2 valve vs 4 valve?

Does not matter. Look at the heads on a Sprint Cup car.

They have 2 valves per cylinder but those engines can turn almost 10k rpm.

What matters is how much volume of air/fuel it flows.

They flow fine.

Hey, you stated exactly what I've been stating!!!!

The EcoBoost does deliver good torque down low!

How much fuel does the EcoBoost require to develop it's 420ftlb of torque at 2 500 rpm? How much boost are the turbos providing and what volume of fuel/air at 1:14.6 is being pumped into the engine?

It will be similar to a 6 litre V8. So it will consume fuel at a similar rate to a 6 litre V8. It has no other choice.

How much fuel does a VM Ram require to develop 410ftlb of torque at 2 500rpm?

Now, how much fuel does a V8 use to develop 420ftlb of torque at 2 500rpm.

I bet you'll find the EcoBoost will be on par with the V8 and use between 18%-26% more fuel than the VM diesel to produce those levels of torque.

But, how often are those levels of torque used? This again is where the V6 in the EcoBoost can deliver better FE by a low boost situation.

The EcoBoost efficiency is best at low boost, it will perform and provide FE of a smaller engine because of this.

But, like I've stated once the EcoBoost opens up it's "taps" it will consume fuel quite rapidly.

"General Motors has recalled over 17.7 million vehicles in the U.S. this year. That amount is more than the entire automotive industry is expected to sell in the U.S. this year, an estimated 16.1 million vehicles. Furthermore, General Motors is currently on pace this year to top the entire auto industry's record of 30.8 million vehicles recalled,"

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