Recall Alert: 2014-2015 4x4 Chevrolet Silverado 1500s, GMC Sierra 1500s, and 2015 Chevy and GMC Full-Size SUVs


Vehicles Affected: About 400,000 model-year 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 pickup trucks as well as model-year 2015 Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, and GMC Yukon and Yukon XL full-size SUVs with four-wheel-drive systems

The Problem: A software glitch in the electronically controlled transfer case, which is responsible for controlling the four-wheel-drive system, can slip into neutral without any input from drivers while parked or in motion. GM is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to this issue.

The Fix: Dealers will recalibrate the transfer case control module free of charge.

What Owners Should Do: Contact your local Chevy or GMC dealer, or call Chevy at 866-694-6546 or GMC at 866-790-5700.

Need to Find a Dealer for Service: Go to Service & Repair to find your local dealer.



It's great to see GM being on the ball with recalls, but, um, there's kinda a lot of them.

Well Chevy owners must be thinking about getting a free room at their dealer since they spend so much time their.

Is electronic transfer case control really better than the manual floor lever? With bucket seats and these giant consoles rapidly replacing the bench seat (and the "center stack" pretty much killing what legroom there would have been for a center bench passenger), the floor lever really isn't in anyone's way today.


I don't RECALL!

Thought I seen some GM puke posting about Rams SMALL RECALL about not being able to go into park (a while back) and now this happens on GMs, wow, strong trucks! Every 4x4!

How do GM customers even get their free 2 years of service, when their techs are constantly doing recalls?

I gotta wonder how cheap these 1500 GMs will sell for by September? 8-10k off MSRP now, with 2 years of service, 12$k off sounds about right. Maybe 13 K off come November, lol.

No wonder Papa Jim thinks the economy is so rough, it's that black cloud hanging over GM's head. They can barely move these GM trucks without offering heavy discounts and service on them!

Ford will have it's share of recalls, when that new model comes out. They haven't refreshed the 2009s at all, just a few engine changes in 2011. They like TSBs better, so you have to wait for you Egoboost to have issues.

Ford hasn't changed their bodies since 2004, yes I know they altered the front end and put some creases on the tailgate.. OH and the Crew Cab and only the Crew cab was stretched in 09.

As the auto industry has become increasingly scrutinized it's becoming obvious they need to clean house and change their haughty culture.

It's gonna be interesting to see how profits suffer the coming quarters.

Wow! G.m. is on a roll.

"Families of those killed in crashes involving General Motors’ deadly ignition switches will be offered at least $1 million if they can prove the defective part caused their crashes.

GM victim compensation director Kenneth Feinberg, who also led the 9/11 compensation and BP oil spill funds, said today that people who suffered injuries or families of victims who died because of the defect qualify for settlements and can begin filing claims Aug. 1.

Feinberg said current and former owners of 2.6 million small cars potentially affected by the defect will be notified that they may be eligible for settlements.

GM has identified at least 13 deaths and several dozen injuries connected to the problem, although those figures are expected to rise. Feinberg declined to speculate on how many people might be eligible or how much GM might pay out."

@Jack: I know that Ford did enough change in 2009 that their head on accident rating from the IIHS is worse for 2009 then 2004, yup, they are safer on your feet on 2004 than 2009 and up. Ford , going backwards!

HAHA I found TRX-4 Tom bragging bout his Fiat 1500.

HA Ha, I found Johnny Troll posting crap, but what else is new? Lol Johnny, I speak only English, and that's not a Ram 1500.

"Boo-hoo"said Johnny, when told of yet another recall, a couple of days before he sees his Generic Motors vehicles lose sales.

@Hemi V8

So, you showed us a Free Press linked article quoting a rock star personal-injury lawyer who will sue on behalf of willing victims.

GM's neglect will assure that the victims have a chance to win the Lotto in court, but who will ultimately pay?

In the big tobacco settlement that distributed twenty BILLION dollars in settled claims the folks who ultimately paid are the people who still buy cigarettes. The lawyers in that case all cashed in.

Do you think it's high time that settlements intended to help the victims actually go to helping victims, instead of simply enriching well connected law firms?

"General Motors is recalling another 8.4 million North American vehicles — mostly for another deadly ignition switch defect — in yet another development that broadens the automaker’s safety crisis.

GM said the latest round of recalls brings the total for the year to 28.9 million vehicles, more than the company has sold in the last three years combined. Some of the defects involved in today’s recalls could be connected to three deaths and eight injuries in seven crashes.

The company said recall expenses would total $1.2 billion for the second quarter, up from $700 million — and enough to raise questions whether GM will report a loss for the period despite the strongest sales in the U.S. since 2007."

You should use your parking brake everytime you park the vehicle, besides not using your parking brake will cause the cable and the parking brake linkage to rust and freeze up costing a lot to repair

^recall expenses?^ they haven't even got to my girlfriends dads HHR, or her sisters Cobalt, what have they spent yet for the recalls that were out half a year ago?

GM, living on borrowed time.

@ homo monster & all fiat pole smokers

"NHTSA investigating Ram 1500 models for rear differential failure"

2007-2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD, GMC Sierra HD equipped with an auxiliary battery because a power issue can cause a fire.

At least it didn't catch on fire during the test drive, right DODGE??


@ proud GM assembler

What about that fancy Tahoe that burnt up on press day? Yep GM really won again, didn't they?

that's over 40 million this year alone, and a new record. congrats gm!

WOW, GM didn't need bailed out, they needed left alone to fail on their own, which is exactly what is happening they are failing bad, time to put them down the toilet for good

make or break time for GM
either they start thinking reliability now or they are doomed
to lose what is left of their customers.
they ought to break apart a Nissan or a Toyota to see how to make reliability and improve on it.

and I was seriously thinking about a Colorado ,I guess it's another f150 this time around
GM your scaring away customers big time


I just bought a 2014 gmc sierra and was never told about the transfer case recall. I know it's illegal to sell a new truck with open recalls. What would you all do? It's been two weeks and I just got a call to fix the recall. They offered a free car wash. My 17 year old daughter drove this truck and I had no idea about the safety problem. I want a parts credit so I can get some nerf bars, not a friggin car wash. Please let me know if any of you have had this happen to you. And yes, I asked the salesman if there was anything wrong and he met my only child that day too. This makes me sick. Plus I am disabled and the side steps or nerf bars would help me get in or out easily. Can I return the truck and get my money back? Please help. Thanks. Richard

I was sold a new truck with a dangerous safety recall two weeks ago. The dealership knew it but did not tell me. Any lawyers out there that want to give some advice to a disabled leatherneck. This is my second posting in 10 minutes. I really need advice. Thanks again. My email is

Yes people gm has had a few problems but so does ford and dodge .I just bought a 2014 sierra and loves it ,the third one since 04 I will never change brands. Ford had 4 wheel drive problems ,fuel gage problems and manifold problems . Dodge had front end problems ,break problems and rusty exhausts problems. The point is when it's new there's always bugs to work out your going to like what you like and that's it plus if you fart in the back of a dodge she hits the ground lol

I have a 2014 silverado Z71 offroad that has the problem of transfer case shifting into neutral in 2 wheel drive all by it self. I took it to the dealer Keystone Chev of Sand Springs OK and they preformed the recall and I am still having the problem. I called GM and they contacted the dealer and they said that shifting into neutral all by itself is a normal characteristic of the transfer case for my vehicle and they said the fix is to manually drive it in 4th gear and that should fix the problem. Anyone else having this problem.

My transmission or transfer case makes a ticking sound but i feel it too noise it's too loud for a new 2014 it's a 2 wheel drive can that be part for recall

I use to love Chevy vehicals. It's all my family ever drove growing up. My wife recently has a cobalt that has the ignition switch recall. We have tried multiple times to coordinate with local dealers and GM to get the new part installed. They always have some line they feed us as to why they don't have the part. They have told us on three different occasions that they are ordering the part needed. Yet it's been about 7 months and we still are getting the run around on a recall that has caused loss of life and injury. I will never buy another chevy again.

Well, I just paid GM $143 to fix a recall repair. i just bought 2 new GMC trucks for my company, First and last.
Can't wait to go in a get my money back tomorrow morning .
Ford has Never treated us like this.

Bought a 2014 and have not even made my first payment and it's been in the service station TWICE for this slippage thing... I bought a new vehicle so i DIDN'T have to worry about repairs... Ticked off :(

Is there anything else I can do... I don't even want this truck with this problem now... and like I said I have not even made my first payment... Will they take it back ??? Yea not likely hey

I purchased a 2014 Silverado S71 two months ago. Truck would get stuck in 4 wheel drive. Had truck in 2 times; each time dealer said truck was fixed. Happened again yesterday for the 3rd time, happened on 1/11/2015. Dealer told me this morning: "the fix is to make sure you leave your car in 2 wheel drive if the temperature is below 32 degrees F. " How bizzare.
I am asking for my money back

2014 Chev Silverado crew LT1 4x4 z71

Our Silverado has these issues have had transfer case reprogrammed two times now live in MN when its cold -1 or worse
Seems the transfer case shuts down and 4 WD will get choppy like its stuck in 4 wd , vehicle must be turned from auto 4wd to two wheel before shutdown or this problem will happen continuously
be aware in cold temps !!!!!!!

Chevy reprogrammed the transfer case in our 2014 Silverado, now when we park it in two wheel the four wheel drive will lock in while its parked and the service four wheel drive light will come on. If you try to turn it on dry pavement the stering wheel jerks. Chevy tells us to park it in two wheel drive, they will call us when the find a fix. The best part of all of this is that we didn't have a problem until they "fixed " the recall.

Has anybody else had this problem

My 4wd is acting the same as the rest here... It was extremely cold in the past few weeks here in N. Michigan, so I just thought it may be a frozen kind of issue. Now instead of -35, it's almost 30+ outside today. Still no change in selection 2/All/4H/4L while moving the dial indicator. I've even tried the truck in neutral. Last night my fuel economy suffered a little with driving on the highway. On-star connected me to GM on the issue upon my request for an On-Board Diagnostics test to be performed. I requested a copy to be sent to my email in the end also, but I've unfortunately received nothing, nor does the On-star Diagnostics tab on their website indicate the test results as described to me while driving before the GM Assistant got on the phone. The tab still reflects 18 Days ago;all results fine? But I click test results of today? Odd. GM Says they will be contacting my dealer for me, that I shall hear from them come Monday :)

AL I am having the same problem with my truck just started today and it's not even cold here in Ohio I'm calling the chevy dealer tomorrow morning. I have been having a lot of problems with this truck so far only have 16k on it but the dealership has been good to me and giving me a rental evertime.

Nothing but problems. My 2014 sierra all terrain after day three nothing but the shop six times for the same problem 4 wheel drive locked up first gm had a program issue now my service light was coming on after a rewire gm don't know what to do.traction light now on as step they think forward is two steps back in my eyes.and to top it all off I can't talk to no one but a call centre that don't care but to just make you another appointment think twice before you buy is my advice.

I have to say we have (2) 2014's that we bought BRAND NEW 4x4 Crew cabs and you know they are expensive vehicles. We have had nothing but problems left and right. "Broken Seats, that shift from side to side, almost put your hip out of place" (Excuse is becuse I am short and my husband is Tall", 4x's his Check engine light has come on, his Truck has a whistling noise they can not find. We are so disappointed in The Silverado! My Husband is a GM Man, is all he will own, but this being our 1st Brand NEW vehicles I can say I am very displeased! Love the look, the Ride when my seat isn't broken. If I can do it all over again I would NOT have bought the 2014 Silverado!

Whistle noise is most liking coming from exhaust. Google it, there is a TSB on it. Seat issue is a seat cushion clamp fix, TSB on that issue too. Have both don't on mine. Hope that helps.

This is the worse truck ever only 2900 miles I have put on this truck. The front end makes all kinds of noises, the new truck 2015 silverado 4x4 double cab LT does not even come close to the mpg. advertised mpg is 16 city and 22 highway this new truck gets 14 mpg city and 17 mpg highway. This new trucks transmission does not shift properly. This new chevrolet truck engine has developed a loud ticking noise it did not have when I test drove it very annoying and embarrassing. I would not have even got near this truck if it was ticking like this before I test drove it. chevrolet dealership tells me it is the fuel injection and will do nothing. took it to the dealership several times they will not do anything but tell me it is normal. BS I have owned chevrolets my whole life. Last chevrolet I wil ever own dealership does not care chevrolet does not care BBB does not care american people BAILED them out of bankruptcy. I have owned 69 z28, I have owned 71 monte carlo ss454, I have owned brand new 96 silverado, 67 chevrolet II wagon, I have owned many s-10 blazers, I still own bought new a 2002 blazer, I own a 1968 truck. I had a chevrolet monza, I have owned a chevrolet citation. The dealership lied and cheated me on the value of my trade in. It is time to try ford I know all auto makers have vehicle issues but ford has had the number 1 selling truck for many years and did not ask the people for a bailout that I know of. I test drove a lot of vehicles before making the mistake I made. live and learn

I have been concerned about this issue for a few months now. My gas milage dropped about 5 miles per gallon and I did have concerns that my 4wd was engaged. This has been going on over the pass four months but I just received the recall notice recently. GMC should be providing a credit for all the additional gas that was burned.

Just had a brand new 2016 do this to me the day I got it driving home from the dealership.

Just broke a CV joint in 8 inches of snow on a gravel base in low range on my 2014 Sierra. I am wondering if the factory lift kit is the culprit or are the CV joints just not built strong enough. It's at the dealer now so hopefully they figure out what is wrong.


A real p.o.s. Even after the recall. Every time I use the 4 wd it turns it self off. The dealer reprograms it and say that's all he can do. Stay away from these Mexican built trucks.

My front end makes a noise and feels as if I'm driving on two flat front tires after I had the "Service 4WD" warning. Will I cause damage driving it? I just drove 7 hours from Minne to Gary, IN, got the warning light about an hour from Gary, now it sounds like there's damage.

Have had 3 gm 1500 series trucks 2001,2013 and now a 2015 GMC sierra, All 3 have given me the same problem.
Driving on the highway at 100 kl suddenly cruise kicks off and engine begins to run rough, missing sucking for gas loosing power. Of course I slow down and when I when I get slow enough , about 60 kl the motor and truck run fine again. /This happens very intermitantly. When dealer puts on comp to check for codes nothing showsup. So they throw up their hands and say we can't do anything, also GM in Oshawa has same answere.

I strongly feel and believe that I had an major accident because of recall situations on my 2015 Z71 Silverado truck. I'm looking for compensated for my injuries and loss pay from work. Its because of the recall I had that horrible accident.
August 4, 2016

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