Recall Alert: 2014 Ram ProMaster Full-Size Vans

RM014_030THL II

Vehicles Affected: An estimated 17,700 full-size Ram ProMaster vans

The Problem: Moisture brought in from an outside source (possibly from snow or water from footwear) can seep into the in-cabin compartment that houses the battery and other electrical parts.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect and replace for free, if necessary, any corroded electrical components that control the airbags, propulsion and external lighting.

What Owners Should Do: Most of the vans are in dealerships; Chrysler will contact affected customers, who can contact Chrysler’s customer assistance center at 800-853-1403.

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That is the ugliest vehicle next to the Nissan Juke

I haven't seen but a handful of Ram ProMasters on the road. I wonder if they're waiting on the Ford Transit or the refreshed PM that may get the same facelift as the 2015 Fiat Ducato and European cousins.

Also, anybody noticed that while the Ducato and cousins have a high center brake light, the Promaster doesn't? So this has to marketed as a commercial vehicle as personal-use vehicles are required by the government to have a center brake light. Hmmm...

I haven't seen many ProMasters either. I got the feeling that businesses are probably trying to stick with the E-series as long as possible, then switch over when sales stop on those vans.

But the fix doesn't fix the problem of moisture getting in. Fix it again Tony.

@What Owners Should Do: - trade on a Transit or Sprinter

@Lou BC
Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the Sprinter was once a Daimler-Chrylser vehicle and now it competes directly against the Promaster???

@HEMI MONSTER - no, I see the same irony with one more layer to it. Fiat vans and Daimler vans have been competing against each other in Europe for decades.

@DeverMike/Paul/Tom Lemon/Greg Baird/TRX4Tom/Dave/Hemi V8/Tom Terrific/sandman 4x4/lautenslager/zveria/Bob/US Truck Driver/Glenn/Jason/Hemi Rampage/smartest truck guy/Maxx/SuperDuty37/Ken/Ron/johnny doe/jim/ALL1/Frank/Idahoe Joe/The Guy/AD/Casey/papa jim/Young Guy/BeeBe/Steve/Chris/The truck guy/Alex/Mr Chow/Yessir/All Americans/Scott/Buy American or say Bye to America/Ram Big Horn 1500/Hemi Monster

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It was HEMI V8 that set the spirit free!

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Denim and leather
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It was HEMI V8 who set the spirit free........

Tracy Morgan was injured in a Sprinter Van on the New Jersey Turnpike and the NTSB is investigating a possible safety issue with the Sprinter.
Yes, we know a semi truck ran into the van but there are many stories out there with the 2005-2008 Ford F-150 with its super strong frame that survived many crashes from being hit with semi trucks, concrete trucks and even trains.
Very popular story where a 2005 F-150 got sandwiched between two concrete trucks and the F-150 driver didn't get a scratch, the super strong frame of the F-150 saved him.

I think the Ram ProMaster would look a lot better if they put the grill halfway into the hood or put the headlights in the bumper ends where the grill is located.

Why do these new cargo vans have to look so ugly? The old vintage Ram, Ford and GM vans were good looking. I realize the need to revamp the platform after 40+ years, but do they have to make them look so damn ugly? Ugh! This ain't Europe. This is America and we demand good styling as well as functionality.

@ the real Mike
Basically little altered European Vans, were not deigned in the US.

@Robert Ryan
A couple of years ago Fiat Ducato's like this Fiat Ram Ducato seemed to be the most common small RV on the road up here in the NT.

But now I'm seeing a lot of those VW Crafters as well with a few more Transits.

Iveco's are still in similar numbers.

Robert Ryan
you're right! its a European van design just like the Sprinter where safety laws are different in Europe that they can get away with building a unti-body van w/o a frame where we don't have strict labor laws that forces semi truck drivers to drive 70 hours a week where they fall asleep and crash into Tracy Morgan's Sprinter Van.
These vans are death traps I hope the Government steps in and does something!

@Tom#3 - maybe next time don't have duelling banjo's playing in the background.

@Tom#3 - an automotive manufacturer cannot import vans into the USA that DO NOT meet USA safety standards.

The Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster (Ducato) that are sold in the USA ALL meet USA safety standards.

and like the fake Lou_BC said "maybe next time don't have duelling banjo's playing in the background."

Well that didn't take long... at all.
A little scary that after only one winter corrosion issues are already coming up. Sounds like they did real thorough environmental testing with those...

@ Mr Knowitall - maybe next time don't have duelling banjo's playing in the background.

Recall on a 2014 ProMaster van flexplate

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