Recall Alert: 2015 Chevrolet, GMC 2500/3500 HDs

2015-Silverado-2500HD front II

By Jen Burklow

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 57,192 model-year 2015 Chevrolet Silverado and 2015 GMC Sierra 2500/3500 Heavy Duties

The Problem: GM is reporting that the power steering hose may not be properly attached to the power steering pump. If the pickup truck is driven with an unattached clamp, the hose may disconnect from the pump, which would cause a rapid loss of power steering fluid and result in loss of power steering assist and Hydro Boost powered brakes without warning. The pickup would revert to manual brakes and steering, increasing the risk of an accident. GM is unaware of any crashes or injuries related to this issue.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect the power steering hose clamps in two locations and ensure they are properly attached for free.

What Owners Should Do: GM has not yet provided an owner notification schedule. Owners can call Chevrolet at 800-222-1020 or GMC at 800-462-8782 for more information.

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Just another GM recall, what else is new?

I wonder how many folks will just inspect the hose themselves and not even bother visiting a dealer?
It seems like something 90% of people can do themselves.

GM also just recalled 500,000 Camaros this past week.

GM is a company in complete turmoil.

They should have let them go bankrupt instead of protecting them.




@Gregory J: what if they are retired/ handicapped and can't do it? There's a lot who may not be able to make it right. I can if I had to, but I'm guessing a lot don't want dive into their new truck.

He'll, as it is, you gotta be 5'10 to reach the dipstick, was it designed by a dipstick?

GM screwed it up (again) they should fix it.

Unless you know where to look, you'll not really know if a clamp is missing. It is really busy under there.

You're missing the consequences of what Barra is doing here. She's violently resetting GM's culture. What some of you don't appreciate is that Ford and Ram share a similar quality expectation. She's taking advantage of a crisis to elevate the status quo. Ford and Ram will have a much more difficult time catching up over the next couple of years with quality metrics.

Retired doesn't mean vegetative state. Older folks, handicapped, sure. That's why I said that maybe about 10% won't be able to or won't want to do it themselves. The rest should be capable of getting this inspected, even if it's by a family member, a friend or friend of a friend or even your local trusted mechanic. It doesn't mean they will take that route. It's totally up to them how they want to or don't want to get it done.
Keep in mind that not all 57K trucks will have this issue. Probably a small % will.
And you're right. GM screwed it up and they should fix it.

Look at all the problems the 2011 to 2014 F-150's have and they haven't been recalled!
My hats off to GM not ignoring the problems and fixing them.
Ford just ignores the problems.
What F-150 problems?
cracked rear and sun roof glass
electrical smell from the air vents when the ac is on
wiring harness hanging low below the outside of the frame
blowing snow getting into the outside air vent causing the blower motor to shut down
eco-boost loosing power when you floor it
sync issues
out of balance drive shafts
(should I go on?)
chrome wheels cracking
seat seams coming apart

@Tom#3 the problembs you have listed are not common problems that people report, the only ones Ive heard of are some ecoboost lossing power the rest your grabbing at straws, one person might have had a cracked moon roof, or a bad a/c but when you consider how many trucks ford sells you cannot expect them all to be perfect every manufacture will have defects. what matters is how the manufacture treats their customers, if they dont fix it thats what lemon laws are for.

Cameron Carlile
wow! you are right on the button!
you worded that perfect that I can understand what you mean but I would never have the intelligence to put into words like you do.
GM is showing its problems, the mistakes they make are making them better. GM is cleaning house by extremes out with the old and into new and better way.
I believe you can't succeed or get better if you don't make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.
(example: pwr steering hose clamp loose, the next hose they make will be better, maybe without a clamp, or a better clamp)
Ford and Dodge are still stuck in the 1980's GM is looking to the future and they will get better learning from their past failures.


I have total confidence that the people that own the new F-150's are reading what I said and are relating to some of the problems I listed.

Ahh how quickly we forget Ford and the firestone tire debacle. gm is a superior product to ford and dodge.

@tomshould be #2. You know your last line when you said "should I go on" well, yeah you should. just go somewhere and go belly up. People don't want to constantly hear your #2 crap.

So more recalls equals a superior products? That's what the GM Trolls are saying.

when will people realize that gm is HIGHLY overated ....yes its still ugly.
ps: nice job gm stealing the interior out of a ram ...dahhhh

ouch! that's 18 million and counting this year alone, or about the same number of cars ford sold in the last 10 years and were only 6 months into it.

GM reminds me of that movie from the 80's, Gung Ho, where they are putting vehicles together at the last minute and forgetting to put things on like windshields.

GM = Gung Ho

@Cameron Carlile - I do think that there is some truth to what you are saying BUT the NHTSA issues the recalls not GM.

more recalls for those generic motors trucks...what else is new

This is getting out of hand!

I think GM should recall every truck they have made since 1999 and check all the hose clamps to make sure they are connected. It was very reckless of GM to ever use hose clamps, you never know when a clamp may come disconnected!

Recall every truck! Free hose checks for everyone!

I have 40K on my new Ford F250 with no problems, so sorry I can't relate to those of the few that have had issues

Looks like GM will surpass Fiat-RAM as the pickup truck recall leader. Buy a Tundra, no recalls here! Only a quality product you don't have to continuously bring back to the dealer like a GM, Ford or Fiat-RAM.

This is from Forbes

as for recalls are concerned GM is the lowest out of the big 3 in terms of recall % yes GM has recalled more vehicles but they have also sold alot more almost 50% more than Ford and 300% more the Chrysler.

Ford and Ram are still stuck in the past with solid front axles on HD Trucks when the entire world has been moving forward. The front axle of GM independent suspension is 5900 lbs of a wait rating. Ford's 5950 lbs yes it is slightly stronger but by 50 pounds at that point I don't think it matters much. The overall ride from the Gm is simply a lot better. As for the recall numbers here you go.

Gm has recalled 2.3 Million More than Ford
GM has sold 48.5 Million more than Ford
in turn Ford has almost recalled every vehicle they have put out and Chrysler has recalled every vehicle they have produced. These are the facts they are not up for debate.

General Motors: 99.3 million recalled/153.2 million sold; 0.65 recall rate.

Ford Motor Co: 97.0 million recalled/104.7 million sold; 0.93 recall rate.

Chrysler Group: 63.2 million recalled/63.2 million sold; 1.00

"General Motors has recalled over 17.7 million vehicles in the U.S. this year. That amount is more than the entire automotive industry is expected to sell in the U.S. this year, an estimated 16.1 million vehicles. Furthermore, General Motors is currently on pace this year to top the entire auto industry's record of 30.8 million vehicles recalled,"

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