Select 2014 Ram Trucks Need Software Fix

Ram 2500 towing II

We've just learned that select models of the Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500 pickups and chassis cabs will require a software update to take care of several "glitches" in the electronically controlled remote access, monitoring and display systems.

Since this does not affect the safety of the truck a recall is not necessary.

The problem is in the way the information in the tire monitoring system relays the radio signal information back to the computer. In some cases, the readouts may display a series of dashes rather than the proper pressures. These same radio frequency issues could also affect the remote entry access signals in the keyless entry system. Additionally, in those vehicles equipped with the passive entry package there may situations where a "no-entry" condition could occur.

Chrysler will distribute a customer satisfaction notification to affected Ram owners that will entitle them to receive the software update at their nearest or preferred dealer, free of charge. Dealers have received the instructions; we're told the service should take about 30 minutes. For more information, contact a dealer near you. photos by Mark Williams



That is one way to reduce wear and tear on your truck, software that doesn't let you get into it to drive it.

@lou-bc, Ya, you would be the one waiting for triple a to open it with the key in your pocket. DUH!

That's not as bad as the messed up SYNC system with Ford!
Ford had millions of recalls and complaints about the SYNC!
Ford runs brake lines on the outside of the frame! How stupid is that?
Ford still uses the same rear leaf spring shackles as on the 1975 truck, they rust out and are a major job to replace!
The column shifter on the steering column blocks the view of the speedometer and the 4x4 selector switch, why couldn't Ford use a rotor dial transmission switch on the dash?
The Ram 5.7 Hemi has better performance and gas mileage numbers than the Ford Eco-Bust!

Tom#3 does you're f150 have a bundle of wires hanging pretty much below the frame rail on the driver side front frame rail?


i have never heard of an F-serise loosing brakes because of brake line placement if the brakelines are damaged the trucks frame probably is destroyed as well. my chevys have the same shifter that you described that and the 4x4 used to be on that side never was a problemb, also most f150s have the center shifter, in fact you claim to have an Fx4 with 5.0L v8 from 2011 on the Fx4 has only been avalible with 5 passenger center shift . the sync sytem that had issues where on cars where all the buttons where touch sensative, the Fserise got a diffrent eaisier to use system with hard buttons that nobody has complained about, the 2015 mustang and 2015 f150 are getting the system with real buttons.

johnny doe
Yes it does, the wiring harness in hanging low on the outside of the frame on the left front wheel well toward the rear of the wheel well and then it goes under the bed at the forward area of the left rear wheel well.
There's a really low loop in the harness that hangs lower than the frame.
I better be careful the next time I go off-roading cause a tree branch could get caught in there and rip the wiring harness off.

Also how does it block the speedo tom#3? And where is the proof that the ram has better MPG than ecoboost. no realworld test or the epa has ever shown the Ram with 5.7l hemi and 8 speed to get better than an ecoboost.
Are you seriously talking about leaf spring shackels do you run a company that has been suppling that part to ford since 1979?

you're correct my FX4 has the center floor shifter, but many other F-150's have steering column shifters.
I have very deep psychological levels driven by fear, a sense of inferiority, general insecurity and a need for acceptance cause I own a F-150 INSTEAD of a Ram 1500

I see it was a slow day at work for some.

Wow, talk about late to the game in reporting this. This update has been out for a while now and is a simple quick update.

I know this site has been slow on news lately but really this is digging at the bottom of the barrel.

WOW!!!!! I thought this was all about fiat ram?? Why all the hate against FORD?? Did they mention a FORD in this article?? No this is all about fiat ram and no other truck so suck it up boys and learn how to read. FORD is and has been #1 for about 40yrs now and that's older than most of the trolls like tom#3. Get it together boy and realize you are #3, fiat ram is #3. If you are truly driving a FORD then shut up. Keep being so ignorant and you may become #2 and we all what that is. Hint it starts with an S. You may already be there stupid.

It does appear that Tom#3 blog name has been hijacked by trolls or the poor guy has gone nuts.

I have a column shift on my F150 and the only way that it would obscure the speedo is if you were in the passenger seat.

Does it obscure the 4x4 shift nob? I've never had a problem engaging or disengaging 4x4.

I've noticed other brands with lines outside the frame. All brands with the exception of Tundra have boxed frames. That means every line is run outside of the frame.



They should have a way for the owners to download the fix on their electronic devices and feed it directly into the BCM computer on the truck. This constant back and forth to the dealer for these updates to fix minor glitches is rather tiresome. Heck, even if you have to make them pay for a service like this at time of purchase, I'm sure a few people would pay for it. This is the 21st century. The numerous updates to fix glitches like this can be easily downloaded and then uploaded into the truck at the owner's convenience instead wasting time at the dealer.

@the real Mike - that technology already exists and it won't be too long and it will become a reality with vehicles. Our cell phones and other electronic devices already get updates on the fly.

I'm confused why isn't this called recall?

Here's an article about Fiat offering a free software upgrade to fix glitch things in the RAM trucks, and everyone wants to talk about Ford. When there's a Ford article, these same Goat lovers will complain that this site only discusses Ford.

@the real Mike That's a good idea, I just got a app on my phone called Torque with a blue tooth 0BD adapter that is a trouble code reader and can give real time info for a total of 16 bucks. there are folk that complain that this is a Ford-biased site and then turn around and mention Ford in a Ram article. All automakers have glitches and defects. There are two options...let them slide and risk injury and damage to people and property or recall and get the problem resolved ASAP. And yes, there has been a problem with quality control in all the companies. All this software crap and defects makes me want a 1980s vehicle. Go team truck!!! Ford, GM, Fiat-Ram, Toyota, Nissan and Honda! (ok maybe not honda)

We'll they didn't recall all the Super Dutys that could stop running and you might have to wait an hour to restart, just ambulances (because Ford wants to take care of its fleet sales, which is where they get a lot of their sales, so there you go you Ford boys, they didn't recall that.

Wow, I must have made the big time because I see my name has now been hi-jacked.

How sad that this site had fallen to such low levels.

@TRX-4 Tom - were you traumatized by a large white van some time in childhood?
or is it like dogs howling when an ambulance roars by, you just want to join in. ;)

If another duchbag uses my name I am going to crap a brick. This is getting ridiculous.

If another duchbag uses my name I am going to crap a brick. This is getting ridiculous.

Only a real douchebag would spell it wrong.

I'm starting to think a guy who goes by zvirus or something like that is the problem on PUTC.

He also seems to use many other titles (with HEMI connected) and claim to live in LA working as a Air Con technician under a different guise.

That is one way to reduce wear and tear on the kids that play in the street in Canada, software that doesn't let LOU BC get into it to drive it.

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