Spied: Next-Gen Ford F-450 Caught Outside Denver

Spied F-450 3 II

Our friends in Denver recently caught a heavily camouflaged Ford F-Series dualie quickly pulling into and then out of a fast-food/gas-station stop just north of Denver. Before the truck driver made his mad dash, MrTruck.com was able to shoot off a few images for us.

The truck looks to be a new 10-lug F-450 similar to what Ford showed at the 2013 State Fair of Texas that we understood to be a 2015 model. Some have speculated even the new Super Dutys will have more aluminum in the bed and body panels to save more weight but we've heeard no confirmation. Still, you have to wonder why so much of this truck is wrapped so completely. 

We're hoping to get some seat time in the F-450 this summer so that we can comment on the changes made to the chassis, suspension and axles on Ford's monster power puller.

Kent Sundling/MrTruck.com images


Spied F-450 4 II

Spy F-450 1 II



It's hilarious how Ford tries to camo these trucks ever year...and it hasn't really changed since 1999.


it would draw less attention without the camo and nobody is going to notice the change grill and headlights they do every time anyway.

@ Wxmann
Why change its not base off of the F150 hasn't been since 1999. Its was and is engineered to be a true commercial pick-up, hell its the number one selling heavy-duty pick-up in sales and the commercial industry love em. Dodge and GM, didn't take the heavy duty pick-up market serious until Ford introduce the Superduty in 1999 (Sales of the Superduty exploded) and before that Ford heavy duty trucks were the best in sales.

Superduty's have set the standard and GM and Ram have been trying to catch-up for years.



If you see the same truck from 1999, you are just uneducated, so sad. This truck has been changed immensely. Only a troll would make such a foolish comment.

Same exact pictures that were on TFLtruck.com a few days ago. Hmmmm

The exterior has not changed since 1999 other then the front clip has been altered so many times its kinda like Mikeal Jackson with the facelifts that kept making him uglier.

@ Jared - Journalism via email in-box.

Obviously the driver had to talk to a man about a horse.

I'd love to see someone lift the velcro and take some photos.

Good job, Mr. Truck. Kent Sundling rules! Looks like a mule. We need more photos.

"We're hoping to get some seat time in the F-450 this summer so that we can comment on the changes made to the chassis, suspension and axles on Ford's monster power puller."

Good job, pickuptrucks.com! PUTC is the industry leader and only reliable place for truck reviews like this.

If you think the Super Duty hasn't changed since '99, you're obviously a fan boy and completely ignoring the fact that both the GM twins and the Ram share an extremely common look with their 90s counterparts.
When Ford's not number one by a large margin in the HD truck segment, then you can complain. Until then, be mad and upset that your brand is still playing second fiddle to the Super Duty.

It's wrapped so heavily to protect those aluminum panels from rock chips and corrosion . Sorry , but I couldn't resist.

Iray801, The GM and Ram may share an similar look but every body penal has changed. You can take the front door off a 99 F-250 and it will mount right on a 2014 model, same with the bed.

Lol I love all the GM and Dodge Nutswingers who try to claim that the Superduty hasn't changed any since 1999.

The Sheet metal looks slimier that's IT. Mechanically this is a completely different truck from a 199 Superduty.

Big whoop hope they updated the frame instead of the grill and headlights, so poor super duty owners that use thier truck as a truck don't have to replace the bent up broken rad every 20,000 miles lol!

There are a lot more common parts between a 1999 SD and new SD, than a 1999 GM twin and new GM twin! Even the frames on the SD hasn't changed all that much! even the glass in the SD has not changed at all!

It didn't need to be changed because they got it right the first time and constantly updated it as they went along.

GM is on a mission to make the ugliest truck possible, so they have to constantly change the look. Fortunately, they nearly have it right.

LOL that was a great comment Dave. :)

My guess is that Ford did a complete redesign and the cab will be the same as the f150. The supper duty has some of the smallest cabs out there, the supercab is tiny, and the supper crew is the smallest 4 door out side of GM, RAM , and toyota Double/quad cabs GMs crew cab is larger as is RAMs crew and Mega Cab configurations. if they go with an F150 cab they will lower thier costs as they will be buying more of the same parts for doors and what not, also thye will include features like panoramic moon roof (why do people like moon roofs in the first place?) multi cointor seats, 360 camera system etc.

My ex-wife took all my money and possessions. I will be alone for Father's Day, and I think the rash is getting worse.


What a beast! 500/1000 through a 10 speed?

Stopped at a gas station, no Ford Truck can pass up any gas station.
Just like you guys with the F-150 eco-boost,, all the sudden you're very quiet about the gas mileage it gets, its tough finding out that the Ram and Chevy V8 gets better gas mileage than the V6 eco-boost.
If Ford would take its 5.0 V8 and design it for engine deactivation like Ram and Chevy does it would get better gas mileage than the eco-boost.
NO! Ford will NEVER do that cause that would make its eco-boost look bad! Ford will bite off their heads to save face for the eco-boost,, never will admit its a failure.
Ford came out with a smaller 2.7 eco-boost cause they know the 3.5 eco-boost never got the gas mileage they expected, you guys that own them are the scapegoats. Maybe the 2.7 eco-boost may get better mileage but it will never have the power and the Ram and Chevy guys will pass you up like you're standing still.
Ram copied off Chevy cause engine deactivation worked but Ford is too proud to admit defeat of its eco-boost failure and Ford is doomed the longer they hang on to their eco-boost.

@Tom3, looks like you are stuck in a river in Egypt.

Notice how crude oil prices are up in the last few days cause of the trouble over Iraq?
Remember when the Ford Eco-Boost came out in 2011 Ford said 22 MPG and we seen videos on You Tube of guys getting 23-24 MPG.
Its easy to cheat and show a video of the dash screen MPG , all I have to do is reset it and let it coast at idle downhill a long road.
Fuelly.com and Consumer Reports has the REAL gas mileage of the eco-boost and its between 16.3 to 16.9
The Ram and Chevy V8's are at 19.2 MPG
Look it up yourself!
What is going to happen to the resale value of your Eco-Boost when gas prices rise toward $5/gal?
Do you remember what happened to the truck market in 2007? They couldn't give trucks away, 2 year old used 4x4 trucks were selling for less than $10K.
If the 3.5 Eco-Boost was sooo wonderful why did Ford make a smaller 2.7 for?
Ford knows I'm right but they will never admit it.
Its basic science of any internal combustion engine if you inject more air you have to increase the fuel to balance out the air-fuel ratio. (air doesn't ignite by itself)
I own a Ford and I wish Ford would listen to me and see the light and admit they made a mistake and go another path with engine deactivation instead!

Tom #3

If you are going to issue a challenge, you better damn well be correct! As usual, you're not! I am literally looking at fuelly.com now on my phone! 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 average FE, 17.2! Switching to Ram now. Average 2011, 13.8, 2013, 13.2, 2014, 18.3 (ecodiesel involved) Ford f-150 2011, 16.1, 2012, 15.9, 2013, 15.7, 2014, 16.6!

I have a 2013 F-150 Supercrew XLT, 4x4, Ecoboost. My average is 17.4. If you want proof, tell me how.

I for one still love the look of the super duty. I'd be very disappointed if they tried a drastic change. Many semi-trucks have nearly the same looking front end and cab since the 60s and 70s because they were designed right the first time! I guess some people would prefer oval windows and rounded corners on the doors? Part of why I like the super duty is it looks like a true heavy duty truck as opposed to gm and ram that just look like beefier light duty trucks. But aside from that it was built with better function too. It's much easier to reach into the bed of a super duty due to the slight angle at the top of the sheet metal. Side mirrors have always been and still are the best on the fords (even most gm and ram fans i know agree). Gm and ram will never get their front door windows right until they copy the dip that ford has had since 99. It's awesome having the improved visibility of a super duty vs ram and chevy trucks. Same goes for the outside door handles which are more protected (better designed for work). The design of the doors on the ford make it so much easier to get in and out of the truck. I know multiple big and tall guys that buy fords simply because they are built better for tall guys. I honestly can't think of a single thing they could do to improve the look of the ford exterior without sacrificing function. Sure they could make improvements to the frame, suspension, and interior, but it's still by far the best overall design.

@Tom3, the 3.5 outran the GM 6.2 is TFL Truck's Ike Gauntlet. The 2.7 makes sense to offer as well, because that will have the performance of a 5.0-5.4 (for those that need no more than that), but peak torque will come lower than the NA engines @ 2000 rpm. So somewhere in the ballpark of 350 lb-ft @2,000 rpm for the 2.7. The Chevy 5.3 (that only matches the 3.5 EcoBoost fuel economy, has only 300 lb-ft at 2,000 rpm. The 3.5 EcoBoost has 420! Chevy also achieves this fuel economy by running on 4 cylinders and with a useless 3.08:1 axle ratio. It feels ok when the truck is empty, but not when it's towing! My previous 5.3 got about 15-16 mpg average. That had a 3.73, and still struggled uphills with normal trailers. I would not even consider a 3.08. My current 5.4 is a little worse on mpg than my old 5.3, but my low-end torque is much more noticeable. The EcoBoost engines seem to offer the best of everything. It wouldn't surprise me if Ford offers a 2.3L EcoBoost as an alternative to the naturally aspirated V6. Having said all that, I really want a diesel.

That guy at the picture doesn't look very tall and big and he is struggling to get in. He can't even use that step without hitting his head to the roof. Really great design. We don't even have a Mexicans in Canada and RAM is number 1 HD in here. What another theory are you going to bring beebe. I am not saying that ford is a bad truck, but there is a better one on the market. The trend is clear every month.

@ zviera – “That guy at the picture doesn't look very tall and big and he is struggling to get in. He can't even use that step without hitting his head to the roof”

I agree that guy isn’t my type either. I prefer a man who is muscular, lean, attractive and sexually aggressive. Where I’m from in BC men have facial hair, I really like that. Height or age is not important to me but I like features that are starting to turn a bit gray. As we like to call them “silver or gray wolves” in Canada! A guy like Joe Manganiello he fits all of the requirements I need in a man, he can jump into my F150 anytime he likes!

Can't tell too much from the pictures, though it looks like we are in for yet another re-hash of the same basic platform. I hope Ford did some work on the chassis and suspension, both the Ram and GM HD chassis are far stiffer and stronger. In addition, though the GM HD's still give up some ground clearance, they ride and handle better than the current Super Duty. The GM front suspension components are stronger too. Much bigger ball joints with grease fittings on them as one example. At least Ford finally has a decent diesel.

@Big Bob - Speaking about "much bigger ball joints" have you seen this?


It didn't need to be changed because they got it right the first time and constantly updated it as they went along.

Posted by: Dave | Jun 13, 2014 3:21:49 PM

HAHA right

#1 death wobble



The reason why Ford has death wobble


#2 6.0 6.4 power junk I mean stroke


#3 Floppy noodle frame that bents tailgate wears out body mounts fast then bust the radiator



Yup they sure did build them right the first time all them years ago LOL!

Why would you argue that? You think he is "struggling" to get in the truck because he has to duck his head? I guess you just bang your head on the door frame when you get in your truck?

I have a friend that is like 6' 5". Just sitting in a chevy his head is touching the ceiling at the normal seat height. For that reason alone he won't buy a chevy. He says the ram is better, but for a big guy like him he thinks the ford is the most comfortable and easiest to get in and out.

And if you want to talk about sales, ford absolutely dominates the 3/4 and larger truck market. Last I heard they own something like 60 percent of that entire market.

sorry not 60 percent. in 2012 it was 38 percent. In 2013 it was 49 percent. So their market share is actually growing significantly, but still probably not quite 60 percent right now.

How dare you use that insolent language! You calling me a liar?
I pick and choose the data by choosing the model of the truck with the size of the engine.
You just looked at the average of all the trucks with different engines.
This year 2014 the Ram 1500 with the 5.7 V8 Hemi uses engine deactivation and that gave it a great increase in gas mileage PLUS I know a man that owns one and he's getting over 19 MPG.
The 5.7 Hemi is no weakling its still the MOST powerful engine in a 1/2 ton truck you can get PLUS it gets BETTER gas mileage than a V6 in the Ford!
That says a lot.
Don't you watch the news? Iraq is falling and crude oil is up to $107 bbl and IF Bagdad falls expect gasoline to be over $5/gal, there's already an overnight increase now at 7 to 10 cents a gallon. With the high cost of gas even a 3 MPG increase makes a big difference in the pocket book.
I also get data from Consumer Reports who always gives an honest MPG data PLUS they have the Ram 1500 on their RECOMMENDED LIST.
The Ram 1500 is the best buy right now.

Tom#3 "How dare you use that insolent language! You calling me a liar"

Actually he is not Tom, he is calling you a dumb F&ck.

Beebe I'm sorry to tell you that people don't buy a truck based on your 6'5" friend needs.
I was talking about RAM 3500 HD - Canada's best selling Heavy Duty diesel pickup. RAM is longest lasting truck in Canada.
It's different in US though. But customers are shifting heavily as well.

My god! Don't they have a dress requirement for these "engineers" who test these trucks?

This guy is dressed like a bum and I'm surprised some LEO hasn't pulled him over for suspicion of stealing the vehicle.

Whatever happened to the good old days where these guys would wear ties and finely pressed white long sleeved shirts with the sleeves rolled up?

$150K+ a year salary and these guys have to dress like bums.....jeez!

Guys driving those trucks are usually contract drivers. There are a few companies near me that carry out on-road testing for the major manufacturers. It's a pretty cool job, one that I am sure many of you would love to have. Unfortunately, they usually hire grad students part time so most of you idiots can just forget it. That driver looks like that probably because he's been studying his arse off working on his master's.


OK, lets try this again. Concidering the 5.7 Hemi gets the worst gas mileage in the Ram truck, me quoting the average of the truck instead of the specific engine helped your argument, not mine. Lets get specific now. 2013 5.7 Hemi- 13.2 mpg average! 2014 16.5! and that's only one review for the 2014! The Ecoboost gets better mileage than Ram Hemi! I'm not calling you a liar, the very website YOU pointed to is! BTW, F-150 is also on CR's recommended list! Silverado is too! Tundra too!

Do yourself a favor, make sure you're info is correct before typing. Keep in mind that you compared two redesigned trucks vs Fords outdated one! When the 2015 F-150 comes out, Ram and GM will have to figure out how to keep pace with their recently new trucks! LOL!

@Big Bob,

Ah, okay....I get it. This is how educated rednecks dress when working on the job. I'm surprised they even allow him on campus looking like that. Well, it doesn't matter anyway because it's probably one of those "online" schools.

Poor guy. I just hope someone can inform him to lay off the pizza and donuts for little awhile though. He's packing on a pretty good spare tire there and that's not healthy.

And then again, maybe not!

The F-150 was REMOVED from the Consumer Reports RECOMMENDED LIST for 2013 and 2014 because of the problems with SYNC and repeated EB complaints.
The Ram 1500 was added to the Recommended List for 2014, PLUS the Ram was Motor Trends Truck Of The Year for 2 YEARS IN A ROW.
You have to understand I am just as upset and ashamed as you are cause I own an F-150 too!
I always had pride thinking I owned the best but I have to admit the Ram is better.
ALL the experts out there are trashing the F-150 and giving praise to the Ram. They can't be all wrong!
Top experts , respected engineers all say turbocharging is the WRONG way to increase gas mileage and everything I read about it has me convinced and I tried to explain it here only to get shot down by non-experts.
adding more gears to the transmission only increases mass where the bigger transmission gobbles up engine power to move that bigger mass , adding 9 speeds doesn't work, they need to go to a CVT Transmission to improve gas mileage and match that with engine deactivation maybe you can get a full size pickup that's over 30 MPG. CVT technology has greatly improved over the years and its the most efficient way to transfer engine power to the driveline.

Cause of idiots like zviera that I dont like to comment here anymore. Ford outsells ram in canada by 50 percent.


You're funny. Let's do this one last time. I just looked on consumer reports. 5 trucks are recommended! The are, F-150, Ridgeline, Frontier, Ram 1500,and Tundra! Again, make sure your facts are in order before you type!

As for the experts, they are praising the Ram. However, they aren't bashing the F-150, they are praising it too for being competitive with the other two redesigned trucks with such an outdated design! You're right about one thing, I'm not an expert. Of course I never claimed to be one either! I'm not shooting you down, the FACTS are! Fuelly.com clearly shows the 5.7 gets worse MPG than the ecoboost! Why can't you accept that?

AS far as me being ashamed, you're out of your mind! I know when I'm driving, I'm in the best truck on the road! I'm very happy with my truck!


BTW, you brought up CR's fuel mileage, here it is.

F-150 - 15 average
10/22 city/hwy
775/ $2950 average fuel per year

Ram - 15 average
10/21 city/hwy
820/$3110 average fuel per year

I guess CR is wrong too?

Tom3, CVT is NOT the answer. I understand the argument for it (rpm sweet spot matching throttle input), but in the real world, CVT is less efficient. It has a higher parasitic loss than a regular automatic transmission. CVTs still have their place (ATVs, snowmobiles), but if you think it's for better fuel efficiency, you're mistaken. That's why racing ATVs do not have CVTs, because they lose too much power to the wheels. My Polaris 850 gets about 16 mpg! But it's luxurious to ride, and that's why it has it. The best type of automatic for fuel economy is a DSG. But it lacks the smoothness of a regular automatic.

Tom3, I should also note that Ram isn't comparing the fuel economy of the Hemi 5.7 to the EcoBoost. You would think that they would if it were better. They are comparing the 3.0 EcoDiesel to the EcoBoost though because it does get better economy than the EcoBoost because diesel fuel has higher energy content than unleaded gasoline. If you are a Ram fan, that's the engine you should be talking about. That's the engine I would choose if I were buying a Ram 1500. Probably what I would pick over any other half-ton until the Titan Cummins V8 comes out. Then I would need to reassess the segment.

@beebe, yes Ford as a brand outsells RAM in Canada. You are right about that.
Chrysler as a brand outsells Ford as a brand in Canada.
RAM 3500 HD diesel outsells Ford HD in Canada.


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