Spied: Next-Gen Ford F-450 Caught Outside Denver

Spied F-450 3 II

Our friends in Denver recently caught a heavily camouflaged Ford F-Series dualie quickly pulling into and then out of a fast-food/gas-station stop just north of Denver. Before the truck driver made his mad dash, MrTruck.com was able to shoot off a few images for us.

The truck looks to be a new 10-lug F-450 similar to what Ford showed at the 2013 State Fair of Texas that we understood to be a 2015 model. Some have speculated even the new Super Dutys will have more aluminum in the bed and body panels to save more weight but we've heeard no confirmation. Still, you have to wonder why so much of this truck is wrapped so completely. 

We're hoping to get some seat time in the F-450 this summer so that we can comment on the changes made to the chassis, suspension and axles on Ford's monster power puller.

Kent Sundling/MrTruck.com images


Spied F-450 4 II

Spy F-450 1 II



So the 99 ford super duty is out selling the new dodge and gm twins to this day.

The f 150 is the best selling truck for 30 some yrs and its a gas guzzler has bed engines and one magazine doesn't think it's still # 1.

If ford is out selling fiat and gm with these old and horrible trucks then what does this say for fiat and gm?

When the new aluminum military grade 150 starts selling this fall at least you will be able to get a fiat and gm at about half price because they will be sitting everywhere on used car lots for sale cheap.

The argument over the HDs seems a little premature.

In a couple of years when CAFE strikes at these vehicles there will be changes.

In 5 years it will be interesting to see where each manufacturer is sitting in regards to sales.

Ford HDs appear to be moving in the direction of aluminium bodies as well as their 1/2 ton pickups.

So, I can't see much investment going into current HDs.

Big Al From OZ, don't worry when the repulicans take over the house and presidency in 2016 they will reverse all this MPG hougwash.


The republicans taking over the house/presidency in 2016? That's a real laugh!

With the direction they're taking the party over to the extreme right since Reagan was in office, they won't have a prayers chance in hell or high water of achieving that. You better get use to saying president Clinton again because that's who's going to be in office in '16.

No news on the Nissan Frontier?

Have they put the internet on computers yet?

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