Tips for Traveling Safely With Pets

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By Jen Burklow

June is National Safety Month and the unofficial start of summer road-trip season. For many of us traveling means bringing pets along too; unfortunately, our furry companions can be driving distractions.

A 2011 online survey of 1,000 dog owners by AAA and Kurgo, a manufacturer of pet travel products, revealed 84 percent of respondents allowed their dogs to travel unrestrained in their vehicles; 65 percent admitted to engaging in distracting activities with their dog while driving.

In addition to being a distraction or becoming a projectile in a crash (at a driving speed of 35 mph, a 60-pound unrestrained dog can become a projectile exerting 2,700 pounds of pressure), an unrestrained pet is likely to be thrown into traffic following an accident — often leading to a lost pet, severe injury or death.

Before you head out on a summer road trip with your dog, along with restraining Fido, remember these travel dos and don'ts:

  • Put small pet carriers on the floor between the front and rear seats, only secure with a seat belt if they were designed for use with seat belts.
  • Don't put a pet carrier on the front passenger seat; airbags could crush it during an accident.
  • Don't leave a pet in a parked vehicle in the heat, even with windows cracked; heat stroke can be deadly and can happen in minutes.
  • Microchip your pet and have a tag with your information, including cellphone number, on all collars.
  • Carry vaccination/health records in case of an emergency.
  • Have a pet first-aid kit.
  • Bring an in-car litter box for cats on long road trips.
  • Locate a veterinarian near your destination(s).

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BORING. In addition, PUT has already talked about this before. This site is getting too lazy for my taste.

@LocoGTR - I agree 100% . More regurgitated press releases and zero attempt at moderating the blogs.

It bears repeating though.

Too many times do I see stupid idiots driving with their dogs in the back of their truck. One of them made headlines just a few days ago.

@MaXx - if one is to tether their dogs then they need to keep the tether short enough to keep the dog from getting too close to the box edge.

BTW - the story you posted stated the owner was also charged with a DUI.

I will fan the flames for the right wingers out their -

"As of June 20, Sanchez was still in jail, but if he does bond on Forsyth County Sheriff charges, he has an U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hold. This means possible deportation for the Mexican native."

A drunken illegal alien driving a licenced Georgia pickup truck with a dog.

Most trucks and cars nowadays let you turn off the passenger airbag and I use the front passenger seat in conjunction with a seat belt harness. That will change if I ever get a crew cab though.

Another thing I see people doing a lot is putting their dogs in the cargo area of their SUV however those areas are designed to absorb impact in a crash. In other words, they're crumple zones.

Another problem is even if the pet survives a crash, if they aren't restrained in a vehicle by using a seatbelt harness or kennel/carrier, I have heard of them running from the accident scene out of fear or disorientation.

LouBC, have you ever been in a wreck and once the dust settles found your wristwatch laying on the floor by your feet?
A tether is not safe. That can easily get cut in a crash or even decapitate the animal.

@MaXx -
I've been to a pedestrian collision where the victim's rollerblades and socks were sitting where they were hit.

Decapitate an animal? Perhaps more likely a de-gloving.

I do agree that measures should be taken to secure any object inside a vehicle or in the box.

Kennels or crates are preferred but does anyone have proof that restraint harnesses for dogs actually work?

A dog will become a projectile inside of a crate.

As far as a loose dog wandering off in an MVC, they are more likely to defend their owner. I've heard of police K9 dogs having to be shot because they won't let anyone approach their injured police handler.

BTW - I worked 21 years as a paramedic.

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Placing and animal in a metal box is quite inhumane.

Pets should always be restrained, not just for their safety, but the safety of all in a vehicle.

I do think a more cage like enclosure is a much better place in the back of a pickup, if not a short leash so the animal can't even place it's front legs on the top of the sides of the pickup.

Pets have no rights, the Constitution doesn't say: All dogs are created equal. It says all "MEN"
I don't understand if people love their pets why would they allow them to suffer being locked up in vehicle with the windows up?
And when someone puts a sick pet out of its misery with a 30-06 to the head they are the bad ones?

Great story for a Pets website.

The all new 2015 aluminum F-150 is safe for both people and pets!

@Jen Burklow,

Thanks for the picture showing us how to transport a pet unsecured and in the bed of a pickuptruck!

This is really helpful.

The safest thing would be to leave your dog, dogs at home. But other than that, just take extreme precaution like you should anyways. There's no guarantees in life, but some small risk (vs leaving them at home all the damn time) is totally worth it. And dogs absolutely love to travel, ride around town with their head in wind, and running amok in the woods, trail or water.

Here's the rascals now:

From looking at the photo, the box in the back appears to be a combination tool box / pet carrier. That's just great if you want to cook the dog. You're talking about carrying the dog around in summer months and that appears to be a slightly vented aluminum dog box which is way too hot to put a dog in during the summer.

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